5 Mths Post Op- New Pics NOV 14 Dr.J BBL and Breast Implants :) - Suwanee, GA

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So like most of the ladies on here I've been...

So like most of the ladies on here I've been stalking realself for mths now!!!All I think about is A$$ and Boobs lately(Mostly just Da A$$) Boobs look like boobs to me just bigger and smaller!Anyways to tell you a little about myself...Im 22 yrs old,5'6 and currenlty 171lbs( Iv gained a little over 15lbs for my surgery).Im also currently deployed and will be returning back home in Oct,12! I have a 18mth old son who completelycompletleychanged my body,I decided after to deployment and given birth to my son I deserved a something for myself...And what's better than a New A$$ and Boobs!!!

I Had had my consult with Dr.Jimerson on 30th Aug and scheduled my Appt for Nov 9,2012! I've palnned the surgery during my 30 day leave when I return home...Im lucky ETSing out the military shortly after and will have plenty of recover time!When It came to choosing a doctor never had to put much thought into choosing my doctor after seeing Dr.J's work I was completely sold and so was my boyfriend!No one's work compared to Dr.J n my opinion(Not knocking anyone else's choice in Dr's) His just seemed like the best to me and I'm willing to pay the extra cash!

Needless to say im overwhelmed right now with excitement and busy trying to prepare for my week in GA!My mother is going with me to care for me and the last 2 days my Boyfriend will be coming!Im trying to figure out where I'm getting my med eval done at since in in kuwait right now.Im slightly Anemic so i've been taken iron pills and multi vitamins to hopefully help.I got my packed from monica and It's says to stop taken then a few weeks before surgery (excuding my iron pills).

I excersice regular due to being in da military but my overall shape just isn't what I'd like.No matter how much weight I lose or how much I work out I just cant get rid of my love handles and extra fat.Im native american and A$$ just doesnt run in our family lol SO I've always wanted one!Im def a girly girl and just want that hourglass shape,I want to look how I feel!Dr.jimerson suggested I get some fat grafting to my hips also but just 100cc-150cc.he said I have really nice hips however if he's able to give me the big A$$ im asking for He think's without the hips my New A$$ would over shadow my whole look!!!(Im hoping my A$$ turn's out as Big as he suggested It would be!!!)As far as my breast Implants, I use to be a large C cup but after having my son and losing the 87lbs I had gained they srunk to a small B cup and I felt like a little girl! SO I decided to go with 400-450 cc saline implants because I want the round (faker looking) breast hoefully making me a Big D small DD cup!I know most girls go for the natural look but I just like how they sit up and the over all apperance they have.Dr.J also suggested metioned my back roll area he said it wasnt much but he would so it for the extra fat(that Plus $900) and so I agreed to it!However I think I may change my mind and get my inner thighs done instead!My over all goal/hope is just to have a banging body!!!I want that J curve and to finally just be happy!This is my first post but I def plan to keep my BBL Sister updated through out my experience!

SO…Ladies...I Booked my Hotel Room Yesterday...

SO…Ladies...I Booked my Hotel Room Yesterday with Extended Stay America Atlanta-Alpharetta-Rock Mill Rd...I booked the Studio Suite Double Bed For 9 Nights at $539.91(before Tax) Which I think Is A GREAT PRICE!I was looking for somewhere nice but where I could save a few dollars at the same time and I came across this Hotel.It's been newly renovated and it's only 10.31miles from Dr.J's office and takes about 15mins to get there all according to Map-quest!Being Im still deployed I haven't been able to do much shopping for my trip to Atlanta but I've been online looking at garments and things.I Swear me and The BF spend more time than any other Couple online reading the BBL post and scoping out Dr.J's Patients lol Im lucky to have him he's extremely supportive and I couldn't ask for anyone better! Oh, Speaking of Dr.J's Patients Im In LOVE with his recent work on Our BBL Sisters Shaell2000 He really Hooked her up With A BIg Ol Video Vixen Booty and I cant wait to See AllDatAss39 Pics once she post them! Im still sending prayers their way and hoping they have a quick recovery! Seeing all there good reviews and results just hype's me up more for mine! Ughh Nov 9 just aint getting here fast enough lol!!! I’m still trying to work out where im going to have my medical clearance done at and when Since it cant be done before the Oct 11th and by Oct 26th…I dnt redeploy til Oct 21st so Im cutting it extremely close! Hopefully it all works out in my favor though and I don’t have any issues!(Fingers Crossed)…In the meantime I’m taken women’s multivitamins and Irons pills to hopefully insure im good. Since deciding to do the BBL in April I’ve managed to put on around 16lbs.Im usually really active and I had reached my goal weight of 152lbs now Im 171lb and probably counting being the BF Stays feeding me fat foods and encouraging my weight gain to insure we get the Big Booty were paying for!!!The extra weight is really starting to bother me caue I worked so hard to get it off…I still go to the gym but not nearly as often I’ve been doing mostly muscle toning workouts, Leg’s, back, chest and arms! I’ve stayed away from cardio (which I miss) so that I can keep the weight on. Everyone’s starting to notice my weight gain, It went to you look so good, Don’t lose to much weight you’ll be skinny to wow your putting on some weight!!!Also I think that’s why it’s bothering me so much, People always seem to want to point it out…SMH… But It’s all going to be worth it when I get my new body and Start Shutting It Down!!!These Hater mouth going to be wide open and ima be stunting on em!!!!Plus the Babe’s taken me to Aruba in Feb for our first real vacation together he’s big on fitness SO I cant wait to be matching his swag!!!Anyways,BBL Sister I don’t have much else to write about catch yall later!!!

