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Hello, I've been trolling this site for some...


I've been trolling this site for some time now and finally had time to post my story. Well unlike some, I always had the butt everyone wanted all my life. The problem was I was overweight all my life as well. SO when I hit my 20's I decided to do something about it. I had one child and I got on a mission to lose my gut. I tried everything and the stumbled upon this very low calorie diet. It did wonder from me. Taking me from over 200lbs to 155, this is the ideal weight for me at 5’6. Well little did I know my hips and butt would suffer so much. I got a dimpling in my butt and it got almost flat from the weight loss. I felt horrible and unattractive. I started doing squats like crazy trying to build it back up. I even put the weight back on in hopes that my figure would return. The results are what you see in my pc. I did build the bottom back up but the curve I had at the back is nowhere near my previous figure.

I have been looking at Dr's for so long and had a consult with a local Dr. to me 2 years ago who could have done the procedure but I wasn't sure about how it would look as he was more familiar with fat grafting for wound patients. So here I am ready to get this process done and over with. I was really considering Dr. Nedra Dodd’s because I kept hearing her name and seeing her results, then I came to this site and it seems she does not come highly recommended. I did do a virtual consult with her office and did not like the fact that they do the surgery over 2 days since she only uses a numbing solution to do lipo and then fat graft.

So now I'm doing a consult with Dr. Jimerson. I would have never found him had it not been for this site so for that I am so thankful. I pray he can get me in quickly. I already have funds and I am ready to go LOL. If anyone ha any advice PEASE give it! I am so nervous and anxious I can't think straight. I most likely will be contacting a nursing company to assist me after surgery as I have no one in my family that can help me. My mother is elderly and sickly so it’s ME, MYSELF & I. I just leave it in Gods’ hands that everything will go well and I’ll be back to the bombshell I was before.

Thanks so much ladies. Looking forward to sharing this journey.

So excited!!! Got scheduled with Dr. Jimerson for...

So excited!!! Got scheduled with Dr. Jimerson for August 15th! I'm so pumped. Please pray for me as I will all those going through surgery. This has prompted me to talk with my sister about taking custody of my child if something ever happened to me. Im sure I'll be fine for this, but I wanted to have someone lined up for the purpose of doing my will. Sorry hope that's not to much gloom for you all. I'm having fat grafted to my hips and rear. Can't wait! If anyone else is having surgery then please let me know. Also ANY advice is so greatly appreciated. I was thinking of trying to get a lymphatic massage before surgery because I saw someone posts it helps with healing. Gotta look into that fasho! On my way to getting my dunk back.

Hey ladies. Talked to Monica today and my surgery...

Hey ladies. Talked to Monica today and my surgery was moved up to August 8th. So excited 4 weeks to the new bootie doo!!!! I have been trying to get my complete list of things that I'll need together. If anyone has a comprehensive list Please email it to me. Can't wait to wake up from surgery & see my results. I've even been planning to get me a hot outfit for Halloween so I can shut it down! So glad I found this site and see I'm not the only booty fanatic. Lol.

Hey BBL ladies. Just counting down the time until...

Hey BBL ladies. Just counting down the time until my surgery on August 8th. I have started taking vitamin C & B12. I am already taking a multivitamin with iron that I will take for 1 more week before switching to an iron pill every other day. I have lost a few pounds down to 178 and close to 5'6. I'm hoping to get to 168 or a few pounds less. P90X is killer when you do it with Insanity. I have contracted with a Home Care company to provide services for me for 53 hours after surgery. I just couldn't find anyone to come and did not want to tell too many people my business. I'm so excited I have already signed up for a boudoir photo shoot in September to showcase my hotness. LOL praying God keeps us all safe & healthy.

Hey ladies! I'm on my way to get my labs &...

Hey ladies! I'm on my way to get my labs & hungry like a wolf. You can't eat anything before they are done. Praying this is all good and I'll be cleared for surgery(sx). I have a question about the lymphatic massages. Do you ladies feel they helped? I was told that this can actually be fatal to you as the fluid could go to your lungs, which is concerning. I ask because I get massages every 2 weeks & want to know if the lymphatic can be done when I get home. Chime in ladies & let me know your thoughts.

Ok went in for labs & discovered I already had...

Ok went in for labs & discovered I already had 4 EKG's over the last 3 years. I had to have them for the diet I was doing so my Dr. said I don't need another since those were all normal. That was good news.

So my labs were all normal and I am cleared for...

