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Like so many ladies, I have been stalking this...

Like so many ladies, I have been stalking this site for several months and have finally decided to write my own story. I am 44 years old, 5"3, 150 lbs. I had an okay figure prior to having children..never had much of a butt...but certainly better than what I have today. After two back to back pregnancies, I was about 50 lbs overweight. I suffered, struggled, ate right and exercised and managed to lose the weight. But sadly, along with the extra pounds, I lost what little butt I had.

My kids are now in their teens and off to college soon. I usually don't spend much money on myself, but decided to indulge since I truly hate my backside! I had a consultation about 1 year ago with Dr. Jimerson but decided against doing the BBL at the time. My mind is set now...I met with Dr. J last week and I'm scheduled for December 17th. He requested I gain about 20 lbs but I cannot imagine that's going to happen...more like 10 lbs. He did clarify that since I'm not giving him much to work with, I will not end up with a huge booty...but really, I'm 44 and work in an extremely conservative profession. A huge ghetto booty would not really suit me. Just please improve on the pancake ass I currently have!! It is so embarrassingly pathetic!

I am truly excited and starting to get nervous as I'm less than a month away from surgery! I'll be getting the BBL, lipo to upper & lower abs, upper & lower back, flanks and inner thighs. This surgery has completely consumed my life....I cannot think about anything else!

Preparing for my BBL

So since my consultation last week where I was told to gain weight, I've done nothing but eat and eat and eat. I feel totally disgusting and sick to my stomach. I stand on the scale this morning and I've gained 2 lbs! I was expecting about 9 or 10! You'd think gaining weight would be super easy..no? I can't think about drinking those nasty Ensure shakes. I hate milk...and that's like thick milk...gross.

25 more days!!

I'm getting so excited!! Only 25 more days to go..I'm up 5 lbs and with Thanksgiving coming I know I'll do some serious damage!
I haven't really purchased any of the things I need..I'll have to look at some of the supplies lists you ladies have posted. I was really only hoping to buy the absolute necessities.

Just a few more days...

I had my pre-op today with Kimberly at Dr. Jimerson's office. All I have to say is thank goodness everything was given to me in writing because I definitely cannot absorb that much information. A lot of the information was stuff I already new...like not sitting on the booty, using a boppy pillow to sit on your thighs, maxi dresses work best for day of surgery, etc. She went into great detail on the drain and how to empty it frequently and proper cleaning of the drain site. At this point I thought I could literally lose my lunch...you'd think a plastic surgery pro like me would be tougher...but just the mention of a drain makes me nauseous!

One thing I did not know was that the Arnica Montana tabs are not to be taken before the procedure. When I did my Smartlipo, I began to take the tabs daily about 3 days before my procedure. However, Kimberly explained that the Arnica counteracts the Lovenox injections, which are necessary to prevent blood clots....I'm nauseous again at this point. I can start the Arnica 24 hours after my last Lovenox injection, which means 8 days after surgery. She gave me a prescription for 7 different meds I need to purchase. I'll post how much those cost once I fill the prescription, but I was told approximately $300.

I do have the name and number of a couple of people who specialize in Lymphatic drainage massage. One woman charges $85 per session but will come to your home.

Anyway, just waiting for my big day to arrive. Funny, time felt like it was really dragging for a while...and now it's suddenly flying! And the Brazilian woman that does my waxing cannot understand why on earth I'm not going to Brazil to have this procedure done. Maybe that's where I'll go for the next one...

I'm ready!

I'm ready for tomorrow to be here!! Surgery is scheduled for 11:30 and should last about 2.5 hours. I've managed to stay very positive and focus on how good I'm gonna look after surgery. My mom will accompany me to Dr. J's office in the morning and take my car back to her house. She literally lives 3 minutes from his office. God bless my mom, she means well, but she can bring down the most positive, upbeat person alive. Luckily, I am prepared to tune her out when she starts with her "keep doing unnecessary surgeries...eventually one will go terribly wrong." Thank god she'll only be in the car with me for a few minutes! Hubby will pick me up after surgery..funny how men are...he hasn't even asked how much I've spent on this surgery or exactly what I'm getting done. All he knows is I'm getting a butt! Lol! I guess that's a good thing!

