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I've made my decision and I am #TeamJimerson ALL...

I've made my decision and I am #TeamJimerson ALL DAY! I am scheduled for April 15 and wondering if anyone has a date in February (preferably between Feb 12 - Feb 22, but I can be flexible).

My deposit has been paid, my anticipation is high, and my nerves are all over the place lol! I am so excited about this, and the only thing that could make it better would be if I could get it a little bit sooner. I can't do it any sooner than February because of my school schedule, so if anyone needs a bit more time to get ready or save funds and would like to switch for my April 15 date, feel free to respond or PM me.

I'm super excited to be embarking on this journey and I look forward to getting to know you ladies along the way! :-)

I am SO EXCITED about the new body I am about to...

I am SO EXCITED about the new body I am about to have! I have been wanting a bigger butt for as long as I can remember. I have a decent shape now, but the fact that my butt is small has always made me feel like I was incomplete... Can any of you ladies relate to that? I know that the desire for curves is universal, but as a black woman, it's like we're EXPECTED to have a big butt, and I would be lying if I didn't admit that my self-esteem has been affected at certain times because of my lack of booty meat lol! I feel a lot better about myself now than I did when I was a teenager. It's crazy because things like the booty-pop and padded underwear are pretty common now, but when I was in high school, they were not. I bought a pair of padded underwear from Frederick's of Hollywood and it cost me $40, and this was 9 or 10 years ago! Nowadays, you can walk into any clothing store in the mall and buy something like that for like $10-$15!! But the worst part is that even with my padded booty, guys would still look at me and say I had a small butt... Can you imagine how horrible that felt? Geez! I'm like damn, my REAL booty is even smaller than this lol! Needless to say, I was just trying to make myself look curvier the best way that I could, but it was like false advertising because as soon as someone touched it, you could immediately tell it was fake, and THAT was WAAAAAY more embarassing than just walking around with my naturally small bottom!! So yeah, I stopped wearing it before I graduated from high school.

Now, I am ready for the real deal! I have been looking at Dr.Jimerson's work for a LONG time and I know that he is the one for me! Looking at his pics was enough, but after meeting him, I fell in love with his personality even more than his before and after pics! He is patient, honest, and FUNNY AS HELL!! I felt like I had known him forever. He took time to break down exactly what he will do and to listen to my concerns about how I wanted the fat to be placed. That's one thing I like about Jimerson is that all of his butts don't look the same. Different people have different expectations, and he gives you what you want. I expressed that I do not want my booty to be proportioned to my body, I want it to be BIG on my body! I want it to stand out, not blend in. He told me exactly what I needed to do to make that happen, and I trust everything he said. I know he is going to make me very proud :-)

On top of Jimerson being awesome, his employees are absolute angels! Valerie worked with me during my consultation, answering additional questions and pointing out things on my body. She also scheduled my surgery for me. Aziza is the bomb! I have talked to her three times in the last week and she has just been so patient and accommodating. I know that I couldn't have picked a better group of people to be working with during this journey. I'm on my way to a better me and I'm so glad that Jimerson is gonna get me there! #TeamJCurves

Ok, so I've been trying to avoid buying jeans and...

Ok, so I've been trying to avoid buying jeans and skirts lately because I know that in a few months, my shape will be completely different. I already wear sizes 9-11, depending on the brand, and I was just wondering if there are specific stores or brands that are good for post-BBL body styles? Jeans made for big butts and small waists? I probably still should wait before making purchases, but it's hard not to buy clothes especially with all this Christmas shopping I've been doing!

So, me and my friend's sister were just talking...

So, me and my friend's sister were just talking about upcoming trips that she's trying to plan, and her husband wants to go to Atlanta. So she was like, "Girl whenever I go to Atlanta, I'm going to go get my JCurves and get the fat sucked out my stomach and put in my booty!" Lol omg, I just wanted to say Me too! But I couldn't, because I haven't told nobody except my sister, my best friend, my cousin, and my guy. I haven't even told my parents yet! I'm not gonna tell anybody else, even though I'm pretty sure they'll notice when I come back, but at that point, I won't care. I really wanted to tell her that if she's serious about getting it done, she needs to call asap to set up a consultation and surgery. You don't realize just how busy he is until you get started on the journey. But I couldn't say anything...

I'll admit though, it was comforting to hear her say that, because it further proved that this procedure is quickly gaining popularity. I was always totally against cosmetic surgery, but that was because I was raised to just accept the body I have. That's cool, and in all honesty, if this procedure didn't exist, I would be content with my body, but I would still wish my butt was bigger. I am so excited about this, and it's nice to know there are people around me that are interested in it too. That way after I get it, my body can make people more excited about it!

Hi ladies! I hope everyone's Christmas was filled...

Hi ladies! I hope everyone's Christmas was filled with love, happiness, and good times. For all of the ladies that are still recovering, I wish you happy healing during the holiday season. I was just wondering if there's anyone out there who's scheduled to see Jimerson in February that would be interested in swapping for my date which is April 15? I know everyone is anxious to get it done asap, but if anyone needs more time due to scheduling conflicts, financial conflicts, expected weight gain/loss, or just needing more time to prepare, I would LOVE to switch for a date in February! So if anyone is interested, feel free to PM me so we can discuss arrangements for making the switch. Thanks ladies!

Okay, so this is to the ladies that have already...

Okay, so this is to the ladies that have already had surgery... Does your stomach ever feel soft again after surgery, or does it feel hard because the fat is gone and it's just muscle? This question arises after talking to my guy about this more and him further expressing how bad he doesn't want me to get this done. He said that afterwards, my stomach will never be soft again. I have never had a completely flat stomach, so I don't really know how it is expected to feel afterwards, but I doubt it will feel like a tabletop. Any input ladies??

Btw, I am still getting the procedure done. I want a nice big booty and a flat stomach, so this is not going to change my mind, I just wanted to know what to expect. Everyone always talks about how their booty looks and feels, and how their stomach looks, but no one really talks about how their stomach feels.

Just wondering again about whether or not the...

Just wondering again about whether or not the stomach ever gets soft again after surgery? I don't have a whole lot of fat to begin with. I am 5'3 and 152 lbs, and a lot of my fat is muscle and boobs. My guy seems to think my stomach will just be all muscle afterward and it will never be soft again because the fat will be gone. Do you ladies agree?

Omg, I am so excited!!! Aziza sent me the official...

Omg, I am so excited!!! Aziza sent me the official email today confirming my date change, so the countdown has OFFICIALLY BEGUN. In only 6 WEEKS, my transformation will take place! What a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day

Ok, so my original date was April 15, but I just...

