From a size 8, 10, now 12! Yily gave this booty & hips life!!!!! #roundtwo #shedidthat #volumencurves

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I researched breast lift and body contouring say a...

I researched breast lift and body contouring say a year ago. However, got preggo. Now that my baby is a year it's time to reshape this ol' body of mine. My last baby did a job on me. I am top heavy, with a little bump. Now it's time for the bump to match the breast! I am obsessed with looking beautiful (not in a vain way) Some women obsess over me, I obsess over looking the very best EVA head to toenails :)

I researched breast lift and body contouring...

I researched breast lift and body contouring procedures say a year ago. However, got preggo. Now that my baby is a year it's time to reshape this ol' body of mine. My last baby did a job on me. I am top heavy (36DDD), with a little bump and zero hips. Now it's time for the bump to match the breast! I am obsessed with looking beautiful (not in a vain way) Some women obsess over MEN, I obsess over looking the very best EVA head to toenails :)

So moving forward, I had a wonderful consultation on 12/17/12. Michelle B. in Dr. Jimmerson's office is the business she was great. It was a blessing that I got in so fast. My original consult date was set for August 5, 2013. But with most of the finance $ in place it is a bit easier to move on up the list ;) I have never been happier to make a deposit before but I surely signed my name on the dotted line for this procedure. I locked in a surgery date of 4/22/2013. BUT, the faster the surgery is paid off the better the chances are that I could move on up the list again.

Going to put $5K towards the surgery this month (via financing) and should have this paid for by late January earlier Feb at the latest. I'm in a hurry yet don't want to take it much faster than Feb.

Dr. Jimmerson stated that I would be an easy job. My back has a natural curve and the outcome should be real nice.

I'm excited, excited, excited and would gladly pay $100 a month to my credit card company for the next 3-5 years. I have wasted much more, this is the best investment ever!!

I didn't even know he was the Dr. that appeared on Tiny & T.I. Had no clue, but I'm excited to soon be in the hands of an experienced, well known, legit doctor, amazng doc.

Just received medical clearance for surgery....

Just received medical clearance for surgery. Whohoo I used the wonderful practice recommended by Dr Jimmersons office. Very friendly and fast. Cost for exam $175.00

Paid $5000 toward surgery I'm one step closer.

12/19 Feeling GREAT! I accomplished a lot today...

12/19 Feeling GREAT! I accomplished a lot today towards my surgery goal. What's next? Well I plan to start operation weight gain. Dr. Jimmerson didn't suggest that I gain weight however I want to just in case he needs extra fat. I want the best results. I am planning to go to the gym all the way up until my surgery date. I am only going to work legs, and upper body (not tummy) I don't want to add a bubble but to sickly looking legs. I need to keep my "tone" tight. :)

MEDICAL CLEARANCE: I was just informed that the...

I was just informed that the medical clearance has to be within thirty days. I promise that is not what I was told otherwise that would be 175 in my pocket. So at the end of the day, you ladies are correct do it 3 weeks out to be safe or 30 days MAX.

I am not even mad it's good to know that I am good to go. It's so many other things in life to worry about I just can't be pissed about this mix up. I will simply continue to pay for my surgery and maybe I could squeeze in early (wishful thinking) or just go closer to my date. No biggie.

The devil won't kill my joy

Trying to get mentally prepared for the holidays...

Trying to get mentally prepared for the holidays but the thought of SURGERY keeps screaming in the back of my mind. lol I'm very proud to be able to bless my children with a wonderful Xmas and continue to stick to my goals of moving forward with my BBL. God is really amazing no doubt. My kids think that I am getting tummy surgery and they are really happy lol....

Meanwhile, I really have to find some things to do to keep me occupied until April... I am currently pursuing a second Master's degree so I am very busy with that (6 classes left). New term starts Jan 15th-March that should take up much of my idle time thank goodness.

Otherwise, I am back in the gym for the 1st of the year to work on Legs and arms. I need my belly fat so I will let that stay. I'm currently 5 6" around 160 pds. I would like to gain 10 pounds lower body.

This waiting game is going to drive me nuts. But I have a lot that I could be working towards, so hopefully it won't be to long.

Off to drink some fattening eggnog...

Prayer changes!!! Whoot Whoot. Got the call that...

Prayer changes!!! Whoot Whoot. Got the call that my surgery has been moved up due to a late cancellation. I am going in for pre-op tomorrow and surgery will be in two weeks.
***PLEASE NOTE: My surgery balance has been paid in full*** So this helps ladies :)

I'm so geeked I do not know how I plan to sleep tonight.