Well I got some good news today and decided to...

Well I got some good news today and decided to push my Surgery date up,MyNew Pre op date Now Nov 5th and My Surgery is Nov 7th At 1000 am!!! I was hoping to be the first surgery of the day but oh well,I know Dr.J is gonna hook me up either way! It's only a two day difference but Im too excited.They sooner the better!!! I also found out that Im able to do my medical clearance here in Kuwait before I return home.So That's def a Big relief!!!I've got a few questions for Some of Dr.J recent patient or soon to be...How many of you were told you had to stay 10-12 after being told 7-10?I emailed Monica about this and im waiting for a response she's been really helpfully lately so I expect to an answer in a day or so...Im only planing to stay 10 days including my 2 days before surgery!Just curious as to what some of you may have been told and why?I've also decided to take one of our BBL sisters advice and not run out and buy all those extra things that we may not need.I'm stick to the basics and buy anything extra as I go along.I do plan on buying and extra garment from Amazon before hand.Im getting my hips done and im concerned about the garment pressing my new $1000 hips in before they even get a chance!!!!Any advice from any of My BBL sister thats had hips done with this?I know Dr.J recommend you where the full garment at all time but I just dnt think it can be good for my hips!ALSO,I wanted to know if any Of Our BBL sisters had there BBL and Breats Implants done at the same time?I know alot of doctors dont recommend it but Dr.J said it would be fine...Im just wonder as to how it went for anyone that has had it?Im starting to worry that because im having both dont that it may take away from my overall result because of the time limit's.I want the $8800 Ass Im paying for and I want a Big one at that lol!!!

Hey Ladies It's been awhile since I've posted...

Hey Ladies It's been awhile since I've posted anything on here but I've still been learking around checking out all these's New Donk's The Girls Of Realself have been Getting!!!Congrats to all of them!!!Nothing Really new with me and My surgery,I had to push my surgery back a few days to (Pre op Nov 12th) Nov 14th due to The ARMY and my 30 day block leave which was suppose to start alot earlier than it is now but Aye dats the Army ALWAYS SUMTHING!!!! I was Extremely upset when I found out that had to push my date back and actually had a little break down!But It wasn't all due to pushing my surgery back Im also anxious and excited to be going back home to My 20mth Old Son!It's been a long year and I guess Im just a little scared of it all but I cant wait to see his little face and kisses on him!Anyways,I've taken care of everything I can from here(Kuwait) I have to go make sure my lab work is good tomorrow and then my PMC is going to sign off on it next week when I get home.IIt's been hard trying to plan everyhting being in the military cause things are always changing and you just never know.I've had to change my surgery 3 times so far,but this one looks like it's good to go! I made my last cash payment yesterday equaling $10,000 and I decided to finance the last $4,500 through care credit but Im probably gonna make another $1,000 payment before my surgery just to avoid intreats rates and stuff! As far as shopping I've purchased My Arnica pills and Gel, The Bromelain pineapple chewable tablets,A shape wear thong waist cincher(I picked one that was cut above the hips cause im getting my hips done and I dnt want to push them in)I also purchased two Boppy pillow covers for $8 each and had my mother to stuff them firmly which saved me a few dollars!!! I ran across a High density foam roller on Amazon for around $10 and bought it cause I think it maybe be good for sitting on.I just feel like the bobby pillows are gonna be to soft for sitting on hard surfaces id rather have something thats firm and higher up that I can place under my thighs and keeps all pressure off my butt!It's firm but has a little give so it should work well but we'll see lol!I havent bought any new cloths for the trip I cant seem to find any maxi dresses preferable long sleeve online for a good price so im going to wait til I can actually go into a store any buy some and grab a few pair of leggings and cardigans to wear after my surgery.Im also waiting to buy my Post op Bras til im home....Weight wise Im not sure how much I weigh rite now but I know it's more than enough!Im so uncomfortable with myself but I keep saying it for my surgery and it's gonna be worth it.I'd rather have fat left over and a Big Ass than ,A smaller ass! I know I can lose the weight but im only doing this surgery once and I want what im paying for!I put on about 20lbs cause I was already at my goal weight when I decided I wanted the surgery...It's all just been crazy!Other than that ladies im just ready and I'll update again once I get home and Finish preparing there...Good Luck to all Of You !!!!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and im...

