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Hello all, I'm brand new to RS Just joined a few...

Hello all, I'm brand new to RS Just joined a few days ago although I've been looking on this site for months. So I'm having a bbl done by dr.J himself. I've been wanting a bbl since the 10th grade and I'm elated that my day is actually coming. I'm excited about having a date scheduled although its 7 months away(jan 22 2014). I'm trying to get it paid off so that I can be added to the fast track list have my date moved up. I'm not really happy with my body at all. I don't think that I've ever been. I hope that after the procedure I can look at myself in the mirror and finally like what I see at far as my body goes. I have a really pretty face but that butt just doesn't match. I've read some very inspirational posts here and I hope that this will be a good place for support for me as well. My family did not agree with the surgery at first but now my mom,dad,sis, and big cousin/sis(she's lived with us most of her life) support me because they know I really want it done. It's just hard for me to talk to them because they don't know much about the procedure and they really don't know what to say. I have a 2 year old son, he's my everything! His dad and I are not together. I work full time and go to school so I stay pretty busy. That's basically my story...for now.

My wish pics

Review of consultation

So my consultation was in April 4. Sarah is my coordinator (she's great!). It was scheduled for 2:30pm and had a 2 hr window. It was about 4:40pm CST and I hadn't receieved a call. So I called the office and the lady that answered was very polite and apologetic and she said someone will get me a call right back. About 5-7 mins later Sarah called. She was very nice and professional and she apologized that they were busy and was running behind. She went though a lot of info with me about the procedure and she answered any questions I had thoroughly. When I was done speaking with her she asked if I wanted to speak with dr j and I said I don't even need to because she answered everything and I will have a pre op *of course* in person the day before surgery. So that's when I want to talk to him about the specifics that I want, talk to him about ensuring my safety and health, and my recovery. Although I have realistic goals and I know I won't be perfect I want to make sure he has a detailed view of what I want and what I don't want. That's why I'm going to wait until the pre-op so it can be fresh in his mind!!! #Icantwaitimobsessing#

More wish pics

Almost there...

So, I just made another payment today. I only have $3500 left to go. I will have that paid off in no time. I'm so excited and hopefully when I pay it off they are able to get me a sooner sx date. I'm hoping for one that's 2 week to a month after I pay it off.


I can't stop thinking about my surgery. All I do is research BBL all day long. I know this cant be healthy:-( does anyone now how long it take to get your sx date moved up with dr j after paying the bal? I really want to have my sx at the end of aug or early sept.

Change in heart

So, I've decided to no longer go with jimerson. I'm now scheduled for sx with dr.salama oct 24. The reason for the change is 1) I didn't want to have to wait all the way until next year to have my sx done 2) dr. Jimerson is a wonderful doc with great work but I just don't think he's the one for me. I didn't know about other docs until I joined RS but at that point I was already scheduled with dr j. Salama's work is exactly what I'm looking for. And he lipo's the entire back and that's included in the price ($8999). I believe that I've made the best decision for me and I hope I get what I'm looking for. If not, it's too late now because I have the room and everything booked and its non-refundable.


I know that my sx date isn't until 3 months from now but I'm nervous and scared about flying on an airplane. I've never been on a plane before and that is my biggest fear ever! I'm not only scared because I'm afraid of crashing I'm scared because that thing is huge! Do anyone have any recommendations as to what airlines I should fly with and how I can get discounts because I have to buy 4 tickets?


Does anyone know if dr Salama uses a medical ventilator during sx because Im nervous about being put under anesthesia as well and I want to make sure that the ventilator will be breathing for me.

I wasn't going to say anything until after

I wasn't going to update my profile again until after my sx because I have been so undecicive. But I've changed my doctor again. I have majority anxiety about flying its to the point where I have panic attacks and I obsess about them. Idk how I ever thought I would be able to go to atlanta or Miami for sx because I can't fly and I surely can't ride in a car that long. So I have secretly switched to cortes in Houston. I'm from Houston but I stay in dallas which is about 3 1/2 hrs away. I can ride in an SUV to Houston. My sx date is weeks away (9/9/13). I'm praying for excellent results and a safe recovery.

During my consultation with Dr. Cortes he told me that I needed to gain about 15 lbs

During my consultation with Dr. Cortes he told me that I needed to gain about 15 lbs for the results I was looking for. I was totally against the idea of me gaining any weight because I felt like I'm already fat enough. Now that I'm 11 days away from surgery I want to start gaining weight. SMH...I've been doing everything I can to gain weight. I know this isn't the healthy way to do it but I'm eating a lot of carbs and drinking lots of milk. IDK what else to do. Any suggestions?

