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Prepping for my date With Dr J Curves coming up in...

Prepping for my date With Dr J Curves coming up in just two more weeks! Im super excited but cant help but to think of the pain ill be in, ); that part freaks me out. And I don't like being away from my 2 year old daughter that long either! In the mean time I was told to gain weight. I was 5'2" 125lbs now im 140lbs, im sure ill gain a little more, at least 10 more. I want a fat a** for da money, okaaaaay!
I feel so weird walking around in public at this size. None of my clothes fit properly after weight gain in such a smaamount of time. Im drinking Ensure plus along with my daily meals and its really put some fat on me. Im not sure Who ill have take care of me yet? or where ill be staying? Has anyone had a care giver or nurse or recovery house they recommend? I really don't want a ghetto Booty, or granny booty. I want a big round bubble butt. Ive always been small and athletic. A huge ghetto booty probably would not look good on me.

so! tomorrows my pre-op

Tomorrows my pre-op at Dr Js office and I feel so lucky to get in and have my procedure done so fast! I know his waiting list is so looooong!!!! He's definitely the Dr I really wanted. I love his work. I'm gonna ask as many questions possible. I want to make sure I am understood with theook I'm going for befo surgery. I really want my moneys worth...lol a big fat ass and all the fat I gained for the procedure taken out. My boyfriends coming with me! I'm so happy. When he's around I feel so much better. (:

Weight gain for surgery!!!

The photos of me that I sent to Dr Jimersons office. They told me to gain weight Fast!!! I only had 3 weeks to go!!! O was like, ok! All I have to do is eat all the fattening foods o want. Fuuuun! Ummm, No. Not so Fuuun. Fun for a day! Stuffing my face kinda sucked after a while...lol. so I started drinking Ensure Pulse about 3-4 a day around my meals to help with weight gain. Luckily since the pics I've gained about 15 extra pounds! (: my boyfriend is crazy btw. He went to the grocery store a got 10 packs of cookies...lmao. I said, are you crazy! I'm not gonna eat all that! Delusional boyfriends. I am hoping to go back down to close to my weight. I love being really lean and I hoping he stuffs so much fat that when I do come down a little bit, it'll still be a nice size. Like Kim K, right? She's small with a big butt

After pre-op Q and A's

So, i had my pre-op today. my sx is 6 days away. I asked the nurse if he does aggressive sx for sure, she said yes he does, so im hoping to come out with little to no fat left on my body other than my but. I also asked how many ccs could I possibly get? she said 1000 ccs, but it determines how many ccs of fat I have available to take out, and how many ccs can he fit in my butt. if my skin or butt were too tight then he would have to stop at some point, and that made since. Im hoping to get in 900ccs at least...lol. Oh, and I added inner thigh lipo to my sx as well. Since im already getting hips, I do not want big thighs, that's just too much. The girls at the office that had inner thigh sx had a space between there thighs and that's the look im going for. Also, I second guessing getting hips down but one of the girls there told me she has butt sx with no hips and she regrets it to this day. she said she wish she added hips to hers to get that incave out ofe her hip that happens. I said, ok im definitely getting hips, not to mention shellys hips looked amazeBalls! The pictures of shelly ive seen do her no justice. Im so jealous, her body was bananazzzz. I was like "Daaaaaaamn" in my head when she walked by. And Monica has a stallion booty for sure! twon totally deferent body types that were both bangen, so I know im in great hands.
Also guys, they weighed me today and I only weighed 142! ): I was kinda hoping to be 150 come sx day. I tend to weigh more because im so fit and muscular. so I don't know if im weighing muscle or fat!? what the hell, ive been eating so much, my metabolism must be crazy fast! although I don't wana be too over weight because your suppose to maintain your weight after sx to keep your butt sx. More complicated than I thought it was gona be. BTW, my face down pillow came in the mail today, finally. took forever to come. Does anyone no more about the epi foam? I got some for my sx, but not sure how to use it or why I should use it. Thanks (;

SX Day after tomorrow!!!