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and im sorry ladies that I haven’t been the best at it so far!However,I just returned home from deployment on the 22 Oct and I’ve been busy spending time with my son and family,on top of shopping and preparing for my surgery! I had my Medical clearance done 2 days after I returned home and I was cleared by my doctor.A nurse form Dr.jimerson office emailed me and said everything was good to go and she would see me at preop on Nov 12.I haven’t heard anything from anyone since then.I’ve gotten almost everything I need and only have a few small things to buy. I needed a whole new wardrobe for after my surgery and I only bought stretchy Dresses (cute ones ?) and legging/tights,And A few long Maxi dresses and cardigan’s to wear with them.I’ve bought boppy pillow slip covers from walmart for $8 and stuffed them my self and saved some money one that.I also went out and got me a pop up chair to cut the seat out for after surgery.And I’ve bought all the supply I may need afterwards.I leave next Monday morning to drive down to GA with My mother and Son for our stay.Im booked our hotel for 9 days and I’m hoping im not going to be there any longer cause that’s til Nov 21 and thanksgiving on The 22 Nov.My surgery is on the 14th and that’s only 7 days after so im hoping I heal and can get out of there and get back home to spend the holiday with my family…So hopefully everything goes good!!!Please pray for me ladies I’am need it!!!!...All In all Im just excited to be this close!If any of Dr.J ladies aare going to be n the area Nov 12th-21st Msg me I could always use a friend going throught the samething who understands!!!!Good luck ladies!

Ladies...Im So excited!!!I had my pre op today and...

Ladies...Im So excited!!!I had my pre op today and everything went really well....My mother,Son and I drove down from SC on Sunday afternoon and I had to rent a hotel at hotel other than the one I reserved over 2mths ago because I decided to show up early.Well,I ran into some issues with my hotel that I reserved to check into today.About an hour before my Pre op appt i got a call from Extended stay america telling me they over booked???I was like I revered this room mths ago and I called yesterday to confirm and things were fine.SO they were like we have orur sister hotel and where sending you there(which is literally rite next door) to Studio Plus!They cut my price and gave me one nite free and "upgraded my from".Well this hotel is not up to par on alot of things its really out dated and the first floor smells like dog piss.I was placed on the thrid floor in a "Extended suite" This suite has a private bedroom,kitchen area,and another bed/living area.it's very room and being i have my 20 mth old son on this trip it gives him plenty of room to run and play which is a plus.However The carpets are stained and the furniture consist of one recliner and two computer chairs at a dining table, one pan and a few utensils!!!Seriouly dats all..We had to ask for trash cans...I decided to stay tho because of the discount and big room with private bedroom...The bed are clean and nice so the other things we over looked.Some of the plp who are here are questionable like some old men in the hall that keep going in and out there room with out shirts on just standing there...(we made sure to lock the doors and want be leaving unless me have to and def not alone)!..Anyways back to my doc office..I wasnt able to sit and just talk to Dr.Jimerson beacuse he was still in surgery and I felt comfortable with meting him after his surgery was over(cause when its my turn I want him to take his time and get it done rite). I didnt speak or see my PCC monica she was on the phone in the back(Heard she just had a 2nd BBL 15 days ago)!I really wanted to see but was unable to but def will be asking on weds when i go bk.Shelly was my consultant for my pre op and was the one to actually help me pick out my implant sizes for my breast.I was araid id be a little uncomftable but I wasnt at all.I undressed and tried on bras and implants and we talked and chatted while she took some pics for my profile.She was such a sweetheart and so helpful and reassuring.after i decided on my 450cc saline implants I went over to see the Nurse Kim and sign all my forms and discuss my surgery.Dr.Jimerson arrived shortly after and was seemed nice.We really didnt talk much cause i dint have anything to ask since the ladies had taken such good care of me.He said on my the morning of my surgery we'd talk and im ok with that cause id rather be telling him so we can mark it me up together and eveything i tell him be fresh in his mind....Im know this blog is a little all over but I just wanted to post a little something before bed time about my day.Well be posting pics of the hotel and def of post op!!! IF ANY OF YOU LADIES HAVE ANY QUESTIONS FOR ME JUST ASK!!!!