Ok, so my original date was April 15, but I just got my official date swap on Jan 2, so now I will be going on Feb 14!! That is six weeks away and I have SO MUCH to do. I have yet to purchase garments, lotions, medicine, ANYTHING! I'm so overwhelmed, I don't even know where to begin... Does most of this stuff need to be ordered on Amazon, or can I get it out of stores? To the JCurves team, what are some suggestions on where I should stay? I need a hotel room with a kitchen, because I will NOT be going back and forth to the restaurant for food (clearly). And what about a nurse? Because of my date change, my boyfriend will not be able to come with me when I first get down there, so I will need a nurse for the first three days until he gets there. Any suggestions? Cost?

Okay, I am going to post my list of things I need to get and things I need to do. I know you ladies have seen this a million times, but please, if you notice that I'm missing something, please let me know! I have literally like NO extra time to be idle, I have to get things in motion for real now! Thanks loves!! Also, anyone that will be going to Jimerson in February, feel free to PM me! I would love to link up with some BBL sisters while we are going through this. Wish me luck!

Yellow Gummy (from Jamba Juice) - Pineapples - Soup - Protein shakes - Gatorade - Bottled Waters

Big Panties - Sweatpants - Two Robes - Sports Bras - Genie Bras - Maxi Dresses - Depends - Waist cincher - Fitted Tees, Beaters, Camis - Compression socks - Vedette garments (faja) - Katie garment (ipoexpress) - Big Wide Hat - Big Sunglasses - Squeem latex vest - Slippers

Bromelain - Arnica gel - Arnica pills - Iron (pills or liquid) - Bioflavonoid - B-100 B Complex - Kelo-cote - Multimineral vitamins - Vitamin C 1000 unit - Colace - Zofran - Make Me Heal preop/postop vitamins - Hibeclens - Extra Strength Tylenol - Vitamin E capsules (burst open and rub on scars)

Paint Roller - Self-Massager - Bed Pads - Menstrual Pads - Pee Cup - Antibacterial wipes - Dial soap - Gauze - Medical Tape - Peroxide - Vaseline - Vitamin E Aloe - Lounge Chair (cut booty out) - Pill Divider - Cotton Balls - Wedge/Boppy Pillow - Band-aids - Suction Hooks (for drains) - Neosporin - Maderma - Sesame oil - Thermometer - Bendable straws - Alcohol prep pads - Latex gloves - Nivea q10 firming lotion - Lysol - Moist flushable tissue wipes - Plastic Shower curtain for bed - Biocorneum (

If you ladies notice anything missing or have suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!

I'm on Amazon looking up things and I see several...

I'm on Amazon looking up things and I see several different kinds of Arnica gel and Arnica pills and I have NO idea what the difference is... Any suggestions?

Hi ladies! I posted this comment on someone's...

Hi ladies! I posted this comment on someone's blog, and just thought I should share it with everyone. I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to be told that the first consultation available isn't until months away... Same thing with a distant surgery date. Before I realized change could happen, I almost decided to see another doctor just because I knew I couldn't wait that long for Dr J. But I came to my senses and realized that this is my body, not a car, and I wanted to quirk with the person I spent all that time researching, the person I truly felt was the best, the person whose work and demeanor I admired, and that was Dr Jimerson! I told myself to just try, you never know what may happen... Here's what I posted on someone's blog...

"Got my new date yall!! I will be seeing Dr J on Feb 14!! Yayyy!! And to everyone looking for an earlier sx or consultation, persistence is key! Call the office regularly and actually speak to a patient coordinator. Yes, you will probably have to call back several times, but just do it. They have over 200 vmails daily, so leaving a message does not necessarily mean you will get a call back anytime soon. Do not get frustrated or irritated, just keep trying. They are SUPER busy and doing the best they can. Also, money moves you up the ladder. If you are ready to pay your $500 deposit immediately, they can move your consultation up. My original consultation date was April 10, I got it moved up to Dec 12, then I searched like hell till I found someone that wanted to switch sx dates, and that's how I got Feb 14. RS is VERY helpful with finding girls that need to switch dates. Furthermore, if you can pay your whole surgery price now, they will move both your consultation AND surgery date WAY up the ladder! When I had my consultation on Dec 12, there was a Feb 5 date available, but only if I could pay the full fee on the spot to secure the date. I got my official date change on Jan 2, and there was a surgery date available for the last week of January, but because of school, I couldn't take that. Long story short, it is completely possible! Things change everyday. Sometimes people can't get medical clearance, or can't save enough money, or can't get out of work, or can't get a baby-sitter, all kinds of things happen. Just know that it will more than likely be up to you to get moved up the ladder, because if you do the research and stay in touch with them, your hard work will pay off. Good luck ladies!!"

Yes, so basically, if you want a sooner date, you can't just sit around expecting them to call you when something opens up. We are all seeking him for a reason, so just try your hardest and it could happen. Worst case scenario, you actually have to wait, but there are COUNTLESS stories on here of girls that got their date moved up, so the next one could be you!

Also, add to that supply list female urinal, roll-on aloe, crackers, books/magazines, laptop, loofa with extension handle (for when you bathe yourself), foam pad

Hey ladies! Trying to get my purchases in order,...

Hey ladies! Trying to get my purchases in order, and I'm having trouble deciding if I should get smalls or mediums. Based on the size chart, I should be getting mediums, but clearly my stomach will be smaller after surgery. Also, I know that right after surgery, the compression needed will be different than after the first 3 or 4 weeks. So, to the vets or those that have already purchased garments or fajas or whatever, should I go for the smaller size or stick to the medium? I don't wanna waist too much money buying garments that I will only be able to fit for like a week. These things are NOT cheap!! It's crazy, the surgery is pricey enough, and then you have to spend all this extra money on things you need preop and postop. Yes ladies, between hotel, flight, food and drink, garments, supplies, medical clearance, medicine, and whatever else, you should anticipate about another $2000 in expenses, just to be safe! Of course, it depends on where you stay and what you eat and what exactly you buy, but I can surely say that you will probably need to budget in at least an additional $1500 to $2000 for other expenses. Just keep that in mind while you're saving your money ladies!

I know this may sound ridiculous because I'm a...

