39 UK Decided to Explant After 16 Years of Textured Saline Implants Placed over the muscle (295cc) - Swansea, GB

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I had my implants when I was 23 which seems a...

I had my implants when I was 23 which seems a very common age on here. I was so excited as I measured a 32A, I couldn't wait to fill a c cup finally and feel confident in my own skin. The implants served me well and I had no issues for years, I would even forget that they were not an original part of body as they gave me no health issues. However, approximately 5 years ago, I noticed a deteriation in my health. iBS issues, hair falling out, unexplained weight gain which I could never shift, I eat a lot of whole foods and take regular exercise so no explanation for this. Then more recently, about a year - 18 months, I noticed a bad deteriation of my gums, I went to the dentist they said I had the beginnings of gum disease, again this surprised me as I have always taken good care of my gums. I started noticing a tightening of my right breast, especially a burning sensation at night. Also pains across the top of my back when I breathe in. Another symptom was I would wake in the morning with dead arms even if I had not been lying on them. I began to develop black puffy circles under my eyes, and I had had a bad back intermittently for years, this was now chronic and after having am MRI scan 2 months ago, it has shown a torn disc and a bulging disc on L4-L5.
As you can see my health seems to be deteriorating for someone who is young ish. I did a lot of research to follow, I read a book called THE NAKED TRUTH by Susan Kolb, and stumbled across this site, I finally felt I could make a connection between everything, or it would be definitely worth a try. I booked in for a consultation with a reputable surgeon in my area. The one I had used initially has retired. At the consultation he examined me and agreed I had a grade 4 capsular contracture on my right breast and grade 2 on my left. He wrote down some options and asked me to go away and think about them. The first option would be replace implant no lift, the second replace implant with lift to improve aesthetics as I had had them for a long time. Or the third option, to have them removed completely, no replacement, but I would have the choice of having a mastopexy (lift) or not. With all procedures he would do a full capsulectomy. I went away and thought about these options long and hard, if the implants were the cause of my health deteriorating, then I was sure I didn't want any more. But how do you let go of the comfort of having a full breast for the last 16 years, possibly going back to an a cup. A lot of soul searching took place, and I tried to listen to my intuition, I have been right on many major decisions over my life by trusting my inner voice. I decided to explant fully, with capsulectomy and mastopexy. This means I have never to worry about elective surgery in the future when it comes to my breasts. Future mammograms will also be easier to read. The surgeon was pleased with my decision as he said this decision was very rare, most women want them replaced. He believes it is better as you get older for overall health if you have no implants for cosmetic reasons. His main work is rebuilding breasts for cancer patients. I feel guilty about putting myself through this as I have young children at home, and this could have been avoided for me, for cancer patients there is no escape. Very humbling, but hey, who thinks the same at 22 as they do at 39, I am in a completely different place now. I have read and read and read reviews on here since I decided to explant 4 months ago, I have had much inspiration from your stories, and they have given me the courage to go through with this, and the strength to believe it will be ok after. My major fears are regret, a bad result aesthetically, I don't mind a small breast but a good cute shape. As I got older my implanted breast began to sag anyway with nipple pointing down which isn't a good look for some ???? I want to see an improvement in my health, and this is a long shot but I hope my back issues are also resolved, could have been the implants! I have held off on writing this review until I had the op...so I am on day 3 post op right now. OP went well, although the same day my BP lowered dramatically when I stood up to go to the toilet, it was 80/40 and it had been 120/90 so this caused me to pass out and need oxygen. I think this frightened my husband, and wasn't a very good experience. So maybe a little tip if you need a wee use the bed pan for the first day. I am in pain as to be expected, a burning tight pain across my chest. When I look down I know they are smaller, but it feels a little bit like coming home to my younger self. It doesn't feel unnatural to me, and when the surgeon showed me photos of the implants, I couldn't quite believe that I carried them in my body everywhere I went! I am home now in bed on Day 3, I am wearing a sports bra and bandaged up underneath so can't show photos, or I could with my top on? One funny thing.....when I looked down I said to my hubby well you could have told me how big my tummy got! My breasts would have blocked the view before ha ha....need to work on the tummy now to get in proportion, good old fashioned healthy eating and exercise when I am recovered enough. So finally, without even seeing them properly, I am pleased, a cliche but I feel liberated, I feel like me again, and excited for the future and improving my health, I just hope the aesthetics of my new tiny breasts are satisfactory and if not....they will be a reminder of decisions I made through my life, some good, some bad. Thank you for reading, I will be documenting my recovery to attemp to help others of you who are trying to make this difficult decision. Good Luck everyone xx

Post Op Photos Day 3

Day 3, managed to take off sports bra for some photos, I think they are high as they are still swollen. Also the nipples seem far apart to me, but he says after having bandages off next week they will drop into their natural shape, I feel happy so far. Still in a lot of pain which I am managing with pain meds. Feeling better than yesterday so hoping tomorrow will bring the same. Plus side of all this, watching box sets in bed while children are at in laws...complete peace, haven't had that in along time. Every cloud ?? Trying to post photos but they are showing upside down! Tried turning them, any ideas?

