295cc Natrelle High Profile, Looking for a Natural Result!! - Sydney, AU

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Oh my god! Tomorrow is the day! Had my...

Oh my god! Tomorrow is the day! Had my consultation with Dr Lee in Bondi Sydney through The Cosmetic Institute today! He was great, the nerves took over abit but once meeting and talking with Dr Lee I straight away became comfortable and the excitement took over! He was great, talked me through all the risks and details of surgery. He then took my measurements, poked and prodded around abit and told me max I can go would be 325cc. I tried in both the 325cc and also a 295cc, as I am going for the natural look and also would like to keep my athletic body type I opted for the 295cc. Was originally going under the muscle, but due to me having very tight chest muscles due to riding horses and having a very physical job that requires a lot of upper body strength, he said he may need to go dual plane. I'm leaving that decision up to him tomorrow, as I trust his judgement, and he's the expert! No nerves at all since the consult. Just pure excitement! Have been taking vit C and moisturising twice a day for two weeks. Also have arnica, loads and loads of pillows, a subscription to Netflix and went and bought some books today also. Should entertain me for a little while. My mum, who also has had breast aug will be dropping me off and picking me up, and looking after me. So I'm glad I have someone to whinge to that has also been through it. Hanve also set up my little recovery station. Anyway, wish me luck!! Will try and upload before photos, plus a cheeky wish boob shot. Eeek!

Feeling on top of the world!

Must be the anesthetic that hasn't worn off completely as yet.. But feeling great! Just heavy/tight and some swelling. I can't stop looking at them! I had surgery at 2, it's now 8pm, home now and watching movies. Had some dinner, not really needing meds as yet. Not tired or lethargic. Overall so far a great experience!

Day one, done and dusted!

Day one PO. Woke up great, slept flat on my back, absolutely no chance of me sleeping upright, would not happen. So slept on my back and slept well. A little more pain and swelling today, swelling has spread more under my arms (around side boob) and bruising there too. A little bruising on ribs under incisions also. Doing everything myself, can get up off bed/lounge myself, taking meds, getting lunch etc all by myself. Pain probably a 3/10. Just taking it easy. Recovery so far has been a lot easier than first thought!! Just took my first shower (oh my, heaven!) and got a good look at them. Legit may have feelings for them, I love them!!! They are the perfect size, I never wanted them huge, and once they D&F they will be unreal! So excited for the weeks to come! Will update daily for the first week or so. Took a few photos just before my heavenly shower. You can see the swelling/bruising in my side boob area. Probably the most tender place at the moment.

Day 2 PO- going well

Not much to update today other than I am off pain meds except two panadol at 8am, seeing as my pain level is pretty low I didn't want to continue taking the strong stuff. Not much pain at all. Still tight/high but have already started softening a tiny bit. I was naughty and put a normal bra on for about 2 mins to take a photo. Will upload :)

Two week update

So yesterday I was officially two weeks post op. Just a recap, I have 295cc Natrelle textured unders. I'm 170cms, and around 60kgs, 26yo and no kids. I was an A pre op.

My god, I love them!!! Recovery has been very good, at my 7 day post op check the nurse that changed my dressing commented that she had never seen anyone with so much use of their arms so quickly! I havnt had a problem, I can easily lift my arms above my head, behind my back etc. I've been very lucky. I get the occasional twinge of pain here and there, my left breast is tighter than my right, and I have a little more pain on that side, but nothing major. My nipples and breast skin are very sensitive, especially my nipples. Sometimes even just my clothing shifting burns! My incisions are tender but have not had any real pain in that area. They are slowly dropping, and the more I look at them the more I fall in love with them. No boob greed so far, but I never wanted them massive. I find though looking down at them they do look smaller to me than if I look at them in the mirror. But I'm sooo happy with the size! I have been sleeping on my side from around day 6-7 comfortably and this morning I woke up and I was comfortable sleeping on my stomach!! Which is amazing! My mum told me it will be at least 6 months before stomach sleeping would be possible! I'm a stomach sleeper, so having to sleep on my back was my biggest fear. But once again, have slept easily. I have been blessed for a great recovery so far, fingers crossed it keeps going like this! I have started walking again, and some lower body excercises with no problems.
Dr Victor Lee

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