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ABOUT ME Spent the last 6 weeks reading, now it's...

Spent the last 6 weeks reading, now it's my turn to share. Hopefully I can help someone else as I have been help. I am 38 yrs old, single mom of two adult kids, 5' 5'" and 147lb at the moment. With little efforts I maintain 137lb and when I am 100% with my diet and exercise I am get to my goal weight which is 130lb, which I think I look the best. Had my in-house consultation with Dr J, back in Oct and I was at 140lb then which I thought was fat for me, but Dr J and Michelle (patient coordinator) advice that i still needed to gain 10 to 15 more lbs, so in 1 month I have gained 7lb. None of my clothes fit, I am super depress, and i am hiding out from friends and family because I look like sh!t with the extra weight. I just broke down and bought some new clothes for work to accommodate the extra and weight and at least gain some of my swagger back. I get tons of stares at work now (shock), because I am gaining weight fast, but nobody is saying nothing. Whats funny to me is when i am losing weight people are quick to comment, but on the flip side when u gaining weight people just watch you sit around and get fat and is too scared to hurt your feelings by saying anything about it.

I want to look GREAT nekkid! I am tired of getting out the bed with a guy and walking sideways to the bathroom or laying there waiting for him to get up first. I am sure they know what my butt looks like, but I just CANT walk around nekkid with that sad looking butt! Yes, I have done the squats, lunges, donkey kicks, fire hydrine, bridges, all that, but all I achieved was a strained back and steeeel no booty. I know my butt was small, but I still had no idea that it looked as bad as it did until this summer I was out shopping and was in a store dressing room that had the three way mirror and my reflection shocked me!! So with age, I went from having a small butt to now a saggy but with cellulite. :( Yes, something drastic had to be done IMMEDIATELY!!

Results….PERIOD. I am not rich, I am working hard trying to pay my bills, take care of my kids and home like everybody else, but I am NOT going to bargain shop a booty. For a minute DR sounded very appealing, Duran specifically, but too many cons to the one pro of fraction of the cost if done here in the US. What made me decide for sure NOT to go to DR, wasn't the waking up during surgery (that should have done it but it didn't LOL) was when I read one review about Yily doing surgery in the SAME bloody scrub (hmm what other nastiness or short cuts are being done that is not that apparent?!!) and having to boil the water before taking a shower EWWW….not for me!! Nope, I'll pay the extra money for safety if nothing else. Also I have yet to find any DR reviews pass the one year mark. Yea, you will get a fat a$$ for sure, but will it last, or is it quality fat that was harvested? All the girls are like "Gonna be a Lily/Duran doll!!!" Within months girls are back on that plane heading for round two. I want to do this once, which in the long run IS cheaper, but that's just me. Plus, I love Dr J's technique which is under the muscle, in the muscle and over the muscle, giving you more booty than u want to accomadate for the 30% fat lost and the swelling so when u are completely healed you will be satisfied with the FINAL RESULTS. Most reviews on here states that Dr J gives ghetto, video chick, black girl booties, but that's just his skills, give you more, so after the swelling and fat loss
you are left with the butt of your dreams.

Also the bad comments for Dr J, are from patients who had too much fat that was outside the the limits of what he could remove, so therefore he focus on removing from the stomach, flanks and lower back only and not the back fat/rolls. Real talk... this surgery's ideal candidate is someone 10 to 20lb over their ideal weigh, so when you choice to have this surgery outside of that be realistic with your expectations. If you don't have enough fat, you will not have a big butt, if you have too much fat, the surgery alone will not get you to your ideal body shape. You will have to lose the weight the old fashion way or pay for more lipo. My goal is a shapely butt with some projection that last long after my recovery period so Dr j it is.

DR Jimerson did K Michelle's BBL

Maybe I am the only one that doesn't know this, but for those in the dark like me, video is below where she admitted to the surgery.


My before pic and wish pic

Okay I am ready for my new body!! 5 more weeks to go!

Why the hate?!!

