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Hello everybody first entry and ya bet not my last...

Hello everybody first entry and ya bet not my last. I've never had a shape nor yet alone a butt. My motivation? Is my lack of confeidence. I'm very aware of how a behind and hips are sexy, which I lack of. I know that I'll feel more of a woman when I do this procedure next year, actually wish I can do this right this moment, but I gotta get my finances together. Ive considered the bbl for a couple of years now but I have adopted a new attitude towards life and feel like im ready mentally,emotionally, and yes physically. tired of saggy jeans, always pulling them up and frankly talk is cheap so I have decided to take action.

Today I called Dr. Jimerson to set up a phone consultation, I was somewhat shocked when I heard that just the phone consultation alone will take about a year, I thought to myself that this is ok just because ill have time to save $ oppose to getting oit financed. I feel exicited that I am taking action and actually have goals to save towards the bbl. Does anybody reccomend any specific garments?? I just want to start getting nessary items little by little, we all know how time flys.

About One month away

So I would have loved to have went with Dr. Jimerson but I don't have Dr. Jimerson money. :-/ anywho It has so happened that I have went to TJ,Mexico with 2 friends and went thru the whole experience with them. My friends got lipo and the bbl done. The clinic was really nice, staff was friendly and I looked at the work of some patients and it was pretty freggin good. Since I was there they gave me a quote of about $3,500. I immediately began to think about all that money I was going to save. I was always the type who would never consider a procedure in Tijuana , but as they say NEVER SAY NEVER!!! I look at my girls that went and they look great and they have no complaints. So I finally made the decision on actually setting a date. I posted these pic and I know I look so gross :-/ we are our toughest critic but it is what it is. I am in a relationship and to tell you the truth my boy has never seen me completely naked cause I'm so self conscious. Hopefully this will increase my confidence and I can get in my birthday suit with him lol okay ladies I do gotta go but question how much fat do you think will survive on a apple shaped body??? Lmk

Tummy Tuck Necessary??

Can I get all this fat removed and get it tightened with exercise and griddles?? Orrrrr do I need to do a tummy tuck?? Please help experienced ladies or docs. :-/


First of all I'm so sorry everybody for not being able to keep up with updates. I do appreciate this site to the fullest. I work 13 hours everyday and sometimes bring work home too. Anyways I'm going to do this procedure on Wednesday I'm ready , got all my supplies and recovery area set up to go. I guess reality hit me today and I'm super nervous now, actually can't believe I'm doing this . I have never had kids , never had any type of surgery I only know what to expect thru this site and my girls that have been thru this. I'm glad my tummy is finally going to be gone and my booty is going to be filled( hopefully it will stay that way too) as you can see I need some junk in the trunk :-(

The big day is here

I'm currently at the doctors house , she is about to give me a pill to help relax me and get things started. After the doctor will cross us over the boarder ,get blood work, , then the medical clinic. I will take pics of the place and will post pics of my after. Mixed feelings anxious, scared, happy, relived but for the most part I'm ready :-)

I'm Alive

I'm alive but still groggy . I had my peeps take pics. Feels surreal ladies this anaestia isn't no joke . When I get up I feel dizzy ....these ladie are def taking care of me. About to put this faja on, will update ASAP

Next day

I slept the whole night thru. I guess I was one of the lucky ones. I changed my dressings and do have a better idea what I will look like. I am not in any type of pain, it's just the draining that feels just a but uncomy, but no pain. Maybe I still have the meds in me or whatever. Of course I'm swollen like crazy but I'm so happy with my results . Let me tell you I had nooo shape on the bottom nor hips , I got them I got them. It's all uphill from here. Oh btw I started my period the day before surgery , that's a lil gross feeling . I will post more pics of my healing process

3day post op

Hello everybody , hope all is well for u and yours. It's been 3 days since the procedure and I have not taken any sort of pain medicine. I continue to take my vitamins including arnica, complex b, iron , woman's one a day, and antibiotics. Draining less and less everyday, still feels yicky. I have showered twice since the procedure and taking that faja on and off takes a lot of energy out of my sisters and I. Sleeping has been on and off because of the limited positions. I walk around every few hours still stiff but I don't require help getting in and out of bed. My booty is perky and hard , I actually measures it and it was 43in :-o . I wanted to see how I look in some dresses and jeans looks good minus the bruising and the stiffness way I pose. I have been blessed with support from family , friends , coworkers and of course this online community. All I can say is thank you . Oh one more thing I guess everybody goes thru it and I understand the concern with the upcoming few weeks of volume loss, either way I have a better shape and I know I will be left with more booty than I started with ;-)

Post day 5

:-) hi ladies . Okay post day4 was yesterday and was the first time going out in public and Actuall seeing my boyfriend for the first time since the procedure. He was soooo impresses, and he kept raving how sexier I looked and already wanted to take me shopping lol I actually just needed something from macys . Ladies all eyes were on me , I felt like a piece of meat too, my boo kept laughing at the gawks I was getting. Smh I guess I wasn't ready for the attention. We walked across the mall and I was so tired. I got hot and was feeling a lil diZzy. I had to get out of there. We did. I think I over did mysf yesterday. Any who I'm fine. Been home today brusing isn't as bad. Another thing ladies don't cut your garment if you have the thong, with the butt cut out JUST DEAL WITH IT, cuz I cut mine and had to spend another $130 for a new one , never again . Until next time ladies :-)


