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Hi all! Nice to meet you. I'm 30, no kids, just...

Hi all! Nice to meet you. I'm 30, no kids, just bought a condo, I have a dog and I work full time and I've been jumping through the hoops of trying to get this surgery done for the last 7 months. My last step is just being approved by my new (as of Jan) insurance and then setting a date (hoping in April)! I've always been big. My stories match the majority of other patients that go through with this: genetics, tons of blood work, bullies through out school, lack of a love life, low self esteem, always being judged when you walk into a room. I am the fat funny friend that everyone loves (as a friend) with the pretty face and blobby body. I've read a bunch of reviews on here, personal stories, successes and failures, what works and what doesn't. I'm excited to contribute to this community and possibly help and inspire the way that so many of you (and others) have done for me. I don't like admitting that I need help or taking from others but I think it will be way easier asking strangers that have gone through the same experiences. I don't have a huge supportive network where I am other than my system of Drs. and nurses but I can't ask them everyday questions like "Why haven't I taken a poop in 3 days?", "Why am I bald now?", etc., without an appointment with a $15 copay! I am 5'9ish and fluctuate anywhere from 290-295 weekly. I swim quite a bit because that's the only thing that doesn't hurt my legs. I broke both of my legs a few years ago and (5 surgeries later) it has really impeded my ability to work out/lose ANY weight. I can still walk but running scares me and also hurts. I have packed on 40-50lbs since that has happened and I probably have some weird forms of arthritis. Other than that all of my other labs/health are/is normal. I've counted calories, done the points, I even went to a fat camp for awhile yah, I'd lose maybe 20-30 lbs. but I always gain it back - the problem with adding my leg pain on top of that is that now I can't lose anything. I'm no longer a yo-yo weight loser because I can't exercise without pain anymore. So that's my story. And why I am going through with the VSG. I'll drop some pictures in when I get a little closer to my pre-op diet. It's going to suck balls but I'm ready and wish I could have done it sooner.


So, I was finally approved by my insurance! They took their sweet ass time getting back to me. I was approved on St Patrick's day (2015). How lucky! Anyways - April 16th is my day! As far as I know, I don't have to do a liquid diet. I'm just on a limit of


Here's some stuff the hospital needs you to have before you go through with the surgery. I've been collecting this stuff over the last 8 months so it was a gradual $400 disappeance instead of a omg I can't buy groceries for - month kind of expense.
A lot of low carb protein powder, b-12, multivitamin, vitamin d, calcium chews, and iron pills. This is a 3 month supply. I've also purchased some random things the pb2 I hear is ok and I have the click (pictured) coffee with protein and I also bought biotin to help with skin and hair. If anyone has any other go-tos that they liked post op please share! I'll be getting some broths and I hate jello but if it's all I can eat for a while I suppose I will have to learn to like it. Wooo less than a month! Excited, nervous and still fat! :)

Had my final consent meeting - Signed my life away

I went in to see the nurses and crew yesterday for the final time before I see them on my surgery day. Dr. is expecting me to lose 10 pounds on this pre-op diet beforehand. Hopefully that happens or else he said they have the right to refuse the surgery because I didn't comply with their eating plan.. that would be a pretty dick move in my opinion but I'm doing the best I can. Meat and cheese overload. I had jumped up 5-6 lbs since my last weigh in but I knew it wasn't actual weight gain - it was because I hadn't been able to go to the bathroom in about 72 hours from all this damn meat and cheese. haha I'm back down today after having a nice long visit in the master bath last night - if only I would have weighed in today. I wouldn't have gotten frowned upon for hoarding doo doo. Anyways, all is going to plan and so far so good. I can't say enough about how much I love this Isopure zero carb 40g protein beverage - Apple melon is the best! Try it! nom nom nom

7 Days away - HOLY CRAP - and I don't mean I'm constipated (this time)

Well, well, well… look who's getting sleeved in a week. Oh, if you're confused. It's me! :-P
Here's a recap of my chub stats
Life Heaviest - 315 lbs (Age 19)
Start of sleeve journey (June 2014) - 298 lbs (Age 29)
Today (April 9, 2015) - 1 more week of pre-op diet - 289 lbs (now I'm 30, ew)

I am excited for the surgery. I re-watched the procedure again yesterday on youtube. I know that seems really gross but I like to know exactly what's going to happen. If you can't stomach (no pun intended sleevers) blood and guts DON'T GOOGLE IT! I'm serious, you'll be creeped out.