So my labs were all normal and I am cleared for take off!! Woot Woot!! I am more excited each day. I truly can not wait to have my booty back. I have missed it so much. Let me preface my next statemtn by saying I am not stripper nor do I desireto be, butI love to shake my ass and I hae found myself playing all kinds of bootay bouncing music for the last 2 weeks. My child has been ROTFL at me for all the bootie shakin I been doin around the house. I know you ladies understand. Yea you may be nervous and unsure what will happen, but the excitement to have "me" back is more overwhelming then any other feeling. I have posted my wish pics for you ladies to look at as well. Let me know if yu think it's realistic or if I may be reaching. I hope not becuse this is about the size I was pre weight loss. Any further advise is also appreciated. I saw some people were suggesting sitting without boppy so I think I will play around with thisroll pillow I hae that may work better for when I can sit. Will advise later. Peace & BOOTAY Juice!!

Can you say Geeked up!! I'm so pumped to be this...

Can you say Geeked up!! I'm so pumped to be this close to getting my @ss back home! I leave Sunday for ATL & I still have some packing to do, but not much. Everythang is in place for before & after surgery so just need to bring it down a little bit before my heart rate is too much. That would be a mess. Wishing luck to all the ladies who have recently had surgery or are due to have it soon. May we not be to sore or suffer any on our quest to happiness.

Hey ladies. Well only 2 more days til the fat...

Hey ladies. Well only 2 more days til the fat makes my @ss Phat!! Just met with Dr. Jimerson. He was very personable & took time answering my questions. He said he would hook me up. We shall see. He thinks he can get about 3.5 liters from my gut. I was hoping he could get close to 5L but since my stomach is the only lipo area & the low back he can take it all. He did say I may need a mini TT later but we'll have to see because skin could draw up nicely. He said I shouldn't have any sagging which is a plus. My weight is fine as he ideally likes patients to be about 10- 15 pounds over goal weight. My goal is 165 at the smallest so I'm within limits.

I met Geeta, one of his nurses who had sx twice. Her results look great, but she wants more. Guess booty obsession is typical LOL. Not me I'm one & done prayerfully. I caught a glimpse of Michelle, but didn't get to speak with her. Shelly was helping me & she hasn't had any procedures yet, but wants lipo.

Now the hotel is so quiet that its easy to discreetly get your procedure done & recover without a bunch of patrons looking at you. I've only seen 4 other people here. The office is a 5 minute walk from the hotel & 2 minutes from a shopping center with Kroger. They have a refrigerator, microwave & breakfast is free. Also there is a washer & dryer on my floor. I feel good about everything & doing this by myself has presented no real issues so far. That should cover it all but let me know if there are any questions. Peace & blessings :)

Hey ladies. Well tomorrow is the day. No turning...

Hey ladies. Well tomorrow is the day. No turning back now. Right?! Just a couple extra notes that no one has mentioned. On the morning of surgery you need to take one pill which helps fight infection. Besides that you can't swallow anything else. As for the urinal, you can purchase a pitcher at the dollar store that has a similar shape for $1. Besides the shots to prevent blood clots you will have to take 4 other medications plus a stool softener. You can not eat sugar or white starches so stick with real fruit & protein shakes with a low glycemic index. Ensure or Isosource would be ok. You can also take Benedryl if you develop itching.

Well that's all for now. Please keep me in your prayers. It gets pretty overwhelming at this point. I find myself looking in the mirror asking "are you really doing this?" it's what I want so Yes I am! Prayerful for a successful surgery with no complications so I can make it back to my family. I will let you ladies know when I make it out. Thanks for your thoughts & prayers.

Alright ladies. I will be in surgery in 1 hour....

Alright ladies. I will be in surgery in 1 hour. Thanks for all your prayers. May God keep us all. I'll get up with y'all later :)

Hey ladies. Thank you so much for all your prayers...

Hey ladies. Thank you so much for all your prayers. I made it! Praise God. My sx started at about noon and I was done about 3:30. He got 2600 L and put 1000 cc's in each cheek and 300 cc's each hip. He said my fat was of good quality so majority he got from my abdomen, flanks & lower back was able to be used. When I woke up I was on my back and was extremely sore. It felt like I had worked out a ton the day before and got sore. No pain at all. I asked the nurse to flip me on my stomach and he said I couldn't. So I asked the anesthesiologist if I could, he said yes and was about to help me, but I flipped myself over myself. I rested about 45 minutes and they tried to get me to take my meds but I couldn't. Felt too queasy. Everyone was great & treated me well. My home care had a Hummer and she let the passenger seat down while I climbed in on my stomach. Dr. J tried to help me get in the truck but I was doing everything myself. I feel good & had a major appetite so I ate some grilled chicken & fruit. I have been eating every 2 hours, drinking water & walking with problems. I have taken all my meds as indicated along with the Make Me Heal Vitamins. Again thanks so much. I will post pics when I can & give more updates later. Be blessed!