I know this may sound ridiculous because I'm a grown woman and clearly I'm entitled to do what I want with my body, but I just don't know how to tell my parents that I am getting this surgery. I know that they are going to be so upset. I know they are going to look at me and not understand why I feel the need to do something like this. To make matters worse, me and my mom actually had a conversation one day when I was telling her the extremes that women will go to in order to have a big booty, and the look on her face was just devastating! She said it's insane that a woman would risk her life for a big behind. Of course as women on this journey, we know that it is not all about that. We know that it's about a better self-image, more confidence, looking better in clothes, just all-around feeling better!

What will make this so hard is the fact that I have struggled with my weight my entire life, and no matter how I looked, something was always off to me. I was skinny as hell my entire life until I was 23 years old. I'm just under 5'4 and I was never bigger than 117 lbs. I hated it! To some, that may be a nice size, but I wanted to be curvy and sexy, not a walking stick figure! A few months before my 24th birthday, I committed myself to a weight gain regimen, and I gained almost 30 lbs in three months! Now, what a lot of people don't realize is that thinking you're too skinny is just like thinking you're too fat. No matter how much weight I gained, when I looked in the mirror, I still saw a skinny girl, so I just kept eating. Before I knew it, I was 167 lbs. Even at that weight, I still didn't feel right. I still saw a slim girl in the mirror, even though it was CLEAR that I was in no way petite! It was actually my doctor that made me realize I was too big. He told me that I gained way too much weight way too fast, and that my cholesterol had sky-rocketed! He said I was putting myself at risk for heart problems, bone problems, diabetes, and all kinds of other things. So, I decided to lose some weight... Once again, I went too extreme! I started working out 5 days a week, drinking nothing but water, using every spare moment to do jumping jacks, run in place, or do sit-ups, just an all-out fitness junkie. It worked. I lost 28 lbs in four months. But guess what? I felt skinny again!! This could go on forever, but basically, I just went back to my regularly scheduled program and now I am steady between 150-155 and I am comfortable at this weight.

Through it all, what I really wanted was the curves!! If I had been a 120 lb girl with nice curves, big butt, and all of that, I would have been just fine! When I got big, if I had been a 160 lb girl with nice curves, big butt, and a small waist, I would have been just fine! The problem is that I never had both. If I could be 150 lbs with a small waist, nice hips, and a big butt, I would have the exact look that I have always desired. The way my body looks right now is not that bad. To be perfectly honest, pictures don't do it much justice, but I have seen many girls who have postop pics that look exactly how my butt looks right now. To go from completely flat to having a butt that looks like mine is a MAJOR improvement! I know, because I certainly have more ass now than I did when I was skinny... And THAT, is what will make this so hard to explain to my parents...

In no way am I trying to toot my own horn, but I know that I have an overall nice body. My stomach could certainly stand to be flatter, but I have nice big boobs (36D, perky, and natural), I have nice thick thighs, long legs considering my height, little bit of hips, and a nice ass. No, not a big ass, but a nice one. I have taken pictures that make it look really big, but I know that's all about the right angle and that in person, it doesn't look like that. I can say without a doubt that if this procedure did not exist, I would be just fine with living in this body forever. Yes, I would still wish my butt was bigger, but overall I have a nice shape. My parents will think I am insane for wanting to surgically change anything... But I know that this is something I've always dreamed of, and I really feel that it will improve my overall look. My family is so totally against plastic surgery. I'm kinda nervous because I know they are going to try to talk me out of it, but I also know that my mind is made up....

Sorry for rambling ladies... Thinking about this just made my mind go off into some other places... If anyone else had problems telling their parents or can think of things that may help make it easier, please let me know. I have a million things to think about when it comes to this, and I really don't need any additional stress. It's bad enough that my guy tries to talk me out of it every chance he gets instead of just accepting that I'm gonna do it and helping me prepare for the first medical procedure I will ever endure! Geez... *deep breath... inhale... exhale...* Feeling kinda stressed now, ugh!

I'm searching things on and I know...

I'm searching things on and I know lots of people listed the MakeMeHeal preop/postop vitamin kit, but I notice this VitaMedica 4pc preop/postop Kit also. It cost about $25 more than the MakeMeHeal kit, but it includes vitamins, arnica, and bromelain. Does anyone know anything about this kit? If I get that, would I still need to purchase Arnica pills and bromelain?? I know that we already have to take a sh*t load of pills and I definitely don't want to take too much or not enough of anything, so just wondering if anyone knows about this other kit. Thanks.

I just got off the phone with Aziza from Dr...

I just got off the phone with Aziza from Dr.Jimerson's office, and we LITERALLY were on the phone for over 30 minutes! She took time to answer every single question I had, and even had to leave the line twice to go ask the nurse more specific things that I needed to know. She gave me referals for a few nurses and agencies with nurses, hotels with different accommodations, the best suggestions for which preop and postop vitamins and supplies to use, even a website for finding massage therapists. She even helped me find some places here in Chicago where I can go for massages when I get back home! She has made this journey so much easier for me. Every time I have needed help with something, ever since I left my consultation, she has been right there through emails, phone calls, text messages, whatever! I just really adore that lady, Dr.Jimerson hired a great coordinator! THANKS AZIZA!!!

And by the way, Monica and Valerie are super helpful too! I spent a lot of time with Valerie when I went for my consultation. She took the pics of me and made the same suggestions that Dr J ended up telling me when he came in. She helped me schedule my original date which was April 15, and helped me get the ball rolling. Monica has helped me with a few things like knowing what to expect during my medical clearance appointment and getting the necessary things done when it was time for me to switch dates with someone. Dr J just has a great team! When I talk to Aziza, I feel more like I'm talking to one of my girlfriends than a coordinator in my surgeon's office! They are straight up!! SO excited that this is really about to happen exactly 5 weeks from today! T-35 days and counting...

Hey ladies! Just wanted to add a couple preop pics...

Hey ladies! Just wanted to add a couple preop pics pics so you ladies can see what I really look like now. The one pic I already had uploaded gives a more pleasant view of what I look like, but I wanted you ladies to see the real deal lol! Can't wait for Dr J to give me my heart-shaped booty on Valentine's Day!

I am exactly one month away from my surgery, but I...