I, the genius that I am, failed to take my menstrual cycle into this surgery equation and I will probably still have it while I'm at the hospital. I hope they don't sew up the wrong hole due to blood loss! This will be my 3rd surgery that this has happened for. Maybe it's my good luck thing. Sorry for the gross details - thought it was kind of funny.

Anyways, I wanted to thank everyone for the support on here. Who ever made this site - I appreciate you. I think I'm mentally prepped and physically - I just have to lose a few more pounds. (Doc wanted me to lose 10 since my last appointment I was up 5ish). I have purchased everything they recommended and some other stuff suggested on here - I just need to grab unflavored protein powder and popsicles.

I have taken pictures but I don't think I can post them. I am just too ashamed and jiggly but I wanted them for before and afters.

In other news, Nibbler (the dog) does not seem phased by this at all and is happily chewing on a sock at the moment.

Hope all of you are well and enjoy your weekend! I'll check back in the day before just to say hi and to say that I'm nervous. Pre surgery jitters always get me! ahhhh!

WHOA NELLY - I'll be sleeved in 12 hours.

I was right. I am nervous. The pre-surgery day diet sucks. I feel pretty gross - clear liquids all day. I had a popsicle for breakfast and lots of Isopure and Powerade. For my meals I had broth. Chicken for lunch and beef for dinner. They were so salty it made me nauseas. I've been able to avoid thinking about the surgery all day because I had to work and I also bought the new Mortal Kombat X for PS4 (It's fun!). But now, the day has come to an end and I'm packing my hospital bag and getting ready to take my goop shower. My stomach is in knots. Maybe from the disgusting broth I drank all day - or maybe it's the fact that I'll only have 1/4th of my stomach at this time tomorrow. Little of column A lots of column B.

I hit my pre surgery weight goal a few days ago and I expect to clock in a little under especially after this liquidy fasting day. No drinking after midnight so I'm chugging water like a champion until then.

Shout out to "MarilynWA" on real self. She's been a big help to me and she is getting sleeved on Monday. So send her some love too!

I'll post something when I'm feeling up to it . Might be a little while. Be safe - talk soon!

BYE! *waves frantically with both hands* :-)

Rough start - as expected

I started writing this update on my phone and I was flip flopping all over the place so I grabbed my laptop and I'm going to try to put this in some kind of logical order or else you all are going to think I'm high! It's long - I'm sorry.

First off, just wanted to say thanks for the messages of support. I hope some find this helpful or at least slightly entertaining. This is my 2nd day post-op. I feel gross, bloated and crampy. But I'm going to start from the beginning.

I went in (April 16th, 2015) to be sleeved. Everything was fine before I went in - normal slow pace that the hospitals always have. I was there 3 hours early and got taken back 30 minutes late. The Dr. was nice. He stopped in before and after while I was in recovery. He's a man a few words but he's not mean. I guess I would say he's more shy and soft spoken than any other Dr. I've had.

The night in the hospital sucked as much ass as it possibly could. You're bloated and you feel like crap and you just want to sleep but you're uncomfortable, the bed sucks, people keep coming in for vitals, they want you to drink way more than you can. It's not fun. I lucked out with my first nurse being a super nerd. I think he just hung around in my room for fun to talk about comics and video games and cartoons. I was glad to have him there for sure! The rest of the nurses were fine but they were no Sean. :) I got discharged around 2pm the next day (Friday) They sent me home with a swag bag and lots of scripts for meds. I haven't even looked in the swag bag yet but I thought it was kind of funny. "Thanks for having us rip out your guts, here's a book bag with a water bottle and a keychain in it.. but wait there's more!"… very weird. But I do love free stuff!

I opted out of the narcotics in the hospital. I was only on Tylenol the whole time. (And I still am.) I like to be able to gauge my pain and Oxy really messes up my pooping abilities. I don't suggest you skip the pain meds if this is your first surgery rodeo.

