Office review: Disappointed with the Ghettofabulous Staff's Bedside Manners - Suwanee, GA

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I would not recommend this place. I am highly...

I would not recommend this place. I am highly disappointed at the way I was treated by Dr Jimerson's unprofessional staff and his cowardness to face me. From day 1 (consult) I went against my better judgment and I kept ignoring the signs until finally they did me the favor of cancelling my surgery with a full refund. Every and anytime I had any contact with anyone there they kept threatening that they could cancel my surgery if I didn't pay and when was I going to make a full payment. Each and every time I had to tell them that I had already told several people there that I was paying in full at my preop appt. It really got tiresome. The day of my preop nor prior to my appt was I informed that they moved from the old office (causing me to be lost for over an hour- I was already traveling over two hours to go there) but yet I was several times and asked for full payment when it is not even due yet. I coudn't help but to finally snap at them for their foolishness. I was disgusted that I was being treated as if I couldn't afford this. The preop nurse explained, as I vented my frustrations with her (or as she called it.. that she felt I was taking it out on her) that I needed to understand that type of patients they usually deal with, HA! Well, I am certainly not that patient! So I asked her how did she think I could trust them at my most vulnerable moment (under anesthia) and that they would not do something to hurt me. This is how they made me feel. How am I to trust a Dr and his staff who are out right rude, patronizing and act as if they are superior and I am priviledged of their services. Correction! They should feel priviledged that I CHOSE them! Afterall, I was the one paying for the surgery. They made me wait 3 hours before being seen at my preop, the nurse claimed she was so busy yet I saw her looking a photographs with the rest of the staff in the front. When I told her this, she admitted she was looking at her daughter's pictures but that they (the front desk staff) said they had not completed what they needed to do for her to see me.
Over a month prior to my surgery I called, spoke to a woman and asked if they accepted gift cards (as I had received 4k in AMEX gift cards from Delta ) they said NO! Absolutely NOT! I found it interesting how I paid a good portion on their site with the gift cards and it was accepted without a problem, that they later refunded!!
When I went for my preop appt and the guy in the front asked how I was going to pay my balance and I replied Amex... he said we don't accept it... really?? He went to the back and came back out to correct himself and said I thought you said gift card, oh you did?? Did you! No I never talked to YOU about gift cards. What a turn off that was! I told him that sounded like office gossip- get it together. In the end I was able to do my research and discover that there are many doctors I could have considered to choose for my surgery. I finally chose a Dr that has done my surgery and I look absolutely fabulous!!! There was NO WAIT, NO HARRASMENT, BETTER PRICE, AMAZING bedside manners. I was treated with the level of respect I deserve. I found a staff and doctor that actually cared and made me look beautiful. Best part is he was less than 20 min from my home! Best of all I was able to use my care credit account at a 0% interest rate for 12 months!!!! While Dr Jimerson's office made it seem that using Care Credit was a bad thing and charged extra to use it. (or as they word it you can't get the "discount") I can't believe how ignorant I was to think Dr Jimerson was the only one that could do this for me. Boy was I wrong! Blessings indeed come in disguises!! GOD IS GOOD!! He protected me from these fools! Amen!! I am sure they feel I was the nasty one, but I only treated them how they treated me, it just doesn't feel good when you get to taste your own medicine. BYE FELICIA!! HAPPILY EVER AFTER!! DO YOUR RESEARCH!!
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Shame on him because he never faced me. I rate him and his staff a zero!

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