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Soooo excited to say goodbye to SpongeBob ( flat...

Soooo excited to say goodbye to SpongeBob ( flat booty )..
Made my deposit today with Dr. A. Jimerson...
Now its time to start dropping some Lbs....
Its going to be hard but its worth it... Has anyone on here had both ( TT /BBL ) done by Dr. J before ? If so can u please tell me your experience.....

Been Sooo Long ( Anita Baker )

Been Sooo Long since I last seen you guys ????.... Life brought a change in the winds...... Took a good moment to embrace the change & now I'm good.... Time to get back to the team of ME ???? .......Watch out Gym & Zumba I'm back -

Can't wait.....

Can't wait to get my body sculptured right in a few months..... My Husband & I had seen a woman yesterday in Bj's , who was tall like me and had a nice Azzzz.... It's amazing how I don't mind my husband and I looking @ woman's Azzz's together.... He's just as excited as me - lmao

First of Many Wish Pic's :-)

Smelling Myself @ Lane Bryant

You ever had one of those days when you go into LB thinking you look like a Old Fatt Azz Cow ? Until you look around & see a whole lot of chick's That look waaaaay worse than you .......#an excellent confidence buster :-)

Ooops forgot to add my pic's

Sooo Excited .......

Can't wait for my time to come for my Jimerson transformation.. Watching all you Cheeca's transform before my eye's , it make's me even more and more excited for my day to come :-)

Damn Gina Damn.....

Ugh....so just got my invite to one of my besties wedding....& it's 4wks after my surgery...& it's in St. Thomas .... Smh... How am I going to pull that off ? Sooo now I'm trying to shuffle my priorities around to accommodate this wedding and change my sx date.... If not... Ooo well see ya when you get back...cause my goal is to get Snatched!!!! & flat & super finer than what I already am -


Early Treat .... .

Soooo I've been considering treating myself to a little Smart Lipo... Been going to consultation's & it's really affordable...I'm considering just getting my chin & bra rolls done for the holidays & go see Dr. J still in march/ April...Yep..he's all paid for & now I'm on his fast track ( so I can be snatched for my bestie's wedding....Sooo Excited...I'm going for my early x-mas
gift the first wed.& December ...I'm will post before & after pics of my chin & back roll...... Yikes ....

Countdown 2

Countdown 2 early Christmas gift....this time next week I'll have a new chin and no bra rolls or cutlets.....LMAO ....
Already had my deep chemical peel & started my facial laser treatment's ,next is my smart lipo of the chin & bra rolls / cutlets.... Then TT/BBL & April ....Soooo excited

Did it & love it ....

Woke up this morning got the Boys out to school & then hubbie & I drove to the PS office. Dr. Lutz had me sign my consent forms , had me undress outlined the areas to be lipo & then my husband finally left the room ( he was so curious) especially since he & i look at different PS together on YouTube :D smdh.... I'm soo in love with my husband /best friend..... Ok,so after he left the room she gave me a shot of a really really good sedative & 15mins later I was in happy land O_O WhoooHoooo lmao.... She numb the areas to be lipod & then the party began @_@ ...She did a awesome good she was very aggressive with her work she removed a total of 6lb of fat total from my bra roll & chin....Didn't feel any discomfort until 2hrs after the procedures :'( .... Would differently use her services again..... Will post pics tomorrow...xoxoxo my RS sisters

Tumescent Fluid

Still Swollen & Stiff

Still Swollen & Stiff...Lipo foam is a true must it differently keeps it all together better than just using your garment alone ..Been taking children's Benadryl for the itching & massages for the muscle stiffness ( that's were your pain comes from ) anywho the head garment you get for chin lipo is massively annoying it give's me headache's since you have to keep it well fit to your head.. Oh yeah the lipo foam works wonders if you use it right after surgery it will keep you from bruising .... Till morrow my RS sisters xoxoxo

So busy

Christmas and healing took a toll on my mind and my pockets...Happy to say that since I had the bra fat removed I went down one shirt size ( hip hip hooray) and my bras fit way better no digging or bruising anymore. I actually need a smaller bra ,but I'm not going to get one yet only cause I spent a whole lot of $ mths. before at LB plus I'll wait until after my completed transformation in April. My chin is fat free but not skin free yet meaning it takes up to six months for the collagen to do it's magic ( but hey blk dnt crack ;-) - As African Americans we produce collagen more rapidly than Caucasian.... So now its just the waiting game.
Oh Lady's, about 3 weeks after my sx I was in the mall shopping for my Mother's Christmas gift & walked pass a Asian Massage place ... Well that was the best 60$ spent for 45 mins. this Asian man worked the f#ck out of my back / legs / arms. I walked in there my back bra roll area was lumpy hard and filled with tumescent fluid, well when he was finished with me my back was completely I mean completely flat and has been that way ever since
#HeDidThat ^_~


