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So before I get into my topic I just want to let...

So before I get into my topic I just want to let it be known that I am 16 years old and will NOT be actually getting any plastic surgery until I'm at least 19. I just want to research and get started saving. I want butt implants somewhere between 400-500 cc. I'm done growing height wise and have a fast metabolism so I'm planning to only gain maybe 5 lbs and hopefully an inch or 2 in the next 3 1/2 years. I'm 5'4", and between 120-125lbs. I want to get implants and fat injections in my butt and hips. I will probably go for Dr. Jemerson and my mom supports me 100%. I'm just curious about pricing, pre/post op preparation and things like that. You can comment on my post or send me a message. Thanks, by dolls! -Vivi

Supply List!

Got this list of supplies from @calinewbooty I think basically includes everything you'll need post-op
Gauze pads
Antibacterial wipes
Alcohol wipes
Antibacterial soap
Alcohol spray
Hand sanitizer
Band aids(large and small)
Stool softener
Benadryl anti itch cream
Feminine wipes
Boppy pillow
A robe
Pillows pillows and more pillows
A neck pillow
Compression garment(stage 2) and other extra fajas that I kept from after my pregnancies lol
Waist training corset for later
Vitamins (which I always keep on stock anyways)
Cotton balls & q-tips
Old sheets/linen
If you have anything to add that isn't on the list feel free to comment! Thanks dolls -Vivi

?So I've been doing some research...

So I've been doing some research on butt implants, fat grafting, etc. I wanted to know how the consultation would go, what exactly would happen during the surgery, and what questions to ask my surgeon. I want to be well informed when I make a decision and although I'm pretty set on Dr. Jemerson I still want to know certain things. This site has answers to almost all the questions I had and even told me whether or not I was a good candidate for these surgeries. It also has a list of BOARD CERTIFIED plastic surgeons and a list of fake medical boards to look out for. Check it out: http://www.plasticsurgery.org/cosmetic-procedures/buttock-augmentation.html

?Ok ladies so I know...

Ok ladies so I know that after having butt implants or fat grafting you can't sit directly on your bum for like 2 weeks. And that is extremely difficult! So for women who want real results I suggest buying a few luxury items to help with the "no sitting" process. Here's a great website and my list of luxury recovery items

More post-op supplies!!!

I found great post-op kits and compression garments. I suggest 2 types of compression garments for butt augmentation post-op. One that covers your tummy, and maybe arms and comes about half way up your thigh and one that's just shorts. I also suggest 2 different pillows for sitting. One regular one that goes under your thighs and one with a strap for your lower back so you can move without having to worry about your back pillow slipping or falling. I'll try to update everyday. Thanks, bye dolls -Vivi

My hotel

So I found a hotel about 30 minutes from Dr. Jimerson's office in Atlanta, GA. It's really beautiful and has a full kitchen in the room I'm getting so hopefully I will be able to stay in there for a full week and after that I'll start to walk around and get a bit of excercise

Sorry typo!


My new booty idols!

So these 2 ladies have EXACTLY what I'm looking for! Olivia Marie, and Bernice Burgos are my new booty icons and almost all of my new wish pics will be of one of them:P


Oops I forgot to post the pics of Bernice Burgos

Implants chart. SOOO HELPFUL!!!

So I was wondering how to choose the size and shape of implants based on the size of my butt and I found this chart online. I'm going to measure my butt later to figure out what size I should get. Granted there are MUCH larger sizes than the ones on the chart, but remember that the implant has to sit in the pocket in your bum and if it's too big it will look fake. Hope this helps some of you ladies!


So I've been out of town for the past few days hence my lack of posts:P But I started saving money for my sx and will soon open up a bank acount specifically for my surgery money. Because a gatorade bottle full of money is quite tempting when I want some new shoes lol although the surgeryitself will cost roughly $10,000 I want to save somewhere around $20,000 to cover hotel, food, etc. for the 2+ weeks I'll be out of town. It seems so far away but then again it seems like just yesterday I was a freshman and now I'm a junior! So when the time comes I want to be well informed and prepared. I'm excited to share my journey with you ladies and vice versa:) -Vivi

Feeling blah...

