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Well I finally decided to join this site after...

Well I finally decided to join this site after weeks of cyber stalking everyone's beautiful results. I am honestly obsessed with getting this procedure done and it has taken a lot out of me. Not having a booty has always been an issue for me and after some accomplishments I finally decided to do me!

UGH i'm totally on a roller coaster ride with this...

UGH i'm totally on a roller coaster ride with this surgery. I am 5'7" and 180 lbs which sounds like a lot but for some reason I was told not to lose more weight and to maintain this size until surgery. I was told not to go by weight because different people carry weight differently. I feel sooooo fat everyday and I am just going through the motions. I am 29 bought my own house, have my own car, graduated with a Master's Degree in Health Care and still what defines if I believe in myself as a woman is my looks =(. I know i am ranting but I believe you guys to be the only ones to understand how one feels going through this process.

Certainly my "man" doesn't understand. He is so into me getting this surgery that he doesn't think or talks about anything else. What's wrong with that you may say.. well is because is not about me... he is obsess with A$$ and he (in so many words) made it clear that he needed this to happen in order for a relationship to function properly. Do not get me wrong I want this as well but he has made this a bitter sweet experience for me. I wanted this for years because I am uncomfortable with myself but knowing that someone who "loves" you requires you to change you bothers me quite a bit. I am just venting!

My surgery is May 23rd and I already got medical clearance. I work with doctors so they entered my labs and administered my EKG before I even seen my doc. Once there my doc was like well you are obviously prepared and healthy soooo that was the end of that. One less thing to worry about. I am paying cash so I have to call them here soon to pay the balance.

I have been shopping for the necessary items and I am wondering if anyone has advice for me. I have bought:

Pads (bed)
Iron pills
Vitamin C
Arnica Gel and Pills
Dial soap
Yoga mat
baby wipes

amongst some other items I cannot recall at this point. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Anyone ever stayed at the Extended Stay Alpharetta? Thats where I reserved a room for about 10 days. I pray to my Savior that all works out well, nothing worse than an uncomfortable hotel room for that many days.

I will add preop, wish pics, and post op here soon. I would love to hear from Dr. Jimerson's vets about expectations vs reality. Thank you guys for the support!

So.. I know God is lining everything up for me and...

So.. I know God is lining everything up for me and i am very excited about that... My surgery is in 24 days and i am counting down..

I scheduled my first massage with Tiana for four days after my surgery. I am about finished with shopping for this surgery and i am praying i dont forget anything important. I will be eating noodles
For the next year so i can recoop from all this spending lol...

I pray God brings joy and peace in all of yall life!

2 days and i will be transformed!

Hey guys i will be heading to GA on wednesday! Please help me pray for a great experience and speedy recovery. God let you be my surgeon. Guide Dr. Jimerson every step of the way. I think i've got everything I need ... Please hit me up andremind me of anything you might find useful.... Alright.. Whooooo this is alot! I'll post once i'm done and i'll post post op pics... Wish me blessings!

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