Good morning! Well I been up every 2 hours...

Good morning! Well I been up every 2 hours walking, drinking & taking whatever meds I need. Just a few notes for today.
- my va jay jay didn't swell at all yay!
- I have No complications at all Praise God.
- gave myself the shot & it is a very thin needle like a diabetic would use for insulin. You won't
even feel it trust me.
- The garment feels fine. The strap in the back is not bothering me at all.
- I have no itching what so ever
- the female urinal is the bomb.com but make sure you hold it on you for a minute after you finish
peeing because you won't feel it but there will still be urine seeping out.
- my stomach and butt are sore on a scale of 1-10 for soreness I'd give it a 5
- no back pain at all, but I don't let anyone touch any of the areas from surgery because you will wanna knock them out!
I think that's all. Nothing else I can think to report. My home care nurse is an independent contractor and she is awesome. If anyone would like to use her services at a discounted rate please inbox me. Have a greatly blessed day!

Another very important note, Dr. Jimerson covers...

Another very important note, Dr. Jimerson covers all his patients with insurance for 30 days after surgery. You just call an 800 number and they will direct you to an accredited medical facility. This is HUGE! Though we don't expect complications to develop, they can happen so having this on patients is added protection. It's not extra, it is included in your price!

Also I actually had 4200 cc's removed. The nurse gave me the wrong amount and Dr. J had to get some from my inner thighs, but it was minimal. The nurse was off on that too, but he was probably to baffled at how I was up & moving so quickly. Ok that's all for now. Blessings to all.

Hey ladies. Nothing new to report. Feeling good &...

Hey ladies. Nothing new to report. Feeling good & got to take off all that gause & tape. Let me know what you think of all dat @ss @ss @ss @ss @ss @ss @ss @ss @ss!!

Hey dolls. Just wanted to post some things I...

Hey dolls. Just wanted to post some things I thought about over the last few days as well as things I have done to prepare for my surgery. When selecting your Dr. I think everyone should be asking a couple very important questions that may be overlooked by many because they are only looking at price.
1) After you are sure your Dr. is Board certified in Plastic Surgery; Does the Dr. have hospital privileges?
2) How far is the nearest hospital he/she has privileges at?
3) Is that where you will be taken if an emergency arises while you are in surgery?
4) Will the cost of having you admitted to hospital be covered thru your Dr. or will you be billed separately for that?
5) What is your Dr.’s protocol for an emergency situation?

These are all questions I asked in my pre-op appointment that I feel are very essential to feeling secure in the Dr. you select to perform surgery.
I also wanted to give a detailed list of supplies since I’ve gotten several inboxes asking what I packed. I will put an asterisk next to the ones I utilized;

*Female urinal ( An absolute most!)
*32 oz water bottle ( I drink about 90 oz of water a day so I always have this with me)
Suction hooks
Sugar scrub (sugar and olive oil) for pre sx shower
*Body wash
*Reusable grocery tote bag (to carry stuff)
*Magic bullet- blender (mine isn’t called magic bullet, but is similar)
*Bleach spray & wipes
*Razors to shave
*Camis- to wear under garment after surgery, supposedly helps eliminate skin irritation
*Maxi dresses/ comfortable clothing you can get on & off quickly, maybe button up robes/shirts
*Make Me heal Pre & Post Operative Vitamins ( I started these 7 days before surgery and have been taking them post op. I think they have helped.
Arnica taletsa and gel
*Detergent to wash
Me derma. Cocoa butter for scars
*flip flops
* socks (I wear mine over ted hose the Dr. provided)
*electronics (cell phone, I pad, chargers, DVD player, DVD’s, ear phones) to keep you busy while you recover
*baby wipes
*tooth brush, paste, dental floss, bathroom stuff
*anti bacterial soap
*pony tail holders & head scarf
* massager to lay on body
Tylenol pm (check with your Dr on this)
hand moisturizer
old towels to avoid stained linen from the tumescent fluid, Betadine or blood
Camera for pictures
*neck pillow
Body Pillow
*Boppy Pillow
lap top
firming lotion
foldable chair
yoga mat/blocks
*protein shakes, different fruit, veggies, natural peanut butter, gum, altoids
*Benadryl (haven’t needed this but some people do)
*Neosporin ointment
* Fill prescriptions before you travel & take them as prescribed by your Dr.

