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So far I have only sent my pictures, I have a...

So far I have only sent my pictures, I have a webinar to attend tomorrow after that I will be booking my surgery. I am 31 years old
5 ft 4 1/2 inches. Weight 150 pounds. I had a tummy tuck back in 2006..So this will be my last and only procedure being done. I am excited and ready to get this over with. Anyone that has had theirs done by him could you give me some tips? Thanks!


So I had my phone consultation with Michelle today! She quoted me $13,200. That is high I don't have to lose any weight just as I thought. What's included in the price is dog ears removal,( previous tummy tuck), flanks,hips,bbl, inner thigh and bra line. Michelle indicated that even though dr.j is booked up for next year. Cash payers can get in this year, I will be paying cash. I told her I will need to discuss this with my husband first. So I will update more later..can anyone help me out on how to prep for this?? Thanks.

Change of heart.

So I decided to go with Duran ..I love her small waist with a big booty.I was able to get in touch with her better through Facebook. Hopefully my pictures are better this time. I'm looking to have my surgery ASAP !!

Team Duran

Can someone please tell me how long will it take for Duran to respond?

Future Duran doll!!

So excited!!

Date Set!!!

Spoke with Duran finally!! I will be a Duran doll February 2014
Since my hubby has to have back surgery next month..and our kids go back to school!! Can't wait..this will give me enough time to eat more..get my blood work done etc..has anyone used a RH outside of Duran referrals??

Date changed!!!

I will be a Duran doll Nov.8th..yay!! So excited..I also got a email from yily. But I am good with Duran..I wish all of my RS GIRLS LOTS OF LUCK!!

Wish pics

Real recovery armonia

I can not get a hold of this place the line is always busy..time to look elsewhere


So I got a quote from cabral..I am going to switch to him as my ps.. His work is amazing!!!


om: Angie Paredes
Date: July 28, 2013, 2:07:41 PM CDT
To: ""
Subject: Recovery room

The recovery home fee is $85 a day and this includes :

24hr care
3 meals a day
Fresh fruit juices
Cable, WiFi, long distance calls
Hot water
Backup power generators in case of power outage (which is a given in DR) lol..
Transportation to all pre and post office visits
Help with all your needs while recovering like bathing, getting in and out of bed etc...
Washing of your garment
This is on a 7th floor and you get a full panoramic view of the whole city!!! Elevator included!
Airport transportation is an additional fee of $40 each way

I can run you by the store or beauty shop if you'd like!

A$100 deposit is required to reserve a room. Deposit is nonrefundable but is transferable. And will be deducted from the total which is due upon arrival. Cash only.

let me know what you decide. I would love to have you!!!



I choose cabral over Duran only because his professionalism.
He responds quickly,speaks English, doe not require a deposit,
His asistant Maria is lovely. Plus he makes BARBIES!!!!!!!!!!!
So my date is changed to October 7th 2013.. Very anxious.

Real Recovery Armonia

So I decided to go back with them beings that I heard so much about them.although I was told to call a week before to make sure of availability ..I don't know about that ...hmmmm need a plan B


October 5th needs to hurry up..OAN..I tried to get pain meds from my pcp..she wouldn't budge, since I haven't had any surgeries I have to wait till I get back from DR..bummer!! I heard the meds in DR are not as strong like the USA..therefore I'm going to be one miserable evil BITCH!!!!!!

Dr Cabral info!!

Ask for Maria Isabel Telelphone: 809-331-5050 Ext 501/ 809-565-6173.
Cell Dr: 809-707-2325.
Online free of charge: 954-678-6350.
Fax 809-412-7758.
Email: []
If you download whatsapp his number is (809)707 2325
Facebook Message him (Hector Cabral)

Death of a Cabral Doll

After the death of insuperable indomable..I decided not to go with cabral I was quoted 4200..she died August 29th so sad..her family kept taking her to cipla to
Be seen. But he was no where to be found..his nurse said it was just a nerve problem..Wrong she died of cardiac arrest. this point I am lost...

26 Days Left

I don't know I will be going to at this point ..but santo Domingo better be ready for me!!

Days are numbered!!

It's almost that time..I will post a pre op pic and after pic once I get my sx!! Wish me luck..and pray for me!!!


Going to Cali Colombia next month..I'm so excited!!! After a change of heart from the DR doctors.. I did my research into a more cautious and top of the line PS...Dr. florez here I come .

Recovery House

Will be staying at Alba's recovery house. Next Sunday I'm gone!!! Cali Colombia here I come.

Change date and Doctor

Hello ladies I haven't been on for awhile. I keep being indecisive. I change my doctor to dra Liz vicent in Medellin Colombia sx date is march 4th. I love her bodies. She has what I'm looking for.i love her ab etching.

Decisions Decisions!!!!!

I have been doing some soul searching. I really like Liz vicent she is a cool dr with keeping in contact or corresponding with me.. Since no one else have gone to her so far I figured I will go to her..I know I'm going to need a rd 2 anyway. So liz vicent it is March 2014. Any ladies that really want to go let me know!!


I have found out that Liz Vicent is not the only doctor in Colombia that does ab etching. Yes she is good at abs, breast and nose work. From her IG account. But after speaking to several of her patients they only had ab etching done. I need someone who is aggressive with liposcuplture
Plus her tt scars scare me a bit. If I do go to liz she would be a round 2. I learned after asking dr questions on ab etching if you gain weight your stomach will look nasty after having the ab etching and not working out or eating healthy. That's another thing to think about. Ab etching is for skinny people. I'm not super skinny. So now I'm back on square 1 for now..

Liz Vicent it is!

I keep flip flopping, sorry ladies. I am aware that I will have to have a rd 2 any damn way. So I'm just going to have my rd 1 with Liz and get this surgery over with. She has been consistent with her work thus far. All of her patients love her. So to liz it will be. I will post my pre op and post op body pics in march for you ladies but I won't keep them up very long due to people stealing pics or trying to bash other women just because they salty about their surgery ijs!!!

?I'm getting rhinoplasty, lipo, Liposculpture, bbl, ab defining, breast lift with implants...

I'm getting rhinoplasty, lipo, Liposculpture, bbl, ab defining, breast lift with implants. Tt revision. Liz seems really nice, I have talked to her post op patients they love her and say she is the best. So we shall see. Other than that I'm just waiting for my time to come, I already have my rh nurse and massuse in order.

2 more weeks

My time is almost near!!

Leaving for Colombia next week!!!

Here goes nothing bags packed and ready to go flying out Saturday!!! Here goes nothing.

This surgery journey is a headache

I was suppose to leave today. I had to cancel my flight. Plus my whole surgery with liz. For one she is rude as hell. Very unprofessional. She has no bedside manners. She jacked a post op girl abs up and told her it was her fault. She is all about money. I know that all doctors want money. But at least care for your patients well being. She has another doctor performing surgeries with her. Thats fine if she tells you who he is, instead she lies and says she is the only one performing the surgery. She doesnt even speak english. No translator or nothing. Now im back to researching hopefully I find a good doctor by June. Sorry ladies. I am very disappointed as well. Seems like im never going to have my surgery
Dr. Liz Vincent


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