Having a hard time posting pics.
I'll try again tomorrow

Pic Updates


Dr. J did it again..... His most recent snatch did it for me #WorkShilora ....pahaaaa

Vision Board


So, today I was in the bathroom and I looked in the mirror in the mirror you know It's my arch nemesis . I can't wait to see the Doc'tor yasss darlings I said it Doc'tor ..... Soooo me and the mirror can become allies and end this war....lmao .....xoxo

Losing it

So I've been noticing lately that most of my jeans are falling off my azz . I refuse to step on a scale,measure my waist etc... 3 more months then, My turn . ^_~


Starting to get things in order, made my Hotel reservation's for 2wks 2dys @ the Hyatt Place . So blessed that my husband works for the company we got a good employee rate. Now it's time to order my Make Me Heal pills and lipo board (whoopee) more money to spend , but its worth it . I'm so glad I have my lipo foam from my last procedure, one less expense. I'm going to try my best ???? (my best/yeah right lmao) to keep my expenses down .... Fingers crossed

8wks2dys togo

It's getting funky, It's getting funky.....Awww snap it's almost here. I'm super excited and nervous @ the same time, Atlantacw who is another one of Dr. J's patient

*Short Coming *

*Excuse this damn typing from my phone, as I was saying Dr. J's former patient Atlantacw is one of my inspiration's. He tucked the Fuvk out her tummy.... So every time I see her pics. it makes me even more excited about my decision

4wks to go.....

Still feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, we all remember those feelings lol... Next Friday is my Dr. Appointment for my medical clearance ( nervous about that ) and get any extra prescriptions from my Doctor ie extra pain meds lmao.... Anywho here are some extra pics my hubby took of my JabbaDaHut Stomach???? aka JaGrumet lmfao .... ????

I'm so excited

I'm absolutely ecstatic I can't keep it in...... Omg ...it's almost hear ,tomorrow morning is my Doctors appointment for my Medical Clearance ( fingers crossed Cheeca's ) I've been doing zumba every day and making sure I eat my dinner @ 4:00 pm and if I get hungry later ( which is very rare ) I'll eat a small salad or maybe a small can of soup ( it's been working). I haven't been on a scale and I don't wanna don't it (lol) cause if I do I'll become obsessed ( seriously) ...So anywho fingers crossed say a prayer for me Cheeca's for tomorrow's clearance day ...TTYL

Patiently waiting

OK, so went and did me clearance work today. Lost somemore weight blood pressure was normal Co2 normal, just the lab work waiting game now . Omg now I truly understand how other women on RS felt when they were going through this process... It's nerve wracking ass fudge lmao...ttyl

All cleared

Yeppie I'm all cleared for take off .... Everything went great all blood and urine etc. 2 thumbs up.... So cheecas I'm closer 2 my dreams ....whot shot .... OK so back to reality, I'm preparing for my PS and preparing for my son HS Graduation next week ( WTF) way way way to much stuff to do and on top of that watch my grandson ( please choke or bitxh slap me please) need I say he just turned 5mths yesterday...... Aaaaaa.....


6 more days Togo until I join my RS Sisters on the flat side.... So, my Cheeca Dr7423 mind it over to the flat side hip hip hooray .....So okay Cheecas my nerves are absolutely positively getting the best of me(lol)...I feel like I want to cry and say I want my mommy like a big baby Lmao....boy you guys don't know these nerves are trying to get the best of me ( lol )... I've thought about Kanye West Mom (Donda West ) and so on and so forth.... Okay enough of freaking me out .
I've been taking my make me heal pre-op vitamins plus (2) 500 milligram vitamin C daily so lets see how this works out. My bags are packed I have everything that I need for post and pre ,excuse me ladies I was too excited packing that I forgot to take a picture of what I was taking so before I leave or when I get there I'll take a picture TTYL-


Here are a few pics of some of the items I'm taking with me


WHAT !!!! I've invested 11mths to Real self Oooo Hell naw (LMAO) ....It's not that important( LOL)....PAHAAA.
No just joking...it's been a blessing to connect with
you Lady's. We have all held one anothers hands / hearts /spirits through these trying PS/ Swell Hell times, when other's have no idea what we go through I am truly thankful. We are all apart of a special sisterhood that no one else will ever understand.