In the hotel I got a garbage bag from cleaning crew, put one of the pillows in it and placed a towel over it. I used this to lay on for comfort & to prevent any blood from getting on the bed. I haven’t had any blood or fluid leakage though.
Pack according to your comfort level. Some people didn’t want to check a bag for flights, but I did because I wanted to bring everything I felt would make me comfortable & keep me from being bored while I recovered. I packed a few pair of underwear & bras. You won’t wear these for a couple months is what I’ve been told.
Don’t bother packing any pajamas as you will most likely sleep in just your garment.

I plan to get lymphatic massages when I return home. They help to force the fluid out of the lipo'd areas back into the lymphatic system. Once into the lymphatic system, the fluid will get excreted as urine. This will help with overall swelling and to accelerate healing. Also, when they do the massages with pressure (which does feel uncomfortable) it helps to break up the scar tissue & smoothes out your skin.

Goodmornting beauties!!! Well I finally took a lil...

Goodmornting beauties!!! Well I finally took a lil poop. I really didn't want to though. I had taken a nice one the morning of surgery so I felt that was enough. I rolled up a towel and placed it under my thighs so I didn't put any pressure on my butt. I didn't have much trouble getting garment on and off but where your body is sore you will have to breath deeply & get er done. I also need to add some more items yo list of essentials that I forgot;
*alcohol pads ( I used to clean area on thigh before I do my shot)
*cotton swabs/ q tips ( to clean around incision sites)
* gauze & medical tape ( to redress drain tube)
*empty Gatorade bottle ( to put used syringes in, you don't want to just throw them in garbage as
someone could get poked by one
Small step stool ( to help get up in the bed, especially if your inner thighs were lipo'd)
*dish detergent to clean whatever dishes you have
* Tupperware bowl ( to make salads in or just eat out of)
*dish cloth or brush
* knife for food
A big pair of panties should Aunt Flo arrive ( your old ones may be too small)
*shaker cup (for protein shakes)
*dryer sheets

That should get you thru pretty well. If anyone is having surgery in the ATL & needs home care I can refer you to an awesome lady that offers a discounted rate. She has taken great care of me. Other than that not much going on with me. Gonna lay around and watch some movies, read magazines, talk on the phone, & walk around. Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday. TTYL

I have had no pain thru my recovery, but today I...

I have had no pain thru my recovery, but today I have pain in my heart that won't go away. I lost my brother to cancer 10 years ago today & the pain is just like it was then. The best way I know to deal with it is to talk about him. So today I dedicate my blog to his memory. My brother was 34 when he passed. He was one of the greatest men I knew. He had a successful career that he left to start a ministry in Baltimore. He went around to area shelters with his ministry and tried to help people in whatever capacity he could. Some just needed to hear a positive word, others needed help finding a job, & some needed help kicking drug habits. He helped everyone, including me. If he were alive he would be the one person I could bring with me on this trip & trust to take care of me without judgment or reprimand. I know God had a purpose for his life & removing him from this earth was not to cause heartache to his loved ones. While my family mourns my brother for another year, I will be praying God gets me thru & helps me to be just as cheerful a giver as my late brother. I hope everyone going thru surgery today will be blessed, as well as others that will follow. Peace & Blessings to all who read this.

Hey ladies! So I'm proud to announce my drain got...

Hey ladies! So I'm proud to announce my drain got taken out today & I am cleared for booty shaking! It's still hard though so not much shaking going on. The Dr.'s office said I am part of the rare 5% who don't have much trouble adjusting after surgery. They were amazed at how well I was walking & moving around. I credit good genes, working out & plenty of water. Taking the garment on & off is a breeze for me. I have been taking it off for an hour each day & massaging the lipo'd areas so I don't get scar tissue. I start my lymphatic massages on Monday with my regular medical massues & he is only charging me $250 for 12 sessions. I'm so glad to be 1 week post op today & it only gets better from here. Please say a prayer for my girl Baby Cheeks. She had surgery this morning & that child may have a rough recovery since she hates pain. I know she a soldier on the low though :-) Thanks so much for all your kind words while I was going thru yesterday. It's so heart warming to know there are people out there who don't know me personally, but would think of me during this time. I am beyond grateful & thankful I found this site when I did. Be blessed.

Just a quick update. Still doing good. Still have...

Just a quick update. Still doing good. Still have some swelling, especially in my lower body. Nothing too eventful. Went to church yesterday & stood the whole time in the balcony. So glad to be moving into the 2 week mark on Wednesday. I plan to update again at 3 weeks. Hoping everyone is doing well & I'll check in next week. Peace!

Wassup ladies. Just a quick update. I'm doing...

