butt implants 320 oval atlanta ga

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I want a nice thick,round new booty,i went to see...

I want a nice thick,round new booty,i went to see dr.j, he's great,very personable, and nice, he didn't rush me at all.I paid 100 for consultation. He quoted 18800 for implant with small lipo and fat grafting from lower tummy and lower back to hips. I'd have booked today If cheaper. Seeing dr gordon monday. Hoping he's a little more reasonable. I'd do it all for 11 .will keep you guys posted on his consultation Monday. Dr. J also recommended 300cc oval implant

negotiating price

So I have been thinking about it more and looking over the quote. .7500 to lipo this very small lower tummy and back portion. ..look at this picture I was thinking1 grand for it..not 7500..I'd pay 11 fora great ass but 7500 for lipo...I really want both to increase the thickness of my hip area and have my waist line appear smaller.has anyone ever negotiated price? I loved jimerson and his booties...but 18800 is crazy for this tiny body.

Trying to post before pictures

changing to julian gordon !!

I went to see dr.julian gordon today and he was great! He was very realistic and very up front about every thing. We're doing it subfascial and using 300 oval shaped impants. I still am un certain whether I would do best with oval or round. Him and jimerson recommended I use oval so I may stick with that. He also quoted me 6300 which is MUCH MORE reasonable which is great because I will definitely be going to him for my breast also in about 2 years woohoo! He said he thought 7500 for lipo for fat grafting was crazy considering there isn't really any fat. I definitely agree. If it were maybe 800 to 1000 I'd have considered if he thought it would make a difference. Anyone my surgery is booked for February 5th at 730 am arrival at 630 :) I'm ridiculously excited! I definitely would do it sooner but can't due to work.

what should I buy for right after surgery? pre op Monday

I'm getting really freaked out, surgery is the 5th. Already buying clothes for the booty. What should I buy for after surgery to keep me comfortable? I also have baby wipes and sanitizing wipes.

320 oval changed to gordon surgery friday

Hi everyone, I am really excited about surgery with Dr. G,very nervous though! I will be updating with a full review after surgery, so keep an eye out for that. I have all of the supplies I need, disinfectant to keep toilet area clean stool softeners, vitamins eTc...The Oval is the blue on the round is the clearest one. He said that the blue one is just sample but the clearest one is the way it really feels which is very soft and natural, surprisingly. It made me feel much better to feel the actual implant. I weigh 112, height is 5 5.I'm really scared about anesthesia so send a prayer for me. Here is a before pic, pic of implants and exam room. I'll update Friday morning after surgery. If I can fit pants with a fuller butt I think I'll be crying tears of joy,I've wanted a fuller, womanly body since I was 14.if this goes well I'll also be song him for my breast next year! I will also have drains and will be doing it subfascial. I have read all about both and I'm okay with this decision. Positive vibes only, thank you ladies!

surgery today at 7

My surgery was at 730,I had to be there at 630,they called yesterday wanting to move it earlier to be there at 6,surgery at 7.they then called this morning at 430 am to tell me the doctor had an emergency reconstructive surgery of a woman who was thrown from her car this morning. They told me that they would call me later to let me know if they're moving it up to noon our rescheduling for Tuesday. Ughh
Already no food or water.. already scheduled myself out two weeks from work. Already have the kids at grandparents house for lay night and tomorrow night. Won't have a sitter if its moved. I'm hoping they tell me to come in at noon but I'm very worried,do they even do surgeries at noon. Idk what is going on. Starting to feel insecure about all of this

new surgery date wednesday 10th

One of the staff was helpful today in speaking with the dr and answering a lot of questions. My new date is this Wednesday. I hope oval cab give me the projection I want. Fingers crossed!

has anyone had 300 to 320 butt implant pics

I'm really curious and can't find many pictures of girls with the round and oval implants with the size I'm getting.

very frustrated, no one will call me back

Has anyone else had this problem? My surgery was canceled twice, ive called two times a day no answer, since wednesday, called me back once they promised a call by today at 230,no call. ...mind you, i have used almost my full unpaid 2 weeks for work everyone is wondering what's up with me, how did surgery go. I'm not telling my work environment in having plastic surgery. This is becoming such a major let down. Going tomorrow to see if they can fit me in on Wednesday if not ill be forced to get a full refund and go to a new doctor, they told me wednesday night the first available wouldn't be until end of march....got to be kidding. ....I was told they'd talk to the doctor, no word. ...I don't want to switch but I don't think they really care about my business anyways they're so busy. Anyone else have similar issue, are all offices this way . I was thinking maybe ive been too nice and understanding and all the bitches probably got their way. .my luck :( been so bummed out

okay.....this is the last try lol

Holy moly....so I went up there for a refund today and she got me right in on Tuesday morning. ..lol what! ? I'm so confused because they were booked until end of march but they had a cancelation I guess. Going to have a great vday weekend and hope for the best!