I cannot believe im having sx day after tomorrow! I think my minds playing tricks on me! lol. Please let me have enough fat for my sx!!! Im 143 but I wish I was at least 150 for the look im going for. ive noticed that since ive gained weight a lot of it has went to my butt, imagine that. Yes, my butt has gotten bigger, so I know my results will me good. I just booked a nurse for the first 3 days, so lets see how it goes

i had surgery today! (;

Hey everyone, I had sx with the one and only Dr J curves today! Right now I'm in my hotel room laying on my stomach because had butt and hips done. Shockingly my man has been so helpful that I cancelled on the nurse coming. Bless his heart he has been at my becking calleven gave me my shots! I think he just wana be near this ass...lmao. naw but foreal from the what I see in the mirror my butt is huge, and I like it like that. I hope it doesn't shrink down too much. Now about the pain, while I lay down watching tv, I fill no pain. When I get up out of bed I get light headed and a little nauseated. I the most part is stiffness and soreness. I'm so sore, fills like I was on q car accident and didn't even know, like " What the f*** happened!" Lol. But its not too bad, especially with the pain meds. Well ima try to get some sleep, ill post pics later.

Thanks for the well wishes! (;

Just wanted to update for my future big booty beauty's! Thanks for all the well wishes! I doing great and right on track, I suppose, if it includes swelling and stiffness..lol its hard to see your true results at this point. my knees are so fat right now...lol. I haven't been this swollen since I was 8 months prego. My bf helped me take my garmit and bandages off last night. I wanted to do it by myself because I thought it may be to graphic for him, but he insisted on helping. he had to cut it off me that's how tight it was. Surprisingly he "really" liked it. he got horny just taking it off...lol. Whats wrong with men? they just love ass, even a beat up one. I must admit it does look pretty good. its a little too high up, as I didn't really want a shelf booty, im hoping it will fall a little bit, but the size is great. its super full and I really wanted a full booty. it looks huge with my maxi dresses on. Im trying not to move around too much to help my fat survival rate! My stomach is super tiny even though its swollen. I had my inner thighs lipo'd but they are still big, im guessing because im so swollen. I guess I should get a message to help bring the swelling down. But does anyone know if my butt will go down after a while. cause I don't really want a high booty, just a big booty! (; my bf is working. ill get him to take pics of when later!

pics are up!!! (:

Hey bbl sistassss, Ive finally posted pics. Please let me know what the you. I'm still super super swollen and stiff!!!! I can't wait to see my final results, its taking too long. Right now I feel like the top of my butt it way too high up and the bottom is almost flat. As if the butt I had before turned upside down. I hope its just the stiffness. I'm praying that it will drop and if I'm going to lose about 30% of this volume then I may be on the super small side, we'll see what happens. Tell me what you think?

new pics

new pic

butt in pants


My bf slapped my ass 2 days out of sx. He said oops I forgot. Then, 4 days later he decides to climb over me on the bed and put pressure on my butt and said, oops my bad. Today, bout 9 days out he tells my 2 year old to go slap me on the butt as hard as she could. I don't know why he thinks its so funny. He got super mad at me m when I finally told him to stop and that he was being immature. I've wasted my money if his antics persist. Why are guys so dumb?

scar tissue

I feel great a week and a half out from sx, but Ive been having trouble with my inner thigh on my right side. I think its scar tissue. It's a big knot like long inner hard scar. It's so hard and big. When I poke at it it leaves in indent. And it makes it so hard to walk around. The rest of my body is healing great accept for that. I try massaging it. It's so tight it pulls and won't let me stretch out my legs. How do I get rid of it???

3 weeks after my bbl

I'm feeling so much better 3 weeks after my bbl. I'm almost walking normal. Because I had my inner thighs done the recovery on them was much longer. I'm still working on massaging the scar tissue out of my thighs. My butt looks so good, I'm very proud of mynew booty! Although its not as huge as Iwould have liked it to be, I'm sure he got as much fat as he could find. I'm already thinking of round two, but I don't think I could go through with it again. Because I'm so use to be small and in good shape I probably couldn't gain weight again just to get maby a two inch hump on my butt. I'd probably be better off getting butt implants, I already want to get in the gym. My arms are still fat...lol. I don't remember my butt ever hurting much, just the lypo areas hurt the worst, manly my inner thighs

