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Hi BBL family, I want to be able to pay cash for...

Hi BBL family, I want to be able to pay cash for my surgery. I expect to spend between 7-12k for my surgery with Dr. J or Dr. Okoro. I know financing is available. I would rather pay cash. Can you guys share ways you saved or came up with the money? Thanks. I figure I will have the money by next Christmas.

It is with a heavy and saddened heart I write this...

It is with a heavy and saddened heart I write this review. I was hoping to start my review once receiving my date. That is not the case. I have been wanting this for years and just recently had the courage and finances to get it done. I have been on here for months. I do appreciate all the reviews good and bad and hope that my review can help others like many have helped me so far. I am really grateful for the ladies before me as it is a journey in itself. There are many like myself that are inspired by other women.

Let me preface this by saying this is my experience, which is mine to own. So July/August I schedule Virtual Consultation with Dr. Jimerson. My appoint was schedule for 10/12. I sent my pictures and even verified on 10/7, that my pictures were received.

So today was my consultation. So the appointment times are a two hour window. My consult was an hour after the scheduled time. So where I work I don't have access to my personal phone, nor is the call something I want to be having in a room of coworkers. So needless to say when it did start I was a little irked (I own that). 20 mins in the call was over. Most of what was discussed was what is on the website and I have read on RS.

Getting off the phone I was a little peeved that I had waited 3 months for that?! I explain to them that I had questions for the dr. and I thought that was why I had to wait three months. She seemed surprised and says he is 45 mins out from surgery and will call then. So I come back to my phone 30 mins from the end of that call and wait another 30 mins. At this point I have spent 2 hours away from my work. No call. So when I get off 3 hours later now I call to speak with the lady I spoke with earlier because she says call if I had questions. I was not connected back with her but am told that a patient coordinator will call me when they are available. Hmmmmm I already spoke to them, I just want to know if my expectations about the call earlier was not realistic. If I was not to talk to the dr. please say so instead of making it seem like that is not the case. If so, then it shouldn't be a 3 month wait if I am not talking to the dr. The lady also says (I think she can hear the frustration in my voice).........drum roll please.......the doctor is taking on more much as I thank her for her honesty and candidness, my heart sank.

So Salama pops in my head. While S does good work and seems to have very happy patients, I don't see myself going to a dr. that I meet for the first time day of surgery, imo. More patients and more business is great, but make sure you keep your quality (which is y I think his prices are almost double of his competitors). At this point I am thinking guess this isn't for me and I can focus my energy on something else in my life.

So this brings me to now. Armed and frustrated ready to give a concise report of my events in one day. As I start my review......I get a call.......guess who. Dr. Jimerson! You would have thought I knew him. I thanked him and gave him my frustration thus far (which I realize now is NOT appropriate because the Dr.'s job is to operate on the body, all the extra office stuff is not and should not be his concern, but I felt I needed to vent). So he tells me the deal and that is just what it is a deal...take it or leave it. I need to lose weight for better results. I need love handles, upper back, waist and for and additional $1,900 bra rolls (900) and hips (1000) for a grand total of $10,700. But wait..... I need a tummy tuck also. GEZZZZZ! My voice at this point has no enthusiasm in it, I don't even ask the price. The timeframe that I wanted to do it is not available. So I am appreciative that in the end I do get to talk to the DR.

The take away from this is that (IMO) I am less inclined to have the surgery by traveling. I was told I may not be a candidate because of my heart (TBD), I think about Kanye West's mom dying :(. I struggled with the customer service today. I would have made a way in the summer to get a inhouse consult if I knew what I know now. My expectations may not be realistic for me. I have read nothing but praises about this doctor and that was my thoughts going in. I am in no way knocking Dr. J or his staff because they have a job and a business to run and as we can see they are doing it well. He is not ruled out (I may just need to sleep on it and let it sink in).

Sorry if I am being a little emotional, we are all women. I am a little hormonal. When you want something really bad and you learn it may not be possible nor do you know if the results on yourself will be what you want is just a little sad for me. The good of it is he could have said not lose weight and I don't need a tummy tuck and then if I didn't I would be really pissed because my results would be so-so. I have to look at both sides. That a good doctor will tell you what you need whether it is what you want to hear or not. I am glad that I pressed to talk to him, because I was not told this earlier. A little bit sadder, but not 100% out of the game. BTW if you are told that the doctor (any doctor) is booked out... just like life things happen and change daily!

So my questions for my BBL sister are if you know a Dr. that meets the requirements below please let me know. I have already talked to Dr. Hakki, Dr. Michaels both in MD; want to talk to Dr. Okoro (not cheap but have a hard time wrapping my head around a consult when I can't know before hand if the availability is there) :
1. Dr. that gives Jimerson results?
2. In the US?

My surgery date is 12/4 with Dr. Jimerson. I have...

My surgery date is 12/4 with Dr. Jimerson. I have 10 pounds to lose. Yikes!

Who has a list? I have seen many lists, but can't...

Who has a list? I have seen many lists, but can't think of who has them listed on their review. I wish RS had a better way to search.

My measurements 5'1 145 40-30-40 I want my...

My measurements
I want my butt n hips to match my waist.
I am hopefully that I can come down 10+ lbs, since it is all in my gut.
I'm hoping for aggressive lipo. Flat stomach is ideal, but I have to b realistic without doing tt.
My favorite results are foreverbooty, novastar, shaell2000, bootiebeauty78, and ninifernandez.

So I LOVE to shop. This is really going to be hard...

So I LOVE to shop. This is really going to be hard for me to not shop. It kinda defeats the purpose if my shape is going to change after surgery. Like weight lose I have agreed in my head not to buy any clothes until January, at least one month after surgery. I work in a corporate environment so I want to be able to blend without looking like I put two tires on my back. My question is to ppl that have had the surgery, did u go back to the clothes you wore before? Did you buy all new clothes? I read not to wear jeans for awhile? I have cleaned out my closet already and know what brands and styles make it look like I have a butt. If my stomach is going in and my butt is going out....what is a girl to do. I wear a garment sometimes now and clothes are a little snug, but it looks so much better. Help?! I want to shop so bad! Maybe just one dress for before and after so I can see the difference. I did by three maxi dresses for recovery that were on sale for $3! I thought it was an error.

So it is really hard for me to commit to a...