God is so awesome!

Countdown Begins. 1....................18...........

Countdown Begins. 1....................18...............2013!!!

Prescriptions have been filled and my out of...

Prescriptions have been filled and my out of pocket expenses were only $100 w/Humana. Moving right along :)

My week is going by pretty fast with only 10 days...

My week is going by pretty fast with only 10 days left until the new me! My surgery is scheduled for 7:30 a.m. the morning Dr. J should be fresh and ready to sculpt this booty.

Well my tummy hurts today like the devil. Lets...

Well my tummy hurts today like the devil. Lets assume Mother Nature will be here soon. That should make my week interesting. Otherwise pushing forward towards my date yeeeeeyah. Now off to have a 900 calorie smoothie from smoothie king and a salad from Wendy's. starve cravings I know but I have to maintain my fat.
Later y'all

Typo "Strange cravings"

Typo "Strange cravings"

I said that I would dedicate this day to the Lord...

I said that I would dedicate this day to the Lord and not post lol........but here I am. I feel amazing like GOD is in total control of this journey. It has been easy for me thus far and I am nervous because it has been so smooth. I do not have much to prepare for since I am local here in GA. So I will just continue to relax (well that ain't true because I do not sleep well because the anticipation is mounting) and let this week roll out as it will. I have no regrets to date, none. I feel so comfortable with Dr. Jimerson and I am not sure why, I just do. But I was led to him for a reason and not because he was on Tiny & TI lol........

O well my BBL lovelies, I will post the evening b4 surgery unless something changes or my feelings get out of control. In the meantime, I will be browsing more posts ;)

~But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience~ Romans 8:25
We will all have our time:)

Peace & More BBLs in 2013

IT'S MY TIME Well this evening is flying by. I...

Well this evening is flying by. I will have my last bite to eat and drink by 11:30 pm. Surgery is is at 12:15 tomorrow. I really feel numb like is this really getting ready to happen? Once I'm on the table the excitement and butterflies will kick in. I want a small waist...great hips....and a nice booty..... in that order! Lol

My hubby will be my chauffeur and nurse so I'm all good. Other than that my BBL Lovelies I will see ya the other side.

Surgery: Hardest part was the IV. They stuck me...

Hardest part was the IV. They stuck me three times. Thank God the third times was a charm.

Everything else is relative such as health questions, anesthesiologist, surgery details.

Next, Dr. J walks in. Love this man he's is some humble and very personable. So he began his markups (while my hubby sat there with poker face lol ). As he was marking up my backside he asked me "do you have something in?" Puzzled, I ask him do u mean previous fat or implant? He said yes. I chuckled so hard and said to him no, but I do have something back there huh? He said yes and said this should turn out good. I thought he saw my Mirena IUD string lol.

I then told him to give me a small waist, great hips, and give me the biggest backside that he could but make it proportionate to my body. The new nicki Minaj booty and hips not the old. I'm so amazed right now, this man is a pure genius and skilled beyond belief. I'm so shapely it's beyond my expectation.

Other than that all is good. Had to go back to office today to get my drain tube secured. My butt is so big it popped out lol. My hubby is doing a great job administering my meds and taking care of our children. I would advise all future BBLs to have some with them. Proper care us critical especially the first 24-48 hours.

Would I do it again? Absolutely!

Will post pics when I'm able to shower and the drain is removed.

Today was challenging. taking off garment for the...

Today was challenging. taking off garment for the first time is a painful experience. Putting it back on was much easier. Compression, is so necessary my tummy was loose after 30 minutes. I will definitely wear a garment for 6-8 weeks. I had so much fat around my belly and rolls Dr. Jimerson didn't need to lipo my thighs. Good part my former bra rolls are completely flat plus I don't have to worry about sore thighs.

Ahhhh day two and I am feeling pretty normal. I...

Ahhhh day two and I am feeling pretty normal. I have lit a candle (luv them) in hopes of relaxing and taking my mind off of the surgery. I want to focus more on the transformation from the body of a little girl to the body and hips of a goddess :0 It's more than a booty to me, more like a void that has been filled with confidence. My BBL's lovelies we are all very blessed to be able to make this dream come true for ourselves and continue on with taking care of our children, homes, and just maintaining our lives. This is a big price to pay, but the results along with the new found confidence is PRICELESS. So whatever sacrifices that have been made just know that it is worth its weight in gold or shalI say "booty" lol.... That is all for now!

I must get back to working on my studies for my Master's program; three classes left no time to slack off. I am on my knees completing my assignment with a Big Ol Smile on my face. So worth it!

