Let the Countdown Begin

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I have been on here reviewing the journey of...

I have been on here reviewing the journey of others and as this week comes to an end I realize my conversion to the flatside will soon be here. I have approximately 14 more days and I am elated! I'm also a few other emotions but I'll try to focus on the positive!
I decided to share my story because I know it can be useful to others who may plan to have similar procedures done in the future. Plus viewing other people's stories was a big help to me and I want to pay it forward.
So far all I've done is purchase some supplies for after care and continue researching. I have too many wish pics and I'm not sure which results I want... I have tried to narrow it down to the pics that match pre op shape but I think I'm in denial...
Anyway, I need to know if the bbl decreases in size after it heals and how I'm suppose to sleep given I'm getting work done on the front and back.....
My emotions are all over the place...
I'm not sure if I should wait to post my preop pics...(they disgust me) I think I'll start by posting my wish pics...

Pre-op pics

Pending TT, BBL, lipo multiple areas, and Breastlift/reduction

Saw this on Dr. Jimerson's snapchat

Screen shot this yesterday from Dr. J's snapchat and tried to find a clearer version of it online. I wain't able to. Anyone have a clue what it is or where I can be found?

Home made U shaped pillow and other pillows for support

I also have a neck pillow that's awesome and some other pillows for support. My plan is to lie on my back with my butt in the hole part of this big blue pillow. I'm hoping this will be comfortable while preventing pressure to my butt and hips. I'll let you all know how it goes! Less than 2 weeks left before I'm snatched!

More pillows

Mother nature, tmi or no

I've heard having surgery can cause your cycle to come on..... well I'm on now and I hoping it doesn't come back next week due to surgery. Can anyone confirm whether this rumor is true or not?

Am I tripping or what?

So I have been trying not to overload this site with my pre op jitters, but it just occurred to me that each story may be helpful to another in its own way.... so here goes...
My surgery was initial scheduled for Oct 21st which is next Friday but they called and asked if I would be willing to move it up to the 17th. I wasn't able to because I have something planned for that day, but they still moved it up one day to the 20th. This timing was perfect for me because my period would just be ending a few days before my surgery.... now keep in mind I've been secretly nervous/anxious and a whole bunch of other crap since the date started getting closer... the other day I went to the bathroom and long story short I couldn't find my damn tampon. I recall thinking about all that I have coming up as I was in there attempting to remove it and I couldn't tell if the string broke or if it actually came out. It felt like the string broke but I'm not sure. I flushed too soon and was unable to verify that the damn thing came out. Since then I've been in complete panic mode searching for this tampon in my body. My husband tried to assist but to no avail. I'm hoping it's out but such a nervous wreck that I feel id be doing myself a disservice if I don't schedule an embarrassing appointment to get checked and make sure its gone. I thought I could flush it out, or have him feel around for it but we can't find it. I'm sure is out but I'm not sure if that makes sense.... (ladies this is panic at its finest). I can't feel anything other than swelling on the inside down there. It's nearing the end days of my cycle so naturally the flow is less but it makes me panicky even more because in my mind I'm thinking the tampon is trapped way up there and causing the flow to be slow. I researched and found "missing/ lost tampons" to be a common problem other women have faced. I'll admit I am a little embarrassed, but forget that? its ok to be nervous/panicky, right?

Preop jitters

I'm a nervous wreck. I think once I get there I'll be fine. But for right now I'm all over the place.... my husband's no better, every time I mention to him how I feel he admits he feels the same way... smh... somebody here has to have it together and by gosh it sure isn't me lol.... Anyway, my past time was cleaning and organizing the house but that's starting to become stressful considering its never complete (we have small kids). I try to do a little researching but I'm not up for that either.... guess I'll make a to do list so I can at least get stuff out of my brain!!!

Flat flat

I'm expecting great things from Dr. J. I want this waist snatched and the behind fat (torn between the natural butt and the onion booty) less than 72 hours to go! Pre op Wednesday at 4.

My story

Just laughing to myself how I initially went in seeking a TT and 20+ thousand dollars later I'm getting the works.... hope this u shaped pillow helps with my bbl cause I can't live on the front side forever.... especially not with tt and br/bl... this will def be a journey.

Suggestions on hotels near dr. Jimerson

Ok ladies which hotels would you all suggest? I'm a bit of a germaphobe so it has to look and smell clean. No hairs or stains on my sheets, towels etc... or I'm out! Any suggestions?

7 prescriptions

I was provided one Zantac, 3 shots and 5 other meds. One was an antibiotic. One is a anti nausea med and I think the rest are pain meds. Not sure where to inject the shots yet but I do know they are only given one a week to help prevent blood clots. My insurance covered some of the cost so oop for us was only $136.

All done now

Apologies for the late update. I've really been tied. Plus the first few days after surgery (day 1 and 2) were the worst. I feel a little better now but it still sore from lipo. Actually that's the only part that is painful to me.... here are some up to date pics. Keep in mind I'm still swollen and fill of fluids.. I had 2 professional massages and my spouse has been doing the rest.. ladies a female urinal is an absolute must. So is the baby oil for the massages!

Garment size

I'm already over one size in the garment. I'll need an upgrade really soon.


Haven't been on here in awhile. Been focused on healing and resting. This was truly an emotional roller coaster, but I am pleased with the outcome. I've been trying to get the swelling down in my belly area. This has been the hardest thing to do. My drains were removed after 1 week and since then the same areas have been leaking consistently. Out the blue, the other night, my stomach started draining through one of the drains that hadn't completely closed. Lord I was so grateful because this has been stressing me out. I may have been over thinking it but I was worried that the swelling in my stomach would stay if it didn't leave soon. Also I was worried it would turn to fibrous tissue and id be screwed for life lol. I tell ya I've been thinking too much lately. Anyway, I'm kinda ready to go to work then again it's getting cold and Im achy in my hip area. That hip pain is unbelievable. I think it's just fluid. The fluid burns like lava especially as it exits.... I'll update pictures soon in trying to get my stomach as flat as possible before I do. Enough ranting from my end, how are you ladies doing?

In my closet

Clothes that I had given up on have not given up on me.... tried on another of dress of mine today and I'll be damned if I don't feel sexy as hell! That damn dr. J aka dr curves aka dr jimerson did the damn thing with this bod lol

New photos

Finally got some of this swelling down. Had to add towels to the inside of my garment. The garment I got from my ps is the absolute worst. I'm glad I had a different one on deck because it it has made healing a lot easier....it's more comfortable and still serves its purpose. I'm planning to order one more or a Spanx soon. The towels saved me from having to order compression boards..

Update regarding pain

I spoke with the nurse earlier today regarding busted stitches and afterwards she asked if I was having any other problems... I mentioned the pain in my hip joint and she asked if I had been alternating my narcotics with otc pain meds like ibuprofen... I advised that I wasn't even aware of the option (solely my fault) and my husband asked if we could try aleeve instead.... she advised yes and explained that both are an anti inflammatory. Long story short I took 2 aleve and my hip has been pain free PLUS the hard lump in my left butt cheek dissipated..... I'm like oh my God! I'm so grateful. Just thought I needed to share for anyone in need now or in the future. Good luck and God bless.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

So far I've only met my Dr. once but he was a confident, knowledgeable, "kool" guy. He takes pride in his work and from what I've observed he seems to genuinely have his patient's best interest at heart. I felt comfortable in his presence and I respect his opinion and adore the quality of his work.

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