So it is really hard for me to commit to a exercise regiment that I know I will not be consistent about. What I am willing to do in exchange is change my eating habits. So I started yesterday substituing two meals a day with a kale smoothie. Recipe: Handful of kale, one banana, handful of berries and cup of water. Blend for 3-4 minutes. I actually love the smoothies. It helps me regulate my cravings and I stay full for several hours. I actually drank it sitting in the bed this morning and I swear I got up got dressed and am more productive this morning than I have been all week. So it does give you energy and does wonders for your skin. It is also good for my budget.

I didn't get my plane ticket last week. The price went up $60, I am so cheap. Once I get my plane ticket I can do everything else. I have created my wishlist on Amazon for the items I need. I am concerned about the Arnica because I read somewhere about the Lovenox contridictions.

On a side note, I hope everyone that has surgery this week or next has already made accomodations to vote. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

I decided to put my faja back on also. It will...

I decided to put my faja back on also. It will help me lose weight and prepare me for my garment after surgery. I don't think I will be able to where these garments after surgery. What do you think?
I have two of these:

And one of these:

The numbers on the scale are looking good, just...

The numbers on the scale are looking good, just hope they keep going down and I can stick with it for the next 30 days or so.

I am planning to get my bra rolls done. In my head I am thinking that that is the area behind my armpits, am I right? So if the garment stops at the bottom of my bra, what type of garment should I be looking for to ensure that the area is compressed? I wonder over time will the fat come back there. I am paying extra for this area and want there to be no spillage afterwards. Makes my back look meaty.

****Disclaimer***** Don't judge me, judge your...

****Disclaimer***** Don't judge me, judge your self.

Things are really coming around for me.

I have had a really tough year: lost my job, 2 car accidents, 2 family deaths, hospitalized, etc. So needless to say I am so ready for 2013 to be here. I had been thinking about getting this surgery for years and wanted to have Dr. Roberts in SC do it. Once I realized his price was 26K, I forgot all about it until a lady in my office had it done. I say all that to say I am a pretty resilient person and internalize any struggles I have in my life. Things that we think are so big and bother us are small compared to life as a whole. It is the little victories that I celebrate because each day is a new day. I have a new job. I have a new car. My health is better. My tuition was paid for by overpayment (God be the glory). I look back over my life and know that he has brought me a long way inspite of my discretions.

I have just been praying and praying about this surgery, not knowing what to do or if I should do it.
Just this week I have been able to take care of my hotel, flight, nurse and transportation. I trust and know that he answers prayers. Not on our time, but his. I truly believe that you have to go through some things to get your blessings.

I love you ladies. Everyone has been so helpful and kind, especially my BBL buddy BootyJudy88. Twilliam, JL01 and Bootiebeauty78 have been very resourceful.

This is such an emotional process for us as women and I just encourage everyone to find someone that you can talk to because we need to support each other. If you plan to go through surgery alone, reach out and find someone on the calendar. No one should have to go through this alone.

I use my daily commute to listen to word and prepare my mind for the day. Music can be uplifting and has a way of bring things into perspective. This week I have been meditating on VaShaun Mitchell's "Turning Around for Me". Just listening to the words of this song helped me to really understand and come to terms with challenges in my life. I will post the video later but wanted to share the lyrics with you all:

"Sometimes discouraged but not defeated
Cast down but not destroyed
There are times i DONT understand
But I beieve its turing around for me
I've had troubles and disappointments
There are times I felt so alone
Some of my friends they let me down
But I still believe its turning around for me
Around for me, around for me, around for me
Its turning around for me
I can see the breaking of day
God is making a way
A change is coming for me
If I stand strong and believe
There is no reason to doubt
I know he is working it out
Its turning around for me
It wont always be like this; the Lord will perfect that concerning me; and sooner or later it will turn in my favor
Sooner or later, turn in my favor
Sooner or later, turn in my favor
Its turning around for me"

No matter what you are going through be strong and know that it gets better and it will. Thanks.

Uhhhhh what a contradiction. So I had to make some...

Uhhhhh what a contradiction. So I had to make some changes to my page from the last post. If I am going to say it I am going to have to do it and show it. I am not perfect. He is still working on me. Thanks.

Does anyone have post surgery instructions: meds,...

Does anyone have post surgery instructions: meds, eating, walking, sleeping? I want to make sure I tell my nurse the correct instructions and expectations upfront.

Tomorrow is election day. If you have not already...

Tomorrow is election day. If you have not already voted. Please make sure that you do.

You ladies are awesome. I love RealSelf. There are...

You ladies are awesome. I love RealSelf. There are some really great women on here. My day is not complete unless I get my dose(s) of what is interesting on here.

Life happens to us as women so much differently than it does for men. We care we love we hate we cry and we really try. If you are anything like me this bbl is my life (my goals are my life they consume my every being, I have to pray on that). I applaud ladies that have reviews and the courage to put their bodies up here to be judged, it is hard. Nothing about this is easy. Only the strong survive. Whatever question or concern I may have abt my bbl I know the answer is just a few words away, a lot faster than calling the doctor. Everyday I read the good and the not so good experiences. More so lately I think people are more free to say what ever they want. What I love is with one negative response is met with 10xs as many positive responses. It is funny tht most of the time the comments come in pm form. If you can't say it for everyone to see......maybe you should not say it all.

The emotional, physical and financial trip that this takes us on is different for everyone. For me: emotionally I am a little more calm :) now that I have secured my date and some other important things. Physically, urghhhh .....I love to eat just like I love to shop.....I am doing better.....not quite where I want to be....check with on this before thanksgiving. Financially I wish I had all the money in the Trying to keep my extras under $1,500.
The older I get the slower I move. I am a go go go kinda person, I have to wonder if I'm not moving slow but rather god slowing me down. 10 years ago I would have had all my supplies, my bag packed, transportation done. Now hey, what will be will be no need for me to rush or panic. It will come to me and if not oh well. No matter the amount of preparation we do, things will happen. Remember it is not the things that happen to us that are key, but how we respond to these situations. We can either let it become us or we can handle it. So today at work this guy was telling how to do something (I dont take direction well) and I know I stopped listening at some point, lol but I had to walk away.
Thanks ladies for sharing your stories with me, it helps a lot.
Be strong ladies. Be kind. Be you. Be REAL.