Atl ...Missed Ya

Been a good minute since I've been down in my old stomping grounds ATL..... Wow only been here for 2 hours and bumped into an old friend smh it's starting to remind me VA....smh....that's why I never liked going to VA cause I always would bump into someone from home HARLEM STAND UP LOL .....Okay My Cheeca's tomorrow is my pre-op appointment ( Aaaaaa Yeah Shake it Baby ) keep ya Cheeca's posted, keep me in your prayers hugs & smooches TTYL-


I've been up since 3am , with alot on my mind and now its 5:43am and my mind is light and calm once again. I've just taken my shower and now I'm patiently waiting for 6:25am so we can drive around the corner to Dr. J office for surgery.
1st. I'd like to thank everyone who have been here for me on RealSelf
2nd. Well Lady's, I'm not getting my BBL ( I know Right) but Dr. J isn't and I emphasize isn't going to do any surgery that is going to endanger his patients....he is very serious about what he does , he puts you first before he puts a profit first. Okay you ask why I'm not getting a BBL, on 9/10/05 my husband at that time shot me and the bullet broke the bone (femur) and my bone broke the bullet and severed my sciatic nerve which in turn left me partially paralyzed from my right knee down...Yes, he was trying to kill me. He shot @me 4 time's and 1 bullet caught me and the police killed him....So, theirs more to this story but I just wanted to give you Cheecas just a peak into my world. Well it's 6:02am I have 45mins till my tummy tuck and I'm SOOOOOO EXCITED....


My Cheeca's,
I have arrived to the planet of the FlatSide . Surgery went GREAT EVERYONE was great his staff treated my husband and I like Family.... Now on my Grown Woman Shidd, My Cheeca's DO YOU HOME WORK very thoroughly. Don't just jump into a situation without the facts, We all know the risk we take when having these surgery's We all run the risk of infection etc... With that being said, don't be naive when something goes wrong after your surgery ( when I had lipo done back in December 2013, 2 months later i developed a hematoma , am I made @ the doctor Ooooo Hella No . Not blaming her for that ,not at all,. Shiddd I'm going back for more lipo n 6 mths lmao THAT'S 1 OF MANY SIDE AFFECT we signed for when go under the knife ) Do your research,research Cause this here ain't for everybody

Swell Hella Yeah

I know I know I know .....I haven't been posting but I'm tight and swollen and uncomfortable as ever I can't wait for this swell hell to be over. I must say this again and again and again I don't know how Dr Jimerson treats others but I know for myself he treated me like I was the only patient in the world and I truly appreciate him and his staff for the exceptional work that they do. Now with that being said let me tell you about my journey into my tummy tuck this past week...
So the morning of my surgery my husband and I arrived early at 6:45 a.m.
we made it there earlier then the anesthesiologist and the nurse. So once they arrived, the nurse showed me where to go 2 put on my compression socks and my gown (that they supply) I put my clothes in the locker and then went into the preparing room to meet with the nurse Getta ( Big Booty Judy lol) and the anesthesiologist. We spoke for a while I told them my story because everybody else is getting the wrong story around the office ( they thought I was in a car accident ). Okay after that Dr Jimerson came in and he marked me up (wow it's amazing,how once we get marked up we truly see how jacked up we are LMAO ) then the nurse walked me to the OR then LIGHTS OUT BABY..... WOKE UP hours later to the FLAT SIDE ...HIP HIP HOORAY .....Aaaaaa Hella Yeah... Dr. J said he was able to remove more than he expected and that once I heal I'm Rreealy going my new tummy ....even his staff was amazed....He and his staff said that their was little to any blood lost during surgery Mostly Fat (lipo) Skin....
So,that evening all went well I was walking up and down everything was fine still had the morphine in my system from after surgery so I was cool.....Until later that evening I stood up (slowly) and went to take a walk around the room/hallway of hotel ( to prevent blood clots gotta keep moving) Then I had the worst dizzy spell everything went grey, so my husband thought that it could just be dehydration so she held me tight in he gave me bottle after bottle after bottle of water to rehydrate me. It worked.... or so we thought... The next morning I called Dr Jimerson and he told me to go to the emergency room because my blood count might be low. my husband and I rushed over to Emory Johns Creek hospital where they ran countless test to see what going on (since I had a good surgery the following day ) by this time I'm hooked up to machines and IV bags etc.... So, I was extremely dehydrated and my blood count was incredibly low and my blood pressure was low ( They were amazed that i wasn't in the ICU ) OK to make a long story short I spent 3days 2nights in the Hospital ,had a blood transfusion plenty of fluids and gourmet hospital food and pampered @ the same darn time.....I was draining out to much blood ,my period came on a week earlier while I was in the hospital and that made it extremely worst..... And yes Dr. Jimerson was there via constant communication with the doctors at the hospital and yes he did come and visit to make sure everything was ok and to work with the doctors (now like I said I don't know what your experience was like with doctor Jimerson but I know for me, like I said before he went above and beyond to make sure that I was ok and that i was the best me.
Since then I've been great , been walking around the lake behind my hotel and feeling great I just can't wait for swell hell to be over with my legs that are gigantically swollen/tummy swollen ... And I miss my Boys and my grand baby's.... Que Sera Sera ...TTYL