I'm 8 days away

My surgery is in 8 days and I'm so obsessing over it. I leave Dallas for My home town (Houston) on Friday for my pre op at 4:30. I don't think that I gained 15 lbs but I hope that I have enough fat for dr. Cortes to use and give me a phat ass lol. I have already booked my room so I'm pretty much set. I will upload a pic of my current size.

Recent pics

Pre op

So yesterday was my pre op with the hospital and dr. Cortes. The hospital was very nice and the staff were awesome. I've been admitted to this hospital about 3 years ago but I don't remember the hospital being that nice and it may be because I was in the emergency room only. My pre op with dr. Cortes went well although I didn't meet with him. I met with Deanna because dr. Cortes was still in surgery and I understood that because I would want him to spend extra time on me if I needed it. They scheduled me to see him at the Houston office at 9:00 am but I forgot about so that's my fault. Deanna answered most of my questions though. And I will talk to dr. Cortes before surgery about my results so they can be fresh in his mind. 2 more days!!!

On my way

It's 5:00 am and I'm on my way to the hospital now. I'm getting a little nervous. It's really starting to hit me that I'm really about have this surgery... omg!!! #PrayingForSafetyAndGreatResults


Thanks for all your prayers! Everything went well and I can't wait to see my results. I will post pics when I feel better. Right now I feel like I'm packed between a ton of bricks. I'm not going to lie its very painful and I've had 3 other surgeries before this by far is the most painful. I think it's worth it though!

Here's a peak

My mom does not take good pics but here's a peak.

I'm still in a lot of pain

I still have a lot of pain my legs feels heavy but I'm doing better. April my nurse called dr. Cortes because none of the pain meds were helping so he put me on norco. It didn't make that much of a difference. My left leg has not woke up yet still! Ugh...! I'm trying to keep positive and think of my results. The nurse noticed that he put more padding on me than usual so I'm going to ask him about that today. I went to the bathroom twice and it was painful!!! The nurses said I'm doing really good because a lot of women get nauseated or start crying because of the pain but I'm trying to be a soldier. I will post more pics when my sister comes.


I swear I told my mom that I had a dream that dr. Cortes came to see me and offered to take some pics of me and what do you know... He did omg! That was the freakiest thing ever!!! Here are the pics he took!


I got 100cc to each hip and 1400cc in each Butt cheek.


I did some walking today and that relieved my pain a lot!!! I still have pain but its not excruciating like it was at first. Also dr cortes ordered me a steroid and a nerve medication which helped a lot as well. Now I'm ready to leave this hospital right now.

Picture I showed cortes right before sx


I'm not sure about my projection because when I look at my body in the mirror the front looks really curved like an hourglass but for some reason my booty looks wide only. Do you guys think the projection will show a significant increase?

I'm a mess...

I'm becoming a nervous wreck because I just keep thinking thoughts such as what if I'm developing blood clots because my left leg/hip is so crazy stiff with pain numbness and soreness. And I was only able to pee twice today. Also I'm scared because I didn't have a drain put in. I talked to dr cortes today and he stated that he doesn't think I'm getting blood clots and he puts drain on some patients and other he don't. The chest pain is most likely gas/indigestion. I feel so stupid for calling his after hour line for my issues. I just wanted some reassurance that everything will be okay. Because the nurses at the hospital was like this is unusual and that had me shaken up. Did anyone else excessive pain in one hip and didn't pee that much?

Update 4 days post op

Dr. Cortes called in some more prescriptions for me. 2 were to provide relief from the pain of my nerves in my hips and leg. He also switched my pain meds to hydrocodone. All of those meds combined certainly gave me a lot of relief and I feel much better. I do feel like I've gotten more swollen but its more of a stiffness rather than a pain. I just can't wait until I fully heal and I'm frustrated because my daddy has not been much of a help. He just told me that I'm putting him and my mom through too much. Mind you that before sx Deanna said that I would be in a lot of pain and someone would need to be with me all the time. First of all I never invited him to come along with us to Houston. I asked only my mom and she has been caring for me without a problem because she understands the pain that I was in. It was excruciating and nothing gave me any relief it was horrible. I was literally in tears and This idiot is selfish and inconsiderate. And for the most part I was doing everything for myself since day 2 like going to the bathroom by myself, walking around by myself, and getting everything for myself. Basically I've been self sufficient and only asks for help when absolutely needed. I wish he would've just stayed in dallas because he is not helping my healing process being here. But it's okay because now that I actually feel better i don't think I need anyone's help for anything.