So I had my clearance with my cardiologist. All...

So I had my clearance with my cardiologist. All went well. I was advised to give them the copy of my EKG, which I have to carry at all times. If Dr. J had any question they could call them. I love my cardiologist. We did not get into the specifics of the surgery because last time I mentioned it he responded "only if you need it". So I was not sure if he remembered what the surgery was for, but he did say I hope you are pleased with your results. My blood pressure was a little elevated, but I think because I had to run to the car to get the form and kinda panicked be I could not find it at first. Tomorrow is my medical clearance with my internal medicine doctor. I love her too. She has some additional bloodwork that she is requesting. I think it will be good. I have stuck with my green smoothies twice a day. My main meal for the most part has been pretty healthy, have to throw in an occassional cookie or two (bad, bad, bad, I know). My vitamin K, iron and D should be up from all this kale. I am also doing kale good. Think I have been putting too much salt on it though. I have been taking a iron, biotin and arnica montana supplement every day. I am also doubling up on my Emergen-C. It is so cold here, I am trying hard not to get sick. I don't really get cramps, maybe a soreness in my back. I am guessing with the arnica montana that it has helped with muscle soreness from my cycle. I want to get back in the gym, but am having a hard time committing to the gym and the smoothies right now. Will try to find a balance next week.
Will be ordering a few dresses next week for after surgery, well I am thinking about it. I am on the fence about dresses. Coming from cold and going to cool Idk if I want to do dresses or maybe baggy drawstring pants because it will be 40-50 degrees. Any suggestions?
I am not sure what I will wear when I come back to work. I am being sent to a new client and will have to commute 1-1.5 hours each way.Thinking about if I am going to drive or ride. If I ride who wants to be standing for that long with crowds.
I plan to get my other supplies before Thanksgiving. Have a great week. Be blessed.

I really don't want to have to post this , but I...

I really don't want to have to post this , but I will. Hyatt Place Johns Creek has been sending me in circles. I have seen, been quoted and emailed $71, 76, 79, 99 and 139 all today. No one could figure how to honor the AAA rate of $71, not the hotel location, the toll free #, AAA. This am when I tried to do the reservations online for $71, it gave me an error and said call the toll-free#. Toll-free said the hotel was sold out. I called locally she said it was NOT sold out but the reservations would take a few hours to update and I could call back to make reservations once fixed. She quoted me $99 for. Dr j price. I asked abt AAA price she said she did not see it and I should go to AAA site to get that price. Went online to AAA to get the $71. After entering cc info it said call bcuz reservations can't be made online. I speak to AAA rep (sorry, she didn't speak English well) she said AAA price is $79. I replied $79 is regular rate, what is AAA rate? She said that was the AAA rate. End of convo. After lunch the reservations is fixed made it for $76 a night. Sent email to CS and best rate guarantee cs. Get home get two replies from cs and best rate guarantee. Cs says we are sold out. Brg says we have room for $71 half stay and $139 other half of days. RUKM!!!!!!!!! Really. So I go look online and that doggone price is $71! I know you are probably thinking $76, $71 is only a difference of $5. It is the principle of the matter. $5 times 10 is $50. If you know me I HATE dealing with customer service on the phone, online, in person. All I am asking for is the same answer from everyone. They act like I am making the price up. I can already suspect I will not receive good service as I sent hyatt a ......tweet about it and will be letting dr. Jimerson office know. On the good side, the rep locally gave me some tips for my stay...get a nurse, ask for an Ada room and he has a lot of ppl there. Btw holiday inn express is no longer contracted with the office, as of a few weeks ago. I really feel like the office could be doing more about out of town patients. Not everyone is coming with someone and they are far from the airport. I commend the other doctors that provide transportation. Hey Dr. J I am not rich, but highly favored and blessed.

Suggestions for where to buy cute, comfy, soft...

Suggestions for where to buy cute, comfy, soft sweats for recovery? So maxi dresses will not work for the weather. I was thinking Victoria's Secret. I remember when I was at ft lauderdale airport this summer I saw a lady with a big booty in a sweatsuit. I just dawned on me why she wouldn't sit down an was wearing sweats in 100+ degrees. Ikr, I had a delayed response but it was so obvious she had got bbl bcuz I cld see her garment through her sweatpants.

So I went to Target to get a few pairs of cute...

So I went to Target to get a few pairs of cute warm socks for surgery......Let's just say a few our later I came out with all the clothes I will need for surger. I got two long maxi skirts ($17), 3 pairs of pants, one hoodie, about four sweaters, three tanks and about five shirts. Retail Therapy is the best.
My weight is hovering over 140. I need to get more sleep. Rough couple of weeks. I am really going to do better this week to sleep and relax. So hard to just relax.

So last week I went for my cardiology and regular...

So last week I went for my cardiology and regular clearance for surgery. My cardiologist filled out the paperwork and asked did I want him to order the bloodwork. I said no because I had an appointment later that week with my internal medicine doctor. So when I went to the IC dr. she wanted to run addt'l test for other things and I also wanted her to complete the bloodwork for my surgery. This morning it dawns on me hmmmmm....did they run the bloodwork for my surgery or just for her followup. I emailed my nurse. Her reply was "we can't clear you as your general practicioner, you will need to go back to the cardiologist to get cleared"?! So mind you I forgot to tell the IC dr. that my cardiologist had already cleared me and filled out the paper work and faxed it to Dr. J. So my head is going Panic? Yes Panic? No Panic? Yes Panic? No. So I stopped and signed out of both RS and my email. I was so tempted to call my IC dr. and be like WHAT?! When you worry minutes felt like hours. My thoughts are racing, I am like 2 weeks out?! So I email my nurse back and explain I have already been cleared by my cardiologist, so I am totally confused about what you are asking me. So I stopped and did something else with my mind. God does not want us to worry. I could hear him saying in my head be still. Sure enough my IC dr. called and said my bloodwork was good and that they would mail me the results. There was confusion about the cardiologist, because of my condition she did not want to give me release. She said "you were two steps ahead of us". EXACTLY! Lesson learned: wait on the Lord.;)

I can understand wanting to delete personal...

