Thankful that my cycle started today 5 days till my BBL- Suwanee, GA

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I am like most women on here and have been looking...

I am like most women on here and have been looking at profiles for quite some time. I have finally decided to join in a hopefully share my experience. I realize the importance of sharing since many people are like myself and don't really have many people who understand or even accept the fact that we want to have a body altering surgery. I have been following Dr. Jimerson's work for a few years now. He is definitely the PS for me!!! I had my consult on Jan 31, 2013 and I am scheduled for September 11, 2013. I happened to be scheduled on the last day of consults before the price increase...thank goodness. I do plan to seek a sooner date as soon as I have all the funds in place.

BBL July 16 w/Dr.J and I need some serious help :(

So after paying my balance in full I received an earlier date and I'm completely overwhelmed. There so much to do and so little time to do it. My main concern is that I will be going alone and finding a nurse and transportation is not easy. I received some info from the office about nurse, transportation and massage and called to get a quote but it was far too expensive... $1400. If anyone has a good nurse please please please let me know.

July 16 Dr.J

My medical clearance is finally complete and now I can breath ahhhh. I have so much to do in so little time. Hotel, transportation, nurse, massages, shopping, working out to lose another few lbs and the list goes on. I'm going to try to take my measurements and post them later. For all the ladies having surgery and soon to have surgery may you have the body you have always dreamed of and a speedy recovery. Good Luck!!!

Still shopping...

My date is approaching so fast I can't think straight. I booked my hotel earlier this week and I almost didn't get a room for the dates that I needed. I didn't think about the fact that July is the busiest month of the year for hotels. Thank goodness it all worked out. I wound up paying $100 more on my flight than I would have if I had booked it a month ago. I didn't book it back then because I wanted to make sure my surgery was for certain and plus I was on fast track so my date came with little time for preparation. I'm still shopping for supplies and waiting on a few things to come via mail. I figure if I forget anything I can get it when I get there seeing how there are so many stores near the hotel. I planned to make a list of items I bought but I figured so many ladies have great lists that I wouldn't make one. I will instead make a list of all of the things that I actually used during my stay. I'm sure I will over pack and over spend just for the sake of being prepared for any situation that may occur.

Never been this happy to see my cycle

Every since the day I got my date for surgery I have been obsessing over whether I was going to be on my cycle during surgery. They said that its not an issue and the only thing I must do is wear a tampon but I was super uncomfortable with the whole idea. Firstly I never wear tampons and secondly I don't even want anyone touching me during that time of the month. I guess I'm just funny acting like that lol. Thank goodness it's here just in time to be over with before surgery. I still have shopping to do and things to get in order before I leave. I decided not to buy anything liquid to take on my flight because I've heard that it warrants a definite luggage search. I don't know just how true that is but to be on the safe side I'll buy those items when I get to GA. With less than a week to go I'm feeling more nervous everyday.

Wish Pics

Hope Mz.Chicago doesn't mind me using her results as wish pics. I also love Prettyphysique's (hope I spelled it right) results.

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