I only got ass while wearing garment, otherwise its gone #waala-magic #J.CURVE

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So what's the most reasonable hotel? If...

So what's the most reasonable hotel?
If traveling alone, is there a recovery ctr?
How long will u be staying??

Had my consultation on 12/14 and I think I'm ready. Wish I didn't have to leave Texas, but it is what it is. I decided to come a few days prior to surgery to enjoy the scenery. I know someone has to be there to pick u up after the procedure but what if ur traveling alone?

I'm trying to determine which creams or secret...

I'm trying to determine which creams or secret remedies u chics have to help minimize scars....this crap look like old ass chicken pox spots....I hate it! I just want it gone. Also do y'all think getting bra rolls really necessary? Because I figured if the flanks/lower back areas are done aggressive enough then that should help improve the appearance of the bra rolls?


I'm 158 trying to get dwn to 143 (15 lbs) I'm 5"1 flat in the ass, but full in hips. Here are a few pics----#motivated!

Well I'm slowly getting my weight down. I'm...

Well I'm slowly getting my weight down. I'm currently 151......down 7lbs, not to mention I began bootcamp tomorrow. Its imperative that I lose now b4 the procedure. 10 more to go then imma chill!

So I was told to not to lose any more weight....

So I was told to not to lose any more weight. Guess I'll just tone these meaty ass thighs and work on my arms....until then ladies #june.10h

day 3

Well now I'm on the other side I'm anxious to see what I'm working with. Doesn't look like much, but time will tell. I'm still in this suit, not by choice but because it's such a struggle to remove that it takes my energy. And now I know what the girls meant about the bricks in the ass!!! Oh well that's it for now..pics coming later

day 4.....same ole, same ole 6/14

Yes. Today was ruff. I was so dam frustrated over this suit that I cut my drain tube. I hate feeling helpless (or just even needing to ask for something) weird huh? I know its a Virgo thang! My post op is Mon which is exactly 7 days after. My dude say I gotta Sha-nae-nae ass....which I didn't like the sound of. He says all the ass is at the top and the rest is flat. But I ain't tripping. I'm just taking it day by day.
I also finally started getting my appetite back. I was starting.
tolook like a fein. As far as hotel, I switched from sun suites to extended stay. Any questions feel free to ask, until then ill holla bk when I reach the Lone Star state :)

drains out day 7

Well Karen removed my drains today then I was headed to the airport. Boy the pilot was getting in, my 2 HR flight ended up being 1 HR!!!! I'm glad because I had to go.....for some reason ain't nothing like letting loose on ur on toilet! TMI huh?? I know! But ladies be sure to take ur stool softners, he gv them for a reason. I have not take any pics but soon after my nap, I began....ttyl ladies

8 days post op...need some bottom ass :(

11 days wit pics

I still haven't put on any real clothes yet, but hear is a sneak peak so far!!



exactly 2 weeks today

4 wks yesterday 7/8

I'm 4 weeks post. I'm still in my xlrg garment. I ordered a Med but these thick ass thighs wasn't having it, so I'm waiting for the large to arrive. Sometimes I feel like I'm gonna melt here in the south with this heat +
garment but I must keep it on! Here
are some more pics...and place overlook my smudged, fingerprinted mirror! Horrible :(

4 wks

more pics stil with garment on

New pics 1 month

where my ass go??? :(

Well I guess I better try to build up a little muscle in my ass so it can look like something because it seem like Houdini done snatched my shit and ran. But what I don't understand is why I lost soooo much of my ass :(

random pics

Random comparison photos. You live and u learn. Well my lower back is flat as hell! So liposuction of that section was a plus. It is what it is!!

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