I can understand wanting to delete personal pictures. Websites own your pictures or anything that you post to that site, even if you delete it. I enjoy RealSelf because it provides persons with insight to cosmetic journeys. If we were able to delete our posts it would not provide an accurate portrayal of the progress. Case in point is when pages only show post op pics and no pre op pics, makes it difficult to see the changes. It is much easier for a unhappy person to just no longer update their page instead of demanding that their page be closed. Rs doesn't close pages but stops people from adding comments. How or where should people go to get both the good and the bad of the experience. If it was all good, this site would not exist.
Since this seems to be the day to vent on the site. What is with the "fake" pages where they have few comments or only comment with no page?! Share the whole experience. What would you rather see only what is good after surgery or the progress no matter what before, during or after? I want to see it all and hope to share that all with you. Thanks

Please see SXWallex response for today. I think...

Please see SXWallex response for today. I think she hit it right on with the picture deletion issue.

This is so like a soap opera. In the past few days...

This is so like a soap opera. In the past few days people have created sheer pandemonium and a patient has been accosted by the doctor staff?! Fortunately the patient did not sustain any injuries and the strikes find the forum useful and have put down their pickets. No we do expect some residual effects, but we are prepared to handle the transition. Lol btw I think this is the only forum that acts like a telenovela. Why is that?

My squeem, firming lotion, steri strips and pill organizer should becoming today. I went to go buy a board from a Colombian store yesterday and the ladies was like no! Ok. She also stated no latex garments after surgery because of the heat and need for skin to adhere back. Does anyone know anything about that? I plan to buy foam from bio dermis for like $40, yes pricey but three pieces. Will I need foam for back also?

Lots of positive energy for everyone and have a Happy Thanksgiving week with friends and family.

Ok so I am going to take a deep breath on this....

Ok so I am going to take a deep breath on this. Here we go......So I just thought to look over my paperwork and WOW!!!!! I had to ask my coworker what year is it. IDK that I would have scheduled a surgery over a year out?! No actually I know I would not have done that. I rarely call the office because I can never ever get anyone on the line. So I emailed my bloodwork and wanted to see about faxing but I needed to talk to someone. I also received a call last Thursday with no message from someone in the office. So I called back on Friday. So not having visited the office this is the impression I get of how it is ran. The people that take the calls are not in the office. The patient coordinators are also the ppl that are in the room with the patients during consults. Myconcern is that the coordinators can be in rooms and take calls also. My issue is that whenever I call they take my information and never call back. This is serious for me at this point and I need an answer sooner than later. Don't think the lady that took my info had any sense of urgency because after I told her what I was calling for she asked me if I was calling for a procedure I already had. Clearly not listening to me. Is this a sign for things to come? My patience does not exist.

Ok so I can't really spend my whole day at work...

Ok so I can't really spend my whole day at work trying to get them on the phone. I also sent an email to the black abyss. Trying to think positive. They also need a toll-free number. They need me to come in and do a business process re-engineering to how they function. I wonder do they know the perception or do they care? I am going to have to pray on this one.

I am a "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY" type of lady. 19...

I am a "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY" type of lady. 19 calls later I spoke with Maxine that connected me to a guy. The phone connect is AWFUL!!!!! He asked if I was wondering when my next appointment was?! Really!!!! Trying not to yell at my desk because I know my coworker next to me is listen to my every word, urghhhhhhhh (I haven't told them and don't plan to tell them- I don't work for them they are clients- long story). He stated (from what I could hear-phone lines were spotty at best) clearly that was an error and it is 2012. I asked him to please send me an email correcting that information. So I will not change my review title until I receive confirmation. Can I just get there and through my surgery and then when can talk about what can be done better?! YES I AM VENTING

So I will say this the day started and has...

So I will say this the day started and has progressed to be pure chaos.
Seems like anything that can goes wrong will go wrong.

I inadvertently placed myself in the chaos on the forum and have chaos going on with the ps office. I don't take back any of my comments.
I must not be n my word.

I am going to listen to some Yolanda Adams and be still.

Is it Thanksgiving yet?

So have really been praying that this situation...

So have really been praying that this situation would work itself out, not sure it will. So my cardiologist did not check the box for me to go ahead with surgery bcuz I had an appt w my current internal medicine doctor that week who was going to run the labs and complete the rest of the form and check the okay box. I left the form with the internal medicine doctor and was told they will mail it to me with my EKG. I called a week later, last week to see if they had mailed my results only to be told that she will not sign off and that the cardiologist will have to.
Long story short no one signed off. Going back in forth with nurse. No surgery.

Just a little frustrating when you want something so bad. Nurse said not willing to take the risk for surgery. Was advised to call back to get $$$$ back. Hmmmm so I have to continue to call you to get my $$$$ back?! Anyway what I will say is this the communication that I have had with his office has been anything but smooth without this, more so with the show. Do I think he made the right call, no! Do I think that I could have done more? Maybe. Reading the reviews I can see the aprehension with the increase of patients going to the hospital. What is very upsetting is that I feel like it is easier for a dr. To say no when you don't so your own asessment. The phone consult with pics and virtual approach really did not work for me I had some reservations.
I talked to two relatives a nurse and a internal medicine doctor. There response was when most doctors see something that is not the norm it is easier for them to not want to deal with it. I am extremely disappointed that I feel like I have no control of the situation and I feel like a piranha, even more so because no one supported me. A lot of stuff to return and reservations
Dr. Jimerson is obviously a good surgeon and his work speaks volumes. Give some consideration to your health also. I will seek a second opinion as the want does not go away.
Good luck to you beautiful ladies.

I am excited and sad all at the sametime. So good...

I am excited and sad all at the sametime. So good luck to bootyjudy88, bootyandthebeast and msjerseygreeneyes. I really wish I was with you guys next week.

I can really and truly appreciate Dr. Jimerson. Having to my new surgeon, yes new surgeon I can respect and understand why he said no. Don't be discouraged. His no didn't mean I can't have surgery, just not with him. Have you every had someone tell you no? It just makes me want it more. My first response was to beg and see what I could do to make it work with him. I can understand now why hey, that was not the answer. Everyone has been so supportive and helpful. It is so crazy the rollercoaster of emotions these surgeries take us through. Thinking about non elective surgery does not seem to be this emotional, lol.