I am exactly one month away from my surgery, but I am probably feeling more down today than I have at any point during this journey. I went to my medical clearance appointment today and chatted with my boyfriend about it, and I really just feel like his anger that I am doing this is taking over the compassionate heart of his that I love so much. He has not approved of this ever since the day I brought it up. I think he was under the belief that because he didn't want me to get it, that meant I wasn't gonna go through with it, so needless to say, it took him by surprise a bit when he realized I was seriously looking into it. We have argued (well, not argued, but had hostile moments) about this subject a few times since I started going on consultations. What confuses me so much is that we talked about all the details and everything the day after I had my consultation with Dr J. As a matter of fact, HE was the one that made the official decision that I was gonna go to Dr J. He agreed with the vision that Dr J had for how he would take the fat from different areas and give me a nice, curvy, and yet still natural looking shape, instead of giving me an abnormally pencil thin waist and huge ass that would look fake. Of course, Dr J was my #1 choice anyway, but honestly, if I was going to be paying for this myself, I couldn't afford to go to Dr J, so I would have been forced to go elsewhere just because that's what my funds would allow. I love my guy for offering to pay for this procedure for me and for even handling all of my accommodations (flight, hotel, meds, a nurse if needed, and supplies), but even despite that, the way he is making me feel is so horrible...

I know some of you may read this and be confused as to why he would be so against it, and still so willing to help... Or why I even care about him being angry... Or why he would help me pick a doctor if he doesn't even want me to do it...... He's just such a good guy. He takes such good care of me and loves me so much, and he does not want me to change my body. I battle with this because I know how bad I want it, and as tough as I may be, I still want and need his support, but he refuses to give it. As most of you probably are, I am TERRIFIED about this procedure! I have never had any kind of major medical procedure, I have no kids, never had to stay in a hospital, I've never been under anesthesia, I've never been unable to take care of myself, I've never had to be away from eveyone I know for such a long time, and this whole thing literally scares the sh*t out of me! This is such a delicate time and I need him to stop for one second and just think about how the hell I feel! Damn, my body is about to be completely reconstructed. I'm about to have major surgery and I have enough stress to deal with, now I have to deal with his anger too?? This is so hard to get ready for emotionally, and having the support of your loved ones makes it so much easier. Me and him are so close and we can talk about anything, but when it comes to this, it just infuriates him every time and I would be lying if I didn't say it hurts to know that he's being so angry and against me at a time when I need him the most.......

Sorry for rambling ladies, I just really needed to get that off my chest... It sucks not having someone to talk to about this stuff, and that's why this blog is so therapeutic for me. If anyone dealt with similar issues, feel free to comment or PM me. I even talked to Aziza about it a little and she said that he will probably stop acting like that once he sees my new body, and yeah, that's great and all, but I need his support RIGHT NOW! Geez... I need hugs, not hostility! Smh

I have the link for the pad that you can cut a...

I have the link for the pad that you can cut a hole in so that you can lay on your back. When I first looked, they were only $16, but now they are $24.99 plus $13.99 for shipping! Does anyone know of a store where I can go to buy them? I live in Chicago, but if it's a chain store, there's probably one here.

I am still set for Feb 14, so it won't be my date,...

I am still set for Feb 14, so it won't be my date, but one girl is looking to sell her date of Feb 15 at 11am because she has decided to stay in her local area to get her massage. The other girl is scheduled for Feb 11, but she is looking to trade with someone who has a date between March 27-April 7, because this is the time that will fit with her school schedule. So, if any of you ladies can actually be prepared for the surgery that soon and are looking to switch, let me know so I can give you their info! Just trying to help them get rid of their dates, and trying to help other BBL sisters that may be ready to get their surgery now!

ALSO, be sure to check in with me in the next few weeks because my day is 4 weeks away and I am SO EXCITED!!! Aaaahhh!! #TeamJimerson all day!

Well ladies, my time is coming up and I am...

Well ladies, my time is coming up and I am FREAKING OUT!! I can't believe this is really about to happen in 16 days… My medical clearance form has been submitted, my surgery is PAID OFF, flight and hotel are booked (16 nights at the Hyatt), rental car is reserved, nurse has been hired and confirmed, and arrangements for my sister, best friend, and boyfriend to be with me at different times have been set in place… OMG! Thursday, February 14, 2013 will be the day of my transformation, and now ALL of these different emotions are taking over me. I'm happy, excited, scared, nervous, anxious, fidgety, EVERYTHING!! In one way, this journey has been long, but in another way, this time went by so quickly! I am grateful that schedule changes and rearranging allowed for me to get my surgery done so quickly. Just to think that I originally was not supposed to even have my consultation until 4-10-13, and then my surgery probably would not have been until October or November of this year, it makes me really appreciate the fact that I am getting this done now. I'll be two months postop by the time my original consultation date rolls around!

I am such a procrastinator, and I hope that doesn't mess me up! I took care of the aforementioned priorities, but I am nowhere near prepared in terms of things I need to bring with me! These are the things I have ordered so far from : VitaMedica preop/postop vitamin kit, Boiron arnica montana gel, Boiron arnica montana cream, Vedette Renee firm control black waist cincher w/adjustable straps, SinEcch arnica montana post surgery therapy (tablets), and Cold and hot eye compress (for tired eyes and relaxation). I ordered the Alexandra garment from and bought some Mederma from Target. I purchased the 6x26x26 foam pad from Murano Home Furnishings to cut out a square for my butt and lay on my back from time to time (thanks to the wonderful suggestion from Foundumissnewbooty). I also ordered the board and 4 foam inserts to place under the garment to help with healing smoothly. Here are the links:

Foam Pad


Foam Inserts

From what I see on my list, everything else can be purchased at the store, so I'll take care of that this week. I'd like to be essentially prepared by the end of this week, so that I can relax for the rest of the time and just mentally brace myself for this! Okay, so this is my updated supply list of things I still need to get (along with asterisks (**) next to items I already got, in case some of you want to copy the list). Everyone's list will probably be a little different, so a few things are listed are things I may not get, but I still think they are great suggestions. If you notice something I should add, PLEASE let me know ladies!