6 weeks post op

Hey bbl sis, I am about 6 weeks out from my bbl. I am feeling great and walking normaly. Getting your thighs lipod with this sx makes it a whole new ball game. I had little to no pain in my butt at all, and the other lipod areas like my lowerback flanks and stomach, the pain was tolerable. Buyt them thighs? SMH never again...lol. The scar tissue in my thighs have gone down but are still there. I massage them every day in the shower. Im surprised I still get swollen all over this far out from the sx, but I do. It really makes it hard to see your results when your so big and swollen the hole time, but im told ill be able to see everything much better in my 3rd month when the swelling subsides and I fluff. I am still thinking about going for a round 2. I wish I would have gotten my upper back bra rolls and arms done as well. since my waist is small, it looks weird to have fat in your arms and upper back. My butt looks "Totally" different than the first couple weeks out of sx. At fist I was worried that it was too high up and stiff with no under cuff. it has fallen a lot and is very loose. it looks so natural. Although I still want it a little bigger and a more sculpted back and upper body. I want to be damn near skinny in my upper body, with a big butt. BTW my boobs are huge since I had to gain the weight. But these upper back fat and bra rolls can go. I feel like I should find a surgeon whos use to working on smaller patients to get the sculpted lipo im looking for, cause im deff not gaining anymore weight. Dr Hughes mentioned he did a bbl on a girl who only weighed 100 pounds and was able to inject 1000 ccs in each of her butt cheek. im not 100 pounds, but I am pretty small. I probably need that

4 months post op and ready for round 2. Booty greed is Real and so is fluffing xD

Hey ladys I thought id check in and let you know how well my bbl with Dr. J is still going after about 4 months. At the beginning of my bbl I was a little disappointed at the stiffness and the fact that it was so high, but after I fluffed it definitely got a little bigger and rounder. The only thing I do regret is that now I know i could have gotten the same results in the DR and/or Colombia. I wish I would have done my research. My best friend got hers done and she looks amazing and she only paid $4000 when I paid $10000. So as she plans for her 2 round of bbl she would have paid less than $10000 for 2 rounds to my 1 and her butt is already perfectly heart shaped and massive (;
So for my second round I plan on going to the DR. Out of Dr Cabral. Yily and Duran, I narrowed it down to Dr Duran. Although Dr Cabral has been known to produce bomb ass bodys like Yaris Sanchez, ive heard way too many bad storys about him to feel confertable to go with him. Yily also does great work, but ive compared her work with Duran and I definitely like Durans work a lot better considering she has been consistent with her work. And I love her signature heart shaped bootys and amazing hips. Although I want to go with Duran me and my friend are finding it so hard to get in touch with her. We are both ready and have the money to go but have to wait for a call or an email back. Frustrated! Im sure shes really bizzy, but I would love to go ahead and set a date. So until then I guess I will be waiting (; If anyone knows a faster way to get in contact with her please let me know.Thanks BBL sistas!

almost 5 months post op and ready for round 2

Im going to my vanity for my round two bbl 6 months after. I caint wait. I already have a Jimerson booty, all I need is a tune up. Next month is the month for me! (; Salas or Fisher?

Salas or Fisher at My Vanity

So Why have I narrowed my search down to Salas and Fisher. Number 1 Dr pelayo is not certified in plastic surgery. Number two after doing my research and reading reviews that Dr Hasan gives you the butt he wants you to have in proportion to your body instead of giving you a large butt. Dr Salas does listen to you and consider your desires in what you want. And ever since ive called my vanity, They have pushed dr Fisher on me numerous times. They swear by his work. Go figure? Why do they push Dr Fisher so much? Ive seen other girls say that if you are going there for a bbl they will recommend Dr Fisher because he is the my Vanity bbl specialist. This could be true. I noticed when I looked at all the Dr's profile on Realself, Dr Fisher's profile is the only one with BBL pics. Shout out to Feelinmyself. She just had her bbl done by Fisher and she looks great. she also took a picture of a nurse who had her bbl done by him as well and her ass was super fat. its possible that Dr Fisher and Salal are definitely two rising stars in the BBL community. if so, I wana get in before the prices rise like Salama and Jimerson

