27 Years Old, 54kg and 164cm. Now Small C-want a Fuller C or Smal D - Sweden, SE

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Im a smal C and i wants fuller C or D. Im going to...

Im a smal C and i wants fuller C or D. Im going to do the op today but still havent decide cc. Im thinking of getting 300cc round hp but im afraid it will be to big and look fake.
Im a gymrat and i really dont want it to be in the way but at the same time i want them to look good in a sportsbra without needing to wear 2 bras.

Getting nervous

Before the op

Just woke up

At first it felt like trainingache but now 30min after waking up i feel a little bit more. I feel like someone is sitting on my breat. They feel smal. :( i went with 300cc.


Omg Im in chock! I know I said that they felt to tiny before but now when I saw my breast in the mirrow they are huge! and Im even more sad. I said to my doctor that I rather would have to smal than to big. Now my biggest fear are real that they are to big :( I don't want people to just see my boobs..

Post op

Still to big. I really hope that Im still really swollen. I dont want to have to big. I want to have the option to hide the girls whenever I want.. but with these I think it will be kinda hard :/ Im already thinking of a second op to take a smaler size :(

3days after

The left boob are more swollen than the right one :(
And Im not satisfied with the form of my boobs. I regret that i did the op :(

Still swollen :(

I'm still swollen and my left breast is more swollen than the right one. That still look akward and feel akward but Im trying to think positiv even if its hard. Yesterday my nipples started to hurt. It was a burning feeling and not that nice at all and I still have it today. Anyone has the same problemI?
So it hasent been much progress I think but I have to remind myself that the op was only 7 days ago..

Tomorrow it will be two weeks

Im feeling better now. Its been very up and down with my emotions. A few days ago I also did another op. So im not gonna be able to walk without cruthes :( so im either in the bed or in the sofa for the next 10days..
anyways my boobs starts to look better but one is still more swollen than the other one. And they still have to drop alot.
Regarding the size I still think they are to big for me. In a sportsbra they look fine. But without the bra they look huge :( im an atlethic girl so I really hope the size wont be a problem later on..


Gosh!! I went to buy another sportsbra to wear. And found out that Im a 70E :( the girl that helped me though I would end up with 65F omg!!! I said to my surgeon that I wanted a large C or a smal D.. now Im feeling really sad!

It hurts

I have been so sore just under the boobs(upper abs?). I tried to lay on my stomach and my boobs didnt hurt but I couldnt get up because my abs was hurting so much I started to cry. I tryied to rolle around but I couldnt. My boyfriend tryied to help me up but it didnt work. It took me 10min before I could get up. Anyone else have this pain?
My boobs are also so square right now.. i this going to be better? :(


The boobs has change a bit since last week. They have both dropped a bit but still have more to do I think. They are still uneven but its on the right path..
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