Age 30, Tummy Tuck After Having 2 Kids and Losing a Large Amount of Weight (W/video) - Swansea,IL

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Well after being chubby my whole life and having...

Well after being chubby my whole life and having two kids at 19 and 20, I lost a large amount of weight when I was 22 and knew that I needed a tummy tuck. I am 30 now and finally can afford to have it done.

The doctor is charging me 10k, which I thought was on the expensive side since I do not want lipo, but he came very highly recommended. I am a nurse, and I asked his nurse to level with me and let me know if he was worth it, she said she'd been with him for ten years and he does some really great work and he has an excellent bedside manner. Coming from another nurse, I was definitely set at ease.

My TT is scheduled for march 29, and I am so excited that I could cry~I cant wait to have a belly button that isn't puckered up and all the p90X ab ripper workouts I do will hopefully be visible afterward! I guess my question is what should I do in the weeks before my operation? I have upped my h20 and started iron to build my blood, and I work out 6 days a week. I feel like I am in primo shape, but would love to hear any advice> Thanks, and will update soon!

I am now less than three weeks away from my...

I am now less than three weeks away from my procedure. I have scoured the internet to the very end for tips and such, and I am comfortable with the things I am doing to prepare. I have stepped up my push ups and pull ups, so my arms and back are getting really phenominal. I am going to miss working out during recovery. Maybe after the first week I will see if I can at least resume bicep curls (Probably wishful thinking)

I have stocked up on vitamins, baby wipes, bought a robe as suggested, and my husband has downloaded a bazillion movies to watch. The kids are going to spend spring break with their bio dad for 5 days and dear hubby will be home with me for a week. I have purchased a compression garment similar to the one my doc has described I needed so I can have one and an extra for when its in the wash. have bought pillows left and right and we are still considering a recliner, though I am not sure we can really afford it.(My husband is about to pcs to Korea in the air force and we are spending frugally for a bit). I will make it work either way....I am hardy like that.

My preop appointment is set for the 15th and I am so excited.

So, yesterday I had my pre-op appointment o...

So, yesterday I had my pre-op appointment o finalize everything. My surgery is going to be at 1300 on March 29. Dr. B gave me my post-op prescriptions and took my "before" photos :)

My husband came with me and Dr. B also educated him on how to empty drains and basic stuff to help make me comfortable. I was also put on a three day bowel prep that I will start on the 26th, which will undoubtedly test my will. On the first of the three day prep, I will swill a gallon jug of Golytely, which, having been a gastroenterology nurse in my career, I know is a sinister concoction that will have me pooping sideways all day. I will also be on clear liquids with the exception of protein shakes those three days. Doc doesn't want anything in my intestines when I get there on the 29th.

One hour before I go into surgery, I am to take a clonodine, which is a blood pressure medication to relax my sympathetic nervous system. I will also take a medication called reglan, which is an anti-emetic (to keep the anesthesia from making me barf) and pepcid to reduce stomach acid. That morning I will also start a broad-spectrum (kills a lot of bugs) antibiotic called cephalexin to ward off infection.

After the surgery is complete, I will have excellent pain management. I will not have a pain pump, as many have, but I was pleased. I will have three medications-flexeril, a muscle relaxant, vicodin 5/500, a common narcotic pain reliever for moderate pain, and Stadol nasal spray, which is pretty much the big mama of "make me feel better and drive me to la-la land".....The only other time I have had stadol was when I was in labor with my youngest son, and that was wicked awesome.

Although I am in good shape, healthwise, and have no risks for a clot, I was also prescribed a pair of TED stockings. I was measured and got a pair. Those things were thirty bucks! They asked me what color I wanted and I was hoping for that, I could at least get some punk-rock red and black striped ones, but I settled for beige. At the appointment, I was also measured and fitted for a compression garment. After the appointment, it was off to Sam's Club and walmart to buy pillows, a robe, baby wipes, purell, body pillows, regular pillows and a new blankie to cover myself up with on my loveseat (Which will be alot like a recliner).

All-in-all, I am super pleased with my doctor and his staff. His nurse is a doll, remembered my face when I came in, and gave me her cell number if I had questions. My husband, who up to that point had not met Dr. B, was impressed with the way he informed him on the procedure. The doc practically talked to him the entire visit! I have to admit, I was really impressed with that. Hubby is gonna be taking care of me, and its great the doctor and his staff take that seriously. I'm so excited to begin this new chapter of my life!

I am long winded on this update, but gosh, I am super excited about this. I am more and more sure that this experience is going to be hard, but rewarding.

Well, I am a week away from the big day. Yesterday...

Well, I am a week away from the big day. Yesterday I bought more jello than I have ever seen at one time in my life. I also bought two packs of popsicles. The gallon jug of golytely is staring me down...Friday I get to drink that and *ahem* clear my bowels. I am a little intimidated by the three days of clear liquid. Never fasted that long, but I will do whatever my doc tell me, he's been doing this a long time so I trust him.

 Went and got me two gramma gowns last night, they were on sale at Target, one is pink and one is green. I'm gonna be a cute little invalid :)

 Everything is set to go and I will update again, probably Friday. I will be off work and will be doing my wonderful 72 hour prep and documenting that wonderful experience. Have a great week, y'all!

