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In 5 days I am having a chin implant inserted...

In 5 days I am having a chin implant inserted through my mouth, combined with a liposuction.
This will be the end of a process that begun with braces at the age of 12.
I had a huge overbite (Almost 1cm) that was corrected with Twin Blocks.
Still, my chin is very far back. I also have a large amount of diet-resistant fat under my chin.

Here I will post updates of my procedure!

Big day!

Now I'm back home, all swollen, numbed, and slightly in pain.
The clinic was great. They were all in a very good mood and they helped me out to keep my anxiety and nausea down.
I was completely knocked out during the surgery, which is a relief.
I know I'm not supposed to look for results yet, but I don't see any new projection on my chin.
I went with a 7mm silicone implant with extra long wings for a more masculine look. Since the implant is so large I thought I would see at least something.
Becuase of the bandaids I can't see what the lipo has done at all, but I feel like something is different under there.
They wanted me to keep it on for just 24 hours and then remove it, have a shower, and then put on some lighter bandaids on my own.
As the anethstesia is wearing off, the pain is increasing. I hope it won't get too bad.
(I'm on some heavy medication, apologies for being uncoherent and/or spelling things wrong.)

The day after

Sleeping was very difficult as my head had to be kept in the same position in order to avoid the implant from moving around. My wrap was also extremely tight so I had trouble breathing and swallowing my own saliva. I slept for about 4 hours.
During the morning I could attend my online classes, although I couldn't speak.
I have zero pain, but my face feels very uncomfortable, stiff, numb and large.
Around lunch I took the wrap off to take a shower. I can already see some extreme results!
I am extremely swollen. I have unsymmetrical lumps. From my profile I already look great, I cant imagine what it will look like once the swelling is down.
So far so good!

Day 2 - Am I supposed to be this swollen?

I slept so much better tonight. 6 and a half hours instead of 2. I'm getting tired of having to sleep on my back, but it's okay.
I have started bruising on my neck today, some yellow spots spreading down on my chest.

I'm a little worried about my swelling. When viewing other members reviews, I haven't really seen anyone swell this much. My jaw is very square and protrudes outwards. My chin is wide and the skin is shiny.

The liposuction is a homerun though. I'm loving the underside of my chin. Previously I didn't have an underside at all, my neck began where my chin ended.

Lets all hope that the swelling is normal and that it will subside.

Day 3 - The swelling has relocated

Day 3 and I'm starting to feel like myself again. :)
The swelling on my cheeks are down a lot. I feel like I can go outside today and look somewhat presentable.
However, my neck looks fuller again. It's warm and sore to touch, so I believe the swelling has moved to there instead.
I'm still wearing my headwrap 22 hours a day, only taking it off to shower, eat, apply creams and take photos.

Fay 4 - Feeling awesome!

I just want to smash that ''Worth it'' button, but I'll wait until I've regained my ability to smile.
I'm feeling super! Sure, there are other things I'm not too fond of when it comes to my appearance, but this subtle change has made me feel so much better about how I look.
I am following the same pattern, less swelling, but more bruising. I look like I spilled mustard all over my neck. But it doesn't hurt and I can cover it up with makeup.
Once I can smile again this will be a 10/10! So happy that I dared to do this.
I hope my body doesn't reject the implant. (But that should already have happened by now, right?)

Question for everyone else with an intraoral implant - how long did it take for you before you were able to smile again?

Day 6 - The right wing is malpositioned

Since day 1, I have been particularly sore at a certain spot right beneath my jawline. I shook it off as extra swelling.
Today is the sixth day and the swelling has gone down a lot. Now, when I touch that sore spot, I can clearly feel a lump. It is not mushy and spongey like the swelling, but rock solid. I think it's the wing of the implant.
No matter how close I look, I can't see the lump. But to the touch it's very prominent.
I don't have the money to correct this so I'm a bit bummed out. I'm trying to cheer myself up by convincing myself that a small lump is better than what I looked like before.
I have an appointment on in 8 days and I'll check with the clinic if there's anything that can be done.

Otherwise, I'm doing great. Still bruising a lot. Not taking any pain killers at all now. Loving the results, except for the lump.

Before and after

I don't think the photos makes the result justice. The light is very flat and hides a lot of the new definition. The result is very drastic in real life and I love it!
I still haven't healed fully. My jawline is a bit bumpy and uneven, and the underside of my chin (where the lipo was) has become very stiff.
I'll make more before and afters in the future, hopefully with better lightning.

Visiting the clinic

Today marks the 2 week anniversary of my surgery. I was called in to the clinic so they could see how I was healing. It was all smiles, we're all very satisfied with the results.
My surgeon could feel the lump too, but said it's sometimes normal to feel the edge of the wing. It does not need revision surgery as long as it's not visible, painful or at risk of infection. So we'll leave it be.
I also dyed my hair after 3.5 years of having it black. My dad took a picture of me and sent it to me, and for the first time, I did not cringe seeing myself from this angle. It's a subtle change but I feel both more grown up and more masculine. Not only do I have more of a chin, but the entire jaw is more defined. And - my surgeon said that I still have swelling! So even more definition is to expect in the coming months.
As for my smile, I still look a little goofy. But it's coming back day by day.
I'm so happy. I'm turning 20 soon and now I know I'll get to spend my youth feeling a lot more confident. Plastic surgery is extremely expensive for someone of my age, but I'm so so happy that I saved up the money for it.

Before and after the swelling

I found this picture from day 4 and I found it kind of funny. Here it is next to what I look now.

Another before and after

Seeing this makes it all worth it.

Crooked implant?

The last couple of months I've been thinking that my chin hasn't looked very straight, and now that I look closer it's really shocking me.
Does anyone else see it? I'm not sure if I should contact the clinic or if it's all in my head.
Ivan Letterfors

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