Yellow Gummy (from Jamba Juice) - Pineapples - Soup - Protein shakes - Gatorade - Bottled Waters - Yogurt - Crackers - Grapes - Cranberry Juice - Orange Juice - Pineapple Juice - Ginger ale - Popsicles - Frozen peas or berries (for swelling) - Goldfish crackers - Frozen dinners - Pudding - Jello - Lemons - Lemon juice - Ramen Noodles - Microwaveable bowls - Bread - Lunch Meat - Mayo - Mustard - Cheese slices - Spreadable butter - Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Big Panties - Sweatpants - Two Robes - Sports/Genie/Compression Bras - 10 Maxi Dresses (one very loose for sx day) - Wrap-around Dresses - Fitted Ts, Beaters, Camis - Compression socks - Katie garment ( - Big Wide Hat - Big Sunglasses - Squeem latex vest - Slippers - (**Vedette garment - Renee, Waist cincher**) - Yoga pants - Ankle socks - Gym Shoes

Bromelain - Multimineral vitamins w/Iron - Kelo-cote - Stool softener - Laxative - Zofran - Extra Strength Tylenol - Tylenol PM - Vitamin E capsules (burst open and rub on scars) - Emergen-c or Airborne - Benadryl (for itches, use no sooner than 5 days postop or as directed by doctor) - Steri-strips - Silicone sheeting Cimeosil - Muscle relaxer - Retin A - (**VitaMedica preop/postop kit, arnica gel, arnica cream, Sinecch arnica post sx therapy**)

Medical Supplies
Gauze - Nonstick Medical tape - Peroxide - Pill Dividers (two) - Neosporin - Mederma - Thermometer - Alcohol prep pads - Latex gloves - Band-aids - Cotton Balls - Vaseline - Female Urinal - Q-tips - Empty Gatorade bottle (for used syringes) - Possibly Chinese herbal supplements Pien Tze Huang that Asiangotbooty suggested - Kelo-cote - Heating pad - (**Cold/Hot eye compress, Mederma**)

Chapstick - Paint Roller - Self-Massager - Bed Pads - Maxi Menstrual Pads (for compression as well as possible period) - Pee Cup - Antibacterial wipes - Hibiclens or Antibacterial soap (Dial) - Depends - Vitamin E Aloe - Lounge Chair (cut booty out) - Wedge/Boppy Pillow - Body Pillow - Suction Hooks (for drains) - Sesame oil - Bendable straws - Nivea q10 firming lotion - Palmer's Cocoa butter firming lotion - Lysol - Moist flushable tissue wipes - Plastic Shower curtain for bed - Pillow roll w/yoga mat - Soap dish - Laundry detergent - Loofa w/extended handle - Sugar scrub (sugar and olive oil for pre sx shower) - Sponge - Bleach spray - Small Step stool - Hand mirror - Hair Scrunchies - (**Foam pad, board, foam inserts**)

Laptop - Books/magazines - Phone charger - Earbuds - Camera - Flat Iron - Toothbrush - Toothpaste - Deodorant - Shave Gel - Razors - Whitening Pre-Rinse - Mouthwash - Feminine Wipes - Feminine Wash - Floss - Notebook - Pens/Pencils - Coloring books (Don't Judge Me!!) - Word Search/Crossword Puzzle books - Shower Caps - Bonnet/Head Scarves

That looks like everything. I think I will also purchase a massage table, massage chair, and director's chair to have at home. If you ladies notice anything else I should need, your suggestions are appreciated! My countdown has truly begun… Wish me luck!

It's 4:22am and I can't sleep, so here I am...

It's 4:22am and I can't sleep, so here I am browsing RS for a little peace of mind. I was on BBL2013's page and her update made me feel so much better! Thanks girlie!! We are all women, and as if our emotions are not already crazy enough, this journey adds so many more emotions and sources of stress. All of that excitement turns into fear and worry when you get this close to your time, and the anxiety is almost inevitable. I guess I should say that these feelings become level with your excitement, because I am certainly still SO EXCITED that this is really about to happen, but sh*t just gets SO REAL during your last month preop! I am very happy to say that I did talk to my parents about this 3 weeks ago, and of course they feel I don't need it done, but they also did not give me such a hard time about it like I thought they would. I think that they could clearly see that my mind was already made up and that I wasn't looking for them to agree, but just to support me, and they did. I have been able to talk to my mom about all of my planning, and my Dad teases me with stories of possible complications, but their biggest concern is just for my safety and health. I love my parents :-) My mom was actually trying to come with me to the surgery, but scheduling conflicts with work won't allow for that. But my sister will be arriving the day after my surgery, and she's going to stay with me for 3 days.

I am proud to say that I have almost everything I need! Yay! I went shopping today and got most of the stuff on the list. It was so therapeutic! I should have just been buying things little by little all along, maybe then I would not have been so stressed lol! Anyway, I'm mentally in a good place. Even my boyfriend is being more supportive :-) He still doesn't want me to do it, but he has accepted that it is happening and he is focusing his energy into loving me and making sure I know he's there for me regardless, and I adore him for that! He'll be coming down there to be with me for a few days after my sister leaves. All of this is just so mind-blowing! Even though I'm nervous, I know that it won't really sink in until the night before surgery... It SUCKS that I am going to be alone that night, but it's okay because that will give me time to clear my thoughts, look myself over one last time, and calmly prepare for the transformation... *ear to ear grin* I can't wait! Okay, I'm going to bed now... Goodnight ladies!

Ladies, I had a bit of a breakdown, or an anxiety...

Ladies, I had a bit of a breakdown, or an anxiety attack yesterday... I know it's a sensitive subject, and I tend to avoid talking about my fears with this surgery, but it's really starting to set in now that it's less than two weeks away. I just need to let it out because I can't hold it in anymore... I know how bad I wanna do this, but every time I look in the mirror, I get so sad realizing that I will never see myself the same way anymore. The body I was born in will never be the same again. Regardless of how things turn out, no matter how much I like it or don't like it, I'll never be my original natural self ever again and that is so scary to me. My emotions are conflicting because I know how much I love myself, not just my body, but my overall self. I spent most of my life hating so much about myself, but right now, I'm seriously the happiest I've ever been in my life. I eliminated so many things from my life that used to make me feel down, and I redirected my energy into self-improvement and getting to know the best part of me.

So I ask myself... Why do I still feel the need to do this? What will it really improve? Will it make me happier? Will it make me feel better about myself? I honestly am not so sure if this surgery could make me any happier than I am right now, but if it doesn't go as planned, it could certainly make me LESS happy! I try not to think about that, but all possibilities have to be considered. Furthermore, I tried on my garments Wednesday night, and with my butt out garment on, I almost have the exact shape that I desire postop! It made me ask myself, do I really need to get poked all over my body and deal with months of recovery, when I can just put a damn garment on and exercise?? I'm so confused... And for the first time, I am SERIOUSLY reconsidering whether or not I wanna go through with this...