Wassup ladies. Just a quick update. I'm doing great&Love having my @ss back. I've been busy with family stuff and I went back to work. No one has said much except my child who knows my booty looks bigger. I think they butt pads helped of course & also I've been wearing lots of dresses, skirts, with jackets. Trying to cover up ba little until 6 weeks when I can unleash it all. Lol. I've been getting lymphatic massage since last week 4 x's a week. I also got cleared to start doing some of my P90X workouts. That has been the hardest for me as I am very much a workout addict & I had been worried about my flexibility after surgery. Everything looks great. Waiting for my stomach to flatten up more & for all my sensations to come back in my inner thighs & stomach. I'm so glad to be over 3 weeks with 4 right around the corner. Oh yeah, my workouts have been ok. Obviously there is something's I can't do. Like I tried to do plank pose & had to stop at 40 seconds when I would normally do 2 minutes. My abs started to feel to much pressure, so I backed off. As for weight I noticed after surgery my weight went up to 190, but it's been going down steadily. I'm 184 right now. I still have fluid in my system though because my foot kept swelling & my massues had to work on it for me so I could even wear shoes.
I've been wearing my garment 23 hours a day. I went down to a large garment a little over 1 week after surgery. I've been wearing a medium waist cincher over my garment with the board off & on. I needed more compression on my abs but my thighs are not going into anything smaller than this large garment. My hubby will be home next week on Saturday & I can't wait to put on a show for Jim let me tell ya. It's been toooooooooo long. My butt is still hard, but everything else is soft (stomach, back, thighs). FYI I got my cincher from JCPenney.
I have no cons. I just can't wait for my booty to soften so I can rejoin my Twerk team!! Ok so this update has been all over the place, but I'm tired. TTYL

Wassup loves?! Ok well here are some new pics. As...

Wassup loves?! Ok well here are some new pics. As you can see (hopefully) I have not lost any volume at 4.5 weeks. My butt is still pretty firm and I'm still swelling in my abdomen some. My hips were 45" before sx & they have held steady at 48.5" since surgery. My abs meausred 34" before sx and are currently 30". My family simply thinks the lipo has made my butt more prominent like it was before (LOL I'll never tell!!). Now my hubby noticed right away and if you've ever seen that Chris Brown video "No BS" then you know what was going down ova hur once he got home!
Besides that still no itching, but I have started feeling a burning sensation where I had lipo. My body therapist said that's a good sign my nerves are healing. Also in my job I deal with lots of Dr's who do negative pressure wound therapy or care for stroke victims. Anyways they advised I should rub Sesame oil on the lipo areas to help with getting the nerves to recover quicker. Now of course you will smell like a peanut, LOL, but I also rub some almond butter on after 10 minutes to cover the smell. I've been doing this for 2 weeks and I must say I think its helping.
I'm beyond overjoyed with my results & I will never regret having this surgery. It has been great meeting so many ladies who are going after their dreams & doing something for themselves. I have made so many friends & enjoyed every moment chatting with you ladies. I don't know where I would be had I not found this site when I did. That's serious! I was looking at a Dr. that would have had me soooooo mad at the results she gives. If there are any specific questions anyone has feel free to message me & I will get up with you as quickly as possible.
I pray everyone who has recently had sx or has it scheduled is truly blessed with their results & health after sx. I do have one last somewhat funny/insane note to add. So for work I had to go up to West Virginia with one of my Dr's & we stopped at a gas station to gas up before we left the area. So I'm wearing a skirt & coordinating kinda flowy top. I go into the gas station to put ice in my bottle for water. As I am walking out, there is an older white guy & a young white dude, both toothless, as they don't have dentist in West Virginia LOL. So the young dude says "damn I don't look at n!gg@s, but will you look at this." Needless to say we got in the car and bailed out. The Dr. I was with was so apologetic & turned so red. He said he had never experienced something like that before. I told him unfortunately you still have some very ignorant folks in this world. My hubby was upset when I told him about it. Being that I travel to many areas where minorities don't exist, or are very minimal in numbers, I experience lots of craziness, so its not new to me. I guess I could look at it like ole dude don't date broads of my race, but that @ss made him reconsider (+_+)
Til next time.

Ok Ladies well I am 6 weeks post op as of Sept. 19...

Ok Ladies well I am 6 weeks post op as of Sept. 19 and still feeling good. The only complications at this point are the burning sensations you feel in the lipo'd areas. If I sit too long or lay too long that burn sucks! I am also still not having any real feeling in my right leg from the knee up towards part of mid thigh. Besides that, absolutely no cons for surgery. I stopped wearing full garment today & started wearing a Squeem. I did have my garment taken in by a seamstress and will put it on at night only. I sit with boppy in my house on the couch. Otherwise I drive with 2 neck pillows, one under thighs and one on my back, so not putting much pressure on my butt yet.