2 weeks post op

Happy New Years can't believe it's 2014 time is flying. Phew!!! Well I went two days ago for my 1st massage and like everybody says it's hurts it does, but in a good kind of way. The gal massaging me showed me how to do some stretches and reminded me to continue to take my arnica. I've noticed my garment is not a snug anymore and about to go buy a new one tomorrow. My booty does not feel as hard , and I've noticed that it's not as swollen anymore either. I'm trying to keep positive on the volume that is goin to survive but it's still in the bk of my head that there's still a possibility of not maintaining it. :-/ I can't help it . I need to stop worrying and leave it all to God . I go bk to work on Monday and I've been anticipating that too. Haaaa everybody is going to notice because I'm more like a hourglass figure compared to sponge BoB square pants lol .... Preparing myself mentally for that. I figure I say "I was a late bloomer" or "Santa brought me it" lol jk idk tho. Did some shopping today for clothes because nothing fits me anymore , it went well I guess. Kinda of confused on the type and size of pants that I need now. Big on the waist and tight on the booty. Ha! Who would have known ????Oh yeah guys have approached me everyday asking for my number or if I'm taken. My boo loves it, he tries to grab it but I gotta remind him I'm still tender. Question.... does everybody experience the "fluffing/settling" stage??? Please let me know ladies , I would greatly appreciate it. Oh idk why but I feel as if I'm healing at a miraculously rate already experiencing the itches. Is this normal at 2weeks??

3 wks & 3days

Hi lovely ladies. I went bk to work again on Monday , FYI I work with mostly with men, high school and middle school kids whom like most adolescents do not have a filter. With That being said many of my coworkers complimented me on my new figure even when I was covered up they still noticed. I caught some of the students looking too hard and with a curious expression. Some bluntly asked me what did I do, and some just whisper behind my back and ask amongst themselves. Lol I work many hours some days and I was so exhausted like tired and out of breath when I was walking around campus. I figure it's that weight back there. I still don't sit down on the booty I drive with pillow underneath my thighs and pillows on my bk and I hate it. I also wear a corset/waist training garment over my c.g, I noticed that I can't eat much because it don't allow me to expand my tummy. Haven't noticed much volume lost..it's weird cause it fluctuates. I thought wearing jeans would smash it and result in lost of volume but no it hasn't. I actually Had no choice because of the dress code at my work. I do wear them stretchy kind tho. I haven't had any sex and about to start my period again. Sorry boo u just gotta wait a lil longer. Lol I am tender still around my arms and bk. I did sit down 2 weeks and 5 days post for a wedding I attended. It was really uncomfortable for me and it wasn't even for a long time, it was for only dinner and I used the excuse that I had to go to the restroom. Other than that it was so much fun my boo and I danced the night away. He whispered in my ear "you're the baddest bitch here", all the guys were telling him how lucky he was and if I had any sisters. Looking forward to being completely healed. This garment is most likely going to worn for a good min. :-)

few hrs shy of 1 month post

Time goes by so quickly for reals for reals. I'm still a lil sore I feel it most getting in and out of my car. I avoid bending down but sometimes it's impossible to avoid. I sleep on my stomach still. I believe I need a size small garment now and my corset isn't as tight anymore as well. Another thing happened too ladies , remember I said I never got naked in front of my boo before, I believe I said that on my very first entry. Well my boo insisted on giving me a full body massage. I was a lil uncomfortable at first but then I started to relax. He was so impressed on how I looked naked. We ended up showering together and ummmm had a couple of "sessions", overall it was the most intimate experience ever. I never felt so close to him. I can't wait till next time lol. But for reals this Time I should be starting my monthly soon. Another thing I found out that this female coworker is talking behind my back. Now I can either go about it a couple ways and I decided to go about it professionally and treat her with the most utterly kindness lol that's all. She can kiss my fat ass literally lol Okay ladies you all have a great night much love xoxo

I can't seem to update my doctor :-/

For info on my doc inbox me

5wks post op

Hi ladies. How's everybody doing? I am 5 weeks post op and I'm a Lil disappointed on the volume lost thus far. I guess I spoke too soon and that's what I get. Lol I lost an inch. Without the garment my butt is shapely and there is cheeks, but it isn't like BAM! I do have thoughts on going back for more volume but I won't and I'm not going to. I have to be thankful for how far I came. I sent a text to my man this morning about my shrinkage and he replied that I'm not eating enough. We did read that with weight gain it grows, but that shit ain't healthy & I am eating ladies, you can only eat so damn much tho. I think these feeling are normal with the recovery, we get use to our booty being swollen & big that we expect it to stay that size. Don't get me wrong my confidence went up a lot and I don't regret this procedure at all. I'm just venting. Another thing that humbled my Ass was That I linked up with my girl this passed weekend and she also shared her story with me on her bbl. She got hers done with a different doctor in Rosarito Mexico and she ended up in the hospital for at least a week because she got an infection. She didn't drain well. It showed me how lucky I am to have had no complications. Thank you Lord for keeping my doctors focused, for my support, my health everything I have and everything you keep out of my life. Oh yeah another thing I'm in a Xs garment. Damn things are getting expensive. I will.post more pics tonight.

5 weeks and 5 days post

Just pics today.

4 months post

Inbox me for my exclusive doctor I did not go with Dr. Jimerson although I know he does fab work

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