Feeling wonderful!!
(Pics will be up next week after drain is removed)

Drained was removed today or let's just say my...

Drained was removed today or let's just say my booty pushed it out lol..... Looking forward to showering in 48 hours and then I will post some pics. I'm still swollen a lot but will capture a few pics for those who asked about the projection.
Stay tuned.....

It's way to early for me to try on clothes but...

It's way to early for me to try on clothes but hmmm.....I did! The good part is that I can still fit most of my dresses and skirts. Dress slacks I will revisit after I heal.

Today has been a tough day. I believe I'm PO 10...

Today has been a tough day. I believe I'm PO 10 days or something like that heck I lose count. My back and whole body seems to be aching today and my booty seems to have gotten smaller idk. I guess with anything, there is an adjustment period and I have to wait until everything settles. The good part is that my tummy is flatter and I can see my navel when I look down....happy about that. I am happy with my results and don't want that to be confused. My figure looks natural and proportionate which i luv, but I will not judge my results until 6 months or so. On a brighter note, I feel a little jiggle when I walk so the fat is adjusting and forming :) I have Post Op appointment this Tuesday so will update any changes. I like that his office is on point with the follow-up and any in between issues. They make themselves available and stand behind his work which is important. There is also a 24 hr emergency line w/ direct connect to Dr. Jimerson.

What a day yesterday. I had my first real post op...

What a day yesterday. I had my first real post op visit and boy o boy I was super constipated. The nurse was like you gotta get that out right away. ugh...... (my hubby was sitting in the room lol) Anyway I took care of that and feel so much better. Ladies.....drink tons of water as the pain medication is said to cause constipation. Overall she said that I looked great and that the fluffing hasn't even started. When that happens I am to expect a bigger bottom and hips. I was really excited with that news. I do know that it is too early to speak on my results (barely two weeks). One has to have real expectations considering the fat was placed in a new area and has to attach. Once the blood starts to flowing and the fat attaches successfully then the fluffing begins and the body takes on its true shape. Be patient ladies! Other than that she asked if I would consider being on the website as my shape was unique? I dunno maybe she is speaking on the natural curve in my back and the two little dimples that make the booty pop! I'm with it and will know more when I return for my six week visit.

That's all for now :)

So far, so good.... My body has its days when I'm...

So far, so good....
My body has its days when I'm like WHOA and other days I'm like WHY? lol.... It's a process and realistically I cannot expect this body to be great and formed to perfection at 14 or so days PO. I'm playing the fluffing game now, just patiently waiting on the day when this booty & my hips decide they want to soften up, get bigger, and fluff. I hadn't been following the recommended diet, which is lots of protein, vegs & fruits, and water and my body has let me know this. I started following the diet recently and i feel and honestly look different. I know water is key and transports blood & vital nutrients through the body. It is needed for this new butt & hips. Gotta do better! Other than that, I have scar tissue (hard areas @lipo site). I plan to start getting massages as early as this weekend. My hubbs massages me but I scream at the touch Ouch!!! Other than that focusing on other important things in the meantime and waiting for the day this body says "I'm fluffy"....

Ordered my new little wonder today. The "Cane...

Ordered my new little wonder today. The "Cane Seat" which was recommended by one of Dr. J's nurses who has a FAB butt (of course done by him). It allows me to sit down without applying pressure to my booty. My butt actually hangs off the seat and the pressure will be on my thighs. We will see how it works. I'm so tired of laying down everyday all day or either working on my knees. I gotta move on and get back to being somewhat normal :) She actually recommended sitting on this seat vs. regular chair for 3 months!! I will see how it goes because I certainly do not want to mess my results up before the become (RESULTS) @16 days or so PO my fat is still trying to survive and my not have settled ;)


18 dpo still satisfied. Tried on my B4 pic shorts...

18 dpo still satisfied. Tried on my B4 pic shorts and they barely made it up. Actually they are to tight now and probably will get tossed. When in doubt if your booty has changed, try on old something old then judge. I can only imagine how nice i will look once the fluffing starts.

I'm am to my breaking point! I really don't think...

I'm am to my breaking point! I really don't think this surgery was meant to have me feeling like a prisoner of my own booty. I'm so ready to get out of the house to get some sunshine and fresh air. I really need to get dressed, head over to get a pedicure, schedule a hair appointment etc...... I have to go out tomorrow for an ortho appointment and I will be 21 days PO. Which is 3 weeks!! That is the recommended time-frame to resume normal activities and I think I am beyond ready. I hope I am not by myself on this one. Going to the extreme to save-a-booty but I got to get real with myself. Life has got to go on booty and all!!!! Heck, I am even feeling so good I might work in 20 minutes at the gym doing light weights. I'm beyond ready!!!