I have been getting questions about the side effects of the anesthesia. I haven't had any outbreaks on my face, just normal acne or pimples. I haven't had any hair loss either, however I have been taking Biotin 5 mg for 3 weeks now. I also take a multi-vitamin daily with extra B vitamins & fish oil. I have NEVER been depressed about the surgery. I am a very positive & happy person so it would take a lot to get me down. Staying positive has come easy for me because of my natural happy go lucky personality.

I have been walking 2 miles on treadmill 4-5 days a week, which has been good for my workout addiction. I am looking forward to toning up my legs and getting my arms together over the fall/winter so I can add to my sexy :-) I will do that with a modified P90X workout regime. Dr. J says this will be fine for my butt and not jeopardize my results.

Other than that nothing else to report. Just happy to be progressing thru recovery and waiting for final results. I still get lots of attention, which was already normal for me, however now it's focused on my tush again. I will update again at 9 weeks post op. Take care luvs!

2 months YAY!!! Nothing to report. My @ss is still...

2 months YAY!!! Nothing to report. My @ss is still humungus! My hips were 48.5" after surgery & they are now 48". It's crazy but I guess I am one of the lucky ones who holds on to the fat graft very well. I will post new pics showing the measurement soon. I have been doing P90X for over 3 weeks. I want to get my back, arms & abs tight over the winter. I'm so glad I'm done with the surgery & that I found Dr. Jimerson. Thanks for all the positive messages from all you ladies. It's so nice to know my review is actually helping other women with their booty journey. I am enjoying my life with my newly refound bootie. Any questions just PM me or ask here. Good luck to all & God bless.

Ok just a quick update. Updated pics soon I...

Ok just a quick update. Updated pics soon I promise. As I shared in my last update my hips are still freaking 48' and I was trying yo get them down with P90X. Well I've stopped the P90X and am focusing on just walking. I think the P90Xx was just making my hips stay the same size but building muscle, which is good, but I want to get to. 46' hips. My measurements are 38-30-48!!
As for lipo with Dr. J I feel like he did an amazing job shaping me how I asked. When I look at myself naked in the mirror I am exactly shaped how I asked. I know that's not possible for everyone but blessed that it worked for me. Some advice for people getting the BBL is to know that this is a long healing process. Because my lipo was done so aggressively I still get that burning sensation on my back & abs. It sucks, but that's what I wanted & in 3 months I'm hoping that is completely done.
This surgery can completely change your life if you have a crazy shape. For me it returned me to my big booty self. Losing my butt was the worst feeling for me. It diminished my confidence a lil bit, but ole girl is so extremely sure of herself now, You Can't Tell Me NOTHIN!!! Now I'm focusing on my BL which I plan to start a review on in December. Once I get that done I'm good on elective surgeries. Anyone have any advice to offer on that please feel free. That's all loves.
Oh yes please except my sincerest apologies if you PM'd me and I did not reply. I literally had 35 messages after surgery and I was going thru them as quickly as possible but then more were coming in & then RS messed up & I don't know who sent what when. I don't mind sharing anything I can, but I also have a very busy life & responsibilities as a wife & mama. I can't live on this blog like others. I will continue responding as quickly as I can to all PM's. Alright well have a blessed day ladies & look put for the pics. Much love.

Here ya go. More pics! I've maintained my phat @ss!!!

Here ya go. More pics! I've maintained my phat @ss!!!

So sorry some of my pics got deleted from my phone...

So sorry some of my pics got deleted from my phone while I was traveling, but enjoy the ones I have posted. All new ones are at 11 weeks post op. I still am not sitting with boppy or any pillows & don't plan to use them anymore. It still feels weird sitting on my butt, But I guess your butt has to adjust to not being sat on for so many weeks. I keep getting asked if I regret anything. The only regret I have is doing the protein diet and losing my butt in the first place. I'm so thankful Dr. Jimerson was able to return me to my previous bootay glory. I wish everyone the best in their journey. Please let me know if there is anything I can answer for anyone, no matter who you Dr. is. Blessings ;-)

Ok so as of yesterday we have 3 families staying...

Ok so as of yesterday we have 3 families staying with us. They had extreme damage from Sandy & there isn't a true time frame that they will have power or be able to return to their homes. I'm so thankful we weren't really affected & are able to be of aid to these families. Please consider doing something if you can to help victims & keep the East coast in prayer. There are so many reminders every day of how people take things for granted & times like these should cause us all to reflect on the blessings in our lives. I'm so very thankful To God for all He continues to do in my families life. Have a very blessed weekend ladies.

3 months Obama won & I can't wait to get my breast...

