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Hi my beautiful pre & post OPs, TEAMDRJCURVES...

Hi my beautiful pre & post OPs, TEAMDRJCURVES BEAUTIES OR SHOULD I SAY BOOTIES on REALSELF!! Woooo w ere should I start, we'll I've been a DR. J BOOTY STALKER since 2009 when I google searched BBL & he came up & he was in my area which great, I check his before & after photos of his BBL, tummy tuck, liposuction. I was so overly amazed at his BBL photos bcuz his work was the look that I want, so did more research which his Facebook page & wow I seen more of his clients before & after photos, then I found REALSELF & I was SOLD! I have been reading some many ladies stories & bios & some I've of his clients & then that's when I became a BONIFIED CRAZY BOOTY STALKER. YES LADIES there are other great doctor out but DR. J is it for me regardless of prices don't care, THE SEARCH IS OVER!!!! Ok I been setting appointment since 2011 & I couldn't make none them ladies I'm like pulling my out cuz it seen like something happen or come up, so you know I was HOT, JUST BOILING, CUZ I REALLY WANT THIS, I NEED THIS, I MEAN THIS WOULD REALLY CHANGE MY LIFE TOTALLY & BRING ABOUT POSSIBILITIES & OPPORTUNITIES FOR ME, Y'ALL I DONE MADE PLANS ON PLANS HOW IMMA GET MY SX MONEY BACK ONCE I GET THIS NEW BODY, HONEY I'M READY!! But then guess what I seen my CHOCOLATE DROP ON THE T.I & TINY SHOW HONEY, I LIKE WTH, DO Y'ALL WHAT EXPOSURE THAT'S GONE PUSH ME BACK & ERRYBODY & THEY DAMN ANCESTORS GONE THIS MAN, I'M TALKING BOUT EVERY WOMAN THAT DIED THAT WANTED THEY BOOTY DONE CENTURIES AGO GONE WANT THEY BOOTY AFTER THIS WTH!! But I was happy for my boo "side eye" while say this but was happy tho, uh huh! Y'all know have them damn appointments that's set them folks ain't got they money or can't make the appointment. But anyway, I then heard he raise his prices this year after I done went to office & tried to pay my repair even tho I didn't have appointment they looking at me like crazy but they work in tho back in December, but guess what my ass couldn't make the appointment I mad at myself, I'm cussing my own self cuz this surgery been done earlier this year but Naw I'm, so I'm prices the went up cuz of the DAMN EXPOSURE, I TOLD YOU!! So my consultation appointment is on 06/19/2013, hold up wayment, did y'all check out how I just said wait a minute, Lmfao!! Just country been in the SOUFF TO LONG, LOOK this the tripper y'all wait, my damn rental car done broke down y'all, no this what I get for calling my crackhead rental car raggedy!! :'( ROTFFLMFAO But I would've been ass hell out there in Suwanee stranded in the hot ass, raggedy ass Durango!! But my lovely TeamDrJCurves save the day by letting my do a over the Phone consultation, I love them!! So now I got send in photos of my REAL LIFE FLAT SCREEN, talking bout my FLAT ASS but DR. MAGIC GOT TO SEE WHAT HE WORKING WITH, SO E CAN CONCOCT OR COOK SOME POTION & then TADOW HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW after I get my price & I ready know that my finance cleared cuz I applied Friday 06/14/2013 so that some off the price, but guess what I found out, & I'm say this while do my little Beyonce roll dance as smack my teeth, that they get program called PAYAWAY, it's like layaway so I'm SUPER-GEEKED BOUT THAT SO HE POSE TO CALL ME TOMORROW TWEEN 9-12, & y'all know I'm posted want he said for y'all #TeamDrJCurves!! So I got to post pics of my FLATSCREEN & send to him so LAWDD I gotta do that, I'M GUCCI tho!! I decided to fixed this problem cuz I'm tired y'all of this weight & no booty!! I'm in where there is ass everywhere got damn, look I know it problem, A FUCKING PROBLEM when they building LA FITNESS ON ERRY CORNER LIKE LIQUOR STORES & CHURCH's CHICKEN, IN WHICH IT'S IS NEXT TO CHURCH'S, THE PAWN SHOP, MCDONALDS, WENDY's, FAMILY DOLLAR & shit, I'm like hell Naw, let take FAT ASS AND GET A MEMBERSHIP, SO NOW I GOT MEMBERSHIP AT PLANET FITNESS & WORKOUT LIKE A DOG & look at some MUSCLES, I'M SORRY I GOT TO DO IT DAMMIT, BUT I STAY FOCUS, while I'm saying I'm playing DIANA ROSS "I WANT MUSCLES" in my head!! So I got INSANITY WORKOUT, HIP HIP ABS TOO, SO I CAN SEE SHAUN T FINE ASS OH, & too workout, yeah!! I love muscles y'all such as TERRY CREWS, LLC COOL J, STEVIE J, YES HE CRAZY BUT HIS BODY THO!! Damn, back to the subject B.S., ok Woooo!! My wish body & booty is the beautiful DEELISHIS (my girl crush) her body is redickulous!! Her measurements as she said on her INSTAGRAM IS 36-26-56 GOTDAMN, WHAT ALL THAT BOOTY GIRRRRLLLL!!! But she BADD tho & I wanna be BADD TOO, NOT bad AD I'm now, lol! This is horrible, so I got to help DR. J SCULPT THIS BODY & LOOK THAT I WANT SO I WORKOUT & WRAP UP!! Oh yeah PLUG, I AM DISTRIBUTOR FOR ITWORKS BODY WRAPS SO GET AT ME OCCUPIED TO LOSE INCHES OF THOSE TROUBLE AREAS!! I sell them $30 each so I gotchu ladies!! But I'm got before & wish pics for body part I want!! So ladies, my beloved TeamDrJCurves let's get it!!! Feel free to leave your comments & imma post like every week this progress so all my BADD ladies can how we lose this weight together & imma post secret for my BBW ladies, ladies I got some real secrets for the hard area that guarantee shed inches, cuz I'm on inches right now, I'll worry about pounds once I hit 199, I'm 250 now, 5'9", so much BELLY, NO DAMN ASS!!! So let the journey begin, REALSELF!!!! I'm out!!!