I wasn't at all able to keep up with their fluid schedule in the hospital and day 2 out I still can't. 2oz of protein shake every hour and 32oz (min) of hydrating liquids a day. I'm not even hitting half of that right now but I'm trying.

In the hospital, I was having this immediate pressure every time I would swallow anything- It felt heavy like something was stuck in my throat and then it would settle right in-between my boobs and it hurt a lot. after about 5 minutes that pressure would go away and I would sip again and the same thing would happen. When I told the Dr/PAs this they seemed slightly worried but told me to try to sit up more when I sipped. Surprise, surprise they were right. I can swallow things now without that terrible pressure between my ta-tas but ONLY if I stand while sipping. Pretty inconvenient but moving around also helps with the gas pain. I haven't been able to fart yet but that may take a few days. They will probably ask you if you have passed gas yet before you leave the hospital. Water and protein shakes don't usually give me gas. I bet it will be great to fart again. I kind of miss it!

I have 5 incisions and they all hurt and look pretty gnarly. I feel like an overfilled balloon and then trying to add liquids into that balloon is not pleasant. My shoulder hurts (as expected) and my back is killing me. Must have been from the hospital bed. As of midnight last night I could kind of lay on my right side. I really can't sleep laying on my back so the sooner I can lay on my side or stomach the happier I will be!

I guess that's all I can think of for now. If you have any questions or tips for me to start farting or get rid of this gas pain I'd take them. Ive been walking around quite a bit and I'm also taking gas-x thin strips but I haven't noticed them helping at all

Sorry for any typos I'm tired!
Talk soon - Non-tooting but bloated as F

In anyones experience - did you get a hernia after you were sleeved?

Hey all,

I'm feeling great actually. 4 days out I have more energy and I've been awake most of the day. I even took the dog for a walk. I'm off all pain meds and the only pain I'm having is in lower abdomen by my belly button which is radiating to my lower back. I'm worried it a hernia because it hurts a lot when I bend over or cough. Just wondering if anyone encountered this. Otherwise, I feel fine and the rest of me is tip-top.

Happy 4/20 if you're in to that kinda stuff!


Hey all!

9 days out I feel pretty good! I had Thursday-Sunday off from work and then I worked a few hours each day last week (from home).

The pain is minimal. I guess I jumped the gun in assuming I had a hernia. The "pulling" in my lower right abdomen is subsiding but the back pain is still there. My follow up/diet advancement is on thursday (30th) of this upcoming week. I'll ask about the back pain then. It kind of feels how it did when I had appendicitis. An odd pressure/ kind of like if you throw your back out but slightly different.

I've been getting lots of Netflix in - highly recommend the new daredevil series and the unbreakable kimmy schmit -funny stuff! Also, I'm now a mortal kombat X master ;-) BEYAAAAAA whhaaaaa -ninja noises*

I've been weighing myself everyday since the procedure and I'm almost down to a weight where I wouldn't even have qualified for the surgery. Friggin blows my mind! I'm not hungry and I haven't said 'food porn' so many times in my life but it's true. You see an Olive Garden commercial and you're like mmmm I want that but you're not hungry and you couldn't eat it if you tried. It's awesome, not feeling hungry. I was ALWAYS hungry before this surgery. It's pretty freeing! WEEEEE - Mostly I'm missing coffee. I'm going to ask about that at my appointment - I know I can have it but I hate black coffee. I need creamer and I don't think that's allowed yet. At least my sheet says it's not. And no caffeine… :-( I have definitely had some caffeine headaches!

Alright, I'll stop blabbing and go back to saving the moral kombat world. pew pew*

Talk SOON!


Couple weeks out & feeling fine in the sunshine!

Hiya everyone!
Just wanted to check in! I'm still alive. I feel pretty well. Other than minor pulling in my lower abdomen and still some back pain. (Both nothing compared to what they were a week ago). One of my incisions is infected (gross). Doc says it should just drain on it's own and is nothing to worry about. It was my own fault I am a scab scratcher/picker/poker. I always have been and I always will be!