3 months Obama won & I can't wait to get my breast lift next month. My booty is doing great. Big & juicy ooweee ooowweeeeee!!!!

I really didn't want to make any remarks on this...

I really didn't want to make any remarks on this non-issue concerning pictures, however after so many ladies have continued to ask me I just have to add my 2 pesos. I will continue to post pics & share my ass, breasts, & any other body part I have a cosmetic procedure on with Real Self members. I feel that this issue is petty nonsense because if you join the site to share your experience why make a fuss because you can't delete pics or profile.? People who can read & are concerned about placing information on a “public website” should examine terms of service and/or privacy policy of said site before subscribing. I joined this site to share my experience, network with others and help those who may have questions about the same procedures that I had questions about & considered having done. All this other crap needs to stop. If you don't want to share with others leave the site. Point Blank & the Period! Nobody is forcing anyone to remain a subscriber to Real Self.

Another thing I’m exhausted with is all the nonsense that keeps generating on the BBL thread. In communicating with ladies in other threads it appears the BBL blog is the only section that keeps up pure foolishness. There are many women that don't even blog about their experience at all due to the drama that some ‘girls’ keep up on here. Some have even posted their blog in other sections just to avoid the girls in this thread all together. It's sad that some can't display more maturity & respect for those who are really trying to document their journey & learn from the experience of another blogger. People need to get a life & stop prohibiting others from enjoying the site for its intended purposes. I don't want my feed full of dumb crap that is so trivial to the main purpose of this site & the reason I am here. Anyone who is leaving the site goodbye, farewell, tatta, ba bye, bon voyage, auf wiedersehen, adios, ciao, adieu, au revoir, hasta la vista, deuces, two fingas…. You get the ‘picture’. I'm most definitely the type to not talk about it, but be about it. I wouldn’t be playing as if I were leaving site only to be right back in the mix with everyone else next week. There also wouldn’t be any long drawn out exit. I'd be ghost!

Just so I'm clear this is directed to any and everyone that is taking away from the purpose of the site & trying to scare others out of sharing their total experience. Either delete yourself & go to another site or have a seat. Damn I can't wait until this segment of Real Self has participants that are not keeping up unnecessary crap. Again I didn’t want to give any recognition to this hogwash, but somehow it seems that ladies assume what a handful are doing will result in everyone doing. NO ONE has that kind of power over me. Grown women don’t invest in school girl antics. With that I also don’t care who takes the pics I’ve posted. My pics could be anywhere on the internet by now. I understood that from jump. Though again a mature women would. Now that I’ve said my peace I now return you to our regularly scheduled program. Breast lift next month. Pictures & blog will be up soon. GO BEARS!!!!

Bout to hit this highway real quick to celebrate...

Bout to hit this highway real quick to celebrate Thanksgiving with the fam. Funny part is I'm cooking majority of meal for 40 folks (not gang related, lol). I don't mind though since ya girl shuts it down. Anyone in area that likes Twista he will be performing in Gary, IN this Friday. Be warned it's straight hood so if you not used to that element stay home. Everyone else come get ya grown man/woman on. I love me some Twista. He can make you a celebrity overnight. I guess Dr. J can too, lol. I'm thankful for so much this year & all the years of my life. God has been so good to me my whole life. Seeing me thru surgery this year was a major blessing. Only one more to go & then I'm done son! I hope as we all get prepared for this holiday we can find it in our hearts to be more supportive in this blog & let the hate be eradicated from our hearts. I've met some very very lovely ladies on here & I can't wait to kick it with some of them on a personal level. There's so much going on in each of our lives outside this blog. Let's make this the place where we can get support for not only our struggles with surgery, but our personal miseries as well. Y'all be blessed. Traveling mercies to all & miraculous recoveries.

Hello lovelies. I pray you all have a very blessed...

Hello lovelies. I pray you all have a very blessed & happy thanksgiving. I'm up early finishing up our feast. For those who have had surgery, don't skimp on the food as all the fat is going to ya butt anyways. Lol

Not really an update, but I wanted to share a...

Not really an update, but I wanted to share a recent blessing. My hubby had been actin weird lately. I couldn't call what was up with him, but I knew something was up. He had stuff going on with his new work project, but I could sense it wasn't work related whatever he was anxious about. After 18 years of dating/marriage you should know your partner well enough to recognise when something is on their mind. So I'm talkin to him on my way home yesterday & he's like let's go eat at our favorite spot, which I'm like cool, even though we Never eat out during the week because I cook every day all day. We get to our spot & I feel like the staff is smiling more than usual & my womanly intuition is tellin me something is up. To make a long story short he proposed all over again!! We are renewing our vows this summer in Hawaii!! It was so sweet i couldn't help but cry. The things he said made me feel better than any surgery could. The staff in the restaurant gave him a standing O & provided a complimentary bottle of wine. I'm on cloud 9 right now & nothing could make me even look down. It feels so good to be in the place I am & successfully getting things I want. As I said not a real update, but I wanted to share my happiness with you all. I hope you ladies are finding happiness & pressing forward to fulfilling your dreams. Stay blessed :-)

What up ladies? Well here are some new pics at 17...

