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Hi there! I am a 32 years old mom with 2 kids...

Hi there!

I am a 32 years old mom with 2 kids and a wonderful husband. I made my TT in Sweden on July 5tht, exactly 3 weeks ago.

Well, I think that my PS did a great job, the scar is soooooooo thin and low, I am fascinated with it buuut:

-Nerve injured!
I got a nerve injured, is a condition called Meralgia paraesthetica which is a is numbness or pain in the outer thigh by injury to a nerve that extends from the thigh to the spinal column. So I my left outer thigh is numb but in the inside it was hurting like hell the whole first week. It is better now, the pain is almost gone but it is still numb =( I was told that it can take up to 2 years to recover and to know if the damage will be permanent or not, sucks!

- Internal stitch pinching.

Just below the incision and right in the left side of the pubic area I started feeling some kind of burning feeling 2 weeks after the TT. That day I took a shower for the first time, then some friends came for visit and I was sitting in a regular chair for a long time, which I had not done in the first 2 weeks. When my friends left I was almost crying because I felt that the area close to the pubis and the innerleg was burning like hell, I thought that was only an irritation so I tried with different lotions and stuff. The pain got much worst, so 5 days later I went to the hospital and I was told that I had an infection, but 2 days later my PS said that there was no infection at all, that it was perhaps an internal stitch that is unfortunately pinching or tearing something.

He said that there is nothing to do to help me but to wait for the stitch to dissolve. Yesterday after I came back from seeing him I had the stupid idea to try a new garment he gave me, which would make me look thiner since right now I am wearing a thick binder that is like having tons of cardboard around. Well, 1 hr after having the garment on I started to feel crazy pain in the area where the stitch is hurting and OMG!! The pain went on for 5 hours non stop!! The worst pain I have ever felt!!! It was just like a burning tearing pain inside me, it was awfull!!

Today, exactly 3 weeks after the surgery I am still struggling to recover. I have learned to restrict the movements of my left leg so that the internal stitch doesn´t hurt me, but it forces me to continue walking a bit hunched and there is of course many things I cannot do.

If it wasn´t because of those things I would feel awesome! The left side of the incision is not healing as nicely as the right side, I have a bit of discharge of fluid since I am super swollen in the left side, but my PS said that is normal and nothing to worry about. My muscles dont hurt anymore, now I can laugh out loud and even sneeze! hahaha. But this thing with the stitch and the injured nerved are really slowing down my recovery =(

I was so unlocky, I just hope that everything improves. I want to get rid of the binder but I cannot wear the garment because it will hurt me again.

I hope that stupid stitch dissolves fast, but I know it can take up to 90 days =(

Paying a high price for a flat tummy, I hope it is worth!

Regards to everyone!

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