44 Looking 65....Facelift Needed !!! - Sydney, AU

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Once I turned 40 things almost changed overnight,...

Once I turned 40 things almost changed overnight, had fillers once, didn't last long, looked into thread lift, and turns out it wont help much , so opting for a face lift...... Bottom of my face is almost square now, and when I lean down, it's like the face is about to fall off!!!!

I am 44 (been looking like that for couple of years already) , my friends 5-10 older don't look like that yet...I don't smoke, hardly drink, don't go to the beach.....gods have not been kind to my face......never been pretty , but now it's sad.....Been thinking , and researching for a year now, so feel I am ready....in fact cant wait, although bit nervous:)

There is no question about doing it , just with whom?
From all the research I have done, I picked Dr Nettle ....about to put deposit down this week(not refundable:)) - not to mention mortgage the house -literally! Anybody out there who had work done with Dr Nettle, Any advice of feedback will be very appreciated please!!

Was hoping for winter, but doc away, so either August( I don't think I can wait that long) or there is a spot in Feb,

I have spent almost every night for last few months on this forum and found it soooo helpful, so will aim to post pics too:)

3 weeks to go!!!

Hi everyone....so I got the official date.....just looked in a calendar and it is barely in 3 weeks....ahhhh now it's real!!!
So i am having lower face and upper eyelids
Doctor also suggested as a free extra buccal fat pad trimming, took me a while to figure out what it is, doctor explained few times , till I felt silly, so looked it up on google!!!:)
Has anyone had it done and any thoughts?.....I kinda like my round face and thinking of not doing it.....any feedback would be much valued as always xx


Hello Lovelies, Thank you to everyone who wrote, it is such a big help.
It is now 6 days!!!! and I feel ok enough to write few things.
This forum has been incredibly helpful, so I have decided to share as much as possible, feel welcome to ask questions, its a huge step and it can be hard not to have anyone to talk to.

Surgery was Wednesday 20 July East Sydney Private Hospital,
Had face lift , upper eyes, fat transfer to lips. In the end we didn't do buccle fat pad trimming, kind of left it to the doctor, but was happy not to, and he said once he looked inside, I didn't really need it.

First night in the hospital, minimal pain,
Was bitching about the cost of private hospitals, but it was really nice:)
There was really cute meal preparations assistant ...and I proceeded to flirt with him a little....and then I remembered what I looked like..Dahhh!!!!...
Can berly talk, another thing I noticed, just couldn't sleep....and I can always sleep....but I am content, remembering my breathing, arnica, lying flat.....lots of little things 'to do'

My friend picked me up , took me for check up to the doctor and back at home, feeling extra loved!!!
No pain, but also no feeling in lips , so kind of slurping food over my mouth...hmmm
My doctor recommends lying flat as much as possible, following all instruction, all home prepared meals-no salt
One thing I have to comment, you would imagine feeling tight and numb.....take all that and triple it!
Still no pain , stitching is looking great, from what I can say
Drains are lil annoying, coming out on Monday, day 5, can't really see any difference in appearance , but feeling little stronger day to day:)


Famous day 5

So everyone talks about the little crush....I thought i was doing so well, wasn't going to happen...oh well day 5 blues
Had eye stitches out,that was fine.....and drains out....that was capital F...screaming, left me in pain for the rest of the day and half a night
On the brighter side, there is lil more movement every day,brushed at least 4 more teeth today :-)
There is little cris on one eyelids, hope this will straighten

Day 7, had more stitches out,and no more day naps,although trying to rest head dowas much as possible

Day 12

Wow, days are just rolling into each other now.
Today was removal of the remaining stitches and staples. I have to say I was quite fricked out about it, but it genuinely did not hurt a bit. Special Thank you to Cherieve, she is an Angel!!!
I also drove myself, first time since the surgery, was fantastic to have my independence back, but maybe lil unsafe too, still not great on changing lanes or comfortable parking , due to not being able to turn my neck fully.
Everything is healing well, only my lips are still really puffy, look a bit like russian mail order bride lol (no offense please)
My energy levels are up bit by bit , but did not get go ahead to go back to work this week......would be useful if I had a husband hehe, but since I have to do everything myself....well , what you dont do today, do it double tomorrow ;)

My hair is long enough to cover my ears, so even thought I still look "surgical" (doctors words hehe) I am comfortable without any head covering

One thing though , sunglasses hurt!!!!, how does everyone else wear them? I tried putting them on just for driving , coz it was sunny, but no way

Next appointment in two weeks, should be just a check up now, really hope all my bits will stay nice and tight, good luck to everyone else on the journey
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