So I'm home sick today... I've been having chest pains for about a month now. But I'll be ok. My bf is gonna come visit me after school let's out:) And I've saved almost $100 in just 2-3 days! I'll keep you guys updated throughout the week. Thanks dolls! -Vivi

Wish pic

So I'm home again today:( But I saw this picture of Bernice Burgos and thought "Oh. My. God... I want those hips!" Lol

REAL wish pics from RS members

So I recently discovered that a lot of the wish pics I or other people put up are in fact photoshopped:P So I decided to use real women from real self as my wish pics. So thanks to @Shay08 and @drea8787 for allowing me to use their pictures as wish pics:)

Another booty idol!

So I've been posting pics of what I'd like but not of what I'd actually look like. Draya Michele has my exact body type! Everything except the butt of course:P So she's one of my new booty idols^-^

More pics^-^

Even more pics lol

Me and my bf agreed that I'm gonna look something like these ladies after my sx. One can only hope lol

More wish pics from RS members!

Shoutout to @Butt14 & @pitsbullsandbutts for letting me use their pics as wish pictures. These ladies look amazing!:)

Ok I'm obsessed...

Am I the only one becoming obsessed with butts and wish pics? Lol here's more pics of what I'll most likely look like after my sx, I have the same shape and sized body as these girls...except the butt obviously:P

Just an update

I've been gone for a while... Saving money is going good and I found this pic of my ideal projection! My thighs are like hers so hopefully I can get a bum like hers^-^

Random pics

Ok sooo I just felt like posting more pics lol and I'm so excited for me and my bfs next anniversary! We're buying matching white vans (too cute) lol and for his birthday my grand total right now is $220. I figure we drive to San Antonio early on the 20th. Go to a movie at this cool IMAX theater. They have reserved seating so that we won't have to worry about finding a seat thank goodness. Then I wanna go to this seafood& steak house. That's where most of the money is gonna go. It's about $103 I think. That's where I will give him the chain and after dinner we'll just go walk on the boardwalk and eat ice cream. Then we can go back to the hotel and come back home the next day. If he actually lets me pay for him! Lol it's a guy thing I guess:P Anyways ladies I'll update again soon, bye^-^


Shoutout to @Nikita101512 for posting these amazing tips!(Copied directly from her post so this isn't my story ladies lol)

Hello ladies! Let's start off with I am back. Home in NYC and so happy to be back. The swelling is still coming and going I have to order a new garment mines is fitting big around my belly area. The pain comes and goes, my incisions have closed which worries me because I feel fluid pockets still in my belly and back I really have no idea what happens now but I am going to see my physician to get fully checked out by her and fellow surgeon. I'm sure Dr hasan Did a great job because I already had a surgeon Check me out since I was unable to see him and she said he Did a great job and his incision work was well BUT I feel seeing my doctor will put me at ease make sure I'm healing the right way. Okay so now off to my tips ladies!
1. Laxatives - constipation is on another level after this surgery I learned the hardway and it HURT.
2. LOTS OF WATER - very important and if your like me who tends to dehydrate fast and likely to faint easy water will be your best friend!
3. Take all the help you can - this isn't time to be miss independent and prove you can do it alone, your body just went under major surgery and it's extremely stressed take all the help u need and rest rest rest.
4. Don't leave your garment off too long - that hour of feeling free isn't worth the swelling and pain after.
5. Keep your compression socks on - blood clots can form and kill you
6. Rubbing warm water on your skin after surgery once your able to bathe - it really soothes the skin and helps calm your nerves from the pain
7. Don't hold back on your pain meds - there great and relief you no need to try and deal with the pain.
8. Keep incisions clean - so easy for bacteria to get in since he doesn't stitch all of them only on your butt there closed.
9. Doggy pee pads for the bed - worked well when I was leaking no blood touched the bed or car seat.
10. Medical gauze - you go through themllike water for the first couple of days.
11. Rub your belly to ease the pain - don't wait for massages if you can do it yourself.

I hope my little tips helped I know I'm still in need of advice myself but just wanted to share some things that have been helpful.
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