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Ok, so like many of you I have been stalking this...

Ok, so like many of you I have been stalking this site for months now :-) I'm a wife, business woman, mother of three and I'm SOOOO ready for my upcoming consultation with Dr. Jimerson in April 2014. I have seen so many beautiful women on here with beautiful results and I'm really looking forward to Dr. Jimerson working his magic on my rump roast ;-)

Phone Consultation Oops

Today is the day I was scheduled to have my phone consultation. After waiting almost 3 months I was prepared and super excited. BUT, unfortunately I did not read the conformation e-mail in its entirety which cause a slight delay. I was suppose to email my photos before the 11th in order to proceed with the consolation as scheduled. I didn't, which was my mistake and therefore had to reschedule my consultation until Friday, April 18th. So for now I'm patiently waiting :-)

Changed from Dr. Jimmerson to Dr. Fisher

After doing massive research on finding the best Dr. for me, I decided to go with Dr. Fisher at Vanity in Miami. His work is amazing, prices are great and overall I feel like he'll be able to give me what I'm hoping to receive.

My sx date is March 9, 2015. I paid $5000 for full abdominal and back lipo with BBL fat transfer. (FYI....Vanity does not accept CareCredit anymore)

I want be utilizing the recovery house package, but I might purchase the massage packet. So far I've been speaking with Francia and she's been awesome. Very friendly and knowledgable.

Wish Pics....

Receipt of Payment to Vanity

I received my payment receipt today from Vanity. I have a scheduled date of March 9th, but I haven't received a confirmation email yet??? Although when I call to verify it is in b the system.

Side note...I'd been speaking with Francia very regularly (she was very nice and informative) however, all of a sudden I've been told that she's not available due to an sutten emergency??? I've seen several other sisters on her being told this same thing when speaking with other Vanity staff so that kind of raised a red flag. But I'm going to stay positive and pray that all goes well =)

Before Pictures

These are my 7 week pre-op pictures. I'm hoping Dr. Fisher can remove these love handles, gut and back fat.


Things that I've purchased thus far. Basically I've combined a list from suggestions of received from other Sista pages.

7 week preop side view

My goal is to move all that fat from the front to the back

Recovery House

I just paid my deposit with Moni's RH. Anyone else staying at New Body Recovery between March 6th and the 15th?
I hear good this about the place and she sounds pretty nice so I'm praying for a good experience.

Should I loose weight for BBL or not???

My current weight is between 157 - 160. But my goal weight after BBL is between 145 - 150. My question is should I maintain my current weight for better BBL results or should I lose any weight now in order to reach my goal weight after sx without risking losing my fat grafting?

6 Days Pre-Op and Waiting on Lab Results

My survey is less than a week away and I'm patiently waiting on the results of my blood work.

Vanity Issues

OK, so I was told by Dr. Fishers assistant to have my blood work done at least two week in advance. Therefore, I caled two week prior to my surgery date to requst a prescription to have my blood work done. I was told my a nurse coordinator that they do not allow out of state patients to have their blood work done at home and I would need to arrive a few days early so that Vanity could completey blood work.

I rescheduled my flight to arrive 2 days sooner and paid for extra days in my hotel.

Then, one week prior to SX 3/2/15 I received a call from Dr
Fishers assistant asking why have I not gotten my blood work completed. I explained to her what I was told by the coordinator two weeks prior and she expained that I was misinformed. And that I needed to have my blood work completed ASAP.

She stated that she was going to email me the prescription right away. So i headed straight to an emergency care facility to have my blood work done. No email was ever received.... It took almost 4 hours and over 10 phone calls for them to finally send over the prescription. So frustrating.... But I'm going to try to remain positive.

Waiting on Lab Results

Am I the only one who had their labs done one week prior??? I looks as if every one had theirs done at least 2 to 3 weeks prior. My SX is in 4 days and I'm freaking out waiting on my lab results.

2 Days Pre Op in Miami

2 Days Pre Op

1 Day Pre Op

Tomorrow is my big day. I'm scheduled for 8pm tomorrow evening. I met this girl yesterday at Vanity who'd just had SX on Tuesday. She looked great and was up moving about very well. That really gave me a sense of relaxation and peace. I'll be purchasing my garment in the morning from Moni (2 for $130). So far vanity has been great. Very attentive and professional in person. I'm staying at Extended Stay America in downtown Miami. I was staying at a different Extended Stay in Coral Gables, but switched to the downtown location because I didn't care for the area of the 1st location. That's about it for now. I'll update more tomorrow.

One hour per op photos

Officially a Fisher Doll 3/9/15

I will update later. No energy!!!!

post op day 1 pics

post op day 2

10 stars to Marian Medical Masasge. Is did the BEST massage I could have ever asked for. She smooth my back and flanks out the 1st day after surgery.

post op day 3

Still extremely swollen but I love the results thus far

Missed Period After BBL

I'm 4 week post op today and was suppose to get my period 3 days ago. Is this normal? Did any other BBL sister miss their 1st cycle after surgery? Or did it come late?
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

My review is on Dr. Fisher at Vanity in Miami. Not Dr. Jimerson.

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