Ladies don't make yourself a prisoner of the booty 4real ;)


A few ladies wanted to see my back area. I've...

A few ladies wanted to see my back area. I've added a comparison pic of my back/bra rolls 23 post-op. I still have fluid and swelling in some areas. Overall, I would say Dr. J. does some pretty aggressive lipo!! Look at my gross b4 pic ;)

Today was my first Lymphatic Massage and o was it...

Today was my first Lymphatic Massage and o was it the best. She has to be one of the best in ATL. Joan@"" Scar tissue had hardened near lower rib areas on both sides and was pretty painful to the touch. Ms. Joan was able to break it all up except one area with her simple yet precise touch. I'm going back in a week for more. Luv'd it. On to the booty, It commanded attention in a good way. I wasn't uncomfortable with the looks, men gaze all the time just never the butt. While shopping @ Marshall's, My husband said "um he almost walked into the wall looking" I said "somebody needs to look all the money that was spent" lol.... It's no way I can say my booty is the same! I was rocking with the best of them today! :) #teamJimerson #results

Took this booty to the mall today with my hubby of...

Took this booty to the mall today with my hubby of course and..................well 1st I went from a XL garment to M. My next goal is a S then XS in the waist. But this booty is the real thang!!! I had to fight em off lol..... Shoot I was looking so hot with this new garment in these jeans my hubby purchased him a male compression garment so he can get it tight!! or local ATL is every booty's dream!!! Check out 30 post op pics and notice the "J Curve in my back, POW POW!!

Looking kinda juicy if I must say so myself!!!!...

looking kinda juicy if I must say so myself!!!! Ladiessssssss working out will make your investment worth it. It has enhanced my bottom into a juicy orange lol.

Just started training my lower body with 100/day...

Just started training my lower body with 100/day squat challenge. There is actually a 250/day challenge but me so not ready for that one lol.... Pics posted so far so good. Will post at end of challenge. Trust and believe that butt must be challenged in order to get GREAT results.....sitting on it will get ya nothing outside of ordinary. I see a huge difference no pun intended ;)

Am I really cheating? lol Nahhhhhhh I need a...

Am I really cheating? lol Nahhhhhhh I need a breast lift or something and reached out the Yily for the work. Price and results are high on my list right now. and............................................I honestly have hip greed and want her to give me some amazing hips. SORRY but I gotta at least get a quote. Besides I want to travel to the DR anyway.
I know, I know, I know 3 month post op from Jimerson and I'm tripping. Satisfied with my booty just want to turn up these HIPS ;)

Yily confirmed surgery date of 6/21/2013! I'm...

Yily confirmed surgery date of 6/21/2013! I'm super excited :) I will be getting fat grafting to hips and Idk if she will add to my booty. I'm satisfied with Jimerson's bootywork as detailed in my review. I'm also getting a breast lift and full upper lipo! Very excited and I know that I will have an amazing hourglass shape when she's done. My boobs will no longer be sad #teamperky

Next update will be post op with Yily.............

Next update will be post op with Yily.............

JM Spa just canceled my reservations :(

Email stated that they were unavailable due to renovations? Hmmmm I wonder! back to square freakin one!!

19 days and counting! YILY round 2!

I have been up and down about my round two but as I look at my mid section I remember why I wanted a round 2. My bbl from Jimerson is okay and he did add nice projection to my figure. However, with the other areas lacking the bbl is just okay. I was and I still am looking to be sculpted. The hips that I paid 1000 have flatlined and I am still narrow up n down. Hoping that Yily can enhance my body! There is no round 3 for me.

EMAIL FROM YILY!! Expect to fill this out a few days prior to surgery.

Once you’re ready for the surgery, fill this and send it to me:
0.Full name:

1. Phone or cell phone number:

2. Day of the surgery:

3.Place where you will be staying at:

4. Flight information (airline, flight number, date and time):

5.Confirmation number of the deposit & account number:

6.Quote and procedures:

This is just to confirm.

-You need to bring loose clothes, a shirt to wear under the garment, baby wipes and maternity pads.

-You have to bring any identification to the clinic (ID, Passport or driving license) to have the admission done.

-You have to be in the clinic at 7:00 am

-You can’t eat from 10 pm the day before the surgery.

-You need to make sure you have the money for the surgery complete in cash, because if not you won't get in the surgery room. I'm saying this to everybody because there have been some inconvenients with people that pretend to have surgery without having the money complete and make one million things to leave without paying.

