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Hey ladies! I've been looking at all these reviews...

Hey ladies! I've been looking at all these reviews for a long time now and I love reading your stories and updates so much. The BBL looks like such a life-changing procedure and I want the confidence you all have.
About me I'm 20 years old, caucasian, 5'2", 112lbs and a working student. let me start by saying I've never had an awesome butt. Same goes for my mom, we're good in the boob department and I can make my figure look cute in jeans but I never feel confident in a bikini and I can't wear tight dresses because I just don't have anything back there.

I want to feel confident and attractive in my youth, so what better a time to do it?

Also, I don't know if it's just me, but it's rather uncomfortable for me to sit down. My butt is always falling asleep if I'm sitting for more than an hour and I always have to shift my position, so I hope this surgery can help me with this. haha I remember one reviewer saying she feels like she's sitting on a pillow after her procedure. I think it's because I have barely any meat under my tailbone. Anyone else have this problem?

As far as doctors, I'm most interested in Jimerson because he can really sculpt to what you want and doesn't give a generic look.
I'll have to gain weight at some point too, but I don't want a huge butt so I don't know how much I'll need for my goals...

I've included my current and wish pics. :)

I want to add that I have not contacted/set a date...

I want to add that I have not contacted/set a date with Jimerson- yet. I'll be coming into some good money next year, but I was getting impatient so I decided to start a review now. After this I won't update until something has been finalized.

Some concerns: I know that when I gain weight it'll all be taken out, but I'm still nervous. My whole life I've been the same BMI and my scale has never tipped my current weight, as I'm usually 110 (In high school I became very health conscious). I don't know what the weight gain will do to my face and part of my plan is to start eating sugar- LOTS of sugar, but I'm worried that the excess will trigger acne breakouts which is the reason I stopped eating it in the first place (ditto white flour). Plus I don't like meat. All I can think of is to eat lots of dairy products like cheese so any tips you guys have, let me know. FYI, I absolutely won't consider implants.

The plus side is that if Dr. J takes fat out of the areas my fat normally goes to (thighs & very front stomach area as you can see in my first pic), I'll never have to worry about those areas as all my fat's going exactly where I want it.
I'll contact Dr. J tomorrow and send him my current and wish pics to ask him how much weight I should gain to meet my goals. I think 10lbs should be enough considering I'm not looking for a huge badonk. You girls with the packed-to-the-max derrieres look absolutely awesome but I just want a standard white girl ass for myself. haha
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