Dr Fisher it is

I paid my deposit! No turning back now! Im having my bbl With Dr Fisher Jan the 4th. I canit wait!!! at the same time im a little scared to be going to the Drive thru of Plastic Surgery. But I guess its ok for my second round. Its more like a tune up of what I already have. I got a big booty, it will just be bigger. I got a smaller waist, it will just be tiny. Im massaging Cocoa butter in my but three times a day to help the elasticity of my skin to welcome new fat. because wheni visited dr Salama he mentioned my skin being too tight. I hoping it wont be a problem later. Some Drs do not perform second round bbl's until you are a year out of sx, but others do? Isnt that weird. Even Dr Jimerson, Duran and Mendiota will perform a round 2 bbl for you 6 months out. But other Drs like salama and Ghurani or even pelayo wont?
Dr Fisher will as well. Ill try to help my results by getting a full body massage once a week before sx and massaging coco butter into my skin 3 times a day. Fingers crossed (;

my jimerson booty 5 months

This is a photo of my almost 5 months post op surgery with Dr Jimerson after flirting. Perfectly round

after fluffing not flirting


There ARE stages of the butt SIZE after BBL

I just thought I'd right a review to tackle some of the frustration about shrinking and fluffing after school. Now first off, I had sx with a surgeon who knows how to place fat in your butt and knows how to make it stay, where as when this procedure first came out, Dr were drs who would do this procedure and girls would complain about losing all the fat 6 months to a year after sx. This is not the case. Now a days the more popular drs do Brazilian butt lifts fat transfer and the fat actually lasts.
like me, right out of sx I thought the shape I had was It! I had no idea my butt would actually change two or three times...Lol so I was panicking. My butt my HuGe and swollen and high up on my back! I felt like a had a granny booty. Do not measure your butt right after sx, its still inflamed and swollen! Swelling could last for months. After your swelling goes down around the second or third month your butt will still be hard and stiff. You will feel like you lost size, well you did, Swelling! At this point you are at the smallest you will ever be.
after the third and fourth AND fifth month you will start to soften up and fluff! You will even hang a little more. This will make you bigger! You honestly won't see final results till a full 6 months out of sx. So don't panic. I see girls do it all the time. I know I did! Theres still hope! The fluffing goddess is real, TaDaa! (;

The name Cabral makes me cringe

I know this is old, but info is better that no info, especially for the newbys.


Round 2 wish

My booty at the moment #Plump

I just thought id add a photo of my Jimerson booty before I go for round 2. I've been massaging my butt with cocoa butt 2 to 3 times a day to help the elasticity of my skin, so I can receive more fat. And I must say, after doing it faithfully for 2 weeks, my butt is so
much more jiggle. What im taking to prepare for surgery is blood builder vitamins and drinking gerital once daily. My surgery is January 17th by the way.
I can't wait! I know my booty looks pretty good now but I hate the back fat. Its got to go. I want full upper body lipo please (: but keep the booty juicy. Can I get it any bigger...lol

pre op supplements

Now I know most good Drs say dont worry about taking a bunch off stuff before surgery, but since this is a round two, I do have concerns and want to make sure im more than health ready before my round 2.

Bromelain: im taking to make sure all swelling and/or inflammation are
completely gone before round 2.
Vite 6: is for nerve repair
Blood Builder and Gerital: to make sure blood work comes back Excellent
coco butter: I massage on my butt 2-3 Times a day to prepare the elasticity of my skin, so my skin isn't too tight to receive new fat
Vite C: for my immune system
Women's multivitamin: for the obvious

1 week to go

I can't believe I having surgery with Dr Fisher in one week. I called the office to talk to someone. I was confused as to why I hadn't heard from anyone since I put my deposit down. Is anyone suppose to contact me before my surgery date? Ana at my vanities said no. I guess im just suppose to show up. My quote is $4500 for the bbl. But I want extra lipo done like my upper back and bra rolls and arm pit area. Maby arm's. Im pretty sure my quote will go up. Im suppose to have a consultation with Dr Fisher the day before surgery, but they didn't give me a set time. They just said come in anytime that day, there will be a long wait. I've anticipate this round 2 of surgery every since I got round one. I knew I needed to do it one more time to really achieve my vision. Caint wait to be in recovery for the last time. When all is said and done ill give myself a pat on the back and will rid myself of booty envy once and for all.