I had my 2 week check up on Thursday and the Dr. suspects that I threw my back out while I was in the hospital because it's unlikely related to anything from the surgery. Also, my food was advanced and it's awesome! I can't say enough times how great it is to not feel hungry all the time! I can almost eat an egg without feeling too full… For those of you that haven't had surgery yet. You know when you're full because the burps that come up aren't air they are food! SPEAKING OF BURPS… Holy cow I have been the gassiest person ever lately. Farting and burping can now go on my resume as special skills!

Down 30 lbs from the start of all this 300 to 270. I lost almost 2 lbs a day in the very first week after surgery and then I didn't lose anything the second week. I've been at 270 up and down for a week or so. Hopefully just my body rebounding from the first major drop. I just tried on some of my jeans that I bought a while ago (size 20) and they fit now. Nice to expand back into the side of my closet that is the off limits/too small side. Small victory. I know being a 20 is nothing to be proud of but I haven't been this 'small' in a couple years. My smaller shirts still don't fit so I guess I thinned out in my butt cheeks but not my top rolls. I should probably take my measurements… I haven't myself but I know the hospital has them somewhere.

Let's see…what else. I went to see The new Avengers movie last night. It was great, as expected. Sitting for 2.5 hours was a little rough but doable. I bought a slow cooker today to make tender meats and soft vegetables. I'm not much of a cook. Actually I'm straight-up awful. I don't know anything about it. If anyone has any slow cooker ideas. SHARE! But tell me what/how to cook it because you're talking to a chick that usually just eats boxed cereal and frozen meals. I bought a pork tenderloin? No idea - I assume it will cook in there. We'll see.

All for now. Keep it RealSelfers! *toot

Checking in

Just thought I would stop by and say that I'm finally over the 3 week stall. How lovely! It had been 17 days since I stopped losing right after the procedure. Now I'm in the high 260s! (down from 300) WHAT?! For those of you that haven't had your procedure yet - there's a bunch of articles on the 3 week stall - it's a real thing but your body will soon switch out of WFM OMG you're starving us mode and actually drop some more pounds. Still no real complaints. I miss pizza but I'm not hungry. I just had some yogurt. I can eat a whole cup (of the whipped greek yogurt) not of regular yogurt. It makes me burp a lot because of the infused air but it's yummy. It tastes like flavored whipped cream. NOM

Also, lets give it up for Starbucks that just came out with the frap MINI cup! I can't finish it so I just save it in the fridge and have half the next day. I get non fat milk and no whip and then I add my own non flavored protein powder that adds 12g of protein. I'm enjoying the slow cooker. Super easy and it lasts all week!

All for now

Talk soon

Small victory

Went Back to the gym last night - swam a bunch. Probably too soon and before Drs. orders but whatever my incisions look fine. I believe I'm on week 4 headed to week 5 on thursday.

Anyways As of this morning my fighting weight just went from SUPER HEAVY WEIGHT to just plain HEAVY WEIGHT. How exciting is that?!

Now I can punch people in a different weight class.. WOOT :-)
People have been asking what my goal weight is and I think my best answer has been somewhere between lightweight and welter weight classes *punch punch*


Time to switch to summer clothes.

Normally, I hate this time of year. It gets warm out and I have to try on all my summer clothes to see which ones I've gotten too fat for. Today wasn't so bad. In fact, while cleaning my closets out, I actually fit into most things that I couldn't last year. Not everything but hey- that's better than throwing out cute stuff because you ate too many x-mas cookies december-february! X-mas cookie time lasts a long time in my house haha. I am now an 18 and im down 42 lbs from April. I started at a size 22. Also, it's interesting to see how brands of clothes vary sizes because I own one pair of very snug 28s and have 2 pairs of 16s that I can get on. Whoa, USA can I get some size regulation up in here? Anyways... :-p 18s seem to be consistent in most stores right now. Onward and downward (in size) we go! Hope you all are doing well!!
Happy weekend!

Some pics included this time.

Who has two thumbs and wears a size 16?


Just had my 100 day appointment this week!

Whoa nelly - time is flying by!

