25. No Kids. 375cc Mod Profile.

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Hi All. I have just booked my breast augmentation...

Hi All. I have just booked my breast augmentation surgery with Dr Tavakoli. I am really nervous. I am an A cup now and have always said I wanted a boob job, but am really nervous now that I am actually getting it done. Can you guys please tell me about your experience post op? I am looking to go a full C

Wish Boobies

Hi All. Just paid the $3,000 deposit for my BA. Consultation with Dr. Tavakoli is Sept 1st and surgery is Sept 16th. Has anyone had BA with Dr. Tavakoli? If so, how did you find his team and the results? Also, these are my wish boobies x

25. No kids. BA booked in for Sept 16th

Hi all. Getting BA Sept 16th. Has anyone had surgery already and went for the tear drop shape? I have posted some photographs I like, just can't decide what size to go. I am an A now looking to go to a small D. Thanks x

Wish boobs for surgery

Hi all. A lot of reviews I have read have said to bring photos to your pre op to show your doctor. These are what I'm brining. Does anyone know if these are tear drop? Or fake for that matter? These photos are all of the same girl. Two months until my surgery :)

Does anyone have teardrop implants placed under the muscle?

Hi ladies, just over a month and a half until my surgery. Just wondering if anyone has teardrop shaped implants placed under the muscle? My plan is to go tear drop but I have been seeing a lot of photos of boobs I love and finding out they're round so am unsure. Just after some advice from ladies with teardrop and if they're happy with them. Thanks Kate x

Just over a month until my BA

Hi all. Just over a month until I get my BA. I have a consultation with my doctor Sept 9th and surgery the following week. I still haven't settle on a size but pretty certain I will opt for a small D. Extremely nervous about recovery. Can anyone give me some advice on how to prepare for surgery? Are you able to sleep lying down or do you have sleep sitting up? Also, how long has it taken people to recover. I have ten day off work. Hoping that is enough. Any advice is muchly appreciated. Thanks Katie

3 weeks until BA!

Hi All. Just after a list of things that people wish they had or knew post op. I'm in the process of getting everything organised for my surgery.
Can you eat normally? Or do you feel sick? I've never had any type of surgery before so have no idea.

2 weeks until BA surgery

Hi All, I am 2 weeks out from getting my BA surgery. Is anyone else getting theirs mid September? Random question. Does anyone know if it's possible to still have a biopsy when they have implants? Or has anyone with implants ever had one?
I am meeting with Dr Tavakoli tomorrow to get my final sizing done.
Kate x

Final Breast Sizing before Surgery

Hello. I got my final sizing yesterday. Dr Tavakoli will be taking two sizes into theatre, and performing intraoperative sizing. So he will take these two sizes and try both in surgery, and choose whichever gives the best shape and size.
The two sizes he is taking in is 375cc and 390cc. Roughly a D Cup in the teardrop shape.
Does anyone have either of these sizes??
I have decided to leave the final sizing up to him. What he thinks fits best in surgery. I am nervous not having the final say but I trust him and think he will know best.

Did anyone take Arnica pre and/or post op?

Hi Guys, I just purchased some Arnica tablets from the chemist. Can anyone tell me if they took them pre and/or post op and if you thought it helped? My op is in 1 week and I'm not sure if I should start taking it now or wait? Does it interfere with the meds from the hospital?

Sizers - BA in 4 days. 390cc Teardrop High Profile

Hi Guys. Surgery is in 4 days. All I have left to do is pay the hospital and purchase ice packs. I have been taking Arnica to hopefully help with swelling and bruising. I will start using my anti-bacterial soap tonight (3 days before) and have bee using Vitamin E cream everyday for a week or so.
Can someone please tell me the best ice packs to purchase? The only ones I have seen are the instant ice packs but I assume they're pointless as you can't continue to re-freeze them? Am I best getting four small packs or two large ones?

Here are some of the photos with sizers in. PS is taking both 375cc and 390cc in to see which suit me best.