Dr Fisher IS certified in Plastic Surgery

I saw that someone is spreading false information about Dr Jonathan Fisher not be board certified in plastic surgery. Here is a certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Board certified

The American Board of Plastic Surgery

Dr Fishers Work

Shape. love the shape, with more fullness

email from my vanity

I finally received an email from my vanity for pre op instructions for my surgery next week of course it's telling me not to drink and not to take vitamins and all that stuff I'm super excited 7 more days it's getting real

hips booty wish. smaller upper body

4 Days away!!!

Omg yalll, I cannot believe my bbl is only 4 days away xD I can still remember coming out of surgery after round one wishing I was a lil bigger, and now im finaly making it happened. getting exactly what you want can sometimes take months or even years, but when your focused, anything is possible.
I don't feel nervous at all, I usually don't get nervous until they mark me up, then I be freaken out asking for the drugs. My butt is already big, but I want a huge booty, so that when I hit the gym, like I love to do every day, I don't have to worry about my booty getting too small. and I don't wana have booty envy anymore. ive seen girls with amazing big booties at the gym, now I can focus on my own situation (; oh and my hunnys coming with again! (; I made him book us a hotel with two beds cause I will not have him sleeping rolling over on my new booty like last time. but he is a good lil nurse. I haven't booked a massage yet, im thinking I will wait until I get back home to start my massages, because after surgery, I just don't see myself leaving the hotel everyday to go get a massage, no thanks. I would love to find someone that could come to me though, that would be nice.

Bad news!

after I receved an approval for my surgery from Dr Fisher 3 moths ago, anna called me today, 3 days before my surgery, and said Dr Fisher changed his mind, and that I had to wait till march to have surgery. Mind you I have a plane to catch. What the hell!? I heard this place was unorganized but I didn't know it was this bad. Ive already paid for everything, even hotel room and rental car. Now, I don't know what to do


the 2 plane tickets are none refundable and I also have to pay a $200 change fee, Twice, if I do decide to change the flight. This is just costing me more money than i wanted to spend

cancelled surgery via email

Because of the sudden cancellation I have lost lots of money.


Heres the scoop! BTW thanks for all the. support RS sisters. Now I wouldn't want a Dr to work on me who sais im not ready. I would rather be safe and sorry. But, I went through this whole process because the Dr had already looked at my pictures and we had already went through everything and I was approved for the date. However, it so beyond Unprofessional to wait 3 days before surgery, after taking time off work, after paying for things that are nonrefundable, tell send me an unprofessional misspelled email about, "My Bad, maby next time."
After all, I booked this trip for 2 people, so the damage is double. and also I called and asked if I would get reimburse for the damage, and they said "No, we cant do that." I mean, not even so much as a small discount of the sx for my troubles?
So after I asked her that, I asked if I could get that $2500 deposit back? She said "Well, we can just keep it and reschedule you for a different date. Ill check the schedule and call you back Friday!" I said "Friday?!" she rushed me off the phone and said, "let me call you back" so she hung up and I didn't get a call back.
The unprofessionalism is Shocking. I guess ill be waiting for a call back to see if they decide to reimburse me or string me along

no call back

After not receiving a call back like I was promised, he decided to call vanity myself. I demanded to speak with Dr Fisher or at least get a phone call from him. The lady on the said hold on and went to find Anna. So annoying!
Anna gets on the phone and said "dont worry, your still having your surgy, just have to wait till end of February, OK" as she tries to rush me off the phone I said "Wait! Ok you said the end of February but you still didn't give me a date and I know yall are still scheduling new patients!?" She said "oh, ok. Ummm,
ill put you down for the 28th, will that be alright for you?" I said Yes that would be fine. And she said ok I call you later and hung up. After that, I texted her and said "please ask dr Fisher first if that date is ok with him. I don't want to go through this again." No text back as usual. And th

no phone call from Fisher

They never told Fisher to call me. After all this, I have been discouraged and wondering if I even want another round. Its been so hard and depressing to gain wait for surgery when im so use to being skinny, as I am naturally. Im not use to having all this fat on me and not being able to fit my old clothes because of the weight gain keeps me in the house most of the time. It can be depressing storring fat for transfer.
As of now, im scheduled for surgery on February 28th but vanity better get ready for me to call them everyday until then "Everyday" and I will be speaking with Dr Fisher. I love his work and still want him to work on me, but I really have alot to say about his workers.