Why all the hate for Dr J?!! Ladies come on…if you didn't select him as a surgeon, hope off of him and focus your energy on your surgeon and get excited about the results you will be getting from whoever you chose! I chose Dr J, but you don't see me gunning for Yily, Duran, Salamas and spreading hater?! All surgeons have good and bad, their strength and weakness and we have all the information to weight the risk and outcome, choose to do the surgery or not to do it!! To just straight up hate on a surgeon is crazy!!! Almost all the girls that are hating on Dr J, was ONCE praising him until they figure out they can't afford him, can't wait on his lonnnng consultation and surgery dates and after getting in a pissing contest with his staff!

I have seen enough leaking butts, shrinking butts, infections, 3rd degree burns, butts spilling over to the sides from other Dr, but you don't see me getting excited, why?? THATS NOT FROM MY DR!!! Yes, Dr J comes with risks, like anemia after his aggressive lipo to ACHIEVE the sculpted lower back and butt slope we all desire, but guess what, when that happens with no hesitation you are referred to the hospital across the street. YES, if I can live with that, if you can't bounce and find you a 100% risk free DR!

Now all that said, if sx in the DR wasn't so "affordable" would girls still be getting passports and jumping on planes to sit in a waiting room with other girls on a fasted stomach for HOURS, where nobody speaks English? Be honest with yourselves ladies.

Yes, 11K is high as hell, but not has high as the 25K that veteran BBL Dr Roberts in South Carolina use to charge.

Three More Days to My J Curves!!

I can't wait! I am tired of walking around fat as hell, current weight 152lb, at 5'5". Had to gain 10 to 15lb per DR J. I am sick of eating and have no appetite whats so ever, I have to force myself to eat at this point. Still hiding out from friends and family because I would definitely have to answer some questions about the weight gain if spotted. I feel like I'm hiding a pregnancy...lol. But come 2014, this weight is coming off!!! Just hope the booty stays lol.

Other than being depress about my weight gain, just trying to keep positive about the surgery. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity and the funds to go to Dr J, which you can't deny does GREAT booties. Yea yea yea, lipo sucks, customer service sucks, but I aint going for that…I am going specifically for a BOOTY!! I will deal the other stuff as they come along.

Still have tons to do, have not packed, but I did NOT get a lot of stuff since I am flying in and don't want to pay for extra bags or having to drag all that stuff back with me after surgery. I just have the basic items for the day of surgery and my boppy pillow…lol

Anyway staying up tonight waiting for labonita44 to post. She had surgery today with Dr J. Tomorrow, is BigBooty2014, praying for both you ladies and all my real self sisters just out of surgery or have surgery coming up.

No Turning Back Now

It's now 4:30am and surgery will be at 7:30. Not nervous now but yesterday, the day of my pre-op I actually felt sick with anxiety. Nothing went as planned. Missed my flight messing with TSA at the airport…long story, but I am not going to go into details right before surgery and raise my blood pressure.

Kim did my Pre-op, DR J was in surgery at the time. Kim is very petite and beautiful and took her time and explain the procedure in details, she even illustrated how Dr J does the surgery. She had the BBL as well and said her only regret is not going bigger. She said if you leave surgery looking her butt size you WILL be disappointed in the future before you will lost due to swelling and volumn loss so she convinced me to let DR J fill me up. I signed a consent to have him remove from my inner thigh if he needed. Did not want that, but she twisted my arm with that too.

They will be filming at the surgery center tomorrow and wanted to know if I would consent to being filmed. Had not decided yet, because i could not focus on anything else yesterday, but flying in the ATL, getting to my Pre-op, getting my prescription filled and getting to know my care provider and getting settled.

Anyway, ladies gonna enjoy the last few minutes laying on my backside because in the next few hours this will be a luxury of the past….until then, see you on the other side!!!!


Surgery was a success, thank u Jesus! I want to say more but drugged up right now. Took me 15 minutes to write this one line. Thanks for the love and well wish. It really means aloe to have the support. So far NO REGRETS!!!!.