I was so frustrated last week I did have my pics removed because I thought it was pointless and that there was no hope. Geez you would think this was life or death. Smh anyway enough rambling. I will put the pics back up soon once I get my new date. Inbox me if you have any challenges, you would be surprised what things we share in common. If a surgeon is telling you something you dont want to hear like results not realistic, you need a tummy tuck, etc. Dont let that get you down, they just arent the surgeon for you. In good spirit go team Jimerson!

While I have never left, it has been a while since...

While I have never left, it has been a while since I have updated. I am at a place where I can and want to share what has been going on with me. I have just been praying and praying and praying. Just asking the Lord to help me with this journey. I think I let the enemy of fear take over and let that run this situation. So much so that I started to question my health. To help clarify, my health requires a doctor knowing and being able to understand that no two people are alike. Long story short, my heart is larger than most (yes I know I love everyone hugs and kisses always). That being said I am cleared and will be the FIRST surgery of 2013!!!!!!!

I am so excited to have found a good doctor. I know alot of people say how nice their doctor is and how they sounded on the phone. Well that is their job and their livelihood. I think the interaction with doctors is very limited and can be perceived in many different ways. Anyone can talk a good talk on the phone. I am not an advocate for any doctor over another. I am one person and just one experience. For me more than anything I can appreciate that the consideration was for my whole situation. My cardiologist said that and gave specific instructions that was also supported by bloodwork and PCP review. In agreement with my surgeon, he acknowledged it and told me what I needed to know. My surgery will be performed in a hospital with an overnight stay. I will be staying with a nurse the first two nights to help with recovery.

I have been conversing with wonderful believers in RedBonz and Buttaluv. They always help get me on the right path. Belleisis, jbooty2012 and thininthewaist have helped in been resourceful and always ready to help. RS is a great forum to meet great people. We should all respect everyone's experience and support no matter what. We can't do it alone. Tell someone you love them. Life is too short.

Merry Christmas. Spend time with the ones you love...

Merry Christmas. Spend time with the ones you love. Lets not forget the reason for the season, we are all blessed in many ways. May you be a blessing to someone through words, fellowship, food or just your presence.

This time next week I will be up up up in the air heading to Miami! Like jbooty2012 said, "I am taking my talents to South Beach". It is amazing how The Lord will make a way if we just get out of his way! When I bought the maxi dresses I got them on sale and it did not occur to me that Atl would not be warm, little did I know that I would not be going at that time. Look how God has moved in my life and I am going to Florida! Guess I did need those dresses after all. Feeling really good about surgery nxt week. Plan on getting a massage the day before I leave home and massages as often as my body will let me. I am trying to finalize a homecare nurse. Please prays that I do. I can be so hesitant at times. I am fearful about what will happen when I sleep. Not that. Am a millionaire but I am concerned with identity theft. I know I'm crazy, lol. Not just in my hotel but also in the hospital. I commend the ladies that do it alone. I am tough, but I am going to be weak also.

On a side note but also about security does it ever make people wonder with these fake reviews if doctors are using people's pictures to create a review, obviously that they don't know about. Hmmmmm, just something I wonder when we send them our pics. I think the blog provides so much free publicity for the doctors they should at least incentivize patients if they refer a potential client by mentioning I seen (enter RS name here) with a free garment, massage or something. Just a thought.
I will put my personal pics back up soon, they are on my laptop. I am always on my iPad. Sorry.
Stay positive.

Never fails, I always catch a cold after Christmas...

Never fails, I always catch a cold after Christmas before New Years. You would think by now I would know that. I am drinking lemon tea with honey, Emergencee, soup and rubbed my chest/neck and feet down with Vicks. I am determined to sweat this out. I had so much to do today and all I could do was sleep. Guess my body is telling me go sit down somewhere.

So I have literally been down since after...

So I have literally been down since after Christmas nursing a stinking cold!!!!! Thanks everyone for your kind words and concern. I was resting when I missed my preop call from the hospital. After reading thininthewaist's review I really thought I was going to be walking into some foolishness. That is not the case! Why do I have to be at the hospital at 545!!!!! My surgery is at 7. I planned to get there at 630, but geez. Needless to say I had a panic attack Saturday and my Mom goes into this long 2020 Diane Sawyers report on me about: what if it isn't the same size, what if you are not happy, what if the doctor is a scam, what if what if what if. Well thanks for the heads up. I think positive and know nothing is perfect and all I have to do is pray. It is already done. Mom is just being mom, god bless her. Guess my resting is over. Lost so much time last week being sick was not able to get all I needed. I have a squeem but wanted the one with the straps. Did not get the arm sleeves, hoping I can find when I get there.
Hello sunshine. These winters are awful!!!! This time tomorrow I will be in FLORIDA!!!!!!!!! Know do I ask my cousin to take me to the hospital? I asked her to come, but that is way early for anyone. What is a girl to do. Guess its time for me to get up and get going.

So when I was waiting in line to board I realized...

So when I was waiting in line to board I realized I didn't have my phone, duh. Flight was great! Listened to "Preparing for surgery" by Dr. Gary Rossman (great recommendation by bellesis). Arrived at fll. Picked up luggage and opted to take tri-rail. Because i missed the shuttle I went to the go shuttle booth. Why anyone would take a cab for $70+ dollars is beyond me. Go shuttle is as many ppl in a van waiting less than 30mins. I waited probably 30 mins but my fare was only $21 (I tipped $10). I had a lady driver in a nice and clean town car. The ride became crazy when the GPS could not route around the construction. Called the hotel three times. Fourth time they gave the right directions. Taxi driver was pleasant all the while. Checked in. Unpacked. Took the shuttle to grocery store. Nearby center had Kmart, GNC,Rainbow, Winn Dixie, Walgreens, McDonalds, Taco Bell and KFC. As I was paying at Winn Dixie with my cc, it was declined!!!!!what? My DH said the fraud department had been calling all day because there were charges out of my area and they froze my card. Got that fixed. Came back to hotel, unpacked groceries. Met with nursing company, great experience, great ladies. You will not be disappointed. I had planned on cooking, but my hotel serves food M-Th evenings. Grabbed a plate of salad and pizza and headed back to the room. So know I'm watching SVU with full belly, to tired to cook.

Homewatch CareGivers (Sarit and Marina) 305-216-8113, very through meeting and assessment of my required services. Actually called dr. Perry while they were here and he provided them with additional information. If you need nursing assistance- transport, cooking, medical, cleaning, etc. they are really great. I am relieved to know that they will be caring for me after I leave the hospital. They are meeting with the hospital ppl tomorrow and my doctor.

