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Hello RS I have been stalking this site since last...

Hello RS I have been stalking this site since last year when I had my first consultation with Dr J in March 2012. I was so excited about getting this procedure done I've dreamed about it for years. I still Imagine myself everynight how I am going to look once this is all over with. I am simply tired of looking like Sponge Bob. I have been teased since I was younger about my back with a crack. I have always been told that I am beautiful and get compliments all the time. Yet when I am with my FYNE ass friends all eyes are on them, and I am just the 3rd wheel fat friend who btw is very cute. Well I am tired of being cute and I want to be all that and a some. I just really want to love my body. I am a person who likes to show off her body. I can't wait to show off my new body in a hot pink!

SO is anyone else out there in RS world trying to...

SO is anyone else out there in RS world trying to lose weight before their surgery. I have gained at least 40 pounds since my consulatation. I know it is from this IUD that I have and I am so glad it will be coming out tomorrow. I have had hair loss, crazy mood swings and the weight gain is crazy. I am 5'3 202 pounds that is bigger than what I was preggo. Its really depressing and ever since I got my surgery date and Aziza said I need to be at least 20 pounds over my ideal weight I have been stressing. I have been working out like crazy changed my eating habits for the past 3 weeks and no results. I am blaming this all on that dang Mirena. Does anyone know of some realistic diets and work out plans to get my weight down before SX? Has anyone else been told to lose weight before SX? I see a lot of post saying that that fat is good it helps the results. I need to come out of this looking like a bag of $$$.....because I've paid some $$$. This is the most I 've saved ever and to have my investment go to wasted would be awful. I just really need some advice on what should I do most of the weight I have is in my stomach. I have extremely small arms and legs and very small thighs. My mid section is huge and I have a hang because of the past c-sections but I have never been as big as I am know. HELP!!!

WEIGHT LOSS has gotten me so down!

So I went to the DR on last week and was scared out of my mind my blood pressure is extremly high. I know it due to all the weight that I've gained. I just am at a lost for words cause it doesn't matter what I do I can't seem to shake the fat. I thought that maybe it was because of the IUD "Mirena" that was placed over 2 years ago. Now I got to deal with high blood pressure which is not good for my surgery! I am boderline depressed about the whole situation and October 3rd will be her before you know it! Any suggestions or advice would be highly appreciated........going in a corner to mope!

Yall got me SO NERVOUS!

So my SX date has changed to Jan 3rd 2014 due to $$$$ issues, but after reviewing all these new reviews on how Dr J. Has not been doing his best I am scared as hell! I am gone be super pissed if you I drop 15K and don't look like the bad B!t$h in at least 6 months time I will be sick! I need some encouragement ASAP......I want to be excited but I can't! I need some tips to get my body ready! Help RS Sistas........any advice would be appreciated!


Back with a crack!

Self Pics

Self Pic's

Please don't let me look like this!

Feeling a little better!

I spoke Aziza on last week and she told me that Dr Jimerson had teamed up with Precision Weight loss and I joined on last Saturday. I feel great already I have changed my eating habits and started working out consistent. You go on once a week and they are very structured. I can't wait to go this Saturday and weigh in. I discussed with the Dr what my goal was and he said that that could definitely happen before Jan 3rd. He said by Thanksgiving I would lose at least 20 pounds! They are located all over Georgia and if you're not in Georgia you can still join the program. The price is affordable as well which was my biggest concern. I still have to pay for the rest of my surgery so I was not going to be able to afford some off the chain rate. Its only been 2 days but I plan to make this a lifestyle change. I am not putting all this cash down on this bootiful body and let it go down. Again I am super excited and I can't wait to go and see what I've lost on Saturday......that's my motivation!

So excited!

Well guys I went to the Dr Saturday and I've lost 3 pounds. That was all the motivation I needed to get me moving. I am just made I didn't do this much sooner. At least I know now that I will be able to get it off before my surgery date. I've been walking at least 4 miles a day I drink at least 66 ounces of water a day, and my caloric intake is 1000 a day. I am not going front I want some noodles and sweets so bad! I try to stay away from my friends who love to eat out and keep junk food around cause baby do I feel like a junky trying to kick a bad habit! I am going on my second week and am very excited to see what the scale will say.....its like playing the slot machine. I will keep you all posted on my progress....I am praying I lose at least 5 pounds this week!

Dr. J is who I am going with he is very down to earth. I appreciate the way he takes his time and sculpt a new you. His hands have truly been blessed and he knows what he is doing. I am so glad to have chosen him as my doctor.

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