Just a few more days to go, y'all! Thought...

Just a few more days to go, y'all! Thought I would take some sitting pictures to really show the glory of my floppy tummy. Its funny, my husband was cuddling me in bad last night and put his hand on my tummy and said, "I'm gonna love on this since its gonna be gone next week!" He is so crazy. He jokes so much, but he is the most supportive partner one could ask for. I only have two more days (after today) of work and then THE PREP starts. Before I blow out my insides, I thought I would record my weight and measurements pre-op.

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 148 lbs

Chest: 34"

Waist: 28"

Hips: 34"

I like to have this recorded because I AM SURE I will be losing some weight from my clear liquid diet this weekend. I just want an accurate record somewehre to be able to track progress.

Anyway, gonna get going now. Will update again soon! Ciao!

Well, I finished that prep, and it was...

Well, I finished that prep, and it was NOT HORRIBLE. That is the news of the day. It did, however, make me super tired. I slept the greater part of the afternoon, which wasnt bad, either, considering it took my mind off real food.

 I am just sitting here, with my laptop and my two dogs, being lazy. My husband doesn't expect me to do much because he knows how run down I am. He is a great guy. I am ready to get this surgery over with and get crackin' on healing!

It is now the big day. I am slated for...

It is now the big day. I am slated for surgery in two and a half hours and my nerves are shot! Three days without real food has left me with a raging headache, but I know it will be over very soon. I am about to get in the shower and start getting ready. I have lost five pounds this weekend. I weighed in at 143 this morning, which, I know its because I have been on a fast, but still I am excited about being that little again, lol. I drank so much water yesterday, couldnt have anything after 10:30am my pee is still clear, THAT IS HOW MUCH I'VE DRANK.

 I am ready. I will update and post pics as soon as I feel up to it. Thanks for all the well-wishing!

Well, I am post op. Had the TT yesterday...

Well, I am post op. Had the TT yesterday and I can tell you it wasn't all that bad..I arrived at 1215 and Dr. B looked over my medications and gave me my pre op meds and a sip of water. At about 1, he came and marked me up, I was already a little groggy from the pre-op medicines, my husband said I was swaying some, to the point that he wanted to come and hold me up....But I hung on and got my marks done. The nurse anesthetist came in and did my health history and started an IV. She was very sweet. From there, I kissed my hubby and they took me to the OR. I disrobed and stood there completely stark naked while the doctor and nurse prepped me with TONS of betadyne (I didn't care that I was naked, the OR was surprisingly warm!) and helped me to lay on the table. The anesthetist put a mask over my face and said, "I'm just gonna start you on some plain old oxygen"......That was it. Next thing I know they were waking me up, saying "Monica, you're all done!"

 My first post-op words were "Wicked Awesome" :)

 They put a gown on me and walked me to a recliner and I asked for water because I was parched. They brought me cranberry juice and I'm telling you that was the best cranberry juice I have ever had! They got a couple rounds of vital signs and helped me get dressed. I do remember in my stupor, asking the nurses how great my belly looked since I can't see it, and they were like, "You're gonna love it", I thought that was sweet.

 They brought my hubby back and he pulled the car around to the private exit (how cool is that, so nobody sees me in my drugged out glory) and the nurse and anesthetist both walked me to my car, made sure I had my tummy splinted with a pillow, and strapped in in my seat. I was impressed. On the drive home, I drank a HUGE bottle of water and dear hubby told me that Dr. B said I well and he quoted him as saying "You could bounce a quarter off her tummy." (WOOT!)  I believe it too. I can tell where I had this thing done, it will be friday before I get my dressing removed so I get to do sponge baths til then. I have one drain, and it is already starting to drain clear/pink liquid, so I know thats a good sign.

 I had to take a lot of vicodin last night and did my stadol twice, but this morning I decided to try an 800 mg ibuprofen with a flexeril and cold packs for 30 minutes at a time, and it works well, so I will do narcotics at night so my kids wont see me strung out. Plus it interferes with me walking and that hinders my healing if I cant walk...All in all, wonderful experience! Will have some pictures later, wanna get this dressing off first!

Five day post op today. Surprised the nurse when...

Five day post op today. Surprised the nurse when I walked in upright, haha...Had the drain taken out, didn't hurt, just felt really wierd and got to see my belly. My poor, poor belly. Looks like she's been through a war, but it will look great when healed. Good news is, I am moving right along. Im pretty excited to watch my tummy tuck heal. Its looking great and I am so happy I decided to go through with this. OHHHHH! Here is an example of a really awesome protein shake!

1 Banana

1scoop GNC Soy Protein, chocolate

1 cup almond milk

2 tsp davinci kalua syrup

handfull of ice

Blend together and you have the most awesome tasting chocolate shake you have ever had and its GOOD FOR YOU!!!

Also, water with lemon is awesome for swelling! As is cucumber, berries, asparagus, oats, etc...Also if you like cucmbers, try cutting up a cucumber and putting it in a pitcher of water and let chill in the fridge for a couple hours. Cucumber water is soooo good and tastes so refreshing! Also I drink echinacea tea twice a day. Those are a few things I am using to help reduce all this edema.

