*** TT,BBL w/HIPS, back & inner thigh lipo- Dr. Jimerson**

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HeLLO ALL!!! I am a new to realself (although I...

HeLLO ALL!!! I am a new to realself (although I have been trolling for several years) my goal is to inspire others as they have inspired me- so I will try to be as thorough and detailed as possible :) Sorry for the long post -I wanted to wait until I knew for sure I was going thru with the procedure before I documented everything.

Background: I have had 5 C-sections back to back although I love my kids to death I HATE the damage it did to my stomach. For years I have struggled with losing weight and became very depressed until I found out about HCG. In 2010 I went from 200lbs down to 140 in a year- I was very happy, however, I lost my BUTT and I was stuck with loose skin and the c section flab got worse it hangs over my vagina--YUK. My husband is an ASS guy…all the way and I’m so embarrassed 2 not have one , I also have to constantly put powder under my stomach flab, all my self esteem issues affects intimacy, I HATE the beach and will find any excuse NOT to take my kids to anything where there’s water involved.

For years I have struggled with wanting a tummy and a Butt augmentation- but my BIGGEST fear is going to sleep and NOT waking up. I start crying thinking about leaving my kids without a mom. I then feel selfish, vein and self-absorbed. Why would I be willing 2 put myself in a situation where I may die? – then I start thinking- ((okay or maybe justifying)) it by saying I can technically die behind the wheel of a car-or on a plan-or anywhere for that matter.

After stalking this forum and reviewing many before and after’s and reading inspiring story’s I FINALLY got the guts to actually set up some consultations. We have settled on Dr. Andrew Jimerson.

Consultation: In April 2015, after meeting Dr. Jimerson. I could feel it “in my bones’ he was the only doctor I would actually allow to operate on me. My consultation was at 1 pm and I left the office after 4-UGHHH- let me just tell you I wasn't so pleasant when they finally called me in the back. However Dr. Jimerson came in the room- apologized and explained 2 staff members called out sick so they were understaffed that day. He also explained he normally didn't do “this part” but my coordinator was wrapping up with someone before me. He asked me many questions about how I came to the decision to actually elect the procedure, we talked about my kids, he talked about his wife etc- it honestly felt like I was talking to an old school friend or family member I hadn’t seen in a while. My husband was so engaged it was great. I explained everything I wanted (tummy tuck/butt augmentation) I explained I would do the Butt augmentation first and come back in 6months for a tummy tuck. Dr jimerson suggested I do them together 4better results and a cheaper rate and he also suggested I “add on hips”, inner thigh lipo, and bra area lipo. I explained I only have 14 days OFF work and I’m terrified about the recovery process (and I need to be discreet for work)-he understood my concerns and stated hundreds of his patients have recovered in this time and have been fine- but it’s ultimately my choice.

The quote I got was:

10300-But grafting –augmentation

1150-Add on hips (ha who know u could do this – I feel like a build a bear)

950-inner thigh

950-lipo bra roll

950-Upper back

5200-Tummy tuck

Total 19,500- lawd! I get put a down payment on a car n buy a couple red bottoms

Although I didn't put $ down,When I left the office I thought I would have that buyer’s remorse felling in my stomach –I didn’t and to my surprise my husband AKA MR CHEAP- was on board and very supportive-in fact he said he’s happy that I was finally going to get it done- we just had to work out the money part…….and the fact that there is a waiting list until 2016…

On June 02/2015 I called Sharondia (my coordinator) and asked if I paid ASAP when could I have surgery….after a couple of month of thinking I figured I should do it while the kids are out of school – I gave her some dates and she confirmed they would be available if I paid.

I actually decided to take Dr jimersons recommendation to do the tummy tuck and BBL together and besides why would I want to go thru this pain 2x plus hotel/ car rental/baby sitter/ time off work for my husband and I – ughhh

I paid 13,500-cash and I put 6000.00 on care credit

My surgery date is 7/22/2015 at 1pm—woohooo I’m getting nervous

Well ladies -- hotel had been booked. ...