New Year's Eve I had my first lymphatic drainage massage and it was amazing!!!!!! If this is the type of massage you are receiving and it is painful, then they are not doing it right. It is ligh gentle motions that gets the gunk out of your system through your urine. Miriam calls them therapies because they are not massages.

Really excited for tomorrow. 2013 has been great so far.

My wish to my booty fairy aka. Dr. Perry:
I dream of the day where thongs aren't sitting on my back.
Days when my butt sticks out of my skirt and not my gut.
When I can wear a swimsuit and not have to wear a coverup.
I can have both men and women looking coming and going.
I want to improve my already sexy thigh crotch gap
Please take my meaty back and make it narrow like my waist.
Flatten my belly and bring the attention back to my beautiful breasts.
Make my petite hourglass pop!
I want projection with a slope. I don't want my butt to sit too high or too low.
I want to see my butt coming out of my panties from the top and the bottom.
I want to have a wedgie because my panties are too small not too big, lol.
I want to look in the mirror and be like damn who is that!
I want my husband head to be Forever shaking.
Is that to much for a girl to ask for 10k and 2 weeks off? Because I have been waiting a lifetime.

God I come before you now with thanksgiving and...

God I come before you now with thanksgiving and praise. I know when I woke up with Detrick Haddons Well Done that everything good and perfect that comets from you was already done. With humbleness I know the days ahead of me will be challenging and nothing is without you. Please guide the hands of the surgeon, nurses, and all that touch me today and this day forward. May I be forever grateful for my many blessing. It is is your name that I thank you always. Amen

Ladies ladies ladies!!!!!!! Loving what I have...

Ladies ladies ladies!!!!!!! Loving what I have seen. Dr. Perry kept saying you have a tiny waist. So sleepy. Will c if nurse can't take pic t

God be the glory. I give all thanks to God. I will...

God be the glory. I give all thanks to God. I will say this process is only as hard as you make it. Roll with the punches. I was late getting to hospital because of taxi issues ( cash only). Got there and was processed. Dr. Perry came in took pictures, marked me up. We discussed the 6pages of pictures I had. He emphasized how narrow my waist is. Rolled down to operating room. Meet with anthesiologist and nurses. They were very nice. Said a prayer with the doctor. Woke up bubbly and refreshed. Surgery was from 9-5. Was in recovery room until 630. Wheeled upto room and it was sheer chaos. Dinner was over at5?! Nursing shift change at 7. Through the night nurses changed linen just about every hour. They were nice and by the end of the shift we had a process down. I had IV, pain pump and catheter in me. Morning/daytime nurses were useless. Discharged at 11, literally stood over and hour waiting for a wheel chair. Hospital experience was really great, if you require it, pay the $$$$.

Ride to hotel by hwcg was long and long.........sat with butt in air and knees in seat. Seemed too low to lay down. Been walking and peeing every other hour. Appetite is low. Plan to eat breakfast today. Massage scheduled for today, hope to shower this evening.

Very swollen. Waist was 38, now 30 with foam. Hips...

Very swollen. Waist was 38, now 30 with foam. Hips were 40, now 46.

I normally get between 4-5 hours of sleep every...

I normally get between 4-5 hours of sleep every night. Since surgery I am lucky to get2-3 hours at a time. I'm going to get some Benadryl to help with the it itches. If my booty wasn't so heavy and I could sit or sleep anyway I want, I wouldn't be so restless. Any suggestions?

Coming back from "therapy" I don't think I...

Coming back from "therapy" I don't think I realized that the hard part was not the surgery. The therapies press the blood and fat out of the body. It is painful and at times traumatic. My worry is when I leave Wednesday I will to be able to get the same service. What I don't understand is why no one talks about it or have I overlooked it? Please help me understand!!!!!!! What are people doing to get the skin to retract.the therapist makes it seem like all is lost if you don't do 5-10 treatments. I will have completed 5 by the time I leave. Paid too much money and and too much time away from work to have crappy results. What can I do or what should I be looking for?HELP

So once my time with my nurses was over my husband...

So once my time with my nurses was over my husband arrived to help me finish up and get back home. I don't know how I could have done it without him. This whole time I have been kneeing it everywhere. I just started wearing the foam with the board. I am very stiff and slow in my walk. My husband drops me off to checking as he goes to drop off the car. By the time I got to the counter, I was so winded I could not lift the luggage on the scale. The ticket agent called for wheelchair assist, here is where I become airport diva. I knee stood in the wheelchair through to the front of the security line, straight to the terminal. All the while everyone staring at me and my booty. Get to the terminal and talk to ticket attendant about situation and she responds with flight is full. Boarded the plane behind ppl in wheelchairs (that walked faster and better than me, smh?!). Told flight attendant I could not sit for long periods of time, she did not pay me any mind. I stood as long as I could and tried to sit, but couldn't. So had to position feet against back of chair infront of me and hold arms out keeping body up. Towel behind knees was a joke. Mind you I am a petite person but the seats were so tight. When we picked seats I had aisle and husband had window, plan was to lay out bcuz no one was in middle. Belt went across my thighs. Take off seemed like forever. Once in air stayed in restroom for awhile and then jus paced back if plane. Now the plane was not full and the attendants did not offer change of seat. Kneed it back to my seat facing the guy behind me. He must have felt uncomfortable bcuz he changed seats with his mom and she kept looking at me shaking her head like she wanted to say something. Shortly before landing it must have dawned on the fa that I was serious and she apologized. I told her I had hip surgery and knocked on the board across my stomach and then all the ppl seemed all nice. The lady next to me gave me her sweater for landing to keep me from going forward. Landed and husband went ahead to go get car. Captain wheeled me up ramp and another guy wheeled me to baggage claim. His supervisor stopped him in route and asked what he was doing since I was not seated.....his job. When I first got into chair I leaned to far to the back and the chair tipped.....luckily my husband was still standing there and caught the chair. I thought I was going to die!!!!!! And that is the story of the airport diva. It has taken me three days to write this, sorry. Have to go to work Monday and am worried about logistics and none if my clothes fit!

Added a few new post op pics wl add more with my...

Added a few new post op pics wl add more with my faja and naked. Wearing foam on sides and board on bottom. Any questions please ask great experience but not without before hand planning.