Seems like I'm doing pretty okay at this! Here's my updated stats. I am now a size 16 (down from 22). I have some 14s that I can get into but it's not pleasant to look at. I am a woman's XL (down from a plus size 3/4x) and I have lost about 55lbs. Down from 300 that puts me at 245 (math is hard)! 55lbs in 100 days - holy shit. This is working quite fast. I am trying to get in enough protein for the days, though I haven't been tracking. I should probably go back to doing that but it's so annoying. I'm still pretty much living on cheese, eggs, meat and quest bars. My new obsession is popsicles. I make my own with protein powder and milk or lemonade - depending on the flavor. I like the store bought ones too but they don't have protein.

Just incase if you're wondering my work out routine… (I see people post theirs sometimes). I swim 3x a week water aerobics and lap swim. I walk 2x a week for about an hour and I do strength training once a week. None of this exercise was new for me. I did this all pre-op but I overate after I worked out… and before I worked out... and while I worked out... JK! :) I'm thinking I should cut some of the walking in half and do more strength because I'm starting to worry about this jiggly underarm zip lock bag feature that I now have… like bat wings or droopy chicken fat in a sack… awww yeah… sexy. I have seen some ads for these wraps that make your skin tighter… no idea if they are horse crap or legit but I would try them out.

Oh another thing - I have not yet started to see my hair falling out more than normal but I have been taking all the vitamins and also been using a combination of nioxin shampoo/conditioner treatment and a Rogaine for women knock-off foam post shower. Who knows if it's helping. I may be bald if I wasn't using it!

Speaking of vitamins - the chewable multivitamin from "bariatric advantage" made me throw up minutes after taking it (almost always) HOWEVER, their multivitamin capsule with iron doesn't make me hurl - so if you're in doubt or if that is happening to you switch as soon as you can to the capsule (or ask your doctor) it's pretty great!

Now that I am coming back into the real word as a sleeved citizen - eating out is impossible. Anyone have any tips or tricks for ordering out? I've been going on dates and it has made things semi awkward.

What I have learned so far:
Don't tell them you already ate if your whole date plan is only going to dinner (they don't like that)
Get a dark straw and pretend to drink your water with your meal (fake sips)
Tell them you're on a low carb diet and you can't drink alcohol because of the mixers in cocktails and carbs in beer.
Order an app - I can usually get 3 wings down and sometimes they are more than happy to polish them off for me. Plus, the bone pile can look like more than 3 wings if you do it right :)
Don't use sauces - they fill you up faster!
Ask to share something - no one has agreed to this yet.
OR just tell them that you have had surgery (I have not had the lady balls to do this yet - with any dates)

If there's any single ladies or fellas out there with any other suggestions or menu items that are your go-tos. PLEASE SHARE! I'll try to get some pics in here now - Have a good weekend!


Just kidding - I figured I'd beat the hair loss and got a hair cut. Any my hair cut I mean serious business hair cut. I've cut my own hair for almost al of my life but I had to go to a salon for this master hair piece! I think most of the 60lbs that I've lost dropped out of my face. I wanted this cut about a year point five ago but there was no way that was going to happen with my captain chubby mug. Not too shabby though - I was a little worried when I looked for example pictures online every picture was a very thin girl but I don't mind it on me as much as I thought I would!

Feeling buzzed! (buzz cut)
Keepin' it real!

Stall whomp whomp

So I have been about the same weight for the last 4/5 weeks. Lost 2 whole pounds in the month of August... I finally lost a few pounds this week. I had asked both my PCP and my weight loss team if it was possibly related to me getting back on birth control. Neither of them had solid answers. STORY TIME!... So 3 months ago I decided to go on the depo shot as my birth control. I don't know if anyone has also tried this method but it's a shot that lasts for 3 months… it has completely fucked up my cycle and I spot/bleed every day. My tampon budget is cutting into my mortgage payments! Anyways… I'm getting another shot this weekend because I'm due - but if it halts my weight loss again for another 4-5 week span I'm gonna flip some tables and obviously not get it anymore. Anyone else have some weight gain/stalls when they started back on birth control? Maybe it's just me. Or maybe it was just a long stall that has nothing to do with the BC who knows!?

Current stats (almost 5 months out)
Weight start: 300 Current weight: 235
Down 65 lbs - woot
I'm 5'9 and I now wear somewhere between a 14-18 and XL tops

Keep it real! - no body pics this time - I pretty much look the same


What up realselfers!? Hope you're doing well!