coco's stats make me feel fat

Tell me why I was sooo excited that Coco posted her stats on instagram...lol. I've always loved her body, I had no idea she was my height. So her hip/butt are 40"and her waist is 23"(exactly why her butt looks so big) and her boobs are just huge. Im also 5'2 but my butt is 41 1/2" and my waist is no where near small, my boobs are also huge. Its amazing how her butt is only 40"? A tiny waist to hip ratio does wonders! And yes, I still want a bigger booty. 40"-41" is just not big enough for me. I would love to have a 25" waist ideally, and 43" hips/butt. Also I've had girls ask me how it looks to be short and thick, does it look right? Well, I bet you didnt know that coco was a shorty, she's known for her thickness, and she wears it well

dr Fisher

Dr Fisher before and after

need to lose or gain weight for surgery

Off Topic I wanted to add this subject to my review for girls who were told to lose or gain weight for surgery. When I had surgery I was told to gain weight. It was hard to gain weight because my metabolism was sooo high. I could eat any and everything and wouldn't gain a pound. It wasn't always that way. I use to be over weight with a slow metabolism until I reset my body (I tell you how to reset metabolism) But right before sx to gain weight I had slow down my metabolism and increase fat intake. I hated it, put so much work into losing weight to gain it back sucks, but losing weight just to lose the booty you barely had sucks even more. Not having a booty will haunt you for rest of your life. ..lol no matter how lean and in shape you are. So I gained weight by slowing my metabolism "By" eating large meals less times a day. Eating a high calorie meal maby 2 times a day with an Ensure plus on the side. This helped me to gain weight. Doing the total opposite helps you to lose weight. The metabolism is key with or without the gym. When building/resetting your metabolism you actually have to eat more often. Eating 6 times a day is better than 2 or 3. Smaller portions 5 to 6 times a day of high protein foods and lots of water will make you lose weight. High good carb breakfast and lunch, high protein rest of the day meals ( steak, chicken, fish) hands down will make you lose weight "If" you do it faithfully on the course of 3 weeks to a month it would reset and spreed up the metabolism causing you to lean out. When you eat once or twice a day, your body has no idea when it will ever eat again and starts storring as much fat as possible anytime you actually get the chance to eat, its called starvation mode. This is why people you see that eat all the time are so small, and then those who don't eat that often are usually heavier. This really helped me when I had weight problems, now I know what to do. I hope this helps some of you lady's that are fighting this never-ending battle.

called CG Cosmetics

I just called Cg cosmetics and spoke with there coordinator and she was soooooo sweet it was almost refreshingggg after dealing with the My Vanityies crew. I was inquiring information about Dr Fisher to see if he still worked there so that maby I could switch facilities or maby even see if they could get me on the phone with him, since vanity cannot. She said, "Dr Fisher is no longer with us, he is at Vanity full time, I wish he was because Dr Fisher is the Best." So Dr Fisher is only at Vanity. She didn't even try to pawn me off on one of there available Drs, She just said, "Yes, Dr Fisher is the best, but he don't work here no more, and if he was here I would have got you a phone consultation with him as well." Damn! Why cant Vanity be like that...smdh. But if you are looking to go to CG cosmetics there customer service is superb, and there boob jobs are super inexpensive. btw im about to call Vanity now just to bug the hell out of them

calling Vanity

Im calling My Vanities now, the lady answering the phone speaks clear English barely an accent. I wonder if they hired new people? she didn't send me straight to Ana either, she decided to look into my case herself. She put me on hold for about 5 minutes and got back on the phone and said " We just looked at your file and it said your are scheduled for surgery on the 28th, but your DR ( Fisher) isnt here today, his wife is Pregnant and they had an emergency, so just call us back tomorrow when he is here so we can verify everything with him." So Hopefully ill get some answers tomorrow.