Soooooo 2day I did my medical clearance (265.00 ooch) @ a local walk in clinic. My primary dr didn't have any availability ughh! It was more thorough then I anticipated and included xrays/urine samples/ blood work and a full physical from the dr. It makes me more comfortable because a lot of surgeons only request medical clearance on patients over 40.... And I'm in my twenties

I also booked my hotel- we are staying at the hyatt - I'm using points from my delta skymiles (4 days) ... so that's a blessing
Then we're staying at the Holiday Inn express for my final 4 days- using points with my chase Sapphire card. .. Another blessing!...I wanted to stay at the hyatt for the full 8 days but why spend money when I can stay for free. ... Make sense to me! - i still haven't decided if we will drive or fly in and I haven't bought the items on the list...omgg this is really happening and it's hard to work and stay focused and keep this all a secret.NO one knows other then my husband. ... The truth is I more people hate on me then genuinely care about me. oh well

just got a " casting" email from dr. Jimersons office

Umm so if I agree will my surgery be FREE LOL

pics - me before

I'm trying to lose 10 pounds by 7/22 so my results will be great! I can't believe I put these pics up but I'm can't wait for the drastic transformation

HELP- what 2 say when I get back 2 work....

Soooo... No one knows about what I'm doing & i work with a bunch of miserable gossipy women and I sit for 8 hours a day at work ( people even emailed and questioned why I was using so much vacation all at once.- damn! Can I take my vacation in peace?!? Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to be discreet. .. what the hell am i going to say about sitting on a pillow at my desk for 6 months?. To be honest this is one of the main reasons i never committed to getting these procedures. Also should I be taking vitamins right now ??? Please help

My measurements today n photo

So I'm trying to gain some weight so my results are perfect- i got off work at 9pm and had a greasy burger, fries an a milk shake. EPIC FAIL - I THREW UP and I had the WORST stomach ache ever. I think i over did it ! I haven't had fast food or greasy food in years. This morning I'm still nauseous and I struggled to get out of bed I just feel sick. Anywho my measurements are waist 28 1/2, lower waist 34, hips 41 I'm unsure i can gain the weight in this time frame

So close yet so far away

IM COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS! I can't wait & I Still need to get some of the supplies.I have been taking my Make me heal vitamins and drinking ensures. I now weight 162 I will take a picture 5 days before my procedure but I think I'm done with gaining weight I look like a troll YIKES- I'm just concerned about the car ride back to Miami 8 days after the procedure I'm thinking that will put me at risk of getting blood clots but driving is my only option


A couple of days ago I was 163.1, I was so happy. This morning I get on the scale and I'm 157.2 -WTFFFFFF. I eat eggwhites n turky bacon for breakfast, fish n veggies or grilled chicken n veggie for lunch and a ensure for dinner. And fruit thru the day. I'm not dieting n haven't worked out so I don't understand how I'm losing weigh... This is BULL

almost there yall!!!

It's funny a year ago I was nervous as HELL and had knots in my stomach but I can honestly say that many months of research and this website has given me the confidence that I need so I feeling optimistic. I know what to expect each day based upon all the journeys that I've followed. Maybe this will change the day of surgery but as of right now I'm doing really well & I'm excited my pillow came in yesterday its better then i thought it would be!! I'm going to take it to work today and make sure that a couple of my colleagues take a good look at it so I can continue planting seeds in their minds about my back.Eventually people will know that I got work done and I'm fine with that AFTER- I just don't want anyone to know prior because I don't want the negativity and anyone wishing bad on my life-I'm very superstitious.

