2 weeks away!!!! OMG!!!!!! - Suwanee, GA

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hey, real self.....i have researching this surgery...

hey, real self.....i have researching this surgery for a year now! i been on real self before, but i lost my password and information! anyway, i decided to make a fresh one. so, first i had my consultation back in april, and was booked for june 30th! michelle is my patient coordinator and she is sooo nice, sweet, and blunt!! i met with dr. j for about 3 minutes, but i was cool with it!!! michelle and dr. jimmerson told me i had to lose at least 30 pounds!! ugh! at first i was thinking oh i can do that in two months!!!!!!! i had my mind sat on it, but it did not happen!! i was already going through family problems, i was still overweight, and i was not mentally ready!!! i decided to push the surgery back!!!! i know, i know....its some women that would kill to be in my spot, but who wants to go into surgery over weight??? plus he is only allowed to take off 5000 cc's. if i would of went to surgery a lil overweight he would of had to leave a pudge or some type of fat in my stomach!!!!!!!! no i paid this man 10,300 plus 950 extra to make me look good!!!!!!! so ,im on my way again!!!!!!! i have a september 8 date now!!!!! that's plenty of time!!!! im starting the hcg diet next wednesday, i will update everyone exactly how that's going!!!!!! michelle at dr. jimmerson referred this place to help people drop weight!!! also, pics are coming up soon, if you promise me not to laugh!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!

So far, So good...

This HCG diet really works so far....I have lost almost 10 pounds in 9 days!!!!!

Stomach loss!!!

I need ideas to help me trim down on my tummy in three weeks!!!! I have loss 18 pounds, but I need to get rid of some more belly fat!!! Please help!!!

Well....it comes down to two weeks!!!!

A procedure i been thinking about for more than a year, is finally down to two week!!!! Sorry i have been neglecting this site, but i have been focused on my weight loss!!! So far i have lost 20 pounds!!! I'm 10 pounds from my goal weight, and the weight they recommend me to lose!! Hopefully , I can lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks!!! :/....I know, pray for me!!! lol!!!! If any one of you ladies knows a quick natural remedy to help me with that....please inform me!!! Azaia told me at this point I cant take anything for weight loss, so i will have to do it natural!!! Anyway, my preop is Friday September 5th at 930....Im so nervous, but at the same time I want this over with and done!!!! I will inform him to focus on my waistline....you can have the biggest a.s in the world but if you don't have a waistline...it looks pointless!!!! I still have a little gut, I pray he can get all my 5000 cc's!!!!!!! ESECIALLY MY LOVE HANDLES!!!!!!!!! THATS THE WORST PART ABOUT STOMACH FAT!!!! I havent got any of my supplies, but I will get that the weekend of my preop! I will be staying with Gold Plat. Recovery Home....I would of got an hotel, but I will be in Atl by myself...I know I want be able to take care of myself!!!!!!!!! Thats all I have to say for now dolls!!!!!!!

Pics and wish pics!!

I added a few pics....the first one of me is all I have now....will update myself at pre op!

Message me or comment

Message me if anyone has the same surgery date or week as me!!!!!!

Tomorrow makes a week until Dr. J gets his hand on me!!!

I'm so nervous!!!! Hopefully he will be able to get the whole 5000cc out my belly!!!! Trust me, I need it!!!!! I'm soooooo freaking nervous!!!! But more excited!!!! I'm just ready for it to be over with for I can relax.....I'm going to go get my things tomorrow!!!!! Happy Labor Day you all!!!!


Lord help me!!!! I'm so nervous!!!

Before and After pic!!!!

Hi ladies l, are you all ready for my before and after....also my story of anesthesia?!?!?!!?

Whew!!! all done!!!

