33 Years Old, No Kids, 5'4" 48kg/106pnds, Small 10B - Getting 345cc, High Profile, Under the Muscle

Hi all! Loving this site & thank you to all...

Hi all!

Loving this site & thank you to all willing to share their experiences, it's a huge help.

I am booked in for my BA in Jan. I am 5'4, 48kg (106 pounds) & a small 10B. 33 years old & no kids. I have chosen 345cc high profile Natrelle under the muscle. I have wanted these done as long as I can remember and I am super excited. Due to the small distance between my natural crease & nipple my doctor has to lower the crease of my breast. My doctor is amazing & Im super comfortable with him but I am still terrified I'll have double bubble. Would love to get people's thoughts, feedback, experience?

Before Photos

BA DAY, YAY!!!!!

So my BA was today so I thought while I'm feeling great I would update you all on the girls, Pamela and Erika! (They played my two favourite original Baywach Characters, lol)

My appointment was at 10:45am (which after fasting water and food since 12:00am wasnt fun). I finally went through to theatre at 12:00pm and met with my Surgeon and the Anesthetist (who by the way was gorgeous and so lovely!!!! Mad me feel a lot less terrified). I ended up going with 325cc high profiles. Walked into theatre with room pumping Michael Jackson and Dr. Teng saying, "hope you dont mind, we only listen to 80's music!" Awesome!!! And within a few minutes I was out and then I was awake again.

Success!!! Well first of all there is two! No Pamela Anderson Porn Norks which is nice!!! And they were super awesome looking after my eyelash extensions, putting gauze over them before they taped my eyes!!!

Woke up around 2:45pm in recovery annd then I was taken up to my room where My husband was waiting around 3:35pm. Aside from the initial groggyness when I woke up, I was and still am absolutley fine!! The pain came in quick and fast at around 3pm but 1 Endone later and that became mild pain and discomfort.

Honestly, I have had no after affects from the aesthetic, I have eaten a full meal, got changed, been up and down the stairs a bunch of times and cleared all my work emails from the day, lol. Who knows, I will probablly feel like I have gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson tomorrow and regret saying this, lol.

Have some bruising and swelling and one is currently more swollen than the other which is a little funny. But honestly, my biggest problems right now is "how quick can I get a spray tan and when can I get my acrylic nails put back on....."

The one thing that is totally gross and disconcerting, if I open a door to quick, pick something up too quick or the like, because there is a foreign body in me that hasn't become a part of me yet, I get this crunching/grinding sensation/pain.... It's really gross and makes feel a little sick!!!!!! Anyone else have this.

I will post a couple photos, but really can't tell much at the moment cause I am in the compression bra and it's just squishing them in. That's probably the most uncomfortable part. And they are sitting sooooo high, which is normal so they are a little flat. I'll add a couple tomorrow when I take off the bra.

Oh and the bloating already!!!! Sucks!!!!!

Love Jess, Pammy and Erika xxx

First 24 Hours / Compression Bra Comes Off!

So a bit more pain today but that's may be due to the fact that I haven't really stopped since I got home yesterday, it says I am supposed to rest but I don't really know how to do that, lol. So I'm trying that now!!! Oh and sleeping is a bitch!!!

As I changed the size of my implants at the hospital yesterday to a slightly smaller size at the suggestion of my surgeon. Due to my narrow torso, he said my boobs would be close to touching in the centre, so I agreed (325cc instead of 345cc - not a huge difference). After looking at them yesterday and again this morning for the 1000 time in my bra, I started to worry I had made a mistake as they seemed quite small (to what I wanted). Anyway, it was finally time today for my first shower and to get a look at the girls!!!! I took off the compression bra for the first time and well they were definitely compressed and not at all small, exactly what I wanted.

The strangest part is that don't look like they are mine which is pretty funny and without the bra on it feels as though the implants are going to fall out of the incisions, totally weird!!! Plus they are super weird and look really really fake at the moment..... They are sitting very high and are very pointed as they have heaps to drop, but I know this is all normal.

Took some photos of the new additions!!! Ignore the fact I still have some markings that haven't quite come off.

Day 4!!!

Day 4 and feeling good. A lot of pressure and starting to get zingers in my left breast which is still the more swollen one, but nothing unbearable. Took two Panadenes when I first awoke at 5:30am and then didn't taken any other pain medication for the rest of the day until I came to be at 9:30pm. Trying to refrain from taking pain meds as much as possible. I don't particularly like strong meds at the best of times and don't want to rely on them as I won't take anything when I am back at work next week.

Drove for the first time today. Just to the local shops (4km) and that's definitely the most I will be doing for a at least few more days. The pulling and turning not great on the boobs.

Got a spray tan to feel a bit more human so ignore the tacky tan lines and couldn't resist trying on a cute bralett I bought with the intention of having boobs. They are still rick hard and super high, looking very fake abut already loving them!!!!!!!
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