I thought it was just normal anxiety, but after yesterday, I'm not so sure... I slept all the way till 3:30 in the afternoon, then I woke up and had trouble eating. Then I just burst out in tears, and couldn't stop for hours. Every time I stopped crying, I thought about it again, and the flood gates would open. The feeling I had was like I was leaving myself behind, like I am going to miss myself, like this is about to be the end of the original me and the beginning of a new me that I may or may not like. After the surgery, I feel like it will never be me that I'm looking at, but a recreated me... Am I tripping ladies? I know it sounds like I'm going crazy, but the last couple days have really been hard. I want the big booty and tiny waist so bad, but why do I feel like I'll be sacrificing such a big part of myself to do it? Please help, I really need to talk to someone that can relate to the struggles of this journey... I talked to my sister and my boyfriend about it last night, and although both conversations were very comforting and made me feel better, neither really changed how I feel right now... I need your help ladies, I don't have long to figure this out, and it's such a HUGE decision...

I have to be up in 3 hours, but I just cannot...

I have to be up in 3 hours, but I just cannot sleep... I feel like every minute of every day is consumed with me thinking about this damn surgery and the outcome. I am so scared... I just want everything to go well, and I am still in shock that I actually even really made the decision to do this. This stress has got to be unhealthy... *deep breath* Ladies, we are truly insane lol!

Okay, so at this time a week from now, I will...

Okay, so at this time a week from now, I will either be in surgery or fresh out of surgery and officially part of the big booty club! I am still very stressed and experiencing anxiety, but I am no longer doubting my decision. I KNOW that this is what I want and I KNOW that I have chosen a great doctor. I have almost everything I need with the exception of a few small items, so I am good to go. I am taking nothing but long dresses to wear because I want NOTHING to put pressure on my butt and I have no idea how big my pants will need to be. I bought one pair od XL pajama pants, and I will wear those if need be. I'll be staying at the Hyatt from Feb 13-Mar 1, so any bbl sisters that will be in that hotel or in the area during that time, HIT ME UP! I'm pretty sure that I'll be alone the last week that I'm there, because my boyfriend is leaving on Feb 23, and as of right now, no one is scheduled to come down there after that because they have to work. Nobody knows I'm getting this done except my parents, my sister, my boyfriend, my best friend, and my closest cousin. It will suck to be alone and stuck in a hotel room for a week, but I gotta let that booty rest up before I get on the plane so, I'll find a way to make it work. If push comes to shove, I will call the nurse and see if she can come back to stay with me for a couple days if I feel that I still need help.

Anyway, the time is coming quickly! Wish me luck ladies!

This was a repost from a former bbl patient,...

This was a repost from a former bbl patient, ShesAGlamazon, and lots of the tips here are very good and I'm sure they will be useful for future BBL patients. I copied this from Salama bound's blog, and it is highly suggested to repost this to your own blog! There is lots on info on services at some place called BeautyCare, which will be irrelevant unless you go to the same surgeon she went to (Dr Pantoja) but the other info is pretty valuable.