1 more day! !! final measurements

HELLO LUVS!! I'm not really pumped up and excited like i should be- however, I know I'm blessed! y'all just don't know what this procedure means to me & the fact that I'm able to even spend this type of money on ANYTHING is nothing short of a blessing. It's so hard for my mind to wrap around the fact that Dr J wants me to gain weight when I successfully lost so much weight and I'm simply going to him to enhance what working out cant do for me. Currently I look like a troll and logically speaking, after he sculpts my fat how am i suppose to work out and not lose the new butt? how am I supposed to lose my double chin ?how my supposed to lose the weight on my thighs without impacting my butt ?I don't know- I guess this is just a journey. On a lighter note I'll be leaving for Atlanta tonight my measurements are: 30 belly button, 39 stomach, and 43 hips /flat ass


SOOOOOOO yesterday I went to my final pre-op, they were amazed at how "prepared" I was and I pretty much knew everything to expect ((THANK YOU 2 my realself sistas)))

I want to mention 2 u ladies, there were ANNOYED family members sitting in the waiting area explaining they were there for 9 hrs plus -so when I finally got called to the back I made sure to ask about it. I was informed dr. J is starting a new venture with a Dr who helps him on Tuesdays so they preform double the amount of surgeries on Tuesdays. Oh hellll nooo. I was sure to ask about Wednesday (today) and was told it will be a "normal day" and he only has 3 surgeries scheduled. Aside from that I'm feeling GREAT I think I've made peace with myself for my decision to go through with this and it's in Gods hands :).

The hyatt is perfect for my first 4 recovery days. The set up is ideal for nurse/patient accommodations as it has a separate living area w/ an oversized sectional that turns into a bed. I didn't advise I was here for a procedure however, I believe the maxi dress and many pillows gave it away lol

These are my final pics-after gaining the weight for the fat transfer. Also, I want to say it again, THANK YOU 2 all the beautiful women that have opened up a very private part of their lives
giving others the push and confidence they need. I Really And truly wouldn't have the GUTS to do this had it not been for you ladies! !

Please keep me in your prayers and wish me luck!! NEXT TIME I POST, I WILL BE JIMERDOLL!!!-

I made it! !! He accomplished the natural look

guys i officially made it on the other side Wednesday night but Ive been too sore to type. I will say this -day number one is a bitch I wasn't necessarily in pain but I felt like I did are really hard core workout and my body was just extremely sore !! sleeping has been the most difficult thing in the world if I had to do this all over again I think I would do two different surgeries first my bbl then I would wait to do my tummy tuck due to the fact that sleeping is such a bitch ughhh my husband has been so amazing through this process and Renee a nurse through the doctors office has been amazing as well!! I couldn't have done this without her I will keep you posted but here's a couple of pics---I can stand, I can walk, I feel great there's but there's so many other details but I'm too sleepy from these drugs to even type about it but I will definitely give a more thorough review when I feel 100%

Not really loving it

Now that I'm no longer under heavy medications I'm looking over all my pics and my measurements. I'm not really impressed to be honest. I can't let my hubby know because then I would be ungrateful. To me I went from a pancake ass to a wide ass. I don't see where he have me hips. To me it looks like he just smoothed out my hips. I haven't been wearing a compression garment because it makes my legs fall asleep and I know I'm still swollen but ladies tell me what you think look at my pictures and let me know I need your honesty

Did he give me hips or nah????!!! ughh

updated pics pith compression garment on

Ladies, ladies, ladies- i have to tell you. I've had crazy mood swings for several days. I've drove my husband crazy. All is well now that I'm in my garment!!! I'm ready to bit the streets and i will live in this thing lol

2 week update

I've been feeling awesome!!!! Still healing n waiting for the fluff.... my measurements today are 36, 27.5, 44.5

ladies ladies ladies - i need your opinions

I'm wearing my compression garment but I still have these creases ..... Any advice as to what I should be doing? ...