I really felt terrible lying to my coworkers and bosses. I told them I was having "gynecological" surgery...I figured that would stop them from asking for too many details. They're a very conservative, judgmental group and I was not about to tell them the truth.

Anyways....I am so ready to get this recovery underway..I know it's the hardest part. I'll post pics and an update as soon as I can!

1 day post op

I had my surgery yesterday with Dr. Jimerson. Everything went very smoothly. Really not much pain- probably like a 2 on a 0 to 10 scale. The worst part is the muscle soreness and having to sleep on my tummy. Renee, Dr J's OR nurse is really awesome. She went out of her way to make me feel as comfortable as possible.

I feel a lot better than I'd anticipated. Except I really wish I could sit down!

Post op pic

Impossible to remove garment!

So today marks 48 hours after my surgery and I'm supposed to remove and wash my garment and change all the dressings to fresh new ones. Impossible task! How have you other ladies dealt with this? There was no way the garment was getting pulled down past my hips and butt.

On a positive note...my waist is tiny and the back bra roll is gone!!! I wish I could've taken more pics. But I think I'll try again tomorrow. Hubby tried his best to help, but it was so painful! Any ideas ladies?

Post Op - day 5

I'm excited about getting this darn drain removed at my post op appt tomorrow. I just can't stand it. I am dying to try on clothes with my new shape and the drain is preventing me from doing so.

I had my first visitors today. My mom and sister came over to see me. I think they were both a bit shocked at the size of my butt! Mom goes "You're not gonna hide that from anybody!" But with the compression garment on, I don't think you get a realistic picture of it. I'm very bruised and I know I'm swollen, so it will go down in size. Here's a pic...I'll post some more after the drain removal tomorrow.

Post Op - day 6

I had my post op appointment with Kim at Dr Jimerson's today. She said everything looked great and removed that hateful drain! I feel so much better without it! I was also told that since I only had my midsection lipoed, I could go into a corset styled compression garment - this way I can avoid having the straps cut into my shoulders - which is very uncomfortable!

Here's some pics of me trying on a couple of dresses at home. So happy to be free of the drain!

More pics

BTW, my pre-surgery measurements were 38-32-42. Today I am 38-29-45

I've always had hips, but just sort of boxy, square hips. Dr. J suggested rounding them out...he definitely did that.

Another sleepless night...

I can't take sleeping on my stomach! How do people do it? What do you do with your ears...the crushed ear pain is awful! Plus, I have shoulder issues where I cannot put too much pressure on them or my arms, wrists and hands go numb. I've had numb hands since surgery! Ugghh....

Otherwise, I feel great. Some minimal soreness in the lipoed areas, but that's it. I'm very happy with my results...the swelling around the hip/butt area has gone down some and my results are looking very natural. I am still very bruised, but taking Arnica by mouth and topical gel for that.

Tiana, my masseuse, will be here shortly. I'll let y'all know how that goes.

Making progress...

I'm making progress daily with my recovery. Every day I feel a little more like myself. My massage on Saturday with Tiana from The Wellness Sanctuary was great..very relaxing, and I have my next massage scheduled for Thursday.

I truly am loving my new body..and I figured now would be the time to give props to the PS who made it possible, Dr. Jimerson. There seems to be an awful lot of hate for the doc here on Realself. I know people have had issues with his staff - I did not- but I can absolutely see how that would turn someone off. Acttually, my patient coordinator gave me her personal cell number so I could communicate with her at any time.

The very first time I met Dr. Jimerson was at my in-house consultation in Nov. He was very friendly, chatted with me for about 10 minutes, answered my questions without rushing me and promised to "hook me up."

The next time I saw him was on surgery day. He walked in to the room where I'd been waiting for about 2 hours wearing a hospital gown with an IV in my hand and totally panicking. I did not get an "I'm sorry you've been waiting so long" or any other comment to comfort me - actually, I'm pretty sure I did not even get a smile. Dr. J asked me to stand, remove my gown, and he began to mark up the areas to lipo. He made small talk about the smartlipo procedure I'd had elsewhere several years ago. Then he said "tell me what you want." I told him exactly what I wanted and what I did not want. and he listened...to every single word I said.

