42 Year Old, Two Kids and Implants in for 4,5 Year. Finally Decided to Remove Them! Sweden, SE

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I had My second child in May 2010, and during...

I had My second child in May 2010, and during brestfeeding My boobs were huge! I did not like it at all, but still when I finished breastfeeding the boobs where all gone. I was a bit shocked, they where so small. So I just decided to do a breast augumentation. All to quickly... I wish I had waited at least a year after. Ever since I did the surgery I have regreted it. But now I finally decided to remove them, and I feel really relieved and happy. I am so thankful for this site, with all those brave Who share their stories. Sorry for bad English :-). I Will post My today pictures.

Today pictures

New op-date!

I called the clinic today and had My operation date moved one week earlier :-). New date is october 20th. Now it is even closer and I am getting a bit nervous.

Getting closer

It is getting closer.... A little nervous. I had to go to my district doctor yesterday, since I have a heart condition and the clinic Wants me to take some blood samples and EKG. Hopefully there Will be no problem to do the surgery! Just Wait and see I guess.

Really close!

One week from now I am hopefully at the hospital preparing for surgery. Feels unreal! I am a bit worried about drains, maybe I do not need them? The doctor Will remove My capsules. Good or bad, I do not know.

3 dags pre-op

I have had so much at work lately. Good in a way, since I haven't hade much time to think about the surgery. I feel amazingly calm about it.

I look forward to hug my kids and husband without the feeling that there is something in the way. I look forward to be my natural, petite self. I look forward to be able to loose the frontweight that I think causes my neckpain. I look forward to get rid of the pain in my right breast, maybe even get the sensation back. I look forward to be rundning again, without the extra humping in front :-).

I really hope that everything will go easy and smooth, so welcome explantation day!

Finally! The op-day is here.

Having a soft morning since I have to be at the clinic at 12.30. I would have prefered an earlier appointment, but nothing to be stressed about. Shall take the final shower and have some homemade ginger/lemon the. Good for My nervous stomach and prevents inflammatory :-).

I hope the surgery will go quick and easy and that the surgeon do not have to take to much of my own breast tissue when removing the capsuels. Since I do not think I have some breast tissue to talk about :-)

I Will try to write a new uppdate for you girls this evening if I feel ok.

Better pre-explant pictures

Taken today.


And I feel great! Arrived at home an hour ago and I am so happy and grateful that everything went well. The surgery took 20 minutes. I feel so light, warm, soft and proud! I tried to upload pictures this morning begore surgery, but it did not work, i Will try again tomorrow and I Will take after pictures as well. Thank you for your support and a lot of soft hugs to you all!

Pictures before and after explantation

I tried it yesterday, but it did not work out uploading pictures. Hopefully it will work this time :-). All the pictures are taken the same day. I still feel very well after the surgery, right now my biggest challenge is to take it easy to be able to heel. I do some sofa work today. No strong medication, just paracetamol and ibuprofen.

When I did the breast augmentation I had my incision in aerola area, but this time I had it under my breast. That I can feel now, since I have a tight compression bra, and it presses against the scar that is a little bit swollen. But this is nothing compare to when putting them in.

I have probably grown a couple of centimeters, since now I am not trying to make the breast invisible :-). I am surprised that I had that "much" breast tissue, well I have gain a couple of kilos the last years and are probably swollen.

I hope my pictures and story will help you out there!
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