So I have some mor pics with me in the faja. Sorry...

So I have some mor pics with me in the faja. Sorry I am home alone so this is the best I can do. The u evenness in the side hip areas is because I have scoliosis and my hips and sides are naturally uneven. I have foam pushed in more on one side o compensate. Once my husband gets home I will take some more pics naked. Don't take faja off unless showering. My husband has to hook and zip because it is so tight!!!!! Ladies in store (I think Colombian) said never take it off for 6months. They even said shower in it because it dries fast. Yeah it dries fast, but I won't be doing that. Most off is 1hour a day, feels good with. Hope to return my squeem next week and get vest squeem. Dr. Advises not to wear squeem too early because of lines it causes can be permanent. Only thing I hate is having a bm, I have to get butt naked. I panic like a kid, good thing I have been home when I have needed to. First BM I was still in Miami and without nurse.....lets just say it was not pretty.

No idea why iPad pics come in wrong. Will have to fix.

No idea why iPad pics come in wrong. Will have to fix.

First I want to thank Buttaluv for all her support...

First I want to thank Buttaluv for all her support. She prayed for me and with me before, during and after. If you don't have a bbl sister, you better find one. No one has to do this alone and what better than to do it with someone going through the same experiences.
Okay so don't laugh.....I am short.....I have to stand up on my toes to wipe my butt!!!!! And tp gets stuck in it because my arms are not that long. Tmi. That to me is a very good thing. First thing I did when I got home was go try on clothes. Things look better than ever. I had bought a pant suit before surgery and usually buy it a size larger to fit my chest......boy if I couldn't get it over my hips. When I did it looked pockets and all. It was hanging on the door to be tailored in length and about 2-3 inches because the pants were to big. Now not only are the pants snug the jacket needs to be taken in because my bust and waistline is crazy small. Boy have things reversed and I am loving it. We went to the mall yesterday and my husband mentioned me getting new clothes, oh the self control. I am going to try , and I say that lightly, to wait until at least April once things settle. Not that I don't have clothes already anyway. So I had bought three more dresses before surgery....why idk I guess I wasn't thinking about the surgery. On dress is short infront and long in the back with an empire waist that will accent boobies and booty. Before surgery the arms were so snug it was one of those dresses that you panic and start to sweat because you realize OMG I can't get out of this by myself and may need someone to cut me out. I had set this dress and another one that had a slip dress underneath with a lace dress overlay on top, aside to go back because they looked crazy. Well my husband hung them up in the closet. Not giving any thought to whether my arms were different. Let me tell you both dresses look fabulous and will not be returned. My arms are not snug anymore, amen!!!!!!! The third dress size 8 looked ok before surgery, now it is so big, like I need a 4. I am swimming in it. It fits in the hips but the waist rushing and bust area is so crazy big I look sickly. So what didn't fit before fits now and what did fit looks big.
Yes all my booty fairy wishes have been answered, smh. Ok so sorry to disappoint all but I have to say that there are two things that I will no longer do. 1. My opinion on Ccs is subjective to every individual. I asked how many Ccs did I get he said 3,000. I don't even want to know what that means. Too much for me to digest or rationalize. What amount looks good on one will not look the same on another. I did not ask for a certain amount of Ccs, but rather gave him the collages of what I like.
2. Measuring yes I measured initially going on. I think over time the numbers will go up and down. I think clothes tell me better than what a measuring tape can. As long as my clothes fit better now and I am to going up in size but rather sizes down, I am okay with that. My body changes daily and will continue to for the next several months. People get so caught up in Ccs and measuring when at the end of the day it is being happy that matters to ME. So far my only complaint is why did I not do it sooner and we all know it wasn't my time but Gods. I thank God for this journey and all the experiences I have and will have. Be blessed and many blessings. I have pics to post from the doctor.

So I can't wait to tell you guys about my first...

So I can't wait to tell you guys about my first two days back at work. To lengthy to start now, but I will later.

For those of you who know me you know the people who comment on my page are regular and we keep it clean and jovial. I have a big heart and respect everyone. It is okay to disagree, but what I won't take on my page is rude people. I don't do the drama so please don't bring it. I will pray for you and your attitude, as I hope you would pray for me. We are not perfect. My comments about peoples pages being wrong is how I feel and what I meant. Nothing I said was rude or disrespectful. I hoped that it would encourage people to.fix what they may not realize is an error. Could I have said it another way, probably. Do I regret what I said, NO. So Kmichelle, I have seen you n your page and your comments on other pages. Yes this is my page and the people on my page know me and respect me and what I have to say as I show them the same respect. I stand behind what I have said as you can see from the comments I am not the only one that feels that way. Enough on that see how the devil tries to get you, not under the hands of my father. I am blessed and highly favored. Ladies glad to be home, will tell you soon about my commute. Be blessed.

So you guys know how I love my music. So I woke up...

So you guys know how I love my music. So I woke up this morning and Twinkie Clark's song Bless You Real Good was on. Amen I knew it was going to be a good day, better than yesterday.

I love to hear a good word from The Lord. I listen...