Bra Question

Hi All. Another day closer to my surgery. 3 days left! So grateful I found this site! Has really helped me be confident with my decision and I am so excited. I've read some ladies say they swapped their surgical bras for a sports bra for 20 mins or so a day, because the surgical bras hurt too much. As of right now I only have my surgical bras in a D, and everything else is an A. Should I head out tomorrow and buy a sports bra in a D or wait until I can be properly sized in a few weeks? Thanks!

Pre-op Photos

Hi Everyone,

BA surgery Wednesday 16th Sept. 2 days left!! eeee
Here are some pre-op photos. Baring filling out an A cup. I will pop up some post-op photos Wednesday.

9am BA surgery tomorrow!!!

Just heard from the hospital and I need to be there at 7.30am for surgery at 9am. Still doesn’t feel real!
I will do my best to post as much as I can post-surgery so the lovely ladies out there who are yet to have theirs can follow.
Reading all about the before and afters from the people on this site has been so good and made me feel so much better about having this surgery. Hopefully I can post about a good experience tomorrow.

See you all on the other side and thanks for all the support!!

I have BOOBS!!! Post-Surgery Day ONE

Hello from the other side!! All went well. I got to the hospital at 6.15am and was in the operating threatre by 8am. Everyone was so incredibly nice and made me feel so calm and comfortable. I fell asleep and woke up with boobs :)
I cant honestly say I was expecting a lot worse. My chest is super tight but the pain right now is very minimal. I have been up walking around, only slowly, but don't feel much pain at all.

My fiance has been amazing. He got all my medication and has written down when it all needs to taken. He has even set alarms so he knows when to drain the drains.

The drains are pretty gross but they're meant to help with speeding up the recovery time so fingers crossed.

I have taken one photo which I have posted for you guys to see. I will also post a before photo. Stomach is still very swollen from the pain meds.

If anyone has any questions, please fire away :)

Before & after photos - ONE day post-op

Here are some before and after shots. I will get a few more tonight when I get into my PJS :) The last one is with the drains in. They are pretty gross haha

More Post-Op Photos DAY ONE

Excuse the marks on my skin. They're from the drains.

Day 2 - Troubles

Hi ladies. I am day 2 post op and although I feel ok my stomach is so bloated. I feel like my boobs are making my body look chubby which is really depressing me. My fiancé is telling me I am just being silly but looking in the mirror right now sucks. How long does it take for a swollen stomach to go down?? Everything just feels so big and swollen right now! Any advice? Has anyone been through the same thing?

Day Three - Worst by far

I woke up this morning in so much pain. I felt like my bra was suffocating me. I have taken it off now. My fiance went back to work this morning so he had to push me up out of bed and now I am too scared to lay back down as I know I wont be able to get back up. The nurse said I can have my bra off for 6 hours a day and then sleep in it at night. My cleavage is really wide right now so hoping when they soften I can pull them into a proper bra and get some cleavage. Right now I feel like the implants are too big for my skin and are trying to push out. I know that sounds crazy. Good news is, they have a dropped a little over the past two days which is great. Just waiting for the pain to go away! I've just taking my endone, muscle relaxer and panadole. Also, about to take some Arnica. Another weird one for you ladies - I haven't been to the bathroom in 3 days. Is this normal? My stomach is so bloated. Looks like I am pregnant!

For everyone reading this who is still pre-op, please remember that the pain is manageable if you stay on top of your meds. I feel asleep last night and didn't wait up to take my endone that's why I had such a bad morning.

I will post some more photos and keep you updated today.

Oh also, I have patches over my nipples to help reduce the swelling and underneath where they took out the drains.


Day 3 - Morning Photos

Have taken all my meds so the pain has eased up a little. My left one looks like it's starting to drop a little, but is still very swollen.