I had my 6 month follow up appointment today. Even though I called to get my blood work faxed over about 10 times… it didn't make it. So there wasn't much to talk about (blood wise). I assume everything is fine. I'll let you know if they find something wrong.

Results: I'm down 70 damn lbs from the start so that puts me at 230! Which is still fat but way less fat than I was! They say I'm on track even though I feel like I've been stalling out like crazy lately. I recently dropped 5 so I suppose just hanging in there is working. I'm still working out 4-6x a week mix of swimming, weights, and cardio machines. I'm planning on joining a mixed martial arts gym in November. Slightly intimidating, we'll see if I actually follow through with that…:)

I ended up getting the IUD for birth control and haven't had any weight related side effects like I had when I was on the depo shot. HOWEVER - I have been bleeding every day since I got it inserted (and since the depo shot in June) which is incredibly annoying... the 4 month period is never ending - if it doesn't stop soon I will probably get it removed - it doesn't hurt - just can't handle the maintenance.

I started seeing someone who doesn't know about the surgery (yet) but he is very supportive of my fitness goals so that's new & nice! He is also very confused about how I am always on my period lol. I will probably have to explain both situations to him soon...

I am flying home to NY (tomorrow) for a week and I'm excited to be able to do up the seatbelt and not have to hide the undone belt under a roll of flub under my shirt haha- JOKES ON YOU IN FLIGHT CREW - I FOOLED YOU IT WAS NEVER BUCKLED MWUAHAHA. Also excited to see the fam and friends of course!

I think that's all I have to update - any newbies have any questions I'm always willing to help or at least offer an opinion.

Oh - found a delicious greek yogurt blue cheese dressing if you like that stuff (bolthouse) something like that in the chilled dressings. ITS AMAZING - mix it with franks and put it on chicken breast OM-NOM-NOM!

I will add pictures this time :)

9 Months down after VSG - if I was press when I started I would have a baby by now... but thank goodness I don't

Just wanted to send a quick update, so you know I'm not dead. I'm down about 75 lbs. I've been traveling a lot for work and eating out a lot with the bf so I'm up 2 lbs this months but I plan on having a more regular schedule this month. Kind of upsetting... :-( This is the first month I've ended up gaining since the surgery but I know everything I did wrong. It's def my fault. My weight loss is definitely slowing but I'm still working out the same amount. I find that I can eat more than I used to. Meat still fills me up quickly but I feel hunger again. Every few hours it pokes it's head into say "hi". My body (though I'm not really losing) has been changing shapes. My weight fluctuates from 223-230 now. I'm a 12/14 bottoms and L/XL ladies tops. Bought my first 12s a week or so ago. :) I think my goal is 180-190. 190 has been on my drivers license since I have had one... but I've NEVER been in the 100s - ever. -- probably when I was a toddler. I'm not incredibly discouraged because I just compared my pictures from when I started this and I look pretty different but I still have a long way to go. Even longer if I keep eating carbs! Added a pic of 9 months ago vs. now, from behind. I know I'm still gross but slightly less gross. Enjoy!

Hope you're all well.