Til next time!

I am 8 days post op. I wanted to do a...

I am 8 days post op. I wanted to do a video, but I don't have the means, as my phone's video ap is not cooperating. I can sum it up on here. I am in a phase that I do not wish to share anymore pictures at the moment. I have a moderate amount of swelling, and though I know this is a normal part of the process, it has left me a bit uncomfortable with showing the world what it looks like. I am very happy with my results. Even with the swelling, My waist is tiny (Dr. B said I had about a 4 inch diastasis :-O!!!) size 8 jeans are seriously sagging on me, so I know things are going to be fine. I am drinking tons of water and good food, laying off the salt and staying on top of the edema with advil and echinacea. I just don't want to take off my binder just to snap pictures. Don't worry, I will start posting again soon.

 Ah, now an activity update....Saturday, I went to see a movie with my hubby and we went to lunch. After that, went to starbucks and came home. Sunday I did laundry. Monday I went grocery shopping by myself and did a few odd jobs around the house, resting between jobs. Today I am just laying around with my dogs and cats on the couch watching tv and plugging away on this infernal laptop. Feeling great about my procedure and Dr. B says that in a few days I can start putting Mederma on my incisions.

 So, sorry I havent posted any videos, its just a real pain the the you-know-what, but if anybody has any questions, just send me a message and I will be happy to help.

I will be three months post-op tomorrow on June...

I will be three months post-op tomorrow on June 29th. since my TT I have gone from a size 8 to a size FOUR! I am in week two of p90x. I am cleared for all ab work. I am wearing a two piece swimsuit to the pool a few days a week (Something I have NEVER done). I am flat-very flat, still having some swelling from time to time, but not at all like it was. I haven't worn a compression garment since about six weeks out. I am tiny and I love it. My husband left for South Korea on June 1, and I have a small business making and selling handmade soap, all my profits are going toward airfare to go see him in october. My goal is to be done with a round of p90x and really get these abs kicking. I already notice my upper abs and my hip flexors. A sight I never thought I'd see. Uploading pics too...Til next time!

Four months out, feeling great! Doing all my ab...

Four months out, feeling great! Doing all my ab work and loving it!

It has been an exciting five months since my tummy...

It has been an exciting five months since my tummy tuck. I have immersed myself back into my fitness routine and have recently decided to stop eating meat. I have dabbled with wanting to become vegan for years because of some personal convictions and can proudly say that I am meat free for one month! I am in an amazing size 2-4 and, at 5'7", a teeny tiny 134 pounds! I feel like a supermodel. Going to stores to try on clothes is such a fun time now. I can shop in junior's sizes! :P I will be going to Seoul, South Korea at the beginning of next month to visit with my husband for our anniversary and I am pretty sure his jaw's gonna drop (I was still in swell-hell when he left). I have been doing Shaun T's "Hip-Hop Abs" for the past month and working my butt off (quite literally) at my day job and I have started my own handmade soap business, which pretty much monopolizes my time off, so doing videos has been my workout daily, but I think I may go to the gym just for the human interaction once or twice a week.

If you are thinking about having this done, now is the time to start acting on it. I say, do it. I have never felt this good about myself in my entire life. I love my abs, I love my 32 inch hips, and I love my new body! I have never felt this amazing in my life. Having this done has enabled me to make so many healthy decisions for myself, such as swearing off processed food and animal products. The investment I made in my tummy tuck was enough to motivate me to be able to live without this poison. I am a very cheap person, lol, a penny-pincher, so if I can use dropping 10k to improve my appearance, I am darn sure gonna be able to drop the habits that would interfere with progress. I am gonna try to post a picture on here, if I can find one! Will post again in a month or so!

Feeling great, and moving right along!

Feeling great, and moving right along!

September 22: I am feeling great, and might I add,...

September 22: I am feeling great, and might I add, looking pretty darned good as well. I'm keeping up my vegetarian lifestyle and working out every day as I can. Just started running again not long ago, and it is so nice not to have that belly jiggle when I run. Its so much more comfortable. Indeed. I got into my "goal" shirt, a shirt that Nate bought me when we were dating that was a "medium", but much smaller than any medium I had experienced, haha. Fits like a dream now, and with no unsightly "pooch" at the bottom. First time in nearly two years of owning that shirt, it finally fits. :P

It has been 9 months today, and I had a great...

It has been 9 months today, and I had a great holiday, just waiting on new years to be here and over...I have a 9 month appointment with my PS Monday and I will be seeing about a revision. I have dog ears :(
They are small, we noticed them at my three month appointment, he said he would know better how to approach it after the swelling went down. The dog ears are easily hidden so its not a big deal, but I would like to see them taken care of. Will video update soon!

Today I had my dog ears revised. It was a pretty...

Today I had my dog ears revised. It was a pretty easy procedure, took about an hour and now I am quite high from the wonderful pain relief the good doctor prescribed. So far the difference is amazing so far. Pictures to come! :)

Swansea Plastic Surgeon

Great doc, great staff. Treated me like a friend and not just a number. I had an amazing experience.

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