I love to hear a good word from The Lord. I listen to praise 104.1 everyday. It helps keep me grounded and all the cares of the world are answered just listening to what God has for me. So since surgery I haven't been to church and I haven't been able to listen too 104.1. I do have my favorite songs on YouTube that I listen to all the time: All to Jesus I surrender, Well Done, The holy place, We need The Lord, hallelujah anyhow and second chance.
So my first day at work of the year. Let me lay the foundation......I am an insomniac and it has been worse since the surgery. I am up all night until about 5 then I wake up at noon. My days and nights are backwards like a baby. So Sunday night I fell asleep at 330 and up at 5. I am staring work at a new client. That is great because they don't know me and I don't know them. My immediate supervisor is aware I am coming back from personal surgery that keeps me from sitting. So not only can I not sit, I waddle like a fat pregnant woman (is that normal). Idk if the board has me slow, but it keeps me from sitting, wink, wink. So I have a commute of commutes. I go in car to commuter bus. I miss the planned commuter bus and catch the 630 bus. I get on and go straight to the bus and get the last seat that faces the bathroom. Someone was sleep in the window seat so I do what I am so good at, knee it. I hug the arm rest with my left arm and straight position my right arm on the arm rest. I lay my head on the top of the headrest on my left arm. I go straight to the back to draw less attention of my assumed position for the next 30days. Locked and loaded I'm in this position for a little over an hour, butt up in air. I close my eyes and wake up right before my stop. Ask the bus driver did I miss my stop and he says no, and that I need to sit down. So I graciously knee lean forward, lol the lady next to me shakes her head. This is why I knee ride in the back. Get off at my stop and have to walk in the rain about a block. Now a block in the rain, with cankles and my bag- trying to keep it from swinging and hitting my butt and hips and an umbrella seems like forever! I get on the Metro for a 15 min ride. The Metro is very bbl friendly if and only if you are reverse commuting which I was out of the city. I could stand, knee stand and no one wonders. Doggone if this lady did not just hit me with her bag. She didn't just hit me she hit my butt. I wanted to scream. I get off the Metro and have a .30 mile walk. So it's still raining. I'm natural, rocking a fresh twist out and am already 30 mins late for my first day. So I thought the distance looked walkable, but it was freaking 4 blocks. Took me like 20 mins to walk it. My supervisor was no longer waiting for me because I was late. He takes and shows me around, I'm still waddling like 8steps behind him. My desk has no chair. My neighbor gives me a cushiony meeting chair, perfect for my infamous knee stand. By now its about 9 and I get called into a meeting. I position myself away from the conference table on the side of a cabinet with papers in hand. Twice ppl said have a seat at the table, I politely said and motioned no thank you. My logic is to tell the ppl who matter, the ppl I report to. If they don't make a problem of it, it is no ones business why as long as I dnt cause a distraction. An hour later I'm getting situated at my desk I get pulled into another huddle up desk meeting conference call around a coworkers desk. The best part about this was everyone stood for an hour. This time I tried to post up on the file cabinet without looking exhausted. By noon I have stood 2 hours and my ankles are on fire. Before surgery I guzzled water like a fish. Since surgery I think I am inadvertly scared to eat and drink foods that will cause me problems in my garment when I am not home. The one time I go to the bathroom I hold my pants so tight and lean so close to the toilet, perfect aim. All I could imagine was explaining pee on my clothes. At home perfect am is not a necessity. I can miss and clean it up and take my garment off, not so much at work. End of the day I am dreading walking to the Metro, wouldn't you know there was a shuttle pulling up when I was coming out the door, that was gods favor. I get to the metro and stand until my stop. I get off and am all flustered trying to find where the bus picks up because it is not always the same spot it drops off. I could feel the presence of god keeping me standing in position on the sidewalk as I saw 1. The bus and 2. A lady running to that bus. I waddled/ ran best as I could across the straight and almost fall trying to balance getting between the wire flower bed and to the bus door opening. I thank the driver as he says I would have waited for you, thank you god! I had told myself I was going to take the first bus I saw coming out of the Metro. Because it was one of the earlier stops I was the third person on the bus and where do I go......straight to the back to put my head down, lock and loaded. The bus fills up, but no one questions and I don't answer to my knee stand. I get to my stop and have to wait about 10 mins. Hate waiting. I get home eat dinner. Pit my cankles in the shower and almost collapse from the heat and my heavy cankles. All the while throughout the day I wanted to complain but I couldn't. I couldn't get mad about my 2 hour commute going in or my 2.5 hour commute coming home. I couldn't get made having to walk in the rain at half the speed I normally would. I couldn't complain that my knees were killing me and I really need shin guards like a soccer player having kneed it most of the day. I couldn't even be pissed at my husband for being late for picking me up. I couldn't complain about the bus drivers jerky stop and goes and sharp turns. Why couldn't I complain? Because I am truly blessed. I asked for this. This is a humbling experience that I asked for. It is through the grace of God that I had my surgery. That I have a job that I could take off from and return to. That I have a patient and loving husband that supports me and is chauffeuring me and my high priced booty all around. This is what I asked for. When I was laying in the hotel last week in Miami I asked for that. No clothes to wear, cankles, stiff neck is all that I asked for. With the good comes some not so good. So when my commute takes me 5 hours out of the day and I can't quite move as fast as I want, I know this wont last always. Joy comes in the morning and it already has. Last night I took a Tylenol with codeine, Benadryl and my regular heart medicine for bed. I slept so hard and threw the night my husband had to wake me up at 5. That never happens. I pushed myself straight up out of the bed and felt so good, not stiff and I could see my ankles were no longer blended with my feet and calfs. I felt so good. I felt renewed in my journey. I looked in the mirror and knew that today would be better than the last and the each day it would get better. I could really feel gods renewing spirit and powers had overcome me. Today I felt my best I have ever felt since surgery. Did my day get better....hmmmm not really. Left out at 630 and didn't get to my desk until 9. Stood in the rain for 30 mins. Coming home two shuttle buses passed me over a 30 min period. I missed the last bus today and had to take the less than desirable route. My cankles came back. Not necessarily better, but I am still here. So to answer the question did anyone notice my surgery, no because I work with all men and no one knew me before my surgery. No one has seen me in person that knows me but my husband. At the end of the day there is always someone that has it worse than you. Count your blessings. Joy always comes in the morning. Not only be careful but be prepared for what it takes to get what you want. I figure this routine will last until the end of the month until I am comfortable driving and sitting. Until then all I can do is be humble and patient. I asked for this and I have to endure all that comes with it. Everyday is not rosy but me and my royal booty we will keep pushing it. It is for god that I had the surgery and the job to pay for it. For that I am truly grateful. I won't complain! It's 930 and my cankles are fighting with my knee highs. Be blessed. Luv u ladies.

Added some work pics, one two suits I have that...

Added some work pics, one two suits I have that fit over these hips. I know y'all keep talking about these hips. Tried to take pics of my butt, but let me tell you I am not good and don't dare try to do any angling. I will get more butt pics soon after I enlist the help of trustworthy ppl. Everyone can't see this round mound, haha.

Sorry for the wrong side up pictures. Hope you can...

Sorry for the wrong side up pictures. Hope you can get the idea. Tomorrow I plan to wear my birthday suit, because that is all that I have that fits. Don't know how appropriate, but hey may work. All laughs ladies. God knows better than I do what I will wear.


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Nothing new just all this booty

Nothing new just all this booty

Professional and realistic.

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