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I wanted to fix my asymmetry problem, as well as...

I wanted to fix my asymmetry problem, as well as balance out my body. I have the big hips and small waist, as well as the chest width to consider myself hourglass shape, but I never felt that my boobs really matched that, making me more of a pear shape. I also wanted to stop wearing super padded bras just to feel like I was in proportion.

Pre-op photos

34b with asymmetry. I'm not sure what the cup size of each breast was individually. I wouldn't be surprised if the left was a C and the right was a B. But 34b bras were what I could fit into

Post op

very happy so far. Not too much pain and quite happy with the size. I had initially had doubts about not going big enough but I really just wanted to even the size out a bit more, so any extra size was a bonus really.

Day 3 Post op

Fairly stiff and sore. One is more swollen than the other, but over all I'm happy with the size.

4 days PO

Feeling largely back to myself now. The main thing is sleeping- I have no problems sleeping but when I wake up I feel like they've gone numb/moved around or something. It's not hurting just rather unpleasant. I've also stated getting sensation back in the skin on my left breast but not on the right which means that I have the feeling that my left breast belongs to me but my right doesn't.

Day 1 vs. Day 4

Not much difference but I think my left has dropped more than the right. It seems like the bigger implant always takes longer to drop??

Day 6- size issues

I'm struggling to stay out of my own head the last few days. I know that things aren't going to be perfect straight away, but I've been noticing more and more that my left breast is significantly bigger than the right. This was the case before I had the surgery, which is why I got 75cc more in the right implant, to try and even things out. I felt equalising the size had been achieved the day of the surgery, because my boobs felt equally full in my hands; although I did notice that they were differently shaped. My left (the bigger and fuller before surgery) came out of surgery looking really good, nice and full, rounded with the only noticeable thing being the implant sitting high. Whereas my right looked more pointy, with the bulge of the implant looking more obvious. I rationalised this at the time because I figured it was the smaller breast to start with, there was less breast tissue to stretch over a larger implant and it would settle eventually. I'm still hoping that is the case, but as time has gone on I have begun to feel incredibly uneven. Even more so than I did before surgery. I keep noticing my larger breast feeling heavier, uncomfortable and getting in the way.
At this point I'm basically just hoping that my left breast is very swollen from the surgery and it will eventually settle. But I do like the size and shape of the left, while the right is still smaller and pointier, so I'd really prefer the right side to just miraculously fill out and become rounder and fuller. I've read some people's reviews saying that they had issues with the implant dropping and fluffing on the side that they are dominant handed. I am right handed and I've always had a far more developed right pec muscle (which is what I used to believe caused me to have a smaller boob on that side before I realised that plenty of women are just asymmetrical naturally). I'm wondering if the muscle is holding back the implant, so it looks much smaller because its more squashed. It certainly feels firmer on the right, but I thought that might just be because my left boob was always bigger and fattier so it just felt softer.
I'm going for my 1st post-op appointment tomorrow and hopefully my doctor will tell me exactly what I want to hear- that I just need to wait it out. He warned me when I first went to see him that I would never achieve perfect symmetry, which I accepted completely because I thought my asymmetry issue was so bad that even just to improve it would be a bonus. But I don't feel that what I'm dealing with right now is within the realms of acceptably asymmetrical. One is noticeably larger than the other, even in a bra. Even in clothes. After complaining about feeling uneven to my mum she had a look at me in a singlet and said that she could tell that one was bigger than the other. That's basically my worst nightmare. I really didn't want people to know that I was getting breast implants, which was why I opted for smaller sized implants. It was always just to fix the asymmetry and maybe give me a little extra size so that I could stop wearing super padded bras. Essentially nobody would ever know because I'd just go back to work after holidays with boobs of the same size, the only difference being that I wouldn't be wearing a +2 cup sizes bra and a chicken fillet in the right side to even out the size difference. I was so tired of feeling like I had to put on bra scaffolding every day to jack myself up and even things out. I just wanted to wear nice normal bras without worrying I looked lopsided.
So if you can't already tell from my rambling I'm freaking out that my asymmetry problem hasn't been fixed at all, and I'm going to have to admit to the people who know about my surgery that I spent $8000 to get slightly larger but equally imperfect boobs. ANd they're not even nice, natural feeling boobs, they're firm fake feeling boobs that didn't even fix my asymmetry. I was willing to accept that I would have natural, jiggly, squishy feeling boobs anymore if it meant that I could have even sized boobs, but if I just ended up with a larger, harder feeling version of the same problem I'm going to be pretty devastated.
I know I need to just give it time, but I'm just not in a good headspace when it comes to this because I so desperately wanted to fix this problem for so long. It's just really disheartening to think that it may not have worked :/

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