my Phone consultation

Ooooh today I had my consultation with my patient coordinator Shelly & she give my quote & she told me to lose weight so my results would come out right & they would another quote & pre-op of how much weight lost. She said would I need a full tummy tuck, hips, lipo on upper back, BBL!! She said if I lost 75 lbs I would be good, my office is 18,850, but imma decrease that bcuz the weight loss & I be post my weightloss results every week on REALSELF so I ready cuz it give me a year to get ready I cool tho & very excited, maybe neverve a blessing thru a miracle! But don't care I'm gone get the money up & weight down!! Let the challenge begin!!! #Leggo!! Motivated, Inspired, Tired, & I want my new body & new booty!! :-D

all wish except one

All these are wish pics that I'm upload today

Udpate on weightloss to Dr. J

I just wanted to update my weight loss, I have been losing inches from my belly with a great Ab challenge, when I started in Sept I was 51in but now today Nov 16, I am 43in thats good for so far! But want to keep going, LAWD knows Thanksgiving coming & I'm ready to eat right now, but I gotta figure out what im gone do cuz I'm cooking so, wow! All that's turkey, ham, dressing, pies, cake oh my! Ok, I'm back, focus Tee! Well here's pics to prove my results!

another photo

Here's the now photo 43in


Ok Ladies, I wanted to put together a team that's true bout lost those inches & pounds before your sx with your doctor, this is for Team Dr. J but if you are not on the team & have another doctor then ok! But I want you to message me if you are serious about your weightloss journey & is not scared to share your journey, no judgments, making people feel uncomfortable or negative comments! We are here to encourage each other not tear other down, we can start a new page & I got some real quick weightloss tips too! The TEAM will be for dedicated people that's ready to make a commitment to themselves! Well for me Dr. J is the doctor thats going to make my dreams come true, that DREAM BODY I want, Dr. J will give it to me but I want to help him out, so my results will be great! So im ready to commit & dedicated to CHASING MY DREAMS & going to surgery my surgery with DR. J is one of them! If you want to wait til after the holiday that's cool. I just wanted to motivate & encourage some ladies on here in RS, that's all! Well message me if you want to start!


Ok when I had my consultation I was advised to lose 80 lbs in which I dont have a problem with considering that I want to lose the weight anyway! I've been succeeding too, I still got ways to go but I'm so motivated to keep going! At the consultation I 265 now I'm 240 & 51 inches & now 43, WOOOO! I have regimens & exercises that I follow to get rid of it fast & healthy, that's the motivation!! See I'm focus on inches right now & lbs later once all excess fat & bulges are gone! I plan to get the weight down so my price can go down too with Dr. J cuz by the time I go see him for the sx & he do the 2nd consult with me before the sx that weight is gone & he dont have lipo areas as he said from the first consult! Not to take away from Dr. J bcuz that's my BOO, but just to encourage you Ladies to do our part for that DREAM BODY or shoud I say BOOTY, lol!! Since I'm back on RS, I will be posting my journey with you ladies! Get at me if you want partner up or start a weight loss Dr. J Dream Team & start weightloss challenges on RS, FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM! Let's Inspire, Motivate & Encourage each other for the better Sisters!! Happy Healings & GOD Bless!

scale results this morning after releasing

This is what I this after morning after releasing

Our new Team page!

Go to Facebook join Team Dream Chasers ladies, this is Team Dr J for weightloss & mindset page!

Dammit I'm stalling!

Im stalling today bcuz I done something I wasnt pose to y'all, see it that emotional attachment to food, girl I can eat 4 cheeze it crackers & it'll set my back bout 5 lbs 1in, lol!! I gotta do better, my goal was to hit 23something this week before I tear down my Thanksgiving Feast, I dont if that gone happen, if I dont do 6 apple day! So I gotta do that today then see if I release something tomorrow or something, ill keep you posted RS!


I am drinking this DETOX TEA that's suppose to clean out your intestines, toxins and waste from my body and flush me out! All I can say is that IT REALLY WORKS, I makes you go to the bathroom, that's it. But I notice that I was losing and inches from tummy though, I was like hell yeah I like this tea! So now I'm hooked but came to found that its other people social media taking the same TEA & they losing all kinds of weight & putting they family & friends on to it, I'm like wow I'm late! Lol, but that's alright finally found something can exactly use & works great for me! I gain some weight after Thanksgiving and LAWD I gotta get together by May! Ladies let me know if you are interested in this Magic TEA if you need any, it sends you to the bathroom, lol, but it taste like water!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I love him, can't wait to get my surgery done, he makes Dream body's or should I say Booty's come true, lol, BIG BOOTY JOOTY!!

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