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Hi Everyone, I have been reading some reviews im...

Hi Everyone,

I have been reading some reviews im currently looking into getting the BBL although being from Australia i haven't really come across any doctors that i feel would do the job im after seeing its such a popular surgery in the states and other parts of the world plus half the price to i was considering going to the states how ever its just to much cost wise for everything i found so im trying to find a doctor here in Australia i have one consultation with one doctor already although the before and after pictures on his website for the BBl dont even show any difference so im worried il pay all this money and not get what i want can someone advise of ant good surgeons in Australia that do this surgery.

Thank you

Stuck on choosing a surgeon

Hey guys I'm currently in the process of organising my trip for my bbl surgery this in August travelling from Australia I will be paying my deposit this week I have chosen to go with spectrum aesthetics miami only thing is I really wanted Dr ghurani how ever he was out of my budget but his work is amazing I was originally going to go with Dr Sergio alvarez then my coordinator said he has had a lot of patients come back after surgery with issues? And now I don't even think he works there anymore? But from what I saw of his work and his experience he looked like a great surgeon now she is pushing me to go with Dr Ortega how ever I don't really like his work he doesn't give that wow effect with the bbl so I'm a little stuck now should I just stick with Dr Alvarez ? Or go with a new surgeon and spectrum are hiring a new surgeon as well she did mention and he will be coming on board in a few weeks please if anyone has any feedback please let me know thank you
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