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I have finally decided to join RealSelf after a...

I have finally decided to join RealSelf after a couple of weeks of reading reviews and looking at before/after pics. In my quest to find the right doctor, I relied solely on the experiences shared by the most amazing women on this site who have completed their BBL journey as well as those who are just getting started. I have learned so much from each of you :) Thank you!

A little about me: I am 5'8"; 190lbs (+/-5); 36-36-45; and square shaped. I will post pictures as soon as I am able to do so.

My procedure: BBL (Heart shape or tear drop butt, nice full hips, nice projection with the absolute smallest waist possible) plus an additional LIPO area (upper pubic area). I managed to gain an extra fat pocket in this area after my second child and want it gone for good! It sux that I have to pay $900 for such a small area, but will be worth it in the long run I'm sure.

Why now? I have been interested in doing this for years. Prior to now, I was not convinced that the "right" DR existed. I heard about this procedure on a local news station where a local PS was featured. I made an appointment to see the PS and had a lengthy discussion with him about my wants and desires. After a considerable amount of back and forth, a quick skim through before and after photos of women who went from flat to conservatively plump, and a quote of 11K later for full Ab/back and hip LIPO I decided to continue with my search. I was not interested in spending 11K for a slight improvement in my backside. For 11K, I am expecting a significant improvement. Besides, the PS told me that hips are not flattering and that my "saddle bags" will be removed during the procedure. WTFuss! Saddle bags? Really?! LOL.

As I stated earlier, I learned a lot from the experiences shared by others on this site. The information shared about the many challenges most experienced with getting in contact with DR J's office, chasing down the Patient Coordinator, delayed or missed consultations, etc. was spot on. I experienced every bit of that :(

My consultation date was on 1/18/13. It was initially scheduled for a date in November, if I recall correctly. I called numerous times to get it moved up using the cash paying tip shared by most as leverage. Unfortunately, it did not work in my favor at first. I kept trying to connect with a patient coordinator or someone who could just take a payment. I finally connected with Shelley. I found her to be pleasant, but very matter of fact. She was kind enough to move my consult date up to 1/18 and told me that the consult would take place in the morning. There is a two hour difference that exists so I expected a call as early as 7 in the morning and as late as 12 my time. I called in around 3EST to inquire about a status and was told that Shelley was on vacation that day??? A message was passed on to the Patient Coordinator's and I received a call from Monica around 4 or 5 my time. She was pleasant, apologized for the inconvenience, shared her BBL experience, provided much needed information about after care, and answered my questions before transferring me to DR J. Spoke with DR J for about 10-15 minutes, or so. He shared that he has recently been doing a lot of heart shaped butts, explained where he would take the fat from, recommended an additional LIPO area (the area I added), asked if I had any questions, answered my questions, and wished me a happy MLK day...very nice guy. I instantly felt confident in my decision and did not have any problems putting down a 5k deposit the same day. I was placed on the fast track list and later received additional messages from Team J to include a message about financing options...all of which seemed like canned responses and due to an apparent glitch with their system most were sent over and over. A little annoying, but to ensure I did not miss out on something new I read each one.

The earliest surgery date available at the time of my consult was 9/13 :(

On 1/31, I made another payment and received an updated invoice. $4900 remaining. Whoot!

On 2/6, I applied for financing and was approved. I contacted the office and shared that my surgery is essentially paid in full and asked for an earlier date. I was transferred to Shelley. She educated me on the process...LOL. I now know that the so called "fast track" list is ONLY for persons who are paying in cash. Once you introduce financing (full or partial) you are added to another list for persons financing that apparently does not offer much in terms of changes. Based on my brief encounter with her I take it that I have been removed from the "fast track" list and placed on the all other list. UGH! Although I was told that I would be considered for an earlier date IF one should come up I am not convinced that it will happen within the timeframe I need it to happen by. I have a 4-6 week window of flexibility now and had hoped (still hoping) something will come through for me. In the interim, I am planning to continue to make payments towards my surgery in hopes of getting it paid in full within the next 30 days.

I will post more as soon as something new surfaces...

Spoke with Monica earlier this week to make...

Spoke with Monica earlier this week to make another payment. She had this sense of calm about her...much different than our past discussion...that instantly put me at ease. She was most helpful with answering additional questions and clearing up my confusion about the lists. My nerves are shot right now. I want an earlier SX date, but starting to get nervous as hell reading the reviews that are sharing up to the last minute detail. I am so addicted to this site it's a shame. I am certain I will feel better as I continue to follow the journey of others as they cycle through the recovery period.

The one thing that I am most interested in hearing more about is the aftercare. Based on reviews I have read so far, Jimerson has not earned favorable results in this area. I did ask the question during my consult and was told that my follow-up appointments would be with the nurse, not Jimerson. Could it be that those that rated him low expected him to be at each follow up appointment? Not sure. I'm at peace knowing what to expect. In all honesty, I would rather have him behind closed doors perfecting his craft.

Having some challenges posting pictures. Will try again over the weekend.


When I spoke with Monica on 2/12 she said that...

When I spoke with Monica on 2/12 she said that there would absolutely be no problem to move my surgery date up to a late March/early April timeframe if I paid off the balance within the three week timeframe I communicated. I found it odd that late March/early April would not be a problem now when during the time of my consult I provided an April timeframe when asked for a date and was told April was not available.

Anyways, I told her that I would call back towards the latter part of the week to make another payment and will continue to call until the balance was paid in full. The challenge is getting through to reach someone to just TAKE a payment, not chit chat, not answer questions...just TAKE a payment. It is like a game of catch me if you can. A game I no longer have the patience to play. Chasing someone in the very beginning really wore me out. So, after a couple of failed attempts to reach someone later on in that week and after waiting several days later for a follow up call that never transpired I decided to leave it alone and not force the issue. Things happen for a reason...

Ok..so, over the weekend, I read a lot of RS stories and I have some concerns about the recovery timeframe. Some reported that they had challenges returning to work at the two week mark due to pain and not being able to sit and others said they took off 3-4 weeks. I certainly hope it is not the latter because I don't have that much flexibility with my work schedule. If I recall correctly, I was told that I will be able to return to work two weeks from the date of my procedure. Were you told the same thing?
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