BBL by Dr. J Curves!! Before pics and after 2 days post-op

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All my life, i've been a BMW... YOU know, Body...

All my life, i've been a BMW... YOU know, Body Made Wrong!!! I've had a weight problem since I was a child and I struggle with it to this day. 5 years ago, I underwent a Gastric Bypass done by Dr. Blaney here in Augusta, GA with amazing results. I went from 285lbs to 172lbs at my smallest after one year. As expected, I experienced sagging and tons of loose skin. I have never had children and don't desire to ever have them, so a tummy-tuck was something i have ALWAYS known would be in my near future. At the time, I had only HEARD about a BBL, but didnt believe that they were attainable by the "regular" person. I had priced other doctors and to be honest, I wasnt happy with their before/after photos and didnt think it was worth the cost. I then saw the T.I and Tiny show where Shekinah had her lipo/BBL done by Dr. J and I was determined to have him DO ME!!!!

On 4/45/13, I had my consultation with Dr. Jimerson in his office. The experience was AMAZING!!! Everyone was so nice!! The office was immaculate, but not SO OVER THE TOP FANCY that I felt out of place, (if that makes sense). I checked in on an iPad and waited minutes before I was seen in the examination room by one of Dr. Jimerson's Patient Reps. She asked me a ton of expected question, and then proceeded to take photos from all angles of my misshaped body!! I was too excited to care though. After I asked all the questions I could think of, Dr. Jimerson came in to talk to me personally. He was UBBER sweet and promised me that he would give me the body I have always wanted! For some reason, I pictured in my mind that I would walk in his office, and there would be a huge "BOOTY CHART" hanging up and that I would choose the shape and size that I wanted. NOT AT ALL!! Dr. Jimerson let me down easy and said, "nope, it doesn't work like that..." He can only work with what you have. He explained to me that, based on my body shape and anatomy, I can expect a nice, "Kim K" or an "Upside-down heart"... EXCELLENT!!! I wasnt at all planning on getting a "NIKKI" or a "BUFFY", so "Kim K" works for me!!! Then, the $$ talk came in to play. I figured I needed a tummy tuck and BBL, But Dr. J suggested I get the Back-roll lipo'd and add fat to my hips as well. I then asked him if he could lipo my vagina, which he called a "MONS" so we added those procedures as well for a grand total of $18,700, about 3 grand more than I anticipated to spend, but, why "half-ass" it?? I didnt leave with a booked date since his reps had informed me that he was booked for surgery's until Feb. 2014!!! So I figured I would go home, sleep on how I was going go about paying since I had nearly a year to do so.

The following monday, I called my patient rep Michelle, to book my date. I planned to put 10,000 down and make payments on the rest. Out of curiosity, I asked her, "If I pay in full today, when can you get me in?" "NEXT WEEK," she said. I was in shock of course, but I immediately paid the amount in full and got a 500$ discount for paying in cash.

Because everything is happening so fast, I was told to get my Blood-work ASAP!!! I went to my local LabCorp RIGHT then to get my CBC done. Because I am uninsured, I don't have a doctor that I can just call and have them Medically clear me, Michelle referred me to Physicians Immediate for my clearance. They can get me in same day and get the results to Dr. Jimersons office same day as well!!

I went to Bed Bath & Beyond today to buy some body pillows and a mattress cover for the bed. I have no idea of what else to get!! Any suggestions??

Today I am driving up to ATL to get my medical...

Today I am driving up to ATL to get my medical clearance at Physicians Immediate Care as suggested to me by Dr. Jimersons office. I feel like I am not prepared at ALL!!!! I cant believe that I only have 48 hours until my surgery!! I didn't sleep a wink last night. I find myself dreaming about what my body is going to look like after all this. I also have been having NIGHTMARES too!! I gotta shake this off. I will update after I get back from the doctors office tonight:) Wish me luck!!

Pre-op is complete and didn't I so well. My blood...

Pre-op is complete and didn't I so well. My blood pressure was a tad elevated and Kim, the nurse said, if my bottom number is over 100 tomorrow, ill have to postpone my surgery!!! I'm so nervous and I know that's what is causing my pressure to be up. Luckily, my pressure had gone down after I relaxed and was reassured by everyone in the office. Kim called in some Valium for me to take first thing in the morning before my surgery. I'm sure ill be in chill mode and just fine!! I'm just gonna pray about it and we will see in the morning!!! Off to get my prescriptions and supplies.

I picked up my medicines for a grand total of...

I picked up my medicines for a grand total of 319$!!! Geeeeez!! At my pre-op, Kim said all I needed for the next week is gauze, peroxide, and maxi pads. So that's what I went and got from Walmart. I'm trying to relax and chill tonight since my blood pressure was a tad elevated this morning and I don't want it to jeopardize my surgery. Crossing fingers!!!

OMG!!! I'm is so much pain!!!

Hey ladies!! I wanted to give a short update while I'm lucid enough to do so! I'm stiff and can hardly move. Dr jimerson put 900cc's in each butt cheek and 200 in each hip. SWOLLEN!!!!! I'm draining a lot which is helping with the pain. When I'm not on my muscle relaxer, I can barely move! So don't forget to take them as prescribed. I just can't get comfortable. Her are some after pics until I can get up and take some more...

After pics

After photos!! 2days post -op without garment

The first 2 days have been absolute agony!! I questioned myself once or twice on whether I should have put myself through this. After taking off my garment for the first time, I must say, IT IS ALL WORTH IT!! I am soooo swollen and I'm trying not to judge my final results in what I am seeing in the mirror right now. What do you think ladies?

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