Removed PIP Implants After 8 Years - Switzerland, CH

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I am 36 years old and got my implants 8 years ago...

I am 36 years old and got my implants 8 years ago at the age of 28. I found out I had PIP implants while I was pregnant, so I could not have them removed straight away. I am now ready to get them out, but like most of you, I am petrified of the outcome.

I started off with no boobs at all. Small A cup (I added a before implant photo too). I blindly trusted the surgeon on size and he inserted 275cc implants. I thought they were a bit big at the time, but I got used to it and actually quite liked the shape and size.

But now that I have a lovely family and couldn't ask for anything more, my health is just so much more important than big breasts. The thought of having a replacement every 10-15 years fills me with dread and I just want to get these implants out so that I can stop worrying about what it is doing to my body and if it is leaking out every time one of my kids climb onto me. hug me or play with me.

I have already seen one surgeon as soon as my baby was born who told me that "275 cc implants are very generous" and he does not advice removal without replacement. I really did not get a good feeling about his attitude towards removing them, so I have an appointment with another surgeon on the 30th of October. Hopefully he can schedule me in before the end of this year (Plastic surgeons around here seem to be very busy and it takes a good month to even get an appointment).

Thank you to all you wonderful ladies who have posted your stories and photos to give me the information I needed to make the decision to have my implants removed.

Today I received the quote from the first PS I saw...

Today I received the quote from the first PS I saw. He did not even include the option of explantation only.
The quote only has one option and that is replacement (came in at a whopping 9800 Swiss Francs!!).
I hope the surgeon I am seeing tomorrow is a bit more supportive.

The PS I saw yesterday was amazing. So sympathetic...

The PS I saw yesterday was amazing. So sympathetic and reassuring. He even said that in the last few years he found that more and more woman are explanting rather than replacing when it comes to the end of the implants life time. He also said that he completely understand that a woman would not want a foreign object in her body. It is not like any other procedure where you have it done and foget about it. It is always there inside you, and you need to have it replaced. Even the cost is less than I thought. I am so glad I shopped around and did not go to the first surgeon I saw. I went from feeling sick in my tummy whenever I thought about this to happy and super excited to get these out. He wants me to have a think about it and I have another appointment with him in December, and the operation will only be in January. So I will only be posting in the new year again, but I will most definitely be checking all your girl's progress in the meantime.

Booked my appointment for the operation today....

Booked my appointment for the operation today. Scheduled for 7th of January.
Suddenly the reality hit me and now I am petrified again. But still 100% sure I want to do this. The dr also mentioned the possibility of some sort of lift where the just cut around the nipple an move it up a bit. But we concluded to wait 6 months after the operation to see what the result is and thus leave my options open. The doctor says that recovery time is max about 1 week (worst case scenario if he has to remove capsules or clean out because of leakage, less if it is a straight forward removal). From reading the posts on this site, I will have to wait and see before I believe this :-). Some woman are talking about 3-6 weeks recovery on here.

I saw the surgeon again today to discuss the lift....

I saw the surgeon again today to discuss the lift. It is not an "internal lift" (or at least he did not use this term). For a minor lift they can cut the skin around the areola without doing the vertical cut downwards (like the lolipop lift). They then remove a larger circle of skin and stitch the nipple back on. So imagine cutting a circle around the nipple and another larger circle around the outside of the nipple and then removing the skin between the two circles and stitching the nipple back on. He will then also take the implant out through this incision. He doesnt seem to think recovery time is much more - as confirmed by AmandaAgain. I am just concerned about a rupture and having to clean the capsule out. In this case another latger cut might be required in the fold of the breast.
I am now feeling a bit braver about the operation knowing that I will be having a lift too... as long as it all goes to plan :-)

2 Days to go and I get this empty hole in my tummy...

2 Days to go and I get this empty hole in my tummy everytime the thought of surgery crosses my mind... which is about 5 times a minute! After some very much appreciated replies on my post I have decided not to have the donut lift and only to go for the explant and wait 6 months to decide if I need a lift. The dr told me that he would do some internal stitching so that there is some sort of lift happening from the inside. Sounds very much like what Swedish Mary had a couple of years ago.
Now off to buy a AA sports bra!
I will post pictures as soon as I can... if I dont look to too horrendous ;-)

I made it through to the other side. The pain is...

I made it through to the other side. The pain is hardly there and the implants were 100% in tact so the dr didnt have to do any clean-up inside. He said that it was a good decision not to go for the lift as i dont need one.
I am so releaved that it is all over now. I am looking at these implants on the table next to me and I can't believe I actually willingly had it put into my body. I am not wearing a compression bra and i have no drains. Dr said it is not required. I am taped up which makes by boobs look a bit strange, but I will take and post pictures as soon as i can. Thank you all so much for your support and taking the time to encourage me not to have the lift done.

It is now one month after my operation and I am...

It is now one month after my operation and I am still so happy that I had this operation done. I love the results and I seriously think my boobs look better now than ever before (or maybe I am just in a better place now and accepted myself - you be the judge). My scars are quite large, but very thin and healing nicely. I am still wearing the silicone strips/plasters to help minimize the appearance of the scar, but it is in the fold so hardly visible.
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