I really cant believe im only a few hours away...

I really cant believe im only a few hours away from having my surgery!Im so excited,I actually thought I was gonna be nervous but not at all so far...Maybe it'll hit me in the morning when im preparing to leave or when I get to the Doc office.Im just feel so happy and blessed to be able to do something like this for myself.I dedcided to have a medial transportions service to take me to my surgery and pick me up..Only beause This area is so busy and differnt than our small town that I didnt want my mama and 20mth old son lost or wondering around to pick me back up or have my mother and son waiting in the office for me.The Service is with a company(dont remember the excat name rite now but they are charging me $85 all together...I think its a lil much being all they have to do is pick me up drop me off and give their number to the nurse to call them to pick me up before I get ready to leave and then drive me to my hotel were my mama will be waiting ...But it is what it is and Id rather spend the money....SO Ladies please say a lil prayer for me and wish me luck!!!And THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!

Surgery was today n i couldnt be any...

Surgery was today n i couldnt be any happier!!!Time I arrived the nurse started prepping me n once again everyone there is so sweet n friendly!Ive never felt so comfortable around so many plp n naked at that. ...O didnt actually spend alot of time talking to Dr J but i trusted in him n believed he knew what was gonna mske me happy n he def came through!!!he removed 4300cc of fat(may jave been 4700) im not 100% sure rite now but it was one or da other!!!he put 900cc in each cheek n 200 in each hip!my breast impants I have 500cc in one n 475 in the other cause one was a lil bigger than the other but they look great n im loving them.once again these pics arent doing any justus for my new shspe mu hips look so good n u can see my new ass from da side already!The pain isn't awful im just really sore n its hsrd getting in n out of bed due to my breast impants.Ive been getting up moving around n feeling ok...Ive been a lil lightheaded from da surgery but its going away.ive been laying my side wirh my hips on my boppy pillow n looks of orher pillows.most tho ive been ont stomach with my boppy wrapped around my breast.im leaking alot of bloody fluid as expected n bern filling up my drain.so hopefully i continue to drain well n i heal faster!Dats sll for tonite ladies i just took my meds n its time to get sum sleep!Thanks again for all of yalls support n kind words!!!

Today has most definitely been my roughest day yet...

Today has most definitely been my roughest day yet...I had a hard time sleeping last nite due to stiffness in my arms and chest because of my breast implants and the garment rubbing into my skin.Ive been up atleast ever 2-3 hrs since my surgery walking around and stretching my arms and legs.My whole body is still sore and is stiff when I get up from the bed or sit in my cut out fold up chair.The pain has been tolerable with my meds and I've felt ok.However today was my 48hr mark and we had to take of my garment!!!!Taking the garment off wasn't that bad and I actually felt relieved with it off.I'm still in love with my body and love the way im shaped.I have quiet a bit of bruising especially on my butt cheeks.My breast are really high up and don't look as big as I wanted them.Im hoping it's just because they haven't dropped down yet.Maybe I should of had went bigger but I'll have to wait and see.My ASS is on point tho!!!I got that Dr.J curve for real..The triangle that he placed in my back is leaving a nice arch in my back.My Ass looks Big and Im happy with it.I'm hoping it shapes out nicely and i get more bottom cheeks then what it looks like now cause i have the self now.Putting that garment back on Was A Straight Bitch!!!Ughh I swear I almost cried.My mother lost alot of the felling in her hands due to working in a plant all her life and then diabetes.So she has a hard time trying to hold things and pull them.I couldn't really help her much and she was trying to be careful but it wasn't working well.I could deal with the pushing and pulling but once she got up by my butt and tried to pull the garment over my right cheek I almost lost it.It got stuck n was mushing my cheeks It was hurting like hell n then when she finally got it up I thought my drain had pulled out cause it hurt so bad.But thankfully It didn't!!!Oh and the itching is HORRIBLE!!!That's really gotten to me today n im rather irritated from it.It's driving me crazy as hell! Im ready to come out of this garment n into a waist clincher!Im worried its gonna affect my hips n butt now.I put slits in the side but i think it just needs to come off.