officially 6 weeks today

Let me start off by saying although I did extensive research I did not do everything I was supposed to do to the T-this isn't because I didn't want the best results possible this is strictly because life happens and I have kids ...I drove on day 13 ,there were times that I sat down without the cushion when I forgot to bring it, I had sex sooner than I should have and I'm not talking regular sex I'm talking about ROUGH sex (sorry too much information) I barely wore the garment because it was so uncomfortable I probably wear it three to five hours during the day but then throughout the night but never 24 hours straight and for that I'm paying for it because I'm 6 weeks out I still have inflammation in certain areas of my stomach plus in my sides i still have creases. when you see my results just know that I didn't follow the proper protocol like I should have I also haven't been eating really well like I used to mainly because I'm so excited when I eat I don't get bloated and I've never had that experience so I'm probably overeating- however my waist is a 26 1/2 and my hips is 44 as of today. I've had good days & I've had bad days I've had days where I regret the surgery! I guess you get used to your results and so when you look in the mirror you no longer see anything also a lot of women got astronomically BIGG results but my whole thing was I didn't want to look like a stripper and when I walk into a room I don't want anyone to look at my ass like damn she got work done I wanted it to look as natural as possible and I told the dr that over n over and so I guess I just got used to seeing huge oversized asses on real self so I look at my but and I feel like it's just flat still... but when I look at my before my after I can definitely see the difference ...thank you ladies again for all of the encouragement love you dolls!!!- I have a 6 week post op schedule on Friday I'm not sure that I need to go if its that important let me know what you ladies think ....I'm going to be pissed if I Drive all the way to another state or even fly in and dr. jimerson doesn't even see me and it's just a nurse or something I don't know what to do

officially 8 weeks! !!!

I'm super excited to have the surgery done n over with! My butt is completely soft n bounces every time I walk lol. Random people ask if I waist train n how I got my body the way it is. I feel soooooooooo bad when put on the spot lying thru my teeth. I still have some ways to go with the imflamation on my sides but other then that I'm happy. My butt isn't over the top n toooooo big for my liking :)- I've been using bromelain and drinking a lot of pineapple juice. I CAN'T WAIT to start working out again I'm just not sure when tho. I still haven't sat on the toilet or layed/slept on my back. My weight is 154.7- measurements are 36 breast, 26.5 waist, 44.2 hips/butt I hope my waist goes down more tho -Thank you ladies for all your support

Finally found pants that fitttt!!!

I've been having such a hard time trying to find pants! they're always either baggy in the waist, get over my thighs but then they won't go up n over my butt OR i try on the proper waist size but then they can't get over my hips :( these are 100% spandex and soooo cute they're cut up everywhere in the front!

woke up to a 25.5 inch waist

Yessssssssssssssss I can't tell you how happy I am to wake up to a 25.5 waist n 44 butt this is unbelievable I'm so excited I think I need to go to the mall Ha!!! oh and excuse the dirty mirror

"when the hate don't work they start tellin lies"

Hello bbl sisters -here's some updates. FIRST THE HATE IS REAL! IF U GO INTO THIS WITH SUPPORTIVE " FRIENDS", JUST KNOW BY THE END OF RECOVERY half become HATERS!!!! Especially if they can't afford the surgeries they want smh -i can't stress that enough.!!!!!!!!! Onto a positive note the ATTENTION IS REAL I can't tell you all the perks lol also I still sit on my pillow if I have to sit for extended times, I still lay on my stomach when I sleep and I'm still a little sore sometimes I am currently waist training working to get my waist as small as possible other than that here's a couple of pics again thank you all for your support!!!


Hi guys still loving my results.... butt is 44, waist is 27.5 n some days 28, I HAVE BEEN EATING u know how the holidays hit u. Smh. I know what you're thinking -I said I would never go thru surgery again. I want 1 more round and to be sculpted..I feel that I'm more boxy then I want to be.

i made 6 monthssss

Hay dolls!!! Is been a while ive been enjoying my body and enjoying these screetz I keep forgetting to take photos with clothes on but trust when I say body is almost PERFECTION! over all very satisfied... Would like lipo on my stomach n love handles.... Let me know what u all think it may be my head/mind playing tricks on my. The attention is RIDICULOUS, hubby won't let me leave the house alone-i feel like women stare more then men that's the only thing holding me back from additional lipo. I'm thinking the lipo will maybe make the results more drastic. I don't waist train maybe I should, my waist is 28 now.. I've been eating!!! :( would like a 26in waist here's a couple pics sorry so oily I use Shea n vitamin e for scaring
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