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Wouldn't mind having a surgery buddy!! Super...

Wouldn't mind having a surgery buddy!! Super excited bout my surgery! !!!! Let me know guys maybe we can link up.. Also would like to know more helpful things I need to knw before surgery.. Been waiting for this date to get here for a year now.. 4 months to go n it seems like such a long a long time frm now, UGHHHHHH..


I really havnt said to much on wht I'm having. I have been insecure about my body for some time now. I found out about Dr J last year of july 2012 me and a close friend. We had our consultation in September. We where very PLEASED with his other patients and his WORK period. So my friend had hers right after n left me behind:( lol Due to my finances.. Let me tell u this her ass is PERFECT she got ass for daysss n it fits her and looks natural. So now I'm jealous in a good way n ready to get this thing on a ball. So I paid my deposit and got a date for Sept due to such a high demand after the TI n Tiny show(MyHusband). But still had my quote frm sept of 2012 which was good cause they have went up on prices. By the way I'm 5'4 n 158 weight. I didn't want hips but decided to get them now because I dnt have any. I just want ALL THE FAT OUT MY STOMACH!!! Lol.. So now I'm patiently counting down my days SIKE I'm going nuts and ready to get this over with.. Seeing all these nice big buts n trying to figure out my wish pics.. N E ways I booked my room for 7 nights at Sun Suites for $276 with tax, anybody stayed there before? How is it? Decided to take my Mom with me to help out n she is up for it:)) To all my bootyful Divas feel free to let me know any helpful ideas please do! Ttyl?

Trying to upload sum wish pics

Started my Vitamins!

So today I purchased some vitimins.. Multivitamins n also Iron 65 mg.. I will be taking these until two weeks b4 my sx. Any others suggested ladies? More wish pics also. Tootles?

75 MORE DAYS!!!!

Hi DIVAS!! So I havnt updated in a while now that I have a little time I can. So I'm no longer staying at Sun Suite because me n my mom decided to stay with her sister.Yesss:) So thats money I don't have to spend!! But I do have to catch a cab where ever I have to go because my Mother doesn't like driving in heavy traffic, so does anyone know if the cabs are to expensive or know someone who does tht for a good price n by the way my Aunt stays in Stone Mountain. I also just started a new job so I'm hoping I can take off. Any suggestions on wht I can say to get those days off dnt want thm to knw exactly what I'm getting. HELPP!!!

OMW to ATL to shop N adding wish pics?

Headed to ATL n browsing RS. Come on SEPTEMBER!!!! N by the way my BDAY is 9 days before my sx!! What a great gift for my bday:))



68 more days

Well I decided to stay at Sun Suites for the first 3 or 4 days. I need to be close to Dr J so tht will be just find and more convenient.

56 more days!!

This sucks:( waiting patiently tho!

39 more days!!

Nervous more than anything

Help anyone!!

Has anyone did the in house loan?? ($3000) Will u be approved regardless if you have everything they need.

less than a month to go

I'm so excited!!! Tomorrow morning I'm going to get my medical clearance so I hope everything comes bck perfect. I will start ordering the rest of my supplies after my tests come bck just to be on the safe side. Still undecided about getting hips dne. I really think its a waist of money. I just pray Im satisfied with my results when tht time comes. I have been shopping for my new ass already. .lol so I pray everything falls in place. Well ttyl Dr Jimerson dolls?

Medical clearance done!

Well I gt my blood work dne n ekg today pray everything comes bck good.. I'll know Tuesday. Also made my last payment today! Yeaaaa:)) Sooo my time is near so wish me luck:)

Broke now:(

But ill have it right bck(asalways

Good to go:)))

Blood work came back perfect>> IM CLEARED!!!!

My countdown:)

Soo excited!! The closer time gets I tend to get nervous n more excited. I pray I come out loving my results because this has truly been a long journey. Something I always wanted to get accomplished. I pray for all my other bbl divas who have had there sx. The office has been keeping in touch lately. FINALLY) But so far they have been a big help so I thank them. I will start ordering my other supplies this week, dnt have much to get tho. So if theres anything u think would help benefit me in any way please let me know! Thanks dolls.. ttyl?


Cant keep calm


Its about that time


Bad news at the last minute:( My mom is no longer going with me due to an emergency so now I'm looking for a nurse. Can anyone help me out n give me a name n number of a good nurse. PLEASE

Atl tomorrow

Going for my pre op tomorrow. Hope everything goes smoothly:)

where can I get pills frm at last min


At my pre op

Can you say horrible customer service. . Been here since 1 n still haven't been seen yet. #Sad

Everything is good so far

Had sx this morning. I feel ok just stiff and drowsy when I stand pain is about a 3-4. Other than that I'm fine. ttyl babes. Post pics tomorrow n I also gt 850 cc's


Up eating fruits n I must say im doing pretty good. Can't wait to take the garment off tomorrow. Im really worried the cc's I got I'm thinking I should have got more.

heyy divas

Well today makes day 5 n I'm about 60% normal. I had a nurse the first 3 days n been on my on the last three nights. I pretty much did good on my own. But u will definitely need someone the first 48 hours. I finally had a bowel movement today n let me tell you this IT WAS NOT EASY! I'm still in pain frm it. I'm eating good and also get around good bending n etc. I'm trying to stay away from the pain meds cause I can do without them unless I want to sleep better. I'm ready to get this drain removed. My swelling is going down a little n when I take my garment off I feel so much better. I'm just ready to feel normal again most of all. Been in this hotel everyday all day. Ready to go home. My butt looks good can't wait til the swelling goes dwn but I love it n its the perfect size tht fits me. Well ttyl babes:)


pic from 3 days ago

On my way home:)

Had my drains removed today yeaaa.. Everybody was saying how good I look n I feel good too. So its healing time now n getting my strength bck. I also had to get fluid drained from my stomach I need more compression on my lower stomach so im going to get my garment takin up. This has been a long journey but I don't regret it. So happy I feel more comfortable with my appearance now. Well im out bbl dolls. .ttyl

best I can do for now

I'll post better ones later

hey dolls!!

I have been feeling perfect. I'm about 75% back to normal. I get my friend to massage me n that feels so good n helps a lot. I encourage everyone to take the arnica tablets they played a big role also with the arnica lotion. My garment was too loose so I gt a smaller one. Now I hope my back rolls will go away. ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR THAT?? Well thts all for now. . Ttyl;)

heyyy dolls

Its been a minute since I been on here but everything is going good. Does anyone know a good corset I can get one tht doesn't dent in or wrinkles up. I need one bad. My butt has went down a lot but I hope it comes back n fluff out more but I still have some where it looks good in my clothes or even naked..lol so help me out ladies n im definitely is thinking about going back to get bra roll dne asap. Ill post pics

breast lift next

Dr Armando or Dr Todd undecided on which Doc for my breast lift but its a must I get it dne:))

3 weeks ago


new pic


I dnt wear the garment at all is tht bad???

TT in July flying to DO

thinking about going to DO for tt. anyone been

Dr Baez in the making

Heyy Dolls I know its been awhile. Everything is good! Want to go to Baez for breast lift and implants and lipo waiting on a quote NOW!

Dr Robles it is!!! 6/8 need buddy

Got my quote for 5200 with her and date 6/8 and I'm super excited!

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