48 hours post op pic

Got garment off today and finally saw my booty! I love it!!! Can't believe I am saying this, but I wish I had asked for bigger! I love the size now, but I know when I am completely healed I will end up with less.

So So In Love :)

Day 4 massage

Had a 2 hour massage today and I feel almost like myself again. Still no BM, but been taking my stool softener and drink a smooth move tea to help the process so hoping for some movement by tomorrow. Gotta make room for Christmas dinner.

Day 5

Had the worse sleep ever last night and was very tempted to lay on my butt. My lipo site was very sore and I could not find a position to get comfortable. Just had my third massage and I am feeling good today. My massage therapist came and saw me today Christmas Day and I am greatful to her because I am feeling almost myself again. This surgery is hard physically, but I have been blessed to have people caring for me not only physically, but emotionally has well. Stilling loving my new booty but secretly wishing I had went bigger. Naked it looks perfect, but in clothes with the garment I look Hugh! Praying all the fat stays!!! Draining has been minimal so going to the office to see if they can remove the drain tomorrow.

Day 7 Post Op

Making progress. Drain removed, made it back home and had first BM. Had to take a laxative because nothing was happening on it's own. No pain now just tightness in my butt from standing too long and pain from the lipo sites when I try to massage it. Need to find a massage therapist that makes house calls because I am not ready to start driving or sit on my butt. My inner thighs, sides and lower back have some mean scar tissues or maybe fluid buildup that needs to be massaged out. Swelling in my waist is going down and I can see improvements day to day. If ass is already shrinking I don't know because I have not measured and don't want to start and stress myself out. Just gonna follow thru on what I need to do and let my body do what it needs to do without the stress.

Question for ladies returning to work, how do u handle BM? Currently I am getting out my CG to go and I go standing up.

Day 10

My body keeps getting better everyday!

Damn Booty Cause this Much Trouble?! Day 13

I don't know what it is about the 2nd week but the pain feels just as bad as Day 2 :(. Is it because feelings are new returning? Hmm don't know but this recovery is something else because u may feel good one day and the next day feels like no improvement. Well been trapped in the house for awhile but had to take care of some business so I threw on some old sweat pants, hoodie, no make-up and headed out. After about 15min of driving I had to stop for a break to stretch my legs is I pulled over at a IHOP to grab some lunch. Parked in the back so no one could see me limping in and out the car. I live in suburbia so very little black folks are around so I was not expecting the Booty stares. I am a attractive female who normally get a second glance but let me tell you today dudes were Breaking their necks!!! Even the dudes in the kitchen cooking were breaking their necks so I guess the word traveled that booty was in the building. I was smiling inside, but played it cool like this has been happen all my life! :). I have never seen so many dudes double back to the bathroom, parking lot, track can where ever they could get to, just to see some a$$.... Lol. I had no idea a$$ had this much power. Of course I couldn't sit so I spend the 30 mins wait hiding my booty next to the wall. Lol. I tell u what if this booty shrink, I will be heading back for a round two cause after experiencing this, I can't go back to a regular booty. Getting my finances in order just in case a round two is needed.

No Words Can Express The HAPPY I Feel!!! 2 weeks. Pic

Today makes two weeks and let me tell you....MY BOOTY LOOKS GREAT!! I think the smaller my waist gets the better my booty looks, so I will be this garment for 6 months no matter what!!! Can someone explain what is the board and what's the difference between the board and lipo foam and if I need to wear both? Also where do I buy??? Yep, jumping on the waist train band wagon!

Two Weeks Today!

I did this surgery alone and did not tell my man what I was getting done, we have been dating for about 6 months but hadn't had sex yet! Was getting out of another relationship and he was willing to wait until I finally closed that chapter so our time is near. I am going to wait until my bruises heal completely. The strips are now falling off and thank God the incisions are tiny and looks like they will heal with no scars. Man I can't wait to unwrap this package and blow his mind!!! He he.

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