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So like many of you ladies, I have been on this...

So like many of you ladies, I have been on this site looking since last year! I am getting the brazilian butt lift . And now that I got my date , I decided to join and I'm very excited to be tracking my journey...seems like when you tell your close ones about getting a Brazilian butt lift they look at you like your crazy! Kinda like they don't get it . It's 2013!! No time to have conservative views. We all have to do what makes us happy . As long as we not hurting ourselves then there is nothing wrong with enhancing!

Okay so I'm 22 years old and I weigh 168 lbs. I am looking to get a very plump very high projection butt. I want my whole 12000 worth of ass!! I don't want it to be modest at all! I'm very nervous of course . I have been planning on getting this since last year November by dr. Jimerson . But It was a pipe dream then because I had no where near enough money! Anyway long story short . I got all then money in through August and September . Thanks to my sponsor .. Lmao. And they put me on the fast track . And when they say fast - IT'S FAST!!! I called to make the final payment sept. 12th! So told me I can have my surgery on sept 30th. I was very shocked and was not even sure if that could be possible for me . But I took the date because the sooner I get it over the better. I have been putting so much energy into the BBL. with research and pic hunting. I really want a great butt. It's been my bigger insecurity since high school. Friends and family have told me my butt is flat . Which didn't help . So now I'm doing something about it.

TEAM JIMERSON!! Medical Clearance in processing!!

So I went to get my medical clearance today. It went good and I really wanted it in by today but I needed blood work done so hopefully that will be in by tomorrow. It was so awkward at the doctors appointment !! The assistant and the doctor was asking alot of questions !! I was just super straight forward. They were both older too. And the doctor said

" how are they going to operate and they don't even know you ?"

Oh sorry I didn't know we needed to go out on a few dates and walk the beach for him to operate on me!! I'm still can't believe that my surgery was scheduled so soon. In two weeks I will be having the dream I always wanted. I'm just wondering on all the things I will need .

Any suggestions from anyone on what I should get before hand besides my faja?

I will be posting pics of myself to show soon.


My pre-op pics!!!

Here I'm 170 this is my target weight for maximum booty ! At least that is what Monica told me !!

More wish pics ..


Landed in Atlanta today. Had to plane trips to get here . Total trip was from 6:55am till 12pm. The Atlanta airport is huge!!! It took forever to get to baggage claim ! So the taxi was 89 dollars for two people. From the airport to suwanee red roof inn . It's like seven miles from dr jimerson. I have my pre op appointment tomorrow . My medical clearance went though. The taxi ride is like 40 min btw from airport. I'm super excited and brought a lot of dress to try if I'm feeling up to it. I brought lots of items for this trip . Including
Bio oil
Kelo cate scar cream
Lipo foam sheets - Amazon
Medical tape
Cotton balls for belly button
Headbands for compression
garment arm straps
Sine-ecch pills for bruising
Arnica gel
Maxi pads for garment comfort
Iron pills
Baby wipe for hygiene
Yoga mat for sitting
Boppy pillow for sitting

That's all inbox me If you have any questions about items. A good site is

Make sure you order early from this site because they don't have express shipping. Amazon is really good too. I m really glad my best friend can be here for me . She will be taking care of me. Okay that's it for now by bbl sisters . Inbox me !

AT MY PRE-OP right now waiting

Soo I'm in the office waiting . It's 9:44 and my appointment is at 10am. When we first came in there were patients waiting and there was a guy named Kevin at the front desk. I stood there like .... okay? No one greeted me. Kevin was on the phone and there was some lady with dr jimerson branded clothes all over her. She works here but the only words that she said was "sign in" ... Like damn!! We paying all this money but you can't even say hello or welcome !!??? Ugh that put me off !! It's 9:58 right now . Anyway let's see how this pre op go. Hopefully nicer people are waiting ..


Hey just got back from my pre op appointment. It went well. All they did was check weight , blood pressure. Then they took me to an office to talk . We talked about what's going to happen , how to take of yourself afterwards, medical history, then the medication. She gave me the prescription. It's a long list of medications! It's shots too! Omg I'll have to inject myself!! Scary !! I have pain killers , muscle relaxer, blood thinner, poop pills, antibiotics. There is a pharmacy right across the street . It all cost $319 without insurance. The taxi right there and back was 50$. Anyone not staying very close to the office should get a rental . It's more convenient to me. Here a pics I took . Hope they help ease the curiosity about the office.


