35 Years Old, 5 Years of Anatomical Implants, Removal in January 2017

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In November 2011, 30 years old, I got anatomical...

In November 2011, 30 years old, I got anatomical silicone implants, 290/310cc, and went from not even an A-cup to somewhere around D-DD. Not because the implants are really that big, but they ended up being very firm. Hard, almost, and fitting them comfortably and well into a bra is not easy... (And everytime I go to hug someone I feel like they'll bounce off my boobs. Not great.)

They have healed well, I have no complications, and aesthetically they're a success, but they're too hard to be comfortable. Probably a combination of the implants being firm, and my breast tissue being very firm too. Which is probably why they haven't changed at all since they healed.

I had no expectations for them to feel exactly "real", but I had hoped for something with at least some natural feel to them. And 5 years later, they don't feel at all like mine. They're constantly on my mind, and I don't feel comfortable with them, ever. They're just there, and always "a thing", and I'm so sick of it.

I'm sure they will end up sad little skin bags, considering how little breast tissue I had before, and since they are sub glandular, but I'm starting to think that I really, really don't care... I've been trying to find pictures and stories from people with before-boobs similar to mine, but it's not been easy.

Art Clinic, the place where I had my first surgery, was really great, with nice, kind, professional staff, and I think my surgeon after all did a great job, so I will first of all try to book a consultation back with them, to talk about having an explant. And going back to being me again.

Consultation booked

After talking with my mom (that always helps me make important decisions) I feel more secure going forward with explant.

Even though I have no complications from the BA, I have other health issues, and I feel like having these things in my body is a stress on me, both physically and mentally, and I just want to take anything extra off my mind.

So I called today and booked an appointment for November 28, and until then I'm going to think of all the questions I need to ask.

What I have so far is about general or local anaesthetic, and what they use. If there is a "rule".
And I feel like if there is any way, I want to keep the capsules intact. That seems to make the surgery less invasive, and I'd get to keep what little tissue I do have. So I hope that can work out.

Is there anything else you guys think I should definitely ask?

(And thank you for being here and such a great support!)

Surgery date booked!

Consultation on November 28 went well. Surgeon agreed that whiloe my boobs look good, they are harder than they should ideally be. She suggested trying with smaller and softer impants, but I've already decided I'm done with this part of my life. I just want them out and to heal and carry on without having this on my mind.

We decided on general anaesthetic, which feels good to me. And as a rule they never touch the capsule, just open the old scars and get the implants out. Which is exactly what I want.

Now I just have to wait for a little more than a month, which I know will be quick but feels like ages when I just want it DONE. Need to figure out all the practical details of getting to and from the clinic and so on, but I'm feeling good about my decision.

I'm probably a bit strange but...

I actually hope that I will end up with a little bit of sag to my boobs after explant?

Before my BA I had literally no tissue below the nipples, and that more than anything else was what I wanted to change. I wasn't into having bigger boobs, really, I just wanted boobs that looked grown up. Like they belonged to someone 30 years old instead of 13.

So if I end up with my new creases becoming permanent and gaining a bit of sag, I'll actually consider that an improvement and be happy.

(Also less than a month until surgery and I can't wait to get it done.)

So far so good!

Tomorrow it's been a week since my explant and everything has gone really well. The surgery went according to plan, surgeon didn't have to remove any of the capsule, and I have barely been in any real pain at all.

Right after explant my boobs looked kind of insane, like someone had rolled a bike across my breasts. The nippes pointed down into a hollow where the skin basically rested against mjy ribcage, and above the bandages was just a bit of loose skin. But I knew a lot would happen to them so I didn't let it stress me out.
I was a bit surprised by how fast they changed, though! Already the next they they looked a lot more like they did before my BA, and then it was just hours before they changed again and turned the way they look on the pics, taken 3 days post.

They haven't changed noticeably since then, and I kinda hope they won't. This is the way I wish my natural boobs would have looked, so if they stay this basic shape, I will be more than pleased. But even if they don't, I feel so much better having the silicone out of my body. Being small and soft and natural again feels great, and I look forward to recovering and hopefully starting to feel better and have more energy in the future.

Two weeks tomorrow

Yesterday I went to my doctor's office and got the knots on my stitches removed, which felt great, and last night I could finally sleep on my side. Huge plus!

Over all I feel really good. The scars are itching like mad sometimes, because of healing, but I can deal. There is no real soreness left at all, and my skin has tightened up a bit. They still look so much better than I even thought they would.

My right breast has always been slightly smaller, and it still off, obviously. It also had a bigger implant because of this, so it's a litte bit worse off than the left, but it's not a difference I think is noticeable to anyone else, really.

I'm starting to hope that I'm getting some of my old energy back. Not a drastic difference, but I have managed to take some walks each day, and that's a huge improvement for me the way I have been the last couple of years.

3 + months later

Well I haven't updated here in ages, but to be fair, not much has happened. :) I've been in a really bad place, dealing with mental health issues, so i haven't had the energy. But on the plus side, I'm still really happy with my new/old boobs, and being rid of the implants, and my physical health has been slowly but noticeably improving.

I'm no longer as crippled by chronic fatigue, I've managed to get at least a little bit phyically active, which was just utterly impossible before explant, and I've lost a little bit of weight for the first time since thyroid gave up on me.

Still taping my scars, hoping they will turn out as nice as my first ones did. So far they are looking really good. I'll try to remember to throw in pics next time it's time for a change.
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