What up ladies? Well here are some new pics at 17 weeks. As you can see nothing has changed, my fat is still in tact. It’s amazing to me that people still think that a fat graft won’t last. Do some research. Fat grafting has been done for years & years. Probably decades and decades. The fat isn’t going anywhere if your surgeon knows what (s)he is doing! I keep stressing this to so many ladies, but some just aren’t getting it. To those I say maybe this surgery isn’t for you. IJS
At this point the worst thing is swelling and that damn burning sensation from lipo. UGH!!! This aggravates me to no end. If I sit for too long when I stand my back is still having burning sensations. I know that can last up to a year so I’m just grinning and bearing it 0_0 Also I still have to wear a corset or my stomach will be on fire!!!! 4real 4 real! Hope all going thru surgery will be blessed & have great results. I’m having my breast lift at the end of the month so I’ll be focusing more on that, but will still be here to offer any knowledge that I may impart on you beauties, Feel free to check that blog out as well if you like, or if you want to see the flap jacks on my chest, eh. Not too much longer until that is corrected though. Be safe all.

Wishing all you divas a happy & prosperous holiday...

Wishing all you divas a happy & prosperous holiday season. Praying for all going thru sx during this time & those going thru recovery. Hope everyone is living out their dreams & getting the results they are hoping for. Blessings to you all :-)

Quick update. I recently had a BL and have had to...

Quick update. I recently had a BL and have had to sleep on my back, which sucks! I am a tummy sleeper and never ever sleep on my back. So in networking in the Breast blogs I learned about a pillow for breast augmentation patients that will allow you to sleep on your stomach. This could be a great tool for anyone wanting to have a BBL and breast sx at the same time! Or still just great for us tummy sleepers undergoing breast surgery. I ordered one for myself and will let you ladies know how it works out. It is called the Descansa breast pillow and it is 49.95. You can order it on Amazon, Sears.com or Descansabreastpillow.com. With shipping so far Sears was the best total price. I added pics of this pillow and the Make me Heal vitamins that I have taken for both my surgeries. Anyone thinking to use the pillow should consult with your PS first to ensure they approve. I wonder why no one has mentioned this pillow before; none the less I am so thrilled to have come across it now. I hope everyone is recovering well & finding peace in the new year. Until next time.

Hey loves. Just wanted to advise I got the breast...

Hey loves. Just wanted to advise I got the breast pillow and have only really been using it to sleep on my side due to insert saying Not recommended for use after breast sx. That’s not what it said on the site when I ordered, but oh well. Anyhow, I still like it, but please consult your PS before making a decision. I have uploaded one new pic for shits and giggles, lol. Also I’m uploading the insert for pillow. Hope this helps someone out there in cyber world. I’m doing great if anyone wants to know ? I love my body and once I’m healed from breast lift will have plenty of new pics for you ladies. Oh yes I almost forgot. So I was happy after my breast sx that the burn I had from lipo wasn’t evident anymore. I thought it was all gone. NOPE! That shit is back! Ugh! I’m 5 months and still feeling it so just be aware. I’m also swollen yet again, but that’s part of it so I’m not complaining one bit. I wish you lovelies well in your journey and as always I’m here if anyone has questions. Muah!
PS I guess they added the option to delete pics again so I'm sure some folk will love that.

Check out anylabtestnow.com to get your CBC if you...

Check out anylabtestnow.com to get your CBC if you don't have insurance. Blessings to all.

Time flies wit a phat ass:-P

Just dropped in for a quick update. Life has been so good. I love my body like never before. My hubby loves it as well. People tell me ALL the time they want my ass. Good luck to all you beauties. Keep going for your dreams and getting what you want. Read my review for any questions. I stand by every word. Best decisions I made was having my butt and boobs done. God bless;-*

Dr. Jimerson is a great surgeon. He took great care of me & made sure I got what I asked for. He covers every patient with a 30 day insurance in case something develops that you need to see a Dr. about when you return to your hometown. Also he has an anesthesiologist in the surgery the WHOLE time, monitoring your vital signs and ready to react should you have complications during surgery. That is HUGE! That can be the difference between life and death seriously! I would do it again with Dr. Jimerson as my choice hands down.

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