I'm laying here a nervous wreck . I'm scard that he won't give me what I want . I really want great volume . I hope I get it all in my ass lol . Tomorrow was a busy day . I went to the mall and went into lipo express. It's in sugarloaf mall . Got garments that were expensive . 130 and 80 for waist cincher. But glad I got it . Went to wal mart to pick up food because I won't be able to leave . Do not stay in the red roof inn guys . It's terrible . Roaches and stained blankets. I made a scene in suwanee ! Let me tell you !!! Never again . Never... But anyway pray for me sexy ladies . I will write and post pics ASAP . I can't stand when people have they whole experience on here but no pics . That's a waste!! So I won't let y'all down promise . I want a phat ass!!!! Uuugghhh !! Lmao I'm tripping . Night y'all .


Morning bbl sister . Thank you for the good wishes. I'm focused and just want to get it over with . I'm going to tell him straight up what I want . Tiny waist and jumbo ass. Lol please god !! My time is at 12:30. So yeeaa????????????????????????????


Hey bbl sisters!! The surgey went well!! Im in moderate low pain right now. It's hard to walk and lay down. Got lots of meds. Everyone was nice at the office . I has to wait a while . But he is such a busy man . Also I heard that they were going to expand. Which is good! Tomorrow we'll be the hardest day . My butt is sooo tight lol. Thanks for the good wishes

Post op pics !!!

Post op pics

Second day post op

Hey this is my second day everyone . I'm doing great . Not that much pain at all. Not problems so far . My best friend has been such a blessing . She is doing everything she can to help. I'm waking every two hours even at night . I'm pissing a lot too! Like every hour which is good . Make sure your pee is a light amber color. Not dark . Been drinking gaterade water and orange juice . I have yogurt peanuts for protein . Oatmeal is a great breakfast dish . My ass is still tight ass hell .but I'm okay with it . I have been taking my meds at the right times . Please girls take those meds ! I think that's why I'm not in so much pain as other girls . Calling for a massage tomorrow see is tiana can hook me up lol . Can't wait to try on dresses and clothes but that's not going to be for a while . Got to focus on my health . Anyway I'd you have a any questions let me know ladies .

DAY THREE. Still so swollen !



Hey guys I'm doing good had my first massage today and Belinda was great. I switched from tiana because I feel Belinda has better reviews and have a cheaper package deal without a 20 dollar travel fee for every visit. Belinda is nice and very informative. I have a lot of liquid build up in my back so she uses different techniques. I got six massages for 300. Massages are important ladies so budget for them ! My body is still in a discomfort mode. I hope my fat cells retain! Even thought some will be lost no matter what .


Hey girls I'm recovering well . Everything went okay . Here is ms. Belinda number (770) 771-2570. For massages. She does package deals without a Travel fee!!! I called Tatiana for massages first but then she started talking about travel fee of $20! Everytime!!?? No no no . That's not fair at all. Filling up your gas tank for a hour massage is crazy. Anyway I went with Belinda and I was satisfied . Only thing is she may charge for stairs if there is no elevator . Nice lady . Good work too. She knows her job well.

Be mindful ladies to stay close to the office unless you have someone with a rental with you . The drugs make it hard to poop. So if your not pooping then take less pain killer and muscle relaxer. Or even stop for a couple days so you can poop. If you don't have a female urinal then the pharmacy across from the office has them and they work well . Recovery is slow and painful ladies. It is very slow. Take a lot of time . But it is worth it to me . I'm Soo happy when I put on a outfit and it looks so sexy and all the attention is kinda overwhelming. Let me know if you have any more questions.


More pic

Lipo foam ladies

Forgot to add. Get lipo foam!! You can find it on Amazon . Search lipo foam. It comes as sheets so get at least 3 .

Immmmm back !!!!

It's been almost a year !!!! I'm still happy from the results . I still have two scars showing a little in the front. But I didn't keep scar cream on then as much as I should of. They are tiny though. Lol I still get a lot of attention from people . Even with it fully healed I still have a nice big butt. I am more confident and I feel so much better in general. Here are some long term tips ladies...


Keep your body girdle forever !! Never throw it away. It's great for after healing .

Watch your eating !! I have to say I gained some weight since and I don't like it lol. But I have been eating terrible. I still have my nice shape though.

That's all I can't think of . It was so worth and I'm still loving my butt. Lol I want boobs now !!'

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