I am on my second day of recovery, I know I'm technically not clear of issues until about 2 weeks but here's the run down and pics. I went in fir surgery at 630 for prep, then surgery at 730.they did my iv said bye to my man and they laid me on a warm bed, stayed meds I was out, woke up got done pain meds, wasn't bad at all. I walked out with a wallet after recovery room. Borrowed a big expedition suv from my mom and put our kids old full size bed in the back, that was a great smooth ride. Got a little nauseaus from after anesthesia as I anticipated,the anti nausea makes me sleep an entire day. I have drains 320 oVal implants. Anesthesiologist was great, also doctor gordon said he'd tie off my hemorrhoids as well. I previously had a hemorrhoid surgery last year and the lady jacked me up bad and they were right back next day. He actually cut them off abd suture inside my butt hole :( so let me say the implants sub facial aren't shit for pain m the inner of my hole is the only painful part really. My mom has been doing my drains and they're filing up equally both sides, not much though. Doctor told me I did great, he said the amount of blood I list could've been cleaned with a q tip.he said it was amazing, at one point he thought I was dead because I wasn't bleeding at all lol i will say I took garment off today to wash it and I felt light headed got on my knees, called my mom in and bam passed out. I was so ready for the pain but there really isn't any at all except from hemorrhoids removed, which I have had since abd due to my pregnancies :( so happy they're gone, he did such an amazing job! I will be going back for my breasts. I think dr gordon did a great job.can't wait to be healed up and on my way. .only thing about sleeping on stomach is lost back pain. Ladies also THANK YOU for saving me with the cups I use them to pee,best purchase I've made lol going to test now will update more later

trapped gas after surgery

Hi ladies, a lot of you have had this surgery so in hoping to get some advice. My butt is super swollen inside and out from butt implants to hemorrhoid removal so I have stitches inside and out. I can't pass any gas and becoming uncomfortable. Any advice should be awesome. I stopped eating, only drinking ensure/boost protein/nutritional shakes, vitamins, colace.stool softener. ,hydrocodone pain,cipro anti biotic. Crackers avacados pine apple cheerios, ice pack

day 3 recovery update

My poor elbows are raw from holding my self up on the bed and working my way off the bed, I put socks with Vaseline on them for cushion. The thought of the drains are weird, ill be glad when they're out, I heard they were stitched in but we haven't looked yet, I will tonight when I take garment off for washing, I plan on easing it once a day every day. It hurts my stomach it's so tight. So no bms so I'm on nutritional ensure drinks, some fruit crackers and cereal. Pain meds make everything sound so loud ..ughh. lower back very sore and my ankles get sore too and ill put a pillow under them some times. Scared for bm because of stitches in rectum from hemorrhoid removal. All my thoughts are scattered due to pain meds sorry, still trying to keep track of what's going on today. Feeling lonely, missing my man and kids, my mom is taking care of me. Can't wait to stop the dizziness

day 4 more pictures

This day is much easier besides being very constipated. I had hemorrhoid removed too so imagine trying to move a rock through a small swollen area with stitches in it. ...I was crying but glad that's over. Day 3 was my worst day, felt the worst and passed out on day 2 lol its a rough recovery but so far it's worth it and I'm loving my results. Once I get my drains out ill take more pictures but I just want every thing to heal with the garment so I don't have any issues. Fingers crossed

does your butt ever feel normal and drain pain, day 6

My butt still feels hard, soft on the sides, but to my inner self (not to the touch) it feels like a giant inflated balloon lol I think I'm also feeling some pain fron the drain on my left side it is a sharp pain or tight pain some times only on my left side though toward my drain area. Can't wait to take pictures in my clothes once I'm home!

check up

Saw the doc today, he didn't seem rusts, listened to everything I asked and talked about was worried about infection. I guess each cheek can heal differently. My one side feels more painful than the other but every day I feel a tiny bit better. Can't wait to be fully healed for bikini season. I heard you're not out of the clear for about 6 months after a butt implant surgery:( from other women on real self that is

holy moly help

2 wks 1 day? I think. ..right side doing good. .not swollen much anymore and there's barely a difference I think. .I love the look of the left side but it's more swollen. .it also must be placed didn't or selling diff is always had more show projection dk if that's just selling or where my fat is sitting in my butt I'm not sure. I am posting pics one pic has 2 Xs well one x and kind of x because I suck at drawing, anyway it is so painful in these areas not all the time, not much to the touch but when I get in bed or walk its lIke a damn knife. .rated 2 days much better, got in bed wrong 2 days ago right back in severe knife passion. .what the hell is goin on...saw doc two days ago, he said he didn't feel a seroma, things felt good but to monitor. ..this pain is strange..anyone relate and why is my right side healed and not left. .one last detail, my first day home I felt like I was going to pass out, got on my knees and bam hit the floor but I fell on my side lucky. ..well better than my back right. Fell on the left side of my body..this is really annoying, my kids and my job need me.doc says I can go back to work but uhhh no way. ..I can't even walk

1 year review

I can feel them, they're uncomfortable when laying and sitting. When I wrap my leg over my man and he grabs it he can feel it when we're cuddling. When I sit they press together in my butt crack and cause pressure.I still don't have any feeling in the center of my cheeks. Also when every one says flipping I was thinking all the way over like that terrible video. No these flip like they rotate clock wise and I have to rotate them back since they're oval. However I love my result but do wish I had enough fat for bbl
Alpharetta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. G was great, I love my booty, i did think it was hard to get in touch with everyone and get phone calls back prior to surgery from staff not doctor because they said this month was their crazy busy month but other than that they're all so sweet, I loved dr gordon and his nurses! I'll be back for breasts next year! :)

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