First I want to say I love Dr. Curves....He have changed my life!!!!! Anyway, Friday I came down for my pre op....the nurse Geeta made me want the surgery more, her ass s HUGE!!!! She went over my medical history, and called in my prescription....my prescription was 320. dollars...i'm not on insurance so that's maybe why!! I came back to my hometown, and headed back to Atlanta Sunday...I came to Gold Platinum Recovery home...here you eat three times a day, a nurse day and night, and transportation to my doctors appointment or wherever you want to go. The night before my surgery I was soooo nervous, but I wanted to go ahead and get this mss over with....my surgery was suppose to be at 10, but they was running a lil late!!! I went to the back around 1115....the anesthesiologist came in and went over my medical history again....Dr j came in a marked me up!! He told me he won't be able to get the front because my back was a lot of fat!!! Lol, so embarrassing!!! Anyway after he marked me up the anesthesiologist came back in and put some stuff in me....she said it will feel like two shots of tequila!! She then walked me to the room and I said Mam it's so hard for me to go to sleep...I don't think the anesthesia will work....she said" I bet you I win this bet"....that's all I remember I woke up to them asking me do I want some ginger ale....my caregiver Terris at gold platinum was standing right there waiting on me....she escorted me to the van...I came and got in bed, and went to sleep....by the time the nurse came I told her to take pictures of my back side...it is soooo flat. He told me he won't get to the front, but he must of worked his magic cause I can feel that my stomach flat!!! My BOOTY IS HUGE!!! OMG....I'm going to upload some pictures in a minute....

1 day post op!!!



My pics won't upload

I don't know what's going on!!!


Any Vets out there that had problems with this Garment???!?!?!?! Please tell me what you done to cope with this miserable, uncomfortable, feeling??!?!?!?!


Post op is today!!

I'm on my way to post op...to get this stupid drainage out....y'all I'm so ready to go home, that I cried!!!!! Lol!! I been in Atlanta for tooooooo long....I'm ready to go back to south Georgia !!!!!!!!!!!

Me and this Garment does not get along!!!

Hey you all I'm almost 2 weeks post op this coming Monday! If you all are not ready for this recovery process hold off on the surgery lol!!!! Nawl, I'm playing...but it is hell!!!! This not sitting on my booty for 2 weeks is getting old!!!! BUT, every time i look at my new buns its totally worth it!!! I'm actually scared to start back driving, even with the bobby pillow! Next Wednesday I get my hair did how in the world I'm going to cope with that???!!! I love my new booty!!! Lol....I know I'm still swollen, but I dont want to lose none!!!! :(!!!! Oh well, I know it will still look good even if it lost a lil volume!!!! Also, I want to lose 20 more pounds then I will be very happy!!!! My booty will get smaller, but so will everything else on my body so it will look good!!!! I HATE THIS GARMENT, BUT THIS GARMENT LOVE ME....No matter how much I cry, complain, or get aggravated I NEED THIS GARMENT....I took it off for at least 3 hours to get a comfortable nap. Chile, let me tell you I will never do that again....I woke up with a sore tummy....I was extremely sore!!! So i put it back on...I won't ever do that again!!!! I guess this garment something you have to get use to, because its actually comfortable now!!!!

I sat down for the first time in 2 weeks....ugh!!!

Y'all today i sat down to drive, and it felt soooooi strange!!!!! I think I'm gon hold off sitting for another week, unless i absolutely have to sit down!!!!!! My buns are perfect, I refuse to mess them up!!!! Lol....Also, I'm going to upload some more pics tomorrow!!!!!! I love Dr.J!!!!!!

2 weeks Post op pics!!!!!!!

Heres a few pictures y'all!!!!!

gold platinum sucks

I DO NOT RECOMMEND GOLD PLATINUM TO ANYONE!!!! At first it was ok!!! But the owner borrowed money from me, and haven't gave me my money yet! I'm not going into details, but she lag at everything she does!

Ok, I was upset

I will like to apologize for "downing" Gold Platinum, I did not realize I was that upset!!! She called and apologized for not responding to my text....it wasn't about the twenty dollars, It was the lack of texting!!!! But overall my stay was cool...

So far, so good....I will update more soon!

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