Realself is tripping and easred my pre op pics and...

Realself is tripping and easred my pre op pics and stuff...I posted a few back and of today!Sorry So all the nakedness I took a pic when I had da chance

HI LADIES,....Sorry havent updated anything in...

HI LADIES,....Sorry havent updated anything in awhile now!!!I've been busy with my family and trying to enjoy my new body and honestly I've had ALOT of mixed feeling about my surgery and my overall results and didn't quiet no what I wanted to post.One day I love my new body and I feel like da Shit...And other days I hate that My boobs arent what I wanted size wise.They look really good but there small alot smaller than I wanted.I asked for a DD and when i trie on a VS bra 2days ago just to see,I fitted into a larger C cup!!! Like what da fuck!!!I was so posse cause I was already a C cup before and when I gain weight there bigger!so I'm not happy with my breast at all!They look nice with my shape and overall appearance but not the boobs I wanted!Then There's My Ass!!!Well I feel like it could of been alot bigger and I feel like it's losing volume fast even tho im doing everything I was told to do....My friends and family say it's big and nice and The BF loves it...However I'm a little let down about it.I wanted more volume and cheeks.I'm honestly thinking about going for round two already!I think im being to hard on myself and im tripping.I do love love love my shape tho!Im not downing or bad mouthing Dr.J at all I love his staff and his work!I just wish mine would of turned out more like I wanted! I fault myself for not pushing to actually speak with Dr.J during my Pre Op and Not Getting to Express myself to Him on the day of my surgery!On the day of my surgery Dr.J came into the room asked me to stand up and just started marking on me.I was quiet and let him mark me up I thought we'd talk once he was finished however he stood up said he'd be back and the next things I now the nurse came in and said we were going into the Operating room.I was like but I didnt get to talk to Dr.J, and they were like huh?I said he told me he was coming bk I didnt get to tell him what I wanted.So I was like look tell him to make it big super big big as he can make it.And I remember I kept telling the three of them that.They said they would and that was that.I also didnt get to see Dr.J at my Post op Appt he had just went into surgery and Couldnt see me at the time of my appt.So the nurse took pics and removed my drains and out the door I went.I really wish I'd gotten the Dr.J experience like all the other girls do and I think that's why I have so many doubt with my result and mixed feelings.However,I loved Dr.J staff they were all so wonderful and do most of the patient handling there....Anyways,I'm enjoying wearing my new cloths and the looks and comments I've been getting.My BF Has been the BEST SUPPORT System Ever!He's help care for me and Comments me All the time! He took me To the mall This week and was like Baby you need a new wardrobe!So I went into my favorite store Body Central and We picked out an ass load of new cloths.And he forced me to try on everyone and I loved it and so did he!I've never spent so much time in the dressing room trying on cloths the more I tried on the more he brought me!We winded up buying ever single thing I tried on! spent over $800 in just that store! I feel so blessed to have someone who loves me so much in my life!He's the best!Im excited to wear my cloths now and I feel so confident!I never wanna leave the house without been dressed to the T and done all up lol!I feel like hollywood or sum thing!I've updated my pics from over the last week and half.I hope my blog help you ladies in some way,And again if you have any questions or comments at all feel feel to ask!!!Well Good luck ladies and Thanks for the support!!!

Hi,Ladies...I Know its been a hot min since i been...

Hi,Ladies...I Know its been a hot min since i been on or posted anything but Ive been really busy!Anways Over all Im still happy with my results,I do believe in fluffing..My breast are looking better but still far from what i wanted.My butt is nice and I love my shape.I never did another follow up with DrJ being I didnt get my 6 week follow up phn appt until almost 8 weeks after the office forgot about it and didnt return my calls for over a week.I talked to Dr.J expressed my concerns and issues about how I felt after my surgery and left it at that.I never followed back up with them.I have thought about round 2 for bbl and ba.My bbl id def go bk to dr.J however my breasy will be done somewhere else.I do plan to upload some more pics of my actually scars and unclose of my body and butt more nude so you ladies call really see...Wishing the best of lucky to all my BBL ladies

Sorry ladies I Tried to Upload Pre op Pics And...

Sorry ladies I Tried to Upload Pre op Pics And some new pics and Realself had a server error and deleted them all!!!!
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