22 Yo, 130lbs, 320cc Anatomical Wanting an A - Mid C Natural Look - Sydney, AU

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So I've been creeping this website for years and...

So I've been creeping this website for years and in particular, the past two months, as I decided to just go for it and book my surgery for the 5th of May. Here I am writing from under the covers of my bed on day 2 post-op. I'm excited to share the followings days and weeks with you all!

I have found everybody's reviews and honesty so helpful that I know in writing my experience too it will help others who were as unsure as I was/am I still guess.

So, let's start - I figured I wasn't growing any more once hitting age 21, and in the beginning I was 100% adamant about breast implants for the reason of hating the augmented look. Even if they were not the stereotypical obnoxious DD+ size, the circular outlines or the full upper poles I felt always looked obvious and cheap. I was thinking of getting implants If they could be firstly, subtle, still fit well with all of the clothes I already wear and most importantly, natural looking.

I'm 5"4, 130lbs and my scrawny chest was disproportionate to the rest of my body. No matter what size I have been, larger or a lot smaller, I felt as though the only way my body could look feminine is by looking dainty, and subsequently the past few years have been cycles of restricting, binging and bad behaviours. I think I owe it to be honest here as all those who have written about personal issues here previously have been immensely helpful, and I'd like to be open about body issues in this review as personally as I can for future readers.

A friend of mine then got implants, and when she surprised us with them, my opinion changed and I was persuaded to look into it further. Hers were super natural, fit her frame well, and if I didn't already know her I would not know she had surgery. I'd previously browsed doctors online just for fun, scrolling through galleries, but once I saw an actual result, my decision was made to see the same doctor - I cant imagine, and I feel I would have found it a lot harder, stressful, and maybe wouldn't have gone through, searching for a doctor by scratch.

Consultation February 2016, went into survey 5th of May, 2016.

Day 1 Post Op

Feeling okay! A little tight on the chest. I am so surprised at how normal they look straight after surgery. I was mentally preparing myself for the weird shape expected right after surgery. They're a little swollen.. I'd be worried they're too big for what I expected but I'm just keeping in mind when I read other girls' stories that they decrease a fair bit.

Day 2 post op

Feeling weirdly good!
One is dropping faster than the other I think, as the nipples are kind of asymmetrical right now.

Focusing on the future result instead of worrying about the present :)

Yesterday was full of naps seperated by intervals of eating and watching episodes of twin peaks.

Ate a lot, kind of getting restless and bored. When for a short walk to the supermarket with my friend this morning, nice to get outside.

No bruises (yet??), a stretching pain in my pectoral muscles and can see the skin between my boobs stretching. Nothing too bothersome once I take my meds. I'm finding getting up a lot easier, and can open the fridge and pick things up fine (I have to squat right down and twist my body instead of my arms haha).

Just thought I'd post some more pictures so I can track some progress :)

Can't wait to have a shower this afternoon haha.

Day 2 Post Op


Day 4 Post-Op

Swelling is for sure down.

My right side is dropping faster than the other I think... Nipples are a little asymmetrical. Tried to wash my hair.. That was a fail haha. But feeling really mobile in the arms, this recovery has been pretty smooth.

I'm happy with the size! At first I was afraid they were too big. Pictures without the strap:

Day 9 post op

Had my first follow up appointment yesterday - apparently I measure a 12d! Little bigger than I expected, I wouldn't have requested that size initially before the operation but now that they're on me I'm pretty happy as they fit well :)

My right is dropping faster than my left, hence the uneven nipples haha. I think this is due to the fact I have a muscular imbalance in my body anyway as my right side is weaker than the other.

Waiting for them to sink also so that full upper pole drops down a bit and looks more natural.

I'm fully mobile in my arms now and barely any pain. I went back to work last night as a bartender and no problems at all :)

I've been procrastinating uni work by trying on old bras and Lacey bralettes that I now fill out.

Day 9 photos

3 weeks post op

Feeling good. They've really began to settle, however I've noticed that my left breast (right in pictures) seems larger and not sitting right in comparison to the other.

Really bloated tonight and please excuse the badly patterned underwear.

4 weeks post op

I'm in love. Reeeeaaally can't wait to start running again though. Fingers crossed for the all clear in 2 weeks at my next appointment.

Week 5 post op

They're softening up a bit. I feel as though the ride side is larger and more round, whereas the left has a kind of angular curve about it. I've marked it in the photos, I hope this has more to do with the dropping process. I do have a significantly stronger left side, so maybe that's why it hasn't dropped as much yet? I have my 6 week appointment next Thursday! Reaaaally excited to go for a run - I'm getting a little soft around the edges.

Week 6 post op

Accidentally missed my 6 week appointment... So I'm rescheduled for Tuesday. Really needed to go to that appointment to get the all clear on exercise, put on so much weight lolol

11 months

So here's an update 11 months later. I have lost about 8kg (17 pounds I believe) so they have deflated a bit. When I was heavier they looked really good however I was chubby as hell (chubbiest I have ever been). Naturally I have a really bony chest, and it is very asymmetrical and this was pointed out by my doctor before the surgery. However, they still look like a nice C!
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