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Ok BBL sistahs- I am finally here to share my...

Ok BBL sistahs- I am finally here to share my journey thus far after reading many of ur stories on RS... I was very hesitant to join because of all the drama I hear about on here plus the type of job I have I need to remain low key but I told myself I wasn't gonna let a few bad apples spoil the show soooo here goes- I am a mother of 4 and consider myself to be in pretty decent shape- I work out as much as I can but of course my stomach has always been an issue since giving birth to all them big heads lol they tore me up and it's like they all left their mark on the way out by leaving permanent drawings of squiggly lines all over my belly lol I still love em tho- I'm just saying...

Anyways After much research i finally decided to do something about it and I had a TT about 4 years ago and all I need now is a nice big booty. I have been researching this for maybe a year now as I never knew about this procedure- I knew about people getting injections to find out those were dangerous and I heard about implants but never the fat transfer to the butt so I was so excited when I learned about this procedure cuz I knew I had some fat I cld take off one area and put in this booty!! About 6 months or so ago I went to this one doctor for a consult and I was told tht I look fine and they don't think I need it and if I was to get it done tht I would need to gain weight and THAT did NOT sit well with me because I feel I already work too hard just to stay in shape and keep my weight within a certain range so I left tht Drs office without any luck.... Of course the thoughts of having this new big booty kept resurfacing so I went back on my research hustle in hopes of some more solutions And low n behold I came across DR. Jimmersons website and I have been hooked every since-

I know now that realistically speaking I will have to gain a lil weight but the work I have seen Dr. J perform speaks for itself and I have total trust and faith that he will put that fat right where it belongs- in my U'Neaque-Azz!!! I called his office Jan 2nd and spoke with a Ms Maxine and she was very polite and patient and answered all of my questions- she gave me the names of the finance companies they used and when we hung up I called the first one she suggested (care credit) and was instantly approved so I called the office back and paid my deposit and was given a sx date of July 17th - so excited!!! Since this is still a lil ways away I wld really appreciate all suggestions and tips from all the vets out there to make this process tht much more smoother- I am really exited to be a part of the RS team as this is my place of sanity as I count down these months.
My current measurements are 36-30-40ish I am 5'4" and I weigh 155 lbs- I wld like t be 36-28-45 or more ;-))

Ok ladies so my original phone consult was...

Ok ladies so my original phone consult was scheduled for the 27th of June which would have put me at only 3 weeks aways from my scheduled surgery date so I called the office to see if I could get it changed to an earlier date because I need to make sure I'm prepared well in advance and also if Dr. J gives me any orders to follow before hand I need to make sure I have plenty of time to follow through- don't need no interference with my new booty-debut ;-)) so of course it took forever to get through to a live person and when I did they just took my information down and said someone will give me a call back because they have to get approval from headquarters to fit me in on a different day because they are booked until dec on phone consults ..... Omg!!! Butts are definitely in high demand lol- the good news is that maybe someone from their office has read some of the RS complaints of needing to hire more help because I actually got a call back!!!! The next day of course but that was fine with me- just a lil shocked- so I got a new phone consult date of next week!!!! Yay!! I didn't get the call when It came through but my pt coordinator left a message with some of the details and said she will call again with an exact date and time- i made sure i saved that voicemail... so so so excited ladies so if u have any suggestions on the types of questions I need to make sure I ask Dr. J please please please let me know -also added more before pics
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