bbl in australia!! - Sydney, AU

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After years of research and obsessing over a...

After years of research and obsessing over a bigger bum I've decided that I'm going to take the plunge!!! I haven't seen many reviews on BBL's in Australia so thought I might post this up and hopefully help out another Aussie doll :P After extensive research I have decided to go with a surgeon in Sydney (not mentioning name of clinic until I see results, just in case lol) I was very hesitant choosing a surgeon interstate due to the sitting on the plane and the additional cost on flights and hotel ( this was nearly 3K on its own! Procedure was quoted 15k!) But It's my body and I want to get it done right! I am naturally very large up top (12H) with no hips or butt! So a BBL will be great to balance things up lol I am getting my upper Lower ab. Back, flanks and BBL. I am Sooo exited!! Has anyone travelled interstate for their procedure? How was the flight home? Did you have to sit on your butt? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!

2 days until the big day!!!!

Can't believe it guys! Less than 3 days until my big day!! I fly out a day earlier to get settled in etc im soooooo nervous and excited!! Im getting kinda worried that there won't be much difference and that I spent nearly $17k on nothing ???? (this is my 2revision) I finally got to have phone consult with doc but I felt like he was rushing and didn't really listen to my concerns... But it's too late to back out now full payment has been made He said that he only suggest 400-500CC for my bbl but looking online this doesn't sound like it will do much for my body shade/size. Maybe im just being nervous and worrying too much! Can't wait guys!!


Arrived in Sydney and settling into my hotel! Stocked up on essentials at woolies :) only downfall is my hotel room doesn't have a kitchenette so im not too sure what im going to do with food :S Can't believe tomorrow is the big day guys!!! Can't wait to finally have a bum! lol


Its done guys! I made it out Alive lol
last night was not easy and today im still extremely weak
Will poSt whole thing when I'm feeling better guys just !
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