Lady's keep your $

OK...so no need to use the nursing services that Dr. Jimerson's office offers for after surgery. They service is 100.00 and they come to your room and show you how to change your dressings on your wounds and give you A lymphatic massage check your blood pressure and give you a bath sponge bath. Money WASTED..... WASTED.....so I didn't need to have my blood pressure checked because I already have a blood pressure monitor with me I didn't need to be bathed because I sponged bathe myself when I can and my husband sponge bathe me as well. so all I really needed was my dressings changed and a lymphatic massage, 1st. We can't get lymphatic massages on our legs due to blood clots, all she did was gently and I mean gently massage my back and my arms and feet SMDH..... Truly a waste of money ....Just a Heads up Cheeca's


And changed my dressing....now let's talk about that all of her supplies came from the Dollar General yes I said it the Dollar General I'm paying $100 4 you to change my dressing with materials from: the Dollar General....Aaaa Hella Fuvking No..... At least now I know how to properly change my dressings..... Ttyl


Just came from my appointment at Dr. Jimerson office ..I have to keep me Drains in 1 more week (bummer) ...Luckily I already have a appointment with Penny for a real Lymphatic massage ....let the drainage Begin...

Fuvk These Drains

I'M SOOOOOOooooooo MF TIRED of These MF DRAINS...... :'( .....
Week 2 drains are still in, last week I was draining very heavy and Dr. J said keep them in 1 more week (WHAT!!!!!) are you serious ( WTF!!!!)..... So now I'm here draining Susie going crazy with Cabin Fever and getting my lymphatic massages every other day . Now as far as my massages go I'm doing great with them there reducing my swelling a whole lot . I just want these annoying drains removed now.... They're sooooooo F-ing annoying...... Ttyl

Still Rocking my Nut Sack ....

Omg.... My Balls are still here.... Went for week 2 follow up for my balls .....And ,Renee said sorry we cant take them out yet because your still draining..... WTF....( Aaaah shiddd someone's flipping tables ,in my head ) while I smile and reply ....You know I'm leaving tomorrow.... So she spoke with Dr J and dr. J. Said to come back tomorrow at 9 o'clock in the morning so he can remove the drain's. So my husband and I are massaging the mess out of my stomach like (crackheads) so we can get this fluid out because we want to go home......Is it me or do these darn drain feel like they have tiny bristles on them @ the opening of the skin ........Ttyl

Still Standing

Okay, so I've been off of here for a short minute because I really have been working on my after care ....OK, one hole closed and the other is still draining ( not a lot ) but still draining and the bitch acts like a child. Let me Explain, one day she seems closed finally.... And then, tada.....draining once again...... It likes playing opossum....I'm soooo sick of this .....my wound care doctor is like " hey we've been down this road before when you had lipo a few months ago"......Ugh...Aaaaaaahhh...Ugh.... My tissue's are continuously over active and fighting this damn drain hole ...... And in that order ...lmao

What we don't prepare for.....

We prepare for everything after surgery except for what no one talks about after surgery...... So, hears my journey of what's going on with my body after surgery. I still stand by and say that Dr Jimerson is a phenomenal doctor he did an amazing job on my body. What I'm going through has nothing to do with the doctor what it has to deal with my body and how it reacts 2 stitches. It's called spitting stitches, its when your body reacts to or try to reject or in other words eject the stitches out of your body through these blister like bubbles on your incision line. It happens to 1 n 5 of use , I'm still seeing my wound specialist and he has me on antibiotics and he has opened all of the blisters to allow them to drain and heal from the inside out and I'm on good pain medication's. I clean them once a day with betadine and peroxide and neosporin it's coming along quite well I feel really good as long as I'm on pain medication because if I'm not on pain medicine I'm not happy person because it's a whole lot of discomfort when you have to wear a compression garment and having these spitting stitches. And oh yeah I forgot I've also been using desitin on my incision area for the zinc oxide in desitin ( it really works )...... Que Sera Sera

Next !!

Today went to my lipo specialist here and she's going to do my upper back and waist and clean up my bra roll area as well.. And I'm still auditioning Dr. to do my fat graft to buttocks since Dr. Jimerson doesn't want to touch my sciatic nerve situation . But luckily I raised the question on RS to Dr.s and they've been extremely helpful- ttyl
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr.J and his staff went over and beyond for me, they're like family.....

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