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I getting a BBL and more than likely a TT with Dr....

I getting a BBL and more than likely a TT with Dr. Jimerson. Since I'll be paying cash its going to cost me a whopping $14,300. My surgery is scheduled for 9/19/13. I found this site approximately a year ago and late last year after finding myself obsessing with getting my youthful curves back, I decided to become a memeber. Initially my husband was "on-board" and was had agreed to help me pay, but for one reason or another has kinda fallen off the "big booty ship". I have done my extensive research on surgeons and procedures. I've been stalking Dr. J's work since I found him on here! lol And to make matters worse...he goes on TI and Tiny Family Hustle!! Shekinah already had a cute shape, but Dr. J has her like BOOM, BAM, POOOW!! Thats what I'm hoping he can give me. I'm almost 40 with 2 daughters in college (plus 5 stepchildren) I'm almost certain my baby making days are over. Unless we decide to go ahead and make one more to make it like the show "Eight is Enough" I've allowed myself to gain so much weight, I'm currently at approx 245 and I'm 5'6. I'm working on getting that down to 215ish before my surgery. I've already paid the $500 deposit to secure my date and hopefully will have the balance of my "Investment" by the end of March.

BBL & TT in less than 2 months!!! Dr. Jimerson

I am scheduled for surgery on 9/19. I am working on losing 25 lbs before then. Its not going so well because of all the stress at home. I've resorted to the hcg diet and so far so good. A year ago when I first decided to go with Dr. Jimerson, my husband was all for it, but now our marriage is on the rocks and he doesn't want me to do it. BOO....BYE!!! I'M GETTING MY BOOTAY!!! I'll be paying cash for my surgery, my next step is to figure out ways to save money during my post op stay. Any suggestions on the best hotel in terms of convenience, comfort, and price? I'm now searching for airline tickets. I definately want a direct flight going, but not so sure if i want a nonstop flight coming back...I'm thinking I might need to rest. Anyway, wish me luck!!

Less than 72 hours til my transformation

Less than 72 hours! I'm too excited to be nervous! Here are some pics! I'll post more info later... Gotta finish packing!!


So, I've arrived at the surgery center. They haven't opened yet. I was instructed to arrive at 645 my surgery is scheduled for 730. I've been here since 630 and have been cool until this point. Now I've got the bubble guts and have been on the toilet all morning...smh. Keep me in your prayers! I'll update y'all as soon as I'm able! ????

Post op

Well ladies, its day 4 for me and I must say, this surgery aint no joke!! I was able to to get off of the gurney, wallk to to the restroom to do #1, get into the car and go up the stairs with no problem. It wasnt til I made it upstairs that I realized how weak and light headed i was. I slept all day Thursday and Friday, on got up to use the urinal and right back to bed. My husband has been amazing throughout my recovery. He hasnt depended on his mom to help us with anything except administering my Lovenox injection. Last night was the first night that I slept somewhat comfortably. The first 2 days I took muscle relaxants and pain meds arount the clock. The las two days I've only taken them once a day. It doesnt relieve the pain, just makes you sleep hard as hell. The urinal and disposible chucks were life savers!!
MY RESULTS: My tummy tuck looks good so far, still lots of swelling. my drains are draining realy slow and I'm not losing as much blood, now there's serousanguineous fluid whereas before it was frank blood draining, and lots of it! Contrary to most everyone elses reviews, Dr. J was very aggressive with my back bra rolls. Its almost completeley flat!! My butt isnt quite as plump as I would've liked it to be, especially since I expect to lose some volume. I'd be very pleased if it statyed the size it is. Its nice and plump, not too big, goes perfect with my already big hips!

The healing process

The healing process has been ok... I guess. But let me tell y'all... THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!! I'm not looking forward to the flight home at all! I still haven't sat on my but at all. On day 5 I left the house going to get my blood drawn, per Nurse Geesa's recommendations, because I'm still getting light headed when I stand and short of breath when I take my garment off. We never made it to the surgery center because of miscommunication. We made a stop at Target to pick up a few things and were there for about an hour and a half. Surprisingly I did pretty good! No lightheadedness, no shortness of breath. Only problem is my feet began to swell, particularly the right one. I find that it's most comfortable lying across the back seat on my side or stomach when traveling. The garment is actually comfortable to me with the exception of the shoulder area and the top of my buttocks. The triangle is a mutha too!! I bruise pretty easily, but from what I can see, I didn't bruise too bad, guess the Arnica Montana and Bromelain really does work!

My incisions

I hit a little bump in the road... My navel and a small area on my TT incision has some dead tissue in it and had to be chemically debrided (with topical ointment) in order to heal correctly. I had no idea until about a week ago I began to notice a brownish discharge coming through my steri strip. I took them off, cleaned it with gauze and sterile water. I immediately called the office. They didn't call me back til the next day, which was Friday, just before their closing time and I was at my husbands uncle's funeral and was unable to take the call. Unfortunately I had to go the entire weekend without instruction. Good thing I'm a wound care nurse so I knew the best thing to do was to keep it dry and covered. I spoke to Kim, sent her pics. She called in the prescription to my pharmacy and it (Santyl) wasn't available until today. I've done my first application...hopefully it heals quickly!! I'm taking another round of antibiotics as prophylaxis, but I don't believe it's infected as there is no foul odor. I believe it didn't heal properly because 1) I was always laying on my stomach which was almost inevitable and the garment was pressed up against it. I probably caused some trauma. So ladies if you get a TT and BBL make sure you protect those incisions from friction and pressure with gauze or some sort of padding..I SHOULDVE KNOWN BETTER!! 2) my appetite was very poor after the surgery and my intake of protein and vitamin C was not where it should've been. I began drinking lots of OJ, but couldn't figure out what to do to increase my protein intake as nothing tasted good and I couldn't bring myself to eat what I needed to :-/ here are some pics without my garment

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