Post-op appt

Today was my post op appt. so dr. Cortes says its nothing he can do about the pain in my hip he says I will have to be patient and give it some time. I really feel like the pain is my muscle in butt and hips are contracted. I was thinking maybe he could prescribe me a muscle relaxer but he didn't and its okay because I have muscle relaxers at home so I can take one Monday because that's when we are going to be leaving houston. Omg that garment! Putting the new garment on was so painful because my legs won't close due to my hips and Deanna had to force them together to get the garment on. I was literally screaming and in tears. Idk how I'm going to get this off to shower. I hope these hips loosen up really soon...!

Day 9 post op

I'm feeling better. The pain has decreased significantly its more of a soreness and heaviness now. I hope to continue to get better day by day.

Side view

So some of you guys wanted to see a side view so I posted a pic of it. I'm not too thrilled about the projection I hope it will be more prominent when the swelling goes down. If it doesn't idk what to do because that's important to me.

Itching like crazy

Okay so I know it's normal to be itchy after surgery but I'm wondering if its okay for me to scratch my butt because its itches too. I don't want to affect my results hope its not TMI. If so, sorry....I'm going for my first massage today. A little nervous but hopefully I will feel a lot better afterwards.

New pics

Updated review

Still in occasional pain yesterday was very hard for me. I need a new garment because the one I have is not compressing as it should and it does not go bellow the knee and I have a lot of swelling in my knees. I still can't close my legs because of the hip thing (which is probably swelling) I am doing much better though. I understand its a process. As far as my results my butt has gone down some I'm praying that my results stay being something that I'm proud of and not a waste of my entire savings. Projection from the side is getting a little better but sometimes I feel just wide. I try my best to stay out the mirror and focus on recovery because results come after healing. It's a roller coaster though...

How I'm feeling

So today I woke up feeling really bad mentally and physically. I have really been having a hard time being happy with my results. The first week I was satisfied but as the swelling is going down and I'm loosing volume I have found myself to be unhappy. It's not because of dr cortes because he put 1400 cc in each cheek but it's because of the way my body is absorbing the fat and taking shape. My butt is not as round as I had hoped and I have totally lost a lot of volume. From the back and front it looks good but the sides are not doing much justice for me at all. But I'm realizing that it's not my butt that's the issue it's the girl inside. Do I wish I could've had better results? Yes. But until I work on the girl on the inside I will never feel any better. I will be optimistic and keep the faith. There will be no round twos but I'm looking forward to doing squats and toning up. Maybe my butt will fluff out? Idk what that is but I see that on some ppl blog. Pray for me and I'll be praying for you.

Almost 4 weeks post op!

So I wanted to give an update on my progress. Yesterday I went to Houston for my second post op appt. I woke Friday morning my body was getting rounder, starting to drop, and getting fuller! So I was already getting happy about that. Then yesterday dr cortes said that I'm going to look really good and that my butt is going to get even rounder and be more prominent when the swelling goes down. He said I have a lot of swelling in my back and abdomen so he gave me those cortisone shots to help bring the swelling down. Shout out to Mariel too because she helped me to get into a smaller garment which has helped a lot with the pain and swelling already. The reason my garment was so big is because when we were trying on my garment at my 1st post op visit it was so painful for me to close my legs to get the garment up because of that hip thing I had going on. I was literally screaming and crying with tears and Deanna didn't want me to have to go through that again so she kept me in the xlarge. Now I'm in a medium. Big help! I told dr cortes how I had been feeling about my results (I was in love, then not so in love, and starting to love it again) and he said that is normal. And Mariel said it may happen again but like dr cortes said its normal and I will love the results again. It's a roller coaster but It was a big help seeing them yesterday.

Woke this a.m. Looked in the mirror


Hello RS it feels like it's been a while so here's an update. I'm starting to get used to the new me and loving my results. Finally!!! I went back to work last Saturday and everybody was like damn girl you fine lol!! My boyfriend is in love...with my ass of course! I get stares from men and women. The only complaint I have is that I just wish he could've lipo'd my armpits because I hate my armpit fat ugh. I'm just going to have to hit that gym and work those arms out. I'm still having pain though and idk if that's normal. I wake up feeling like day one but when I start to get moving I feel ok. Also I can't stay on my feet long or my ankles will start to swell. Other than that I'm doing good. I think that choosing dr cortes was an excellent choice. He's awesome at his craft!

I'm going with Dr. Cortes because it just makes sense for me and he has really good results as well without a crazy long wait.

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