"by ShesAGlamazon » Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:35 pm As I went through my surgery and now as I go through recovery, I kept thinking of things I wish I had done differently to aid in my comfort, convenience, etc. Please keep in mind I got BBL, so you may have to adjust this accordingly for your own sx. WHAT TO PACK:Clothing:For this trip, depending on the length of your stay, you could truly get away with a backpack. The same outfit you wear in is the same outfit you can wear out. You truly need not pack much, especially if you are staying at BeautyCare, as they do your laundry and have other clothing items. If I had to do it again, I would pack 2 pair of socks (preferably the soft microfiber kind with aloe),1 pair of comfortable pajamas (I wore a button down shirt and pants to my post-op appt with Dr. Pantoja and was very comfortable). I would only bring one pair for post op visits. No need to get dolled up. You'll be sore and swollen. Your comfort level is tantamount to fashion at this point. BeautyCare had gowns and robes that I lounged in and most of the time I slept in my garment comfortably. NOTE: I didn't pack any underwear, but did pack bras. I never wore them. Albeit, I was in a room alone, I'm sure my roommate wouldn't have minded seeing me in a bra and my compression garment. When you've had your guts sucked out and put in your ass, you're pretty much over preliminaries. I packed tank tops, these were useless too and never worn. Also, if you have slippers, wear them on the flight back. A lot easier to get on and off during security checkpoints.- Second garment. I would call ahead of time if your doctor provides you with a garment to discuss your measurements, type of garment, etc. so that you can purchase a second one prior to your stay. You WILL stain your garment. It WILL have to come off. These are non-negotiables. Nothing is more miserable than being securely bound in your garment, then having to come out of it and being dizzy, nauseous, etc., then having to wait again to put it on later as it is being washed. I'm sure compression garments to us feel like being swaddled to newborns. After having your body worked on, it does offer a layer of protection and security and you will want that as much as possible.Miscellaneous Essentials:-Pieces of foam cut into a triangle (you can get this from WalMart in the craft section) and some gauze. Do not wrap your triangle in your gauze in case your nurses need to cut it down to size. This helped tremendously to get rid of my back swelling in the first few days. My nurses were glad that I bought it.- A funnel to use the restroom. Your garment will be crotchless, praise be to God, but the mere thought of you trying to sit on your thighs or butt to use the bathroom will terrify even the holiest of saints. I didn't bother getting a special female funnel. I copped a 99 cent funnel from Wal-Mart you can use to change your oil. Best. Purchase. Ever. I don't think I'll ever pee sitting down again.- A small handheld fan. You may have waves of nausea that can be alleviated by being cooled off immediately. Try to keep your room at a comfortable level. At one point I got ill post lymphatic massage bc my room got to be a sweltering 80+ degrees. Keep in mind that your nausea can be associated with your blood pressure and temperature. I also am one of those people who can't stand certain smells when I don't feel well-- even if they smell great, it can be too much. This can also help clear the air around you. - Wipes (feminine and anti-bacterial). The toilets in MX are not really great, so you cannot flush tissue down most toilets (at least at BC). Your body will be warm, and your princessa will be exposed so to avoid any UTIs or yeast infections keep your wipes handy. You'll also want to keep your new booty clean too with your wipes (it will take several and you probably won't reach it the first time, so be prepared). Remember to clean your funnel after each use.- Lip Balm. Stay as hydrated as possible. I love Lip Elixirs. They are the best and I can't imagine using anything else. It kept my mouth perfectly moist.- Blush, eyeliner, mascara and gloss. No need to look a mess bc you feel like it. Dr. Pantoja told me I'm going to be a knock out once my butt fluffs just by looking at my face. I almost threw up on his shoes, but appreciated the compliment nonetheless. Looking better will make you feel better and since recovery is almost 100% mental, come fully loaded.- Boppy pillow. I did not take one because I thought it would've been useless. Once I got a chance to use it, I was highly upset that I didn't bring one with me and sprung the $55 to get one from BC. YES. $55. So considering I could've purchased one for $8, I was highly irritated, but it added to my comfort level in a way that I think a neck pillow or rolled up blanket could not. It adds cushion for your hips which will have a lot of pressure on them and the density of a neck pillow/blankets will not suffice. Check consignment shops to see if you can get it cheaper or borrow one from a new mom who isnt using it anymore. - Spray lotion. This will be essential to keep you moisturized. You won't be able to maneuver the way you want to put lotion on. If you stay at BC, you won't have to worry about shampoo, conditioner or body wash.Medications/Vitamins/Supplements:-Stool Softener. Start taking them the day before your surgery or even the day prior to the day before your surgery. Your first bowel movement will be murder. Try to take it as easy on yourself as possible. Take your stool softener and try to walk as much as possible to get the anesthesia's effects to wear off of your digestive system. I had to get an enema and it was not the best feeling in the world. But I did feel better having moved my bowels, however, I should've kept up the regimen when I got home because when I did finally have to use the bathroom on my own at home we almost needed crime scene tape.- If you can get pain meds Stateside, please do so. I have a high tolerance for pain, but the meds in MX were like skittles and really did nothing for me. You will want Percocet and Phenergan. Phenergan is the TRUTH for nausea, and also works as a sleep aid, so you can benefit from that immensely. I ended up buying extra/different meds from Dr. Pantoja (he initially prescribed Tramadol) and got codeine for pain and something called Kriadex to sleep. That stuff is amazing. - I got the Bromelain and Arnica Montana, I believe it began to add to my nausea with everything else I was taking. I can't express how much you want to keep your nausea at bay especially if you do a TT or lipo. Your insides will feel like it is pushing out your soul if you have to throw up. Additionally, check your regular vitamin regimen and make sure you are not taking anything that will interact with your meds for your surgery and stop taking them at least 7-10 days in advance.-NOTE: BeautyCare has medicines there to help you with your needs (additional pain medications that are administered intravenously), nausea meds (I had to get a shot in my butt. JESUS that hurt), and other things for your needs. That's a perk of staying there-- there is no need to send out for them or have them delivered. Everything is there. There is an additional cost, so be sure to cushion your budget for this in case you might need them. They only accept cash.Entertainment- Bring your kindle, iPad or Laptop. You may not sleep a majority of the time and will need to occupy your mind and keep it off of your pain, healing. TV was kind of boring so I was happy I had Netflix and videos in iTunes. It was also good to video call with my husband and friends. Made things feel a lot better.- If your phone is a smartphone, consider getting some fun apps to play and audiobooks to listen to. These are great for the lymphatic massages.The Ride Back Home/Being Home:- I mentioned wearing slippers for the flight back. Simple life saver.-YOU WANT WHEELCHAIR ASSISTANCE. Don't try to be brave, don't think you're going to smash your butt. Sit on your hip and you'll be fine. However, with wheelchair accessibility, you will get pushed to the front of every line, have premium choice of seats in the front row and may be granted extra amenities. TAKE IT. You will need it. Make sure you designate this when you make your flight arrangements. Also follow up with your airline before you leave just to make sure that it is solidified. - Take a nausea pill with a small piece of fruit or cup of oatmeal to settle your stomach. Once you're on board for a min, especially if your flight is long (my first leg was 5 hrs), take a sedative. You are going to stress over if you're smashing your butt. You will hate every one. Just calm down, lay down if you can, walk around and then get comfortable and attempt to sleep the rest of the way. If your doctor will give you the compression socks from your surgery, this would be a good time to wear them. - if you are not a side/stomach sleeper, I would suggest you spend two weeks prior to your surgery getting used to sleeping this way and alternating sides in a way that you are planking instead of turning over on your butt. This way, it will be second nature to you when you get home.- Get as many pillows for your bed as possible. Your positions will be limited, but sometimes the support from pillows can help the lower back pain, use between knees can be helpful too.- Swelling may be getting worse, so try elevating your body as much as possible while staying off your butt. - Don't overdo it the first few weeks home. Stretching, squatting, bending, etc. can ruin your grafts making them useless. Fluffing happens when your fat grafts can vascularize (hook up to a blood supply) so try to stay as comfortable as possible and keep your butt happy. If you don't have to do it. Don't. - The burning from lipo is crucial. It's not a game. Take your pain meds, even if you don't feel like it's constantly needed. You don't want to chase the pain and as your recovery will cause more pain in spasms, stay on top of them. Try to walk a bit each day, too. As your nerves regenerate in your torso and arms, that burning, tearing, ripping sensation will remain, so try not to stay too dormant as it makes getting up harder each time.- Also, before you leave, get your nails done if you have nails that you maintain every two weeks. Get them cut shorter than usual so that the additional growth will not bother you. It will be a while before you can sit on your butt again.- Try to catalog your progression in images. Take pictures of your body so that you can see how you are shaping up and keep track of any changes you might need (i.e., change in garment, diet, etc.) - Since your compression garment will be crotchless, consider wearing boxers to keep some protection between your princessa and the elements and clothes.If I think of anything else, I'll update."

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I'm watching coverage of this blizzard over there...

I'm watching coverage of this blizzard over there and omg! It looks terrible!! I hope all of you are somewhere safe and warm. Just wanted to send my love to you ladies!

Hey ladies! Okay, so all this time I have been...

Hey ladies! Okay, so all this time I have been looking at my boppy pillow, and I couldn't quite figure out how exactly I'm supposed to sit with it lol! So, I tried it out today and I found the perfect solution for when I am on the plane ride back. I will have the boppy pillow under my thighs, cradling the outside of my thighs near my hips, so kinda like I won't be sitting on the pillow, I'll be sitting IN the pillow, literally sitting in the curve of the U-shape. I'm going to get another pillow to have sitting between my lower back and the seat on the plane, and I will have a neck pillow as well so I can rest my head and neck. This will be how I will survive the plane ride, as well as any time I have to spend in a car or in a sitting position when I come back home. I think I will also use the boppy when sleeping, to stop me from rolling over. I will lay on my stomach and wrap the boppy around my lower back, so that it forms a little resistance to my body if I attempt to roll over in my sleep. I also purchased a huge bean chair called a Big Joe from Walmart, and I can lay back in it with my boppy to avoid sitting on my butt when I come home, or I can lay face forward kinda on my knees to rest on my stomach without laying all the way down. That position will be good when watching TV or reading, because I'll be slightly inclined but very comfortable. Another suggestion is the folding cane chair. I found a few different kinds on Amazon, but the one I want to get is the three-legged tripod style cane, and I will keep it with me in case I feel the need to sit. You can sit in it with your butt hanging off the back, so kinda like you will straddle the seat, with the cane handle between your legs. There is another kind that has a longer seat, but the reviews I read on the other one were questionable. People complained about it collapsing beneath them and we DEFINITELY don't wanna collapse to the ground on our new booties! But you ladies can check it out and decide which one you think is best. Just go to Amazon and search "CANE FOLDING CHAIR" and a whole bunch of them will pop up. I also got the 6x26x26 foam padding to cut a whole in for my booty, but I am debating whether I should bring it with me, or just start using it when I come home. I will be at the hotel from Feb 13-Mar 1 and I am sure that I will want to use it within that time frame, but it is so big and something extra that I will have to carry-on or check. I don't know if I really wanna pay $70 extra ($35 each way) to bring that thing with me, and I highly doubt that I will want to carry it when I am at the airport coming back home. But the question is, if I don't bring it, how will I ever be able to lay on my back at the hotel without it?? Hmmm... I have to decide on that in the next two days...