my ultimate wish

my butt got a lil bigger

Because ive gained weight after my first bbl with Dr J, my butt has gotten bigger, but so has everything else. I just need some good sculpting lipo of my upper body to get the shape im trying to accomplish. And yes a lil more added to the booty. Btw, No LUCK being able to speak with Dr Fisher. Btw he has been attending to his pregnant wife here lately, and I understand that. But i did tell ana that I Will not be buying my plane tickets until I get an Ok from the Dr himself. Because my time with the Miami office of vanity has been horrible, I wonder if I could switch to the Plantation office of vanity. I hear there a lil more professional. But I dont know if they'll let me switch officers? It is the same company? First I have to find there phone number

called vanity

Called vanity again today as I have been everyday to ask if Dr Fisher has double checked my date and approved my case for the 28th of this month. Ana said you will definitely be having surgery on the 28th but dr fishers nurse will show dr Fisher your pics tomorrow and run it by him. He hasn't been in fir a week because he is tending to his wife and baby. My prayers go out to dr Fisher and his wife. I pray that God watch over them and take control of there situation


scheduled for the 28th with Fisher

yes, time has gone by

Yes, time has gone by quickly! I had blood work done and everything came back normal, and im not pregnant, yay! Everything's looking up. Leaving for Miami (Hopefully) next Thursday. My man is coming along again. Hes a good little nurse. Im gonna try and sleep this week away. Im not nervous I think Im just ready to get this over with, I feel like I been waiting foreeever.

final Pre op instructions

I got an email from Priscilla with my pro op instructions. No tea no alcohol bla bla bla. Im just drinking lots of water these days. Stopped all vitamins. Im going in for my pre op appointment in just 5 days. The day before surgery day. Sometimes I have fear that my booty may be too big, until I see pictures like this ^^^^^^ then I remember why I decided to do this in the first place. Take take for now big booty sisters, ill keep ya posted ( ;

The big day is tomorrow! Got the green light from fisher

Hey bbl girls!!! My time has come! After waiting and being put off to be rescheduled again, my time has finally approved, and no I didn't get turned away from vanity by Dr Fisher. He looked me over and said I was ready. I also added arms to my lipo'd areas. I got the 5 messages they offer here at vanity as well. Dr fisher is nice and super hilarious. As you already know my booty is already big so when he saw me he was like " can you make it clap?" Lol I bust out laughing.My boyfriend was in the room too and said " don't ask her that cause she will do it"! Lol. So! The office felt very comfortable, there were beautiful coordinaters everywhere. They treated me like a celebrity. They seemed like they do this every day, it was a good experience to be honest, I was a little shocked! Over the phone and email were not up to standards? I asked for my prescriptions today so I could get them filled the night before surgery. Be sure to Ask! We'll I'm about to get eat my last supper before tonight because I won't be allowed to eat any more later. Ta ta for now. Wish me luck

i did it!!!

Hey bbl sister, thank you so much for all love and well wishes! My bbl went great. I have on lots of padding under my garmet to help absorb the draining so of course I can't really see myself. After waking up I was in alot of pain, no denying it. And because of the Anastisia I was Shivering like crazy. I was begging for pain meds but the nurse said to wait till I leave because my bf had my medication. There were other girls in the recovery room who had surgery with me as well, but with other Drs like Hasan and Salas. One girl didn't seem in too much pain. The other was moaning painfully. One girl booty was huge! I think she was a Salas patient. Btw I felt like such a minority. Everybody is Hispanic, everyone is from south America. Dr Fisher is white but even he knew how to speak Spanish fluently. Even his anastisialogist was also white, but he spoke broken Spanish. There was a Japanese patient who was fluently spanish. I was like "Well damn" lol. I thought it was funny, I didn't understand anything. My bf took me back to the hotel and emediatly gave me pain meds along with my antibiotics. I feel alot better now, about to take a nap. Thanks again for all the well wishes (;

right out of surgery

This is a photo of me right out of surgery, keep in mind I am soooo swollen!!!! And under my clothes I am super padded as I drain. I get my first massage tomorrow to push out all the fluids. But yall I still can't believe how I look. Either my waist got smaller, or my hips are bigger? I dont know but I love the shape im working with. And because I had huge boobs I had alot of side boob fat that went around my back. He got rid of all of that. I feel like I went to the D R! Not bad for the 4500. I can't wait till the swelling go down

vanity coordinater

still swollen

Im still very swollen but I took a shower today and washed my garmets. Caint wait till swelling goes down

my stomach before surgery

Two new Deaths in the D R

Treena Jackson and Beverly. Two known patients that have recently died in the DR. May God have his way in there family's lives. This is so sad, I was just talking to a coordinater at vanity about the D R and how there prices are just as low but I didn't want to leave the country. She mentioned how in the U.S Drs are more careful because they don't want to lose there licence they've worked so hard for and went to school for so many years to get this license theyare so much mmore careful. As with the Drs of the Dominican republic can make mistakes and don't have to answer yo anybody. U.S Drs would lose there licence if too many deaths accrued. Btw Dr Cabral is not even allowed in the United States. Some of the girls that have died in the D R are never even mentioned. Now im not pouring salt on the D R, as I have been in love with Dr Durand work, just be really careful when leaving the country and remember that these Drs dont have to deal with repercussions of any kind like U.S. Drs do.