I guess my point is, yes, maybe Dr. J is lacking a bit in bedside manner and maybe it is true that fame is going to his head, and unprofessionalism exists among his staff members. But as far as my experience...in those critical few minutes before surgery...Dr. Jimerson listened very closely to my wishes...and without a doubt, he delivered.

1 month post op

I feel more like myself every day...but still not at 100%. The hardest part of this recovery has been not being able to just sit down. I feel like I've lost quite a bit of volume on my butt, but when I ask hubby he says no way. If I'd had an ass like this to start with I would not have needed any surgery! My hourglass shape is definitely holding strong. Many people have commented that I look thinner...but that dang number on the scale sure as hell does not move!

Here are a few new pics of me at 1 month. Good luck to you ladies with up coming surgery dates. Have no fear...if I can do it anyone can!

Some more pics

Here are some pics I took this morning getting ready for work. I really hope I don't lose anymore volume. I read about another RS girl who said she lost all of her volume by 8 months. OMG...I will be devastated if that happens!!

Ready for my next surgery

I'm getting very excited about my rhinoplasty and chin/neck lipo next week. Will start a new review on that procedure soon. Nothing really new to post about my butt. I don't feel like I've lost any more than the initial amount, which I feel was a lot. I was reading a review yesterday of a girl who had her BBL with Dr. J and had round 2 with Dr. Salzhauer 6 months later...really got me thinking.....

I'll be in DR this June - my daughter is having dental work. I wish I was brave enough to have work done by Dra. Duran or Dra. Yily. They have such awesome results! But I'm way too scared and anyway, I need to be able to drive my daughter to and from her appointments.

I remember growing up in a hispanic NYC family, my mom had tons of friends who'd go to DR for plastic surgery. One neighbor in particular - a very obese woman - went to DR and came back half her size. I asked my mom how she'd lost the weight so fast and mom's answer was "she went to Santo Domingo". It's always been the place to be transformed. Maybe from now till June I'll grow a pair and be able to get something done!

Hello, my name is Labonita44 and I am a plastic surgery addict...

Almost 2 mos post op

I am still not 100%. My lower back and flanks area are still numb and starting to get very itchy. My butt seems to be taking on a more natural shape now. It has definitely dropped more...I thought it was a bit too high, so I am glad about that. I had to reschedule my next post op appointment with Dr. J because of the crazy weather we've had here in Atlanta, so I still don't know how many cc's were transferred into my butt. I actually enjoy trying on clothes and swimsuits now, which I never enjoyed before.

Tomorrow is my rhinoplasty. I am a little concerned about laying flat on the operating table for 4 hours. I have not laid on my back once since surgery. Hopefully they'll have a pillow to cushion the butt...

Almost 12 weeks post op

I went to Dr. Jimerson's office today for a post op visit. They were very impressed with how I've progressed and how quickly I have healed. I was told he removed 4500 cc's of fat from my midsection and back and transferred 750 cc's to each butt cheek and 100 cc's to each hip.

Overall, I am very happy with my results. My butt is by no means huge, but I do think it looks very natural. I have lost about 8 lbs due to being unable to eat after my chin and rhinoplasty surgery. I've started eating normal again now...very worried I'd lose even more volume from my butt. Still not sitting directly on my butt...I was told today to wait till the 6 month mark to resume normal sitting without a pillow. Otherwise, everything else is back to normal.

Drcurves on Instagram!

Just imagine my surprise when I open up Instagram today and I see Dr. Jimerson has posted my before & after pic!! And some jerk comments "no way is that the same person!" Hellz yes it is! My mouth literally drops open when I look at that before pic.

This is truly a life changing procedure... My butt is not by any means huge, but it is very shapely. It's a huge self-esteem boost to know you are turning heads everywhere you go...both men and women...and that you fill out your clothes like your supposed to.. and how that teeny bikini bottom may just be a wee bit too small for all that booty! I owe a lot to Dr. J!! He truly is a sculpting master!
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