Anyway, over the past like 5 days, I found that I was way less stressed about this surgery than I was about 10 days ago. I would think that the anxiety level would rise as I got closer, but it has actually gone down substantially. Maybe it's because I had to focus on studying for my final and a few other things unrelated to the surgery. Yes, tomorrow is my last day of school! YAYYYY! So tomorrow after school, I am going to go over my checklist of everything and see what I still need so that I can make a final trip to Walmart for whatever else is needed, and I am going to pack. Tuesday, I am going to get a massage and a mani/pedi with no polish (Jimerson requests that we do not have our nails and toes painted). I will hopefully have dinner with my family, and then take a bath with Sleeptime bubble bath for babies, so that I can try to go to sleep by 8 or 9pm because my flight is at 5:25am on Wednesday and I live 30 minutes from the airport, so I'll have to be awake at like 2:45am so I can be out of the house by 3:15am. I'll arrive in Atlanta nice and early at 8:15am, get the rental, drive to the hotel to check in, and maybe even get a little grocery shopping done before my 11:30am preop appt. My goal on Wednesday will be to catch up on some sleep, do some deep-breathing exercises and stretching, and just completely relax. Me and newbody ready (my BBL buddy) will probably go out to eat that evening, because we both have surgery on the same day (SO glad I met her, she's such a doll!) My sx is scheduled for 2:30pm, so I will probably be up kinda late so that I can eat late. That will be a LONG morning without any food or water! So I would rather sleep late so I don't have to realize I am starving half to death! My caretaker, Clarice, will pick me up at 1pm and we will go straight to Dr J's office, so that the transformation can begin... Ladies, I am more ready than I have ever been throughout this entire journey! I've worn my garment a couple times, and just looking at how great I look in the garment gives me just a glimpse of how AMAZING that I will look after this surgery! Last night I felt like the baddest bitch in the building while wearing my garment under my body-hugging outfit with heels. Yes, by summer, I will be VERY healed and able to go out without my garment occasionally. Ooohh wee, I CAN'T WAIT!! I'm sure I will get nervous again the day before and morning of the surgery, but right now, I am just so anxious to start the healing process. I know it will be painful, but I also know it will be worth it in the end! I love this website, because without it, this journey would have been so long, lonely, and unbearable... And to everyone with up and coming surgeries, don't worry, you can definitely count on me to update regularly when I am postop. I will be updating for at least a year, because those are the kind of results that everyone REALLY wants to see! And to the BBL vets that do come back and update, we all really appreciate it because it gives us something to look forward to. 3 days till departure, 4 days till transformation... Wow, this time came so fast! #TeamJimerson

Hey ladies! This is my last night at home. I'm...

Hey ladies! This is my last night at home. I'm very calm and relaxed, but now I have to pack everything. I don't think I could possibly be any more prepared than I am right now lol! I'm sure that I have some things I won't need, but I'd rather have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. When I get to Atlanta tomorrow, I will go to Walmart to get my groceries. I didn't get to get a massage today, but I think I will go get one tomorrow after my preop appointment. I need to FULLY relax before this surgery. Also ladies, a few weeks ago when I was super stressed about this, a BBL vet suggested that I listen to "Preparing for Surgery" by David Gibson to help me relax. It's guided meditation, and I have only listened to the snippet and I LOVED it! I'm going to download it to my phone or laptop so I can listen to it on the plane and before my surgery. If anyone is stressed, I recommend you listen to that, because deep breathing, minimal distraction, and a clear mind go a LONG way when trying to mentally prepare for this. I will check in with you guys again later tonight or tomorrow with my final supply list. Wish me luck girls!

Okay ladies, I'm here, and tomorrow is the big...

Okay ladies, I'm here, and tomorrow is the big day! Me and my bbl buddy (nrwbody ready) are at Chili's about to have our LAST big hearty meal, then it's bedtime! Ladies if you're here, let your presence be known! We're staying at the Hyatt. I'll update now later. Sx at 12:30 tomorrow... I'm 15 hours away from my new booty! Aaaagghh!!

Okay so I am finally about to go to bed so I can...

Okay so I am finally about to go to bed so I can be well rested for my surgery tomorrow with the famous Dr J! My sx is at 12:30, and I am so ready to do this and start the healing process. Ladies PLEASE keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I've spent so much time preparing for this and now my time has really come... Also, send some love to my girl, newbody ready, because she is having sx tomorrow too. I'll see her tomorrow when we both get out!

Current Measurements:
35 - Bust
32.5 - Natural Waist
35 - Waist
41 - Hips

I will retake my measurements in the morning right before going in. I just pigged out because I know I can't eat anything more, so I just tried to eat as much as I could before going to bed lol! I'm sure that my measurements will be a bit more accurate in the morning. Well, that's all for now ladies... I'll try to check back in the morning before I go into sx. If not, I'll see yall on the other side!

Wow! What a ride this has been... I'm up, I'm...

Wow! What a ride this has been... I'm up, I'm ready. I'm about to make the bed with the shower liner, set my slippers by the bed, and get in the shower to scrub with Hibiclens. My caretaker will be here in 35 minutes to pick me up and then it will be time for the transformation to begin! Everyone keep me in your prayers, and don't forget about newbody ready and tiffj because they had sx with Dr J today too. I love you girls and I look forward to seeing yall on the other side!

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He is THE MAN when it comes to BBLs! He has spent years perfecting his craft and I trust that he will give me the amazing figure I desire.

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