massages at vanity

Sorry been off here for a while. I've finally left Miami and am back home. Before I left Miami I made sure I got all 5 massages I paid for. If you are considering Dr Fisher I do recommend getting the massages they offer at vanity, because Dr Fisher does not use train's, the massages you will get the day after surgery literally push out all the draining fluid. Like, you will be able to see it. And if your not draining your gonna be really irritated and swollen. So the massages definitely help relieve alot of that stress. Btw, I also recommended taking pain meds before the massage. The massages are painful as they are pressing on lipo'd areas. I think i took one in a half sometimes 2 pain pills before hand and it really helped. Btw, my booty is soooo big yall, I could never EVER think about doing this again. Im knocking stuff off the shelf with these hips and booty. At beginning of my journey I use to be a stick figure straight up and down and now im completely pear shaped its crazy.

Dr Fisher is the Shit

After having surgery with Dr Fisher I can definitely say from experience that he is the shit. Every dime I spent with him was worth it. Before surgery he really got to know me and him and his nurse knew me by name. I was just a patient number. They really knew what look I was going for. An Experience I didn't get with my previous more POPULAR Dr. It was so refreshing to get a good dr once in this market the search is real. My waist is so small already and im not even done shrinking. My booty was stuffed to the max, dr Fisher wasn't playen with he stuffed this booty. Now remember to communicate with him because if you dont want a huge booty he won't give you one. I wish he would have been my first choice at the beginning of my surgery journey. I don't remember being this excited after my first surgery. Im ready to go shopping and everything yall, I swear I look good. Ill try and take more pics soon. Ive stopped taking pain meds already. I did feel feverish yesterday, im not sure if its because i stopped taking meds or what? But I feel a lil better and the pain is tolerable but my nights are sleepless as expected. I do miss
sleeping good. Not for a while. Ill try to get my boo to take a pic of me. I wanted to make sure most of the inflammation and swelling went down or its pointless.

nurses are attentive

I forgot to mention how after surgery the next day they nerses called me on my cell to make sure I was ok. And to make sure I was coming in for my massages and post op appointment. That was alsorreally nice to have. Its so crazy because before surgery with them they're hard to get a hold of?

1 week post op

1 week post op. Feeling much better, and walking normally. No garmets in this picture. Swelling still coming down :) picture is kinda blurry I was in a rush. Will post more later

picture and 1 1/2 week update

I explained to Dr Fisher how my first surgeon added most of the fat to the top of my booty trying to create a shelf type of look. So it left the bottom flat and there was no fullness. Dr Fisher filled in the middle to bottom half giving me more fullness and it will drop into more of a heart shape. Keep in mind the picture on the left is soft. The right is still solid and hasn't fluffed yet. I already lo e it. The lots under my. Cheeks are tiny stitches in getting taken out tomorrow. Im so glad I got my arms done, they're so much smaller! My back fat is gone. The puffiness you see is still lots of swelling. Im so thick! I love it. My upper body is still small. I can't wait to see what ima look like next month. Also I got a call from vanity today to see how I was doing. I told them I had a fever for a couple of days but it went away. They said it was normal. Everything else is coming along great. Enjoy the picture. I know how much y'all like pics
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr Jimerson because he is consistent in his work. He definitely gives a great round booty. I believe he is very popular because he has such a large promotional team, better than most. They work day in and day out to get his name on the market. I wish he had more time to spend with his own patients. I did not see him until day of sx for about 4 minutes. he's workers also are the ones who do his concultations for him. Although he does amazing work, I believe $10000 deserves a little more face time with the Dr than 5 minutes face time. If you do not mind not having any face time with the Dr and you don't mind paying $10000 for a big juicy booty that he is capable of giving, I think he is the perfect Dr.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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