10 Years on and I Still Feel Bumps in my Lips - Sydney, AU

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At first I thought Aquamid was great. It was long...

At first I thought Aquamid was great. It was long lasting. Until I wanted more. I was advised not to get anymore aquamid by the Doctor and instead he injected another semi permanent filler over the top of it. This was a disaster. I spent months walking around looking like a duck. The Doctor tried to calm me down right after the injection by telling me it was just swelling and it would go away but it never did. It was so humiliating looking like a freak for months. I realised later that the Doctor would have known of the risk of injecting me with another filler, but motivated only by money he went ahead with it anyway. I went to another Doctor and they managed to squeeze some out but all I could do was wait it out. It did go down eventually but I am still unhappy with my lips because of the Aquamid is still there!! Its been 10 years I wish the bumps would just disappear but they don't seem to be going anywhere, not even changed in size. They are not visibly noticeable but I feel them and I know I cannot get anything else in my lips and I would not go near Aquamid again!!
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