Day 3 Post op progress

Day 4 Post Op

Well I have been mostly hanging out in my bedroom the last couple of days, hubby is around pottering he managed to get some time off to be here to help. I would advise having someone with you for a few days, it has been nice not to worry about getting food or tea etc. My children are coming home today and I can't wait to see their little faces, they are only 3 and 5 so I imagine I will have many questions to answer. I will omit the real story I think, my eldest is 20 and she knows, however I was embarrassed to tell her too, but thought I should in case anything went wrong in surgery. As she was only 4 when I had them I never had to tell her, I obviously wasn't too proud of it myself and funnily would be disappointed if she came to me and said she wanted implants. This would never happen as she is very confident in her own skin, she has a small frame, and I think her acceptance of what she has been naturally given also has inspired me to explant. Lessons learned from our children....what a wonderful thing! I wonder why I did not have her grace when I was 20...I wonder why I was not happy with my minimal cup size....it would have saved me a lot of pain now. Anyway, on to today, I am going to have a bath. I am not able to wet the dressings so I will have a shallow bath, then ask hubby to wash my hair, although leaning over bath will be tricky I imagine as when I lean forward slightly the sensation I get in my breast is as if they are filling up. That is the only way I can describe it, it's not painful but weird. About meds, I did take a sleeping tablet last night and previous nights, my GP only gave me 3 but I would advise taking them as you have to sleep in a slightly sitting up position for the first few nights with lots of cushions behind you. It has made my nights more comfortable. When I awoke this morning the pain was indeed less than yesterday, but still panful, so I have taken 2 X 30mg codeine sulphate. I am also taking a week of anti biotics, and 30c Arnica, I will resume all other vits and mins tomorrow, I usually take a good multivitamin, omega 3, vitamin C and a B Complex. I hope my reviews are giving you insight of what you will be facing, it is also helping my process to be able to share so thank you for reading.

9 Days post I plant.

Ok so I am nine days in, or out, however you wish to look at it ????. Honestly, it's been tough. I don't know if it's because I am older, but the recovery of this op in comparison to 3 c sections, or having the implants in the first place has been much harder. I think if I would have just had them taken out without the lift things would have been easier, but I don't regret having the lift because I do love the shape that they look like they are going to be, and the scars will fade. After been trussed up like a chicken for a week I was looking forward to having the dressings changed on Friday. Even though I thought I was prepared for seeing them cut up, I wasn't. The nurse asked if I wanted to see them in the mirror before she dressed the cuts with new strips. I said yes. The feeling was a strange one mixed with many emotions. Starting with the positive I felt happy about the shape, it could have been a lot worse! I felt sadness and anger about what I had done to my body. Basically these new breasts are pretty much like what I started with at 23, a little bigger but same shape. Although now I have cuts around my nipples, and my right one has been sown back on with a more oblong shape rather than the pretty much perfect sphere (in my opinion) that nature blessed me with. The cuts from the nipple down and across....just didn't make me feel happy. I look mutilated.....and I only have myself to blame. I felt stupid.....I have just completed a degree and got a first....but I felt stupid. I am trying to be as honest as I can about my feelings on this review as I know many of you will be reading these reviews every day, looking at your mailbox every morning and clicking on the real self notification hoping to find a story similar to yours with a good outcome. Overall I have a good, if not amazing outcome. Yes the cuts made me take a sharp breath in....but why wouldn't they? But I can categorically state that there is not one tiny bit of me that regrets this decision. I feel better. I have more clarity of thought, my arms are not numb in the morning. I have already lost the puffiness in my face and body adding up to 6lbs on the scales. I feel like me again.....which is not to be underestimated. Today we went for lunch as a family, I am still a bit sore but stopped taking my pain meds 4 days ago ( as they felt quite nice and didn't want to get addicted ha ha! ) I wore a blouse that before my explant kept popping open on the bust, today it didn't. Besides the health advantages, I have also had a few comments on how slim I look, and how fresh I look. My eye whites are brighter and my skin is glowing. I believe these bags were poisoning me. So trust your gut instinct ladies and do what ya gotta do. Big love everyone and happy healing...inside and out ??????
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