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I'm already on my 5th week since the start of the...

I'm already on my 5th week since the start of the treatment and I don't see any slight improvement. I got the Cosmelan 1 mask done in the clinic, went home & kept the mask on for 10 hours, washed with water, put on the Post-Peel Crystal Fibre Mask and after 20 minutes washed it off and applied the Hydra-Vital Faktor K.

The next day my face was slightly red/tanned but very slightly that no one noticed it. The color blended well with my natural skin color. I was instructed to clean my face with Hydra Milk Cleanser and Hydratonic and then the Hydra-Vital Faktor K and sun lotion. I had to do this every morning until my next appointment which was 5 days only after the Cosmelan 1 Mask was applied.

Since then I have been using Cosmelan 2 two times a day as instructed, followed as usual with Hydra-Vital and a 50 SPF sun lotion. I really did not have a strong peeling nor any discomfort. So after a week I tried to put a bit more of the creme (just on that day) and so the next day yes it looked and felt like how it should be (according to what I have been reading from many reviews). After that one day experiment and until now I am applying only a tiny amount of about 0.5 g. Everyday, every time I passed by a mirror, I look my face...nothing! My skin feels soft though but the pigmentation still as dark as before and seems like more tiny spot are coming out even. Ugh, and this is a very expensive treatment. I called the clinic but I can only have to see then in 2 weeks because they are alway booked out.
Dr. Lind

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