1 YEAR and 80 POUNDS DOWN and a bunch more to go...

OH! Hey there readers, I didn’t see you there. Welcome back. For those of you that are new to this… Hello, my name is Fran and it has been exactly 1 year since my last confession…whoops! Kicked into church mode…exactly 1 year since my VSG. Just a recap of my chub stats so you don’t have to scroll up: Life Heaviest - 315 lbs (Age 19) (Many years ago) Start of sleeve journey (June 2014) - 300 lbs (Age 29) Pre-op weight (April 9, 2015) - 290 lbs (Age 30) TODAY (1 year post-op) 220 lbs (April 12, 2016) (Age 31) These numbers have all been rounded for my math convenience Started at a size 22 now wear 12/14 and Large/XL tops – I thought I would be smaller by now but I am by no means mad at my size for 1 year out. I’m still obese but much closer to “overweight” than “morbidly obese” SO THAT MEANS – I’ve lost 80 lbs since I started this process and 70 lbs since my surgery. I’d say that's PURDY DAMN GOOD. I had my 1-year follow up appointment this week and my labs were all fine. Some of my vitamins were on the lower side but sometimes I forget to take them so… that explains that. SO MUCH INFO TO DUMP! I have a bunch of things I want to tell all of you based on my last year of life… I think a bulleted format will help me remember everything. -Once again, thanks for the continued support from everyone on these boards – there’s still only a handful of people that know that I had this done – so consider yourself a VIP! -I don’t do as many shakes as I used to - maybe once or twice a week -I really like Quest bars (actually their whole product lineup- shakes, chips, bars, etc.) all of the flavors are good and they don’t have that gross protein after flavor that so many of them have -I feel better dropping so much weight but I’m also pretty sore most the time due to doing more activities -I poop much more regularly now that before surgery -Post-op -- I can throw out my back at the drop of a hat -I still work out (mostly swimming and water aerobics) I’ve added in walking, golf, biking and more elliptical -I bought this under the desk mini elliptical (which I am liking a lot) – helped me get over a very long plateau. I liked it so much I bought one for my mom -I can snack way more than I used to be able to. I can eat a whole bag of snap peas (do not attempt this) -Meat is still the number one thing that fills me up quickly -I eat waaaay slower than I used to -I’ve gotten used to not eating and drinking though, I’m sure I should be drinking more water -Don't eat/smoke pot post-op (I live in WA, it’s legal) – you will get the munchies – you will throw up – you will not feel full until it’s too late and you will run to the bathroom or closest vase and cry - If you’re new to this don’t have food funerals before you get surgery. You will be able to eat it again (almost everything) – I still find soda/pop hard to get down but I still drink sugar free RedBulls occasionally. - Life will happen – someone/work is going to fuck up your schedule and you’re going to gain – get over it and do better next week/month -Alcohol does not effect me any differently than it used to -Don’t expect your experience to be like anyone else’s and don’t watch ‘My 600lb Life’ on TV. -If you’re a bored eater/grazer like myself – stop watching the food channel/network (at night is worst for me) -Lastly, surround yourself with positive people that don't sabotage or talk shit about you. (My bf has probably been where most of my support is coming from right now -he’s also trying to lose weight) find groups of people that like to do what you like to do and DO IT! Take care and keep it real selfers! I'll post pics sometime... it's hard to find many full body shots of myself pre/post- I always avoid them

Pictures from 1 year

I wore the same undies so you could compare ;)

Summer is coming

217lbs/size 12/14/ dress that didn't fit last year. Happy times. My arms are still gross fat sacs but thry look fine if i constantly flex.

Happy 4th!

Down 30lbs from last years 4th of July :)

Vacations are hard

Just got back from a weeks vacation and gained 5-7 lbs. I'm sure I can take it back off soon but just goes to show... This is not a cure - food still happens. Whomp whomp!! I still look better than I did. But I am determined to get to 200 or below. Though it's VERY slow going now. FU last 20 lbs. haha awkward/quick pic in my work bathroom for fun...


About 20 months I think

216 on the button today. Same size large shirts 12/14 pants - Figured I'd check in before Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving! Update on me- struggle with food choices everyday, boyfriend has moved in, he's still very supportive (we struggle together), still want to be under 200 but I don't hate where I am, turned 32 this month... we adopted a cat. Hahah someone posted an old picture of me on facebook on my birthday and it made me sad but also made me appreciate how my body is now.- Even with an extra 16 lbs. Here's the old pic, a new pic I snapped at work- better lighting there and a pic of our crazy cat for fun.

Hope you're all well, kicking butts, etc. :)

Dr. Brian Sung

So far, Dr. Sung has been great. He's young and somewhat of a newb at this but seems very knowledgeable and has answered all of my questions. He's did my endoscopy and I had a follow up with him for my final review. Seems like he knows his shit. I'll update this when I've interacted with him more. Update 1: Nothing much to add he was nice during the day of the surgery and he followed up the next morning with his PAs. I guess all I would add to this is he's humble, soft-spoken and I haven't had a bad experience with him yet. Thumbs up, Brian Sung! Update 2: I saw Dr. S at my 100 appointment - He seemed proud of his work - still a nice guy - I think he's warming up to me - we even joked around a little :-)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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