Bra Shopping Post Op

Hi ladies, how long did you all wait to go proper bra shopping? I want to go get sized. Right now I only have my surgical bras. I'm only three days post op so I know it's too early as the shape will change but just curious how long you ladies waited x

DAY 4 Photos

Day 5 - Photos

Hi ladies,

Have made it through to day 5. Pain is still manageable but morning boob is the absolute worst! Walked to a cafe yesterday with my fiancé. Was buggered when I got back but was nice to be outside. Stomach is still very bloated, can't wait for the swelling to go down. Other than that all is going well.
Goodluck to everyone having their ops soon.

Day 6 Review

Morning ladies. Day 6 today. Still feeling a fair amount of pain and so much tightness. Mornings are the absolute worst. Morning boob is a real struggle haha does anyone know if it's because the pain killers wear off overnight or because you don't move much throughout the night and they're stiff? My fiancé leaves for work at 5am and he has to push me up when he goes otherwise I am literally stuck! Terrible. My stomach is going down. Not as bloated as I have been. I'm stopping all meds today. Only finishing the antibiotics and taking Panadole.
Question - last night I felt like I was getting the flu. I was hot and sweaty then freezing. Could this mean an infection? I'm worried about the incisions getting infected or maybe it's related to the medication or lack of? Any advice would be great.


Cleavage is still really wide but starting to close up slowly. Have never been able to wear this bra before without looking completely flat chested. So happy. Stomach is still bloated and so pasty! Need a spray tsn desperately haha Random sharp pains but off meds so feeling good! Hope all you ladies are recovering well.

Change of surgical bras

New surgical bra. Feels so much better!!

Progress photos

Day 7 and back at work! Hard day but getting there. Will update more tomorrow morning. Goodluck with everyone getting their BA this week x

Update - Day 8 Pain

Hi ladies. Today is day 8 and I am struggling.

I’ve been back at work for 2 days and think I will need tomorrow and Friday off.

My left breast is killing me. The underneath part aches with pain constantly. I wanted to completely get off the Endone but I’ve had to take it again to get through the day. It’s my fault. I think I went back to work too quickly.

I only have one Endone left in the packet and don’t have a script to get any more.

I still have lots of Valium but I also don’t want to take that. It said to take it only for 4 days and I already taken it for 6. How long have you ladies been on the muscle relaxers (Valium) for?

Any other ideas to help ease the pain?

Before & After

Look at the difference!! Keep in mind I am only 8 days post op and still very swollen, but I can't believe the difference. So flat and boney on the left!

UPDATE - Day 9

Hi ladies. Just wanted to give those of you who are yet to have their BA an update from day 9. I am feeling a lot better today! No more Endone and only one dose of panadole all day. I really think the difference is the fact that I pretty much spent all day in bed! Day 7 and 8 I was back at work and I think that's what brought on all the pain. Resting all day has definitely been beneficial. Not much visual change yet but my left breast is a lot softer than it was a couple of days ago. I can push it in and it squishes, which is awesome! I had a bit of a "I think they're too big issue" this morning. But with a bra on they look a good size for my body. They look significantly bigger with no bra. Good luck to all those ladies getting their BA tomorrow.

Day 10 - Update

Feeling good today. No meds. Still resting. Heat on my shoulders is so good. Thank you to ladies who recommended it. Haven't tried driving yet. Is day 10 too early? Don't want to do anything that will bring back any pain. Is anyone else roughly over a week pre-op? If so, how are you feeling? The only pain I can feel today is on my actual incision. When I press on the stitch the pain is really bad. I can feel it semi out of my skin. I will get the dressing off next week so hopefully all is ok. It seems strange to keep the tape on the stitches for two weeks with showering and everything. Hopefully there is no infection under the tape when I take it off.

Day 11

Three weeks post op

I am just over 3 weeks post op and so unbelievably happy with my results.
I am in no pain at all. Stopped my medication two weeks ago. Not even needing panadole.
Sleeping is fine. Able to sleep on my side now. Sometimes wake up slightly uncomfortable but not really an issue.
Boobs are a little tight in the morning but nothing terrible. They have softened up so much. Can push them together and squish them now.
So happy with my results. Dr. Tavakoli is really an amazing PS.
Goodluck to all those getting it done soon.
Sydney Plastic Surgeon

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