In case you need a blood transfusion after surgery, it would be 250$USD

Guess Dr. Yily is getting a little bit frustrated with some folks....Peep what she said about NOT getting in the surgery room without those "coins"!!! I don't even blame her 4real.


WTH? Surgery is on 6/21 and this is the way I have to hear about the issues? I am lost for words right now for many reasons! Very Sad!
Outside of my ticket being purchased and a deposit to Yily I haven't lost much. So I'm grateful. Wondering why nobody has contacted her patients set for surgery this week. Why do I have to hear it through RS? I'm appreciative but that's bad business.

Yily's text regarding CIPLA closing

"Take ir easy! Have another clinic for your surgery" lol
I guess I'm good to go. I would hope that integrity matters to her and that she wouldn't just say it's all good. ya know

In the Dominican Relaxing til 7am! #Yily

So far so good. I had a wonderful flight down to the Dominican considering that I've never been here. So, I arrived and got through customs in around 30 minutes. Angela's Recovery sent over a ride to pick me up from the airport. Traffic, one word CRAZY!!! Other than that, a hot meal was waiting for me when I arrived at Angela's RH. Let me just say that it was an amazing! Steak stir fry, with fresh veggies, rice w/corn, and a side salad. To drink, natural passion fruit juice and a coffee for the chaser. O and Ms. Angela made coconut candy which is similar the to pudding, it was great! Everything is fresh and natural in the DR vs. the states processed food. She's the Here place is clean and a perfect fit for me.

Also, I see what they mean about the beautiful women in the Dominican. Beauty & bootyful describes the ladies of the DR. Love it!! What a wonderful change of scenery from the ATL. The ladies were naturally sexy and all dressed cute. No flip flop and pajama pants in public whew ;) This was early in the day btw. Beauty is in the air down hear for sure!!!! I smell it ;)

Anywho, surgery is tomorrow so to be continued. SMOOCHES


Anyway, y'all I made a few typos......

So should be: Her place is clean and perfect for me. & Beauty is in the air down here for sure.

From a size 8, 10, now 12! Yily gave this booty & hips life!!!!! #roundtwo #shedidthat #volumencurves

Recovery from Yily's aggressive lipo was a beast y'all. I swear I am just feeling "normal" I was hurting for weeks!!!! Pain was no joke! I would advise all ladies considering surgery to take pre-op vitamins & post-op vitamins. The post-op vits really helped me heal (internally) a lot they also helped the bruising. Other than that, whew feels good to be alive. I have zero fat on my stomach, back, waist, etc...... The only CON is that I have annoying itching from time to time in areas that were lipo'd. Hoping it goes away soon!

I haven't been able to wear a faja since day 1. My skin was just to sensitive and painful. It literally made me want to cry. So I have not worn it on period. Anyway it's purpose is for faster healing my shape has been on point since day one and I was in no rush to heal. Healing has been slow but I am doing well. PLUS the surgery faja burned my skin after surgery. I'm still dealing with scar from that.

OVERALL, I love it! My husband says "money well spent" "dang u r sexy" etc.... I absolutely love my shape now. Four days after returning from the Dominican I went to a Maxwell concert in ATL. Showstopper no doubt. # Fab_booty But the pain was something to remember.

Final thoughts: Had I gone to Yily first, there would have been no "round two" at all. First, the pain was off the meter. Second, she sculpted me like a work of art on the first attempt.

O last thing for real, get your iron level UP!! I needed a blood transfusion since I was only at 11.3. That made me a bit nervous, but I had it done and all is good now. Iron is extremely important before and after surgery.

Yily and her staff were nice enough! I don't have anything bad to say about them.

Good luck ladies...............much luv to each and everyone of you who have followed my journey 1 &2 !!! Not sure how often I will be posting but I wanted to inspire someone else struggling with the decision to have a BBL performed.



With Yily, I didn't experience "balloon booty". Meaning with Jimerson I had a swollen booty and then the let down once I lost the volume from swelling. With Yily, what I had after surgery is what I'm still holding on to. It's just getting really shapely at this point.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I researched him a year ago and was impressed. In recent I had took a peek at his site and was WOW'd. Had my surgery 1/17/13 and everything went well. This man is a pure genius and so personable. His transformations are beautifully crafted and unique to the body. Every woman is shaped different and he creates magic to sexy up her ASSets. Staff was very pleasant and helpful. Office waiting area was clean